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Topic Subject:A new style of strat gamplay is in order
posted 12-17-02 08:37 AM EDT (US)         
i asked the same question in ee heaven, but i also want to get ur opinions in this board.

Over the years many kinds of gameplays have come about, yet they are usually based on the 4 main types of gameplay which are: warcraft, command & conquer, aoe and city building games such as sim city, caesar and pharoah.

I think there should be a new kind of gameplay, different from all others. somthing that would set a new standard to the genre of strategy games, i have no ideas on a new gameplay, so im asking...How do you think a totally new gameplay should be like.

*Please dont give the idea of snapping to fps mode in strats, people have already given that idea in numerous posts.

*Tell me if it would be tbs or rts etc

*make sure your ideas are original as possible, dont take too many gameplay ideas from other games.

*mention whether it would be one age or many ages(advancing through time)

* if possible, give us a diagram of what the interface would look like, it doesnt have to look nice,we just have to be able to see it, a paint drawing would be good enough

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posted 12-17-02 09:11 AM EDT (US)     1 / 3       
Whats this, design a new game?

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posted 12-17-02 03:38 PM EDT (US)     2 / 3       
me and my friend stayed awake for HOURS just thinking about this one game that we could make when the graphics get better and Mhz faster etc:
Basically it's from the rise to the fall of the Roman Empire. It's really hard to explain what it exactly is but basically the fighting is a little like Medieval: Total War (but insanely better graphics).

The maps would be like satellite images of the actual landscape of all of Europe (yeah I know that's crazy). It would be the massivest game ever in scope. The only loading times for new maps (because it would be crazy to have your computer just load up all of Europe at one time) it would load just areas that are still quite large (like districts and such). The recruiting would happen unlike any other game. It would be similar to Black and White as in the people miltiply that way and you assign people to do different things or recruit people to your cause. It would be a veiw like Ground Control (or like Medieval: Total War but with better graphics).

It's really hard to describe everything that we talked about but when we were done it must have been the most perfect RTS game ever. The difficult thing was to decide how to make the time go. Obviously it would be an incredible long game cause of the timeframe.

Something that makes it an awesome concept is that if the gaming industry gets this kind of realism engine under their belts then there's nothing that they couldn't do - Imagine playing as the Huns invading Europe with everything exactly as it was? Or holding the lines at Bastogne in WWII? It's just crazy when you think about how good this engine could get. It could be like a MMORPG where people control different parts of the map for a certain empire.

Really if anyone has any other views or imput then that would be awesome because this idea can just get better!!

PS - Does anyone understand the type of game I mean?

posted 12-17-02 03:44 PM EDT (US)     3 / 3       
heres a fresh idea =D,9892,,10

Yes yes, i know, boosting my own thread

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