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Topic Subject:AOE3 All Unittype
posted 05-22-19 01:58 AM EDT (US)

This is Age of Empires III all unittype, it have 48 Unused Unittype, you can add the Unused Unittype to units in your MOD.
UnittypeID Unittype Object or Effect Unused? SpecialEffects?
1463 Unit Unit
1464 Ship Ships
1465 Building Buildings
1466 MilitaryBuilding Military Building
1467 EconomicBuilding Economic Building
1468 Dropsite Unused
1469 Resource Resource
1470 HuntedResource Prey Resource
1471 MinedResource Mine Resource
1472 LandResource Unused
1473 WaterResource Unused
1474 Projectile Projectile
1475 Nature Nature Units
1476 SpecialPowers Unused
1477 Unattackable Can't be attacked Special Effects
1478 AbstractTemple Unused
1479 Military Military Unit
1480 Hero Hero
1481 Tree Tree
1482 AbstractInfantry Infantry
1483 AbstractCavalry Cavalry
1484 AbstractArcher Archer
1485 AbstractVillager Villager Special Effects
1486 AbstractFarm Farm-type Buildings(farm,Rice Paddy,Mill,Village,Livestock Pen,Sacred Field)
1487 AbstractDock Dock-type Buildings
1488 InventoryHolder Unused
1489 InventoryItem Unused
1490 UseableItem Unused
1491 StrengthBonus Unused
1492 TradeableTo Unused
1493 TradeableFrom Unused
1494 AbstractSiegeWeapon Unused
1495 FlyingUnit Unused
1496 MythUnit Unused
1497 Economic Economic Units
1498 Ranged Ranged Units
1499 FastSpeed Unused
1500 AverageSpeed Unused
1501 SlowSpeed Unused
1502 Generic Unused
1503 UnitClass Scenario Ediot-Place Unit-->units Special Effects
1504 BuildingClass Scenario Ediot-Place Unit-->Building Special Effects
1505 NatureClass Scenario Ediot-Place Unit-->Nature Special Effects
1506 EmbellishmentClass Scenario Ediot-Place Unit-->Embellishment Special Effects
1507 TestClass Scenario Ediot-Place Unit-->Test Unused Special Effects
1508 E3Class Unused
1509 All All units and buildings Special Effects
1510 ActionGather Unused
1511 ActionTrain Unused
1512 ActionBuild Unused
1513 ActionAttack Unused
1514 ActionTrickle Unused
1515 Fish Fish
1516 Transport Tran sport
1517 AbstractWall Wall-type Buildings
1518 Herdable Herd
1519 AbstractSettlement Unused
1520 BuildingsThatShoot Unused
1521 MythUnitGodPower Unused
1522 ParticipatesInBattlecries Unused
1523 AffectedByTownBell Automatic garrison after towncenter alarm bell ringing Special Effects
1524 MinimapFilterMilitary Minimap setting-Military Units
1525 MinimapFilterEconomic Minimap setting-Economic Units
1526 TradeUnit Unused
1527 Healable Unused
1528 FavoriteUnit Unused
1529 RailroadUnit Trade Route Unit
1530 AbstractRailroadStation Unused
1531 AbstractFort Fort-type Buildings
1532 AbstractImperialArmy Unused
1533 AbstractResourceCrate It will attract villagers to collect resources automatically. Special Effects
1534 AbstractArtillery Artillerys
1535 AbstractCavalryInfantry Cavalry and Infantry
1536 AbstractPet Pet
1537 ConvertsHerds Convertible Units(Herd,Kings Hill) Special Effects
1538 Socket Trading Post Site Special Effects


1540 AbstractLightInfantry Light Infantry
1541 AbstractHeavyCavalry Heavy Cavalry
1542 Huntable Prey
1543 Guardian Guardian
1544 AbstractSiegeTrooper Siege Unit
1545 AbstractFirePit


1546 AbstractCanSeeStealth Sees Stealth Special Effects
1547 Mercenary Mercenary
1548 AbstractWarShip War Ship
1549 AbstractLightCavalry Light Cavalry
1550 AbstractTradeMarket Unused
1551 AbstractShrine Shrine Special Effects
1552 AbstractWonder Wonder(Without this unittype,the Asian countries cannot upgrade their ages) Special Effects
1553 AbstractTypeHuntableMagnet


1554 AbstractTypeHerdableMagnet


1555 AbstractBannerArmy Banner Army
1556 AbstractMonk Monks
1557 AbstractZamburak Zamburak      (It can double click on this type of unit)
1558 AbstractSepoy Sepoy        (It can double click on this type of unit)
1559 AbstractRajput Rajput       (It can double click on this type of unit)
1560 AbstractUrumi Urumi        (It can double click on this type of unit)
1561 AbstractSowar Sowar        (It can double click on this type of unit)
1562 AbstractMahout Mahout       (It can double click on this type of unit)
1563 AbstractHowdah Howdah       (It can double click on this type of unit)
1564 AbstractMercFlailiphant Flailiphant    (It can double click on this type of unit)
1565 AbstractSiegeElephant Siege Elephant  (It can double click on this type of unit)
1566 Trade Unused
1567 XP


