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Topic Subject:AOE3 Demo Next Month!!!
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posted 08-20-05 10:14 PM EDT (US)         
Many thanks to sherlock for submitting this exciting piece of news. Please note that this is not officially confirmed yet by ES/MS and should be treated as a possible happening at this point. An Ensemble Studios or Microsoft employee at this past week's German gaming convention apparently disclosed to the German gaming site that there will be a demo (could be an open beta) of some sorts for Age of Empires III coming next month.

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Hrolf the Reborn
posted 08-21-05 01:59 PM EDT (US)     26 / 138       
I know AoM beta had MP as I played on it and was a founder of the Loki Rush, I hope this one also does but itl be ok if it didnt i guess

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posted 08-21-05 02:51 PM EDT (US)     27 / 138       
come tot hink of it I'm glad there is no MP support. I'm thinking becasue many will get the grasp of which decks to use for the right strategy. Those hard-core players would jump at any opportunity to jump on the cmpetition. As Acasual player myslef that won't bother me. All I'm hoping for is the AI be as challeging as elpeas said it was.

He said that the french AI was surprisingly good. I'm sure the others are being tweaked as we speak. Hoep the rumors are tru about the demo. BIG_DOG mentioned it so I wouldn't doubt it.

posted 08-21-05 03:20 PM EDT (US)     28 / 138       
And when the demo comes out, we will be able to get a 'rough' estimate of the system reqs, if our comps run the demo fine without any upgrades then they should handle the main game without many (or any) problems. They wouldn't release the demo then raise the system reqs, for the main game, the system reqs for the demo and the final release should be the same.

And we've already seen a rough draft of the system reqs in another thread, and they weren't much different from AOM's (almost identical actually).

posted 08-21-05 08:00 PM EDT (US)     29 / 138       
Sorry to break it to you all, I don't know if this is true, but from another thread it looks like we won't get the demo before the game is released.

this is from the "Leipzig AOE3 Game video & B. Shelley Video Interview" thread. I didn't get a chance to watch the video interview, so I don't know if this is true.

Leipzig AOE3 Game video & B. Shelley Video Interview

"Bruce Shelley: Were not going to do it before, there won’t be a beta test as they say, we don’t have time to, at this point we don’t have time to do it and we don’t get a lot of good information out of it because its too late usually by the time we get it playable its too late to get information.
So what were going to do is give away a free, you can play the game for free, try it, little bit of the game after its been released because we want to finish it first, it needs to be done before we can make a demo."


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posted 08-21-05 08:29 PM EDT (US)     30 / 138       
hmmm very sweet. AoE3 news get better and better. it would make me happy to have it out a good bit before the release date. not to much though.

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posted 08-21-05 08:52 PM EDT (US)     31 / 138       
fat internet pipe? Time to test verizon fios :P

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posted 08-21-05 10:05 PM EDT (US)     32 / 138       
I hope it does come out before the game. I would definately be putting my 3Mbps cable connection to use. I also need to test graphics before the actual release to see if I need a new vid card for my desktop (I'm assuming the answer is yes, since it's a GeForce 4 MX - lol) I also wish it had MP, but I guess I can wait the extra month for MP games. It's not like I'm gonna have a lot of time to play it anyways, since classes start back in a week and I think Calculus-Based Physics may cut into my AoE time.
posted 08-21-05 11:02 PM EDT (US)     33 / 138       
Barring a flaming dung heap of utter disaster, you will have the demo before the game is out. We've never actually done the Trial version prior to the game (it's always been done in the weeks after we've RTMed the actual game). We're trying something new this time around, so we'll have to see how that goes

I would say the size of the demo is in line with the amount of content in the game. It's going to be big, but it should be worth it.

AOM's trial version didn't have ESO, either, BTW.

The demo will not have the final optimizations in (as it's going to be done before we actually ship). But, it should be in the ballpark of final perf, give or take


posted 08-21-05 11:06 PM EDT (US)     34 / 138       
oo nice, *hugs my 12mbps adsl* ill be putting you to good use!
Raptor the Good
posted 08-21-05 11:17 PM EDT (US)     35 / 138       
I love Comcast.

