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Topic Subject:NR40 Games upgrades Question/Poll
posted 06-11-07 11:37 AM EDT (US)         
Simple question.

Would you completly stack your deck with eco improvement cards (gather, chop, hunt) and not concentrate on Military unit upgrades cards, going with the theory that if you have more resources in the long run you are better off just making more units, or would you stack your deck with all military upgrade cards? Or perhaps try to find a happy medium?

Right now I have 3 military upgrade cards in my deck but I'm considering on taking those out in order to incrase my resource gather rate even more. I don't ever have a problem with having a big enough eco right now but I figure if I have more resources avail by min 40 then I can use less settlers hence more military units. I play German civ BTW.

PS, my current strat is make 100 settlers, 20 settler wagons then at minute 36 I kill off about half my settlers to make room for more military units.
posted 06-11-07 11:42 AM EDT (US)     1 / 3       
in NR have special decks that only have improvement cards in it. I'd rather have them. the faster building card and all the mill and plantation improvements cards and royal mint. also military boost cards are useful once the battle begins cuz the xp just starts rolling in. AA is a must.

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posted 06-13-07 04:03 AM EDT (US)     2 / 3       
Im brits and my card deck is a bit of a cross between a fast industrial and boom deck lol it consists of:

3 vils 700 gold 1000 gold for industrial.

Then its wood trickle, both factorys and the best cards for mill and plantation gathering ONLY. Also faster sheep fattening and gethering is good for microing pple.

Military is: fencing school, grenadier/musk conbat attack hp, riding school, cav conbat defence hp, advanced arsenal, the church card and any other ones for a specific strat like stronger buildings faster building ect.

Make sure to research market upgrades, mill and plantation upgrades as well as church, arsenal, and capitol upgrades. I think thats it! Hope this helped!
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posted 06-13-07 05:27 AM EDT (US)     3 / 3       
With 25 cards, i think there is enough room to have both eco upgrades and military improvement cards.

I think the Refridgeration, Royal Mint and (top) Plantation upgrade is a must, wood upgrades are less important (you have factories, that should be enough to spam artillery with the +50% on coin gathering you have already), plus food for musketeers/whatever.

40 mins is a long time though...

btw, does culling your villagers help all that much? do you find youself able to knock out your enemy with your first blow (due to larger military pop space), or do you find that they can rebuild fast enough to make it not worthwhile?

As an aside, you could try not culling your vills, and then build three different depots, i suppose you call them: eg, have two or three stables, five barracks and 2 or three foundaries in your base up front, and another one off to one side of the map, and a third on the opposite side. And then, once your army has engaged your enemy's army in the front, then build the replacement units from one depot on the side, and attack the enemy's base directly - he'll prolly recall and knock you down due to superior numbers. but by the time he has rebuilt and is moving forward again, you've resent from another direction so he has to recall and intercept that, etc. It can be quite demoralising never getting to attack the enemy's main base, and with your superior economy you should be able to maintain the losses for a longer period of time than he can - its like forward building in rush games, but 40 min NR styles :\

btw, i'm surprised that no-one's mentioned the sandwiches yet?! .

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