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Topic Subject:Custom Scenarios: Ideas and Requests
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Scenario Contest Winner
posted 09-04-07 06:06 PM EDT (US)         

The purpose of this thread is for forumers to bring up new ideas and special requests for Custom Scenarios (single player and/or Online multiplayer).

If you have a good idea for a scenario that you cannot do yourself but you would like it to be done by another scenarios designer then you are welcome to mention your idea in this thread.

Special requests for any kind of game type or scenario set up are welcome too.

The scenario designers would like to know what kind of scenarios the community wants to play Online or in Single Player, so this is your opportunity to let them know about your preference.

If you are asking for a game type from AOC or AOM then please give us as much details as possible and even a link to one of those scenarios so we can check them out.

Scenario designers are also welcome to use this thread to share their ideas for new scenarios and collaborate with other scenario designers.

Please refrain yourself from criticizing other people’s ideas and keep your comments constructive.

Thank you,

Moshe Levi

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Paco the Great
posted 02-26-11 04:41 AM EDT (US)     176 / 197       
SupremeOverlord, yes it is possible. I have added other peoples' mods to my computer and they work, mostly.

And that's my last word on the matter.
The Admiral
posted 03-12-11 07:26 PM EDT (US)     177 / 197       
I request a really big version of great plains. With a lot of native villages. If somebody is willing to message me.
posted 04-24-11 05:00 PM EDT (US)     178 / 197       
I have an idea for a Kill reward that I want to use for the scenerio I am making. (BattleforValleyCityV4) I need someone to tell me what triggers I will need to use, even if I have to download some.

At 10,000 kills, you get a nuclear missle launcher. It is a rocket with a changed name. It has unlimited range, and destroyed all buildings in a specific radius.

(I haven't decided what radius would be best to use)

It can only fire one shot, and then it will get destroyed.

Does anybody know what trigger combonation I should use? make sure to type the conditions and the effects.

Thanks for the help.

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Mister SCP
Scenario Reviewer
posted 04-24-11 06:43 PM EDT (US)     179 / 197       
in case you want to destroy units (instead of kill->immediate dissappear)

You need Consti's Triggerpack, as well as a unique unused Unit (recommend: AITargetBlockWeak). Place one of them for each player on the map
a) Trigger1:Typloader (only recired if you use destroy units in area *TL* or any other *TL* effect
active, run immediate
Condition: Always
Effect: Typeloader

b) Trigger2: Hotkey Set Up:
Condition: Always
Effect:Multiplayer Hotkey Protounit
Hotkey (e.g. a)
Mode to map it in (game)
Protounit to kill ->AITargetBlockWeak

b) Trigger3: Respawn Block (for each Player):
active, looped
Condition: Units in Area (AITargetblockweak=0), QV Check "Nuclear P1" ==0
Army Deploy (AITargetBlockWeak->1 time for the Player)
+XS User Code
fill in exactly the following (copy and paste with ctrl+c/ctrl+v)

if(trGetStatValue(%PlayerID%, 2)>=10000){
You have to fill in the Player ID for the Player (also change the QV "Nuclear P1" to P2 for Player2 and P3 for Player3...
next effect:
Destroy Units in Area *TL* (Buildings, radius 1000,Player=99)
or if you like it more Damage Units in Area

QV Set "Nuclear P1"=1

Send Chat,....

Then use again XS User Code

} else {
Send Chat ("You have too less kills to launch a nuclear Missle)
Aditional effects

Then use again XS User Code


d) Trigger1:You have 10000 kils

active, run immediate
Condition: Stat Value
Effect: Send Chat: You can use now one time a nuclear missle

ESO2 Name:Sir_ConstantinESO Name:Sir_Pacman
Trigger Freak and Modder for AOE3

SCP Editor Tools---my map pack---Some incomplete stuff
My trigger Pack

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posted 04-24-11 09:48 PM EDT (US)     180 / 197       
Thanks for the help, I am about to try it.

Edit: what do I do with the "center units?" Do I leave them alone, or set something for them?

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posted 04-25-11 05:43 PM EDT (US)     181 / 197       
I'm on an idea for a scenario for AOE3: TWC, I designed a little about this scenario in the editor but I do not know much about this, as do elevations nor the camera motion, unless the triggers. My idea is to make an RPG scenario but will they be able to see the camera as a video game? It allowed to use aoe3 Twc designers mod
This scenario is a global war that will end in Armageddon, on a map where six kingdoms:
-Narciza(This kingdom is based on Spanish civilization [orange]).
-Winstland (This kingdom is based on British civilization [green]).
-Kristokov (This kingdom is based on Russian civilization [purple]).
-Mircea (This kingdom is based on the civilization of France [yellow] in this hero was born.)
-Askarabia (This kingdom is based on Ottoman civilization [red]).
-Sttugert (This kingdom is based on the civilization of Germany [gray] which is governed by the villain).