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posted 08-21-05 11:22 PM EDT (US)     36 / 138       

*hugs Verizon DSL*

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posted 08-21-05 11:26 PM EDT (US)     37 / 138       
I love ES and DSL!
posted 08-22-05 00:49 AM EDT (US)     38 / 138       
Lol, right. Comcast offers fast internet but not really fast downloads. That's going to suck big time, if it's going to be nearly as big as the game (Isn't the game going to require ~ 3 gigs of HD space?). So at 1 mb per second thats about 50 hours right? God I hope I can at least download at 5 mb per second...

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posted 08-22-05 01:24 AM EDT (US)     39 / 138       
On my 2mbit connection (that is 250KB a second) I can download 3GB in 3 hours 20 mins.

Brtnboarder495, I dont know where the hell u got 50 hours, man, your maths must really suck! If you download at 1mb a second then it will take u 3000 seconds... thats is the same as 50 mins, not 50 hours! Geez.

Man this is good news, Dave do you think you can find out the release date for the Demo? Man i'm confused, first bruce says it wont be released till after the full game is out, and now your saying there WILL be a demo before the full game is released! :O oh man.

posted 08-22-05 05:50 AM EDT (US)     40 / 138       
I've got broad band, it says that the connection speed is 2.2 MBPS, so the demo would prably take me about 15 mins to half an hour. (it wont be as big as the final release, so i don't thin it will be a 3GB download.
posted 08-22-05 06:02 AM EDT (US)     41 / 138       
this is brilliant, nice one ES!!!

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posted 08-22-05 07:48 AM EDT (US)     42 / 138       
First of all its great news that its now been officially confirmed.

But guys. Just because you have a fast connection doesnt mean you will be downloading with the highest speed possible! Only if the server is very good you can hope for a good speed. And also remember that its AoE3, not some crappy game, so I can basically guarantee that you wont be downloading it at full speed because thousands of people will download it as soon as they can. If its like 1gig and you got 10bms dsl, dont expect to finish the download in 1 hour

But still, even if I have to download for 3 days straight, it will be worth it :-).

Dont worry, be happy.
posted 08-22-05 07:55 AM EDT (US)     43 / 138       
But they will still want to test eso in public ? (Atleast, I hope :P)

So maybe there will be a beta program?

AoE 3 beta > AoE 3 > WoW & AoM
posted 08-22-05 08:02 AM EDT (US)     44 / 138       
My server and broad band is as quick as light , considering that I'm in Japan and we have one of the best internet services in the world - I guess if I can get the demo of the net no problem that makes up for having to get a friend from overseas to send me AoE3 in November, since its not being released in Asia anytime soon (probably until next year)

It would take me no more than 30 min to download the demo no matter how big it is.

posted 08-22-05 09:11 AM EDT (US)     45 / 138       
good thing ive got access to at least 6 meg up\down. our LAN is hooked up to the company(we work with) network which is praticly sitting on the internet downtown...also have cable as backup,but i sure as heck wouldnt use it to dl it

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posted 08-22-05 09:27 AM EDT (US)     46 / 138       
Has there ever been a demo that exceeded 1 gig? The F.E.A.R. demo is over 600mb, and that includes a lot of info. Not like it matters too much anyway. I'm sure we'd all still download the AoE3 demo, even if it were a full 3 gigs.

Here's a toast to the game we all love, and the demo that will be like the sip before the chug!

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Raptor the Good
posted 08-22-05 09:35 AM EDT (US)     47 / 138       


Comcast offers fast internet but not really fast downloads.

Umm, I think it's just you. My downloads are pretty fast.

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posted 08-22-05 10:50 AM EDT (US)     48 / 138       
Has anyone listened that the demo won't be coming out before release and there won't be a beta before release? Look at my post, Bruce Shelley said that in his interview at that German gaming convention.

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posted 08-22-05 10:52 AM EDT (US)     49 / 138       
Well this could really really help the game. As everyone HOPEFULLY knows, this is the only RTS coming out from a