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Topic Subject:Questions regarding mods
posted 05-22-17 10:37 AM EDT (US)         
So i dint know there are still a few people left modding AOE 3.I did some search to no avail though regarding a mod that removes the xp limit from a single player game.I do know how manually change the xp of a Home city and the card limit but i just wanted grind for it but not with that retarted 56000 max xp limit.Also i am interested in some AI mods i found but since i havent installed anything yet i dont know if its possible to have different AIs at the same time.Like AOM had some default options to chose between defender aggressive etc.And finaly is there a mod that enables 2v2v2v2 or 3v3v3 or heck even 2v2v4.
To sum it up looking for.

1) a mod that removed the 56000 xp limit(including achievments and all u usualy get 3 lvls per game tops)
2)If it is possible to run 2+ AIs at the same time and do i have to uninstall/install every time to try a different one
3)a mod that enables other match ups besides the FFA and just 2 teams.Like a mod tha enables 4 teams.

P.S hopefully i will get a decent answer in the next couple months.
posted 05-29-17 10:13 AM EDT (US)     1 / 1       
Regarding the xp limit, I do not know if such mod exists.
If you're a modder, I can *maybe* help you :
extract the defaultvp.xml.xmb file from the, then convert it into xml and edit it to manipulate the xp system. This is not what you're looking for, but this may serve you later. To change how fast your homecity grows in level, extract the homecity file of the desired civilization from the and add this line :
here, the line means that your homecity will reach next level 20% faster. For example, for french, the homecity file is homecityfrench.xml.xmb. Just extract it and convert it into xml file, then begin to edit. Here also, I didn't answer to your request, but this may help you (or other modders) later. In addition : if you want to modify how fast your civ wins a shipment, extract the civs.xml.xmb from, convert it into xml file then add this line inside the desired civ's tag :
here, the line means that the next shipment will arrive 40% faster.

Regarding to the 2+ AIs, I do not understand well your question.

And finally, the 2+ teams (2v2v4, 3v3v3, and so on). For the moment that's not possible, unless you play scenarios, but two great guys (and surely more people) are trying to add that feature. Their names are danielpereira and kangcliff, and their mod is called "unhardcode patch". I am sure that in the next version of the unhardcode patch, we can finally play with more than 2 teams. I suggest you to visit the project's website if you want to help :

I know I didn't solve your problem, but I think those informations may be useful for you (and the other people that may read them).
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