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Topic Subject:Help help help!
posted 12-15-05 08:15 AM EDT (US)         
Hello, im new to all of this. I can make good maps and scenarios but i still have a few problems:

How do i make cliffs???

And this has wrecked my head for ages:

When i play my scenarios, the computer NEVER does anything!
Itll attack my units but wont build anything.

Ive tried all combinations of the AIStart and the Player Data panel... and i followed the instructions already posted on this forum....
So if one of you good people could talk me through it in laymans terms I would be most most pleased!
How do i get the computer to play?!?!?!?


posted 12-15-05 12:23 PM EDT (US)     1 / 1       
To create cliffs use the cliff/canyon tool. Use the top pull-downs, I think it's under terrain.

I'm assuming you did you homework with respect to the AI and read the WIKI. Getting the player to play is a two step process. Place an AI start near their TC, and assign the player in question an AI in the player data. In the player data screen, click on the AI button and it will open the AI file list. The only one I know works for certain is the "standard loader". Click on it once, then click OK. Don't double click since it won't work. I think you also have to change the Player Data from human to CPU too.

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