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Age of Empires III Heaven » Forums » General Discussions » will AOE3 require a megalomaniac pc?
Topic Subject:will AOE3 require a megalomaniac pc?
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Ferdinand Gwonch
posted 05-31-05 10:02 PM EDT (US)         
will AOE3 require a very heavy pc hardware configuration or it will be able to run on lighter computers?

My hardware configuration is:

Pentium IV 2GHz
512Mb Ram non-ddr (pc133)
video card Geforce 4 MX420
ADSL connection 256kbps

my pc is about 2,5 years old

will AOE3 function here (even slowly)?

posted 06-01-05 09:14 PM EDT (US)     26 / 30       


Actually there r other posts on that. But i belive the min specs for aoe3 will be:
Celeron D 2400 (or amd equivalent)
512mb 333MHz ram
128mb, 128 bit Video agp or pci-e (9800pro or 5900zt)

ROFL HAHAHAHA LOL, Celeron D 2400 (or amd equivalent)... a celeron as minimum... LOL, that means it's a 1600mhz AMD or pentium

Those are way too high for minimum


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posted 06-01-05 10:11 PM EDT (US)     27 / 30       


And how does my until-now Integrated Intel Extreme Graphics 2 stack up to GeForce (4xxx etc.)? I can't find numbers anywhere!

Intel extreme Graphics 2!!


Just take any random 3D game made since the year 2000 and run it on that graphics chip. You will see how much it sucks. :O


Here are numbers showing how intel extreme graphics 2 stack up to an fx5200 (which is also a very bad card),1558,1409367,00.asp

Just click on the picture with the graphs to enlarge it.

8fps on UT2003 at 1024x768 for intel graphics compared with 30fps for a lowly fx5200!

It is worse than a geforce 2mx because I could play UT2003 on a geforce 2mx at a decent frame rate.


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Genghis Con
posted 06-01-05 10:40 PM EDT (US)     28 / 30       



I know it sucks, even though it came with my semi-recent dell (1 GB RAM, 3.0 GHz Pentium 4, 160 GB HD, and INTEL INTEGRATED GRAPHICS 2!!!) Wow dell needs to reconsider their premade computers (graphics card-wise).
But now i've got a 6800GT so it's all good

What if the Hokey Pokey really is what it's all about?
posted 06-02-05 01:19 AM EDT (US)     29 / 30       
I think its fair to say that most people (especially those used to system reqs for the FPS genre - those are really getting ridiculous) should be ok. I remember playing AOK years ago on a so bad that i had to turn what few options (seems like few now...was a decent amount then) down as far as it could go to play without framrate issues. And then AoM came by and i slowly progressed up its graphics ladder (everything on low, to about medium, to about everything on high - speaking primarily of resolutions ). It seems to me that ES games have a tendency to last (still play AOK occasionally with some friends, just for fun - and the point is its still fun), technically and with regards to gameplay. So i'm optimistic about this game as well.

I have to admit i am a little worried about a seeming trend of RTS games getting more graphics intensive (just looking at the horizon - AOE 3, Rise of Legends, Earth 2150, not to mention current games like Dawn of War.) But most RTS developers, and especially ES (thus far, at least - and no reason to expect them to change for the worse), have made their graphics options quite scalable, thankfully. (but scalable or not, the new SSSI game has me worried about how graphics intensive it is...but it looks like its almost half FPS). AoE III's graphics are absolutely stunning, but i am sure scaling down elements (hehe...such as radioactive swans, lightsabers, ice cream hats ) and similar options should certainly help computers that may have even trouble with recent FPS games at lower settings. Of course i am purely guessing here....but guessing hopefully.

posted 06-02-05 07:53 AM EDT (US)     30 / 30       
LOL upgrading Intel Extreme Graphics 2 to a Geforce 6800GT, that has got to be one of the biggest upgrades possible in modern computing history! And I thought when i upgraded from a geforce 3 to a 6600GT that was a big jump!

Obviously that will pretty much handle anything AOE3 can throw at it, only the HDR(High Dynamic Lighting) setting may trouble that. HDR is an unbelievable frame rate killer (50% frame rate drop).

I'm sure you will enjoy AOE3 to the fullest on that card

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