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Topic Subject:How Do The Russians Rush With Strelets?
posted 01-11-07 08:23 PM EDT (US)         
I Cant seem to rush effectivly with screlets. i can kill a villager or two, but then they just garrison in the town center and kill my guys off! how are you supposed to finish them off?
posted 01-11-07 09:13 PM EDT (US)     1 / 8       
a pure strelet rush isn't a great idea. A few hussars can wipe you out. I recommend throwing in some muskets. If you really want to go pure strelets I recommend you look at Syncope's Strelet Strangle even though it's a little less viable with the slower settler train time.

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James Lock
posted 01-11-07 09:21 PM EDT (US)     2 / 8       
If your enemy has no LI in age 2 but crossobwmen, musketeers woul be a great unit. Nothing is a better general unit than stretlets in age 2 but they suck against cav, so you badly need some back up. Not to mention muskets kill buildings much faster.

I've beaten russians very easily using a spahi ff as the ottomans, I think they desperately need musketeers against this strategy. An all musket rush would even do very well against an all out ff.

Does anyone know if the cheapness of russian muskets makes up for their weaker statistics?

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posted 01-11-07 09:27 PM EDT (US)     3 / 8       
Don't rush with Russia unless you are playing a Brit. Russia is a very week civ right now, especially since they are INSANELY slow. You get in the enemies base with 33 strelets, a few seconds later 7 rods (colonial shipment) 5 minute men, and 4 hussars (age up) pop out. There goes your whole rush force. Now you are on an equal playing field militarily and economically, but he is an age ahead.

Nevertheless, Russia can still be viable if you can get your economy rolling. I would strongly reccomend playing defensively. The Russian rush is dead in any remotely competitive setting.

posted 01-12-07 00:06 AM EDT (US)     4 / 8       
the rush isnt dead, its just harder and less viable in 1v1.
its generally better to age with a decent eco and ship 5 cossacks to raid and scout.
based on what you see it might be best to ff but in alot of cases you can make 5 muskets to defend vs the 3 hussar shipment and ship the 13 strelets.
Then attack by first looking for vills around his base and then pull back when he garrisons. If he starts pumping out LI to beat back strelets just make more strelets. once you beat down his army then make more muskets to seige the houses and tc.
the longer you keep your opponent in age 2 the bigger advantage you have since you can ship fencing school, boyars and team dueling school to have a 60% reduction in train time for strelets and muskets along with a good mili boost to both also.
its more of a longer suffocating rush than a quick power rush and its probably harder but it still works against most civs. Otto and spain are obviously harder to do it on but the 5 cossacks can make a huge difference if you can raid successfully. of course, if raiding isnt your strength then your up the creek already.
posted 01-25-07 11:24 PM EDT (US)     5 / 8       
The Russian Rush is still effective. The problem is that whenever you go up against civs that love to ***** light infantry someone goes hussar. I still do it though. Particularly when I have teammates rushing with me. To answer your original question.

Step 1)
300w or Wood Trickle w/wood treasures in age 1

Step 2)
Age up with 14 vils

Step 3)
Build forward Blockhouse asap

Step 4)
Send 13 strelet card

Step 5)
Build 20 Strelet

With that build order you should be able to hit the enemy base around 5:15 with the 33 strelets.

posted 01-26-07 07:39 AM EDT (US)     6 / 8       
I fail to see why everyone finds Russia to be so UP. They DO need to turtle/boom a bit in the beginning, this can be sped along by sending Economic theory early on and doing a 17 vil age up. Your opponent may be able to do a little damage in your base, but your nearly 18 villager effective economy and BH+TC for defense should be able to hold them off. If you survive until the 7-8 minute mark without many losses, you will gain the upper hand economically, and you then have the best age2 infantry. Just beware of FFers.

Against a Spain FFer, your best bet is to FF yourself, and then ship in manchus while spamming strelets. Then ship that card that turns your muskets to strelets, followed by two falcs. Then spam muskets continously and you will eventually overwhelm your enemy.

Against Dutch, just hit the resign button. No, really.

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Earl Samsca
posted 01-26-07 08:52 AM EDT (US)     7 / 8       
I think most would agree that Russia is fine vs the "normal" civs.

They just completely suck vs Spain/Dutch/Iro. All those civs have to do is FF->attack, win. Barring a reasonable mis-match in micro skill ofcourse.

Beatnik Joe
posted 01-26-07 09:05 AM EDT (US)     8 / 8       
In my opinion, Russia is very opponent-dependent. I think with a 14-vill up and wood trickle or Economic Theory as the first card they can do quite a sturdy rush. It's just not quite what it used to be, but against the balanced or weak civs Russia is matched up just fine.

They simply have the misfortune of doing extremely badly against the strongest, most commonly-played civs, Spain and Iro in particular. And Dutch, who they used to kick around like a soccer ball in vanilla, are now able to turtle right over them into Falc \ Halb spam it seems. And these "Big 3" are very commonly played, usually tough to rush, and can counter strelets very well in Fortress.

Strelet rush can still do fine against the balanced or weak civs, though. They are still an awesome unit, but they're just now backed by a more sluggish civ than they used to be.

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