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Topic Subject:Alfars
(id: Richard the God)
posted 12-18-02 03:59 PM EDT (US)         
Alfars where the norse version of elves.Frey led them into battle and dwarves where a kind of alfar.So why wherent they added?There not fantasy.There MYTH. I got this from a website.

In the soaring spine of mountains that form the backbone of Scandinavia, the Alfar, the lords of the night and the wind make their homes. They have been there for a long time. They never left. When the darkness came, when the Shattering came, they simply drew deeper inside their strongholds, and they watched, and they waited.

They are very old.

They remember a time before memory, the eldest among them remember the making of the world, or so it is said. They ruled these lands, the children of the stars and twilight, before the accursed Aesir deceived them. The walked the chill earth as man, and shadow, and monster and wolf. Men worshipped them as spirits of life and growing things, and of death and the dark of winter.

I hope they are added in the xpack.Have braji replaced with Frey.This would make more sence.Ill explain.The battle boar drew Freys chariot and Frey had a buring sword(these are bragis mu and gp).U could also have a unqiue bonues for Frey.He gets an extra villager that is a alfar.When they are around a resource like a gold mine or an elk or a tree, that resource will 'grow'.This means they will produce more gold food or woood.

so i have two qs:
are u (es) thinking of putting alfars in the game?
and how wants them to be in the game?

any facts or info on the alfar would be great

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