Until they have a hero to save humanity, and thus part of a native legend (Aztec):
The legend of the brothers (1 st scenario):
On 1 scenery, as typical AOE3 game, where the six brothers hunt and maintaining the resources to survive.
The campaign begins when a conquistador talk to an aztec priest, and tells the legend (cinematic scenario): the sun and the moon had six human children who learned to love the Earth and its resources, destroying the demons that inhabited it, and leaving alone to give their children human and dying six became gods, humans started 4 temples built to honor them and these temples were kept 4 talismans when they join can contact the six children when the world endangered.
(2 ° scenario): Exit the hero and empiza development stage.
They may go separate temples and parts of scenes indoors (houses, forts, etc.)..
It can handle several characters.
It is a concept I want to make me I’ll love playing it with the AOE3 designers mod
Is it possible to do the project? If the answer is yes maybe help design scenario?
Mister SCP
Scenario Reviewer
posted 04-25-11 06:54 PM EDT (US)     182 / 197       
I'm on an idea for a scenario for AOE3: TWC, I designed a little about this scenario in the editor but I do not know much about this, as do elevations nor the camera motion, unless the triggers. My idea is to make an RPG scenario but will they be able to see the camera as a video game? It allowed to use aoe3 Twc designers mod
-elevations: there are tools in the toolbar (hills symbols)
-camera Motion: You need to Create a camera Track with the use of camera editor and pitch (unlock camera, set heighs, set angle and rotation).
-RPG??? one hero???

camera as a video game? You mean a 1st/3rd person view?
It is a concept I want to make me I’ll love playing it with the AOE3 designers mod
You can use it for Singleplayer for sure
Is it possible to do the project? If the answer is yes maybe help design scenario?

ESO2 Name:Sir_ConstantinESO Name:Sir_Pacman
Trigger Freak and Modder for AOE3

SCP Editor Tools---my map pack---Some incomplete stuff
My trigger Pack
posted 05-17-11 11:54 AM EDT (US)     183 / 197       
I would really like to see an Earth scenario for multiplayer that had settlements in it already. You could look into the past and try to recreate cities in certain places. Like put some aztec buildings in central america that you could claim if you were using the aztec civ. Or make some great empire in russia that you could also claim. Or some city in India. And maybe use some aztec units to make a mother nature city in Africa. Bottom line is i want to be able to get straight to the action in an Earth game.

I figure this idea could work in eurolands as well. It might even mwork better since most of the civs are from Europe.

I woul really like it if you could pull this off and if you can i will be impressed. AoE username septmus, i look forward to playing this game.
posted 06-24-11 08:32 AM EDT (US)     184 / 197       
Well, how about a Circle of Ossus campaign? or some scenarios about that, you play as circle and you try to defend the ossuary, or you have a different goal... well it is now your time to be creative, the main ideia I already given to you!
posted 06-29-11 11:18 AM EDT (US)     185 / 197       
I am a complete novice at making maps and was wondering if anyone had an idea for a good, fun, challenging (but not too challenging) scenario that can be created relitavely easily with a few triggers? I can only currently do basic triggers.



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posted 08-23-11 06:08 PM EDT (US)     186 / 197       
@the admiral

If you want I can make the GP you want
posted 09-19-11 05:23 PM EDT (US)     187 / 197       
Wait, what about a giant Great Plains map with a ton of trade post sockets for Lakota and Comancehe, and it be one huge tribal area.
Or should it be a Fort Defense of the Ossuary thing?

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Scenario Design Expert
posted 09-19-11 10:17 PM EDT (US)     188 / 197       
Septimus, there is already an earth map, with areas resembling the americas, europe, asia and australia. I can give it to you if you want.

And Wrona, what you might want there is a custom map made by a RMS scripter guy.

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posted 09-20-11 05:40 PM EDT (US)     189 / 197       
well said mate.
posted 11-25-11 07:02 AM EDT (US)     190 / 197       
I'd like to request a random map script. My idea is similar to Barrier Ridge, only with lots of water. If anyone feels like writing it I think it'd better if I sent you my detailed ideas via PM. Cheers!
posted 05-22-13 08:20 AM EDT (US)     191 / 197       
misterscp told me these are more scenario ideas than rms type- so i am posting it here-

