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Age of Empires III Heaven » Forums » General Discussions » AOE 3 Asian Dynasties guide to Dutch (Early attack with Turtle)
Topic Subject:AOE 3 Asian Dynasties guide to Dutch (Early attack with Turtle)
posted 10-07-17 01:29 PM EDT (US)         
Hello guys. This is my first post regarding AOE3. I have been playing the game for over 3 years now. I wanted to share my experience playing with one of the most unique civilizations of all - Dutch.

They are unique in a way that their villagers cost coin instead of food. You would think that this is going to play into the hands of the Dutch, as they don't have to waste food on villager production. WRONG. While other civilizations don't have to even think about gold (except when the want to do a rush), Dutch have to keep a constant flow of gold. This can be hard to start with, but once you start getting used to it, you will get the hang of it.

Usually while playing with Dutch, I do a small early attack just to mess with the opponents early age economy. It works out against a few civs, like ottomans, english, russian. DO NOT RUSH SPANISH AND FRENCH WITH DUTCH. If you're playing 2v2 or 3v3, target the one who reached the 2nd age last among your opponents, that way you can be sure he has very little army to defend. Now, coming to the troop comp, it is better to take 10 skirmishers and target villagers farther away from the TC for your skirmishers to avoid getting TC fire.

Strategy : With your first 6 villagers, put 3 to gold, 2 to hunt and the remaining 1 to collect 2 crates of gold first and then to hunt. Collect all the crates, gold, wood and food in the order. Depending on the wood you get, build a house and a market (market only if you get 200 wood). Keep creating villagers and send them to hunt. Get 3 villager card and put the 3 miners to hunt. Age up with the 400 wood option as soon as you get 800 food. You should have around roughly 15-16 villagers at this time. Put 5 to mine, 5 to wood and 5 to food. As soon as you reach age 2, collect the wood crate and concurrently build barracks. Keep creating villagers and upgrade resource gathering from market. Get the 4 villagers card in age 2. Have around 24 villagers (after the 4 villager card) now equally split between food, wood and gold. Create 10 skirmishers. You should have already explored the weak spot (where the enemy villagers are away from TC) with your envoy and explorer. Attack with skirmishers there. Consider yourself lucky if you can take out more than 4 or 5 villagers. Adjust your gatherers with a view to get 1200 food and 1000 gold. If he does not defend, take your skirms back to your base (possibly to defend from any attack from any other person in case of 2v2 or 3v3). If your opponent is not rushing, by now you should have quite a good amount of resources. Use them to upgrade to age 3 with age up fast option. Build a stable. Upgrade troops. Create a few ruyters and skirms. DO NOT ATTACK NOW. Because then you will fall behind in your resources. It will play into your enemy's hands. The early damage you dealt was more than enough. Build banks. 3 if possible. Build artillery foundry Keep creating villagers. If the opponent attacks, you might find it difficult without walls. Yet, with ruyters and skirms, you should be able to defend with minimal or no support. Now, you have steady flow of gold from your banks. Upgrade and create artillery. Build arsenal and upgrade troops. Go full defensive for sometime till you get settled down on age 4. Take train cavalry faster card. Have very less people collect gold as you can have 4 banks without any improvement. If you choose the food trickle card, have less people for food and more for wood. Say around 35 villager with 5 on gold. 18 on wood, 12 on food (15, 15 if no food trickle). Age up to 4 with 4 settler and 5 ruyter. Take advanced arsenal card and improve. build church and get mass cavalry. Now your cavalry is going to get trained in seconds. You get an army comprising of around 30 Hussars, 40 ruyters 5 Horse artillery and remaining Harbeldiers. Depending on your teams development, plan your attack. By all means, if your team mates want any gold, donate.
You should have got coffee trade upgrade card and 2 factories by now. Age up to 5.Usually my game depends on spies that is available in capitol in age 5. So I get extra gold to put that. Now you are all set. Tinker your composition a little bit to counter the troops of your enemy. With constant gold, you can create a lot of artillery.

Good luck.
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