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Topic Subject:Little Help with Arrays
posted 05-24-20 07:47 AM EDT (US)         
Hey there

So, im trying to use the awesome SPC array system (2.0) and that thing is kinda.,. tricky Im no trigger genius, but i think this isnt really hard.

To sum it up, im trying to make a Array String Check that when the player types the right thing
in the chat, it fires an event. I would prefer to have it done via Enter > Normal Chat, but since its working as it is...

What i did was to copy/past the trigger from the cinematic example and add some Check Array String conditions with OR parameter set so i could see wich one would fire it. I managed to make it fire from the "Second Use", when i type the right info into the "We still don't know the name of player 2", it fires the event.

But when i type it in the first array (Player 1) it doesnt fire.

Assuming everything will stay as it is from the example, how should i set my condition trigger so it will fire with the "Player 1 Name"? And how can i turn off the "Fire Event 2d Use" to make it disappear?

My Condition Trigger is set like:
Run Imm
High Prio
ArrayCheckStrings > Name2 > Position1 OR
ArrayCheckStrings > Name1 > Position0 OR
Doesnt matter, tried using EndGame and fired with the SecondUse

Thanks a lot, and stay safe!

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