chivalry (tad only) - where military does not harm the
the civilians - suergeons preists villagers. on getting beaten to their minimum level of hit points they become like cattle (not in animation but cannot do any thing other than move at your orders you can also make them work but they can not fire dance and make wonders.) and non working civilians can be kept captive inside stockades stockades can be built by explorers the first time then it can be made by outlaw type units. stockades will lose hit points if you dont have an out law type unit or captor explorer/ monk intheir line of sight also a minor native warrior can maintain the stockades. you need priests(not surgeons) in the line of sight of captured villagers to keep them like cattle other wise they will revolt (nothing better than religion based propaganda to keep people dumber)and become loyal to their original masters who can then delete them if even one of his unit reaches near your stockades when your priests are not around and free his population space. stockades can not be seiged from inside. also priests and surgeons are needed for keeping them healthy as the civillians inside stockade loose hit points. but they will not have to heel them with their animation they will be like fire in cold to keep them from dying(if you remember the washington campain) and native medicine men can also suppress and keep the inmate hitpoints.10 villager per stockade and one healer per stockade. aztecs if not willing to spare their warrior priests for the job then they will have to sacrifice the captured villies with their warrior priests for 10 times the experience bounty and an attack bonus for 10 seconds for every civilian they kill and then priests can go to their atack dance. and the population limit of the enemy will get relieved 2 minutes later yes only user (you) can delete the captured villagers or only aztec priests can kill them. no other units can kill the villagers. victory conditions are eliminate all military units and shipment recieving buildingd. in short religious healers are the most important units in this type of game.
asians can use repentant outlaws(they come from monasteries after repenting - brainwashed by the priests- and vomit the same thing in the ears of captives.they will maintain stockade hit points as well as inmate hit points( no monks needed by Asians).

and to anterior2,
do they have natives too (all of them), because i spent some time in researching population records and political distribution of the tribes and a civilizations of the areas of the world covered by the official aoe3 maps and campaigns and the maps possible. i would really like to see that.

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posted 01-01-14 09:32 PM EDT (US)     192 / 197       
Hi there, I really loved this scenario that was made in age of mythology called world Roleplay. World Roleplay was a scenario in which players would be in this giant map representing the world, and build civilizations. After this, the players would Roleplay the civilization(s) or their character(s). It was extremily fun and addicting (for me of corse). Now that age of mythology multiplayer is practically gone forever,I was hoping someone with great map design talents on thr editor would make such a scenario.

If you can't, then oh well, but it wouldn't hurt to support this topic.
posted 01-02-14 10:52 PM EDT (US)     193 / 197       
how about uniting a country?
i.e : "we have to unite all of the native tribes in this region!"

sorry if this idea has been posted....

This is fake fuhrer
posted 08-06-17 11:30 PM EDT (US)     194 / 197       
I have a request/idea.
A king of the hill map (already done ik but read on) where the hill is either the fort pieces or the wood fort pieces and you start with a hero or explorer and the goal is to hold the fort (probably big enough for a barracks and the towers and the fort center building) for like five minutes but the fort changes hands like the fixed gun so if you hold the fort center you get the whole thing. the walls and towers would be indestructible of course and they would change hands depending on who has control of it and the gates would respawn for whoever gets the fort. (if that's too much the gates don't respawn at all and only the fort center does.
posted 10-29-18 02:53 PM EDT (US)     195 / 197       
Hey guys, I apologize if there is already a section on this but from what I could see I could not locate it so hopefully posting here is okay.

What about collaboration requests? I am decent at the artistic part of building a scenario and excellent at writing a scenario's story. Unfortunately, I lack the skills it takes to construct the actions and effects of the scenario.

I was going to request if there was anyone who could help me with that but only if that is allowed.


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posted 07-31-19 02:27 PM EDT (US)     196 / 197       
A bazillion years ago, when this game came out, I really wanted to make an American Revolution and Independence War Campaign. I started work on it with one map that I dont remember, but a 15 year old cant do that much lol. I still want to do it, but I am not sure about the time, or my skill at design. I think I could do the storyline very well, and maybe I could design maps with a lot of effort. It would still take a lot of time, but now that Im getting back into AOE3, I might eventually take a crack at it. As far as I know, no one has made a really complete and high quality campaign for this, but I could be wrong, as I havent tried them all.

I think I might start with some easy scenarios, especially given the start of the conflict was simple.
- March 1770 The Boston Massacre (cutscene)
- 1772: Pine Tree Riot (lesser known, but influential)
- December 1773 The Boston Tea Party (cutscene and/or scenario)
- April 1775 Paul Revere ride (scenario)
- April 1775: Lexington and Concord (scenario)

Perhaps designing Boston and other towns and cities wont be so hard and fun.

I think one of my favorites will be John Paul Jones and the Battle of Flamborough Head.

There will probably be references and easter eggs to my beloved Libertys Kids TV show.
posted 08-03-19 08:05 AM EDT (US)     197 / 197       
I am currently making some American Saga scenarios. They are mostly from the Revolution time period but I haven't them in any order.
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