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Age of Empires III Heaven » Forums » General Discussions » When is ES going to update their homepage?
Topic Subject:When is ES going to update their homepage?
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king of ages
posted 04-12-05 08:00 PM EDT (US)         
Geez, at ensemble studios "presents" page it hasn't been updated for...well...forever. They still have 5 pictures and they have no QAs or anything. They do have the theme which I love

Its about time to get a guy over to update it...

And while they're at it accidently release a unofficial video

posted 04-17-05 10:04 AM EDT (US)     26 / 37       
"Oh.. ! I ll restart wc3 " Dude, I've never stopped playing WCIII - 1 Thing (oftopic ofcourse) WCIII is the base for a megaultra cool game that will come out someday, it may come from Blizzards Kitchen but maybe not.
Anyway (on topic) ES know what they are doing - they have pleanty of Experience on marketing and stuff, and If they have some sort of problem - well, we all know who they work for, and I can asure you if some1 knows about promoting products thats him :P
posted 04-17-05 02:27 PM EDT (US)     27 / 37       
Placing my money on:

- Final 2 Civs
- Maybe an official trailer
- Some secret project ES has been hiding from us
- Verifying Microsoft as the publisher of AOE3 (although that's a given)

* * * *
* * * *

Hrolf the Reborn
posted 04-17-05 04:30 PM EDT (US)     28 / 37       
Patience my grasshoppers, five weeks will be over before you know it

Strategist, Age fan, owner of AoM beta, and future game devolper.
El Moppo
(id: C J)
posted 04-17-05 04:46 PM EDT (US)     29 / 37       
In RL that is damn depressing.

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Angelcynn > Niwe Middangeard ~ Ic
(id: lp_usa)
posted 04-17-05 05:30 PM EDT (US)     30 / 37       
E3 starts May13th IIRC.

Gamer man
posted 04-17-05 08:41 PM EDT (US)     31 / 37       
big thing = showcases?

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Midgard Eagle
posted 04-17-05 09:17 PM EDT (US)     32 / 37       
Official sites are apparently never nearly as good as unofficial sites. It seems to be a "by definition" case to me.

Age of Empires III Heaven has 32 screen shots; the official site has 5.

Strange thing.

Woad Creations veteran, WiC junkie
posted 04-18-05 00:18 AM EDT (US)     33 / 37       
ok, i haven't been on this forum in actively, or for a while. Maybe I missed on some lingo, or its to damn late for me, but what's E3? and what do you mean by IIRC?
posted 04-18-05 01:26 AM EDT (US)     34 / 37       
E3 is something where alot of games are announced, and stuff like that.

Former level designer at Reverie World Studios.
I still do some levels for fun, though!
posted 04-18-05 01:26 AM EDT (US)     35 / 37       
E3=Electronic Entertainment Expo: THE conference for game developers to show of their work
IIRC: "If I record correctly"

former Age of Mythology Heaven and Age of Empires III Heaven forumer||former member of Ambition Designs
"An eye for an eye, and the whole world goes blind" -Gandhi
posted 04-18-05 01:49 AM EDT (US)     36 / 37       
I belive its "If I remember correctly." Although I could be wrong.

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posted 04-18-05 02:07 AM EDT (US)     37 / 37       
If I remember correctly or If I recall correct.

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