1568 AbstractDaimyo Daimyo
1569 AbstractElephant Elephant Units
1570 AbstractCamel Camel Units
1571 AbstractMilitaryWonder Military Wonders
1572 AbstractPoliticalWonder Political Wonder
1573 AbstractReligiousWonder Religious Wonder
1574 AbstractHandElephant Hand Elephant Units
1575 AbstractGurkha Gurkha   (It can double click on this type of unit)
1576 AbstractMansabdar Mansabdar
1577 AbstractChineseMonk Monk    (It can double click on this type of unit)
1578 AbstractGunpowderTrooper Gunpowder Infantry
1579 AbstractHandInfantry Hand Infantry
1580 AbstractHeavyInfantry Heavy Infantry
1581 AbstractNativeWarrior Native Warrior
1582 AbstractRangedInfantry Ranged Infantry
1583 AbstractRangedCavalry Ranged Cavalry
1584 AbstractHandCavalry Hand Cavalry
1585 AbstractGunpowderCavalry Gunpowder Cavalry
1586 AbstractFishingBoat Fishing Boat-type Units
1587 GiantBuddha GiantBuddha
1588 WaterGuardian Water Guardian
1589 CannotConvertHill Cannot convert the Kings Hill
1590 AbstractJapaneseMonk Japanese Monk (It can double click on this type of unit)
1591 Gold Gold
1592 AnimalPrey Unused
1593 Food Food
1594 Wood Wood
1595 FoodDropsite Unused
1596 Hack Unused
1597 WoodDropsite Unused
1598 GoldDropsite Unused
1599 LogicalTypeVillagersRespondToAttack Unused
1600 LogicalTypeHandUnitsAutoAttack It will be automatically attacked by melee units (tactics definition)
1601 LogicalTypeVillagersAttack can be attacked by villagers (tactics definition)
1602 LogicalTypeNeededForVictory You need to kill this unit to victory.
1603 LogicalTypeAffectedByTownBell Response alarm units
1604 NativeBuilding Native Buildings
1605 AbstractHouse House-type Buildings
1606 LogicalTypeEasySelectAvoid If the game option is enabled to drag military units , this unit will not be selected.
1607 ColonyBuilding Colony Building
1608 LogicalTypeLandMilitary Land Military
1609 LogicalTypeNavalMilitary Naval Military
1610 LogicalTypeGarrisonInShips Can garrison in ship Unit
1611 AbstractPikeman Pikeman
1612 AbstractMine Mine
1613 LifespanUnit Minuteman, Warrior, Irregular, Sentry(Automated blood reduction unit)
1614 TradePostSocket Trading Post Site (You can't build a trading post here without that.)
1615 NativeSocket Native Trading Post Site
1616 HasBountyValue HasBountyValue
1617 AbstractLancer Lancer
1618 ValidIdleVillager Selection of idle Villagers'Shortcut Key in the upper left corner
1619 MercType2 Mercenary Type2(Spy, Nin ja, Shinobi, etc.)
1620 MercType3 Mercenary Type3(Outlaw Musketeer, Buccaneer Captain)
1621 MercType4 Unused
1622 MercType5 Mercenary Type5 (Privateer, Wokou Junk, Marauding Junk)
1623 VictoryPointBuilding Victory Point Buildings
1624 LogicalTypeBuildingsNotWalls LogicalTypeBuildingsNotWalls
1625 LogicalTypeValidSPCUnitsDeadCondition LogicalTypeValidSPCUnitsDeadCondition
1626 AbstractTownCenter TownCenter-type Bulidings (TownCenter, Fort)
1627 LogicalTypeTCBuildLimit LogicalTypeTCBuildLimit
1628 CountsTowardEconomicScore Counts toward Economic Score
1629 CountsTowardMilitaryScore Counts toward Military Score
1630 LogicalTypeRangedUnitsAttack can be attacked by range units (tactics definition)
1631 LogicalTypeRangedUnitsAutoAttack It will be automatically attacked by range units (tactics definition)
1632 LogicalTypeHandUnitsAttack can be attacked by hand units (tactics definition)
1633 LogicalTypeValidSharpshoot LogicalTypeValidSharpshoot
1634 AbstractFruit Fruit
1635 AbstractNugget Treasure
1636 MercType1 Mercenary Type1(Skull Knight, Dog Soldier, etc.)
1637 LogicalTypeMinimapFilterEconomic Minimap setting-Economic Units
1638 LogicalTypeMinimapFilterMilitary Minimap setting-Military Units
1639 LogicalTypeScout Scout
1640 LogicalTypeShipsAndBuildings Ships And Buildings
1641 LogicalTypeHealed can be heal
1642 AbstractWagon Wagon
1643 AbstractWhale Whale
1644 AbstractFish Fish-type Unit
1645 AbstractHandSiege Hand Siege Unit
1646 AbstractIndianMonk Indian Monk (It can double click on this type of unit)
1647 AbstractJunk Unused
1648 AbstractConsulateUnit Consulate Unit
1649 AbstractConsulateSiegeFortress Fortress Age-Consulate Unit
1650 AbstractConsulateSiegeIndustrial Industrial Age-Consulate Unit
1651 AbstractAgraFort AgraFort
1652 AbstractWokou Wokou
1653 AbstractIrregular Asian countries's Minuteman units
1654 AbstractCaptureable Unused
1655 AbstractBarracks2 Barrack-type Buildings
1656 AbstractStables Stable-type Buildings
1657 AbstractFoundry Foundry-type Buildings
1658 AbstractConsulateUnitColonial Colonial Age-Consulate Unit
1659 AbstractCoyoteMan CoyoteMan  (Coyote Runner, Disciple)
1660 Water Unused
1661 AbstractNuggetLand Land Treasure
1662 AbstractNuggetWater Water Treasure
1663 LogicalTypeValidSabotage LogicalTypeValidSabotage
1664 AbstractPig Unused
1665 LogicalTypeBuildingsNotWallsOrGroves LogicalTypeBuildingsNotWallsOrGroves

PS: Don't use the UnittypeID in MOD.Because if you add a new unit in your MOD, the UnittypeID will +1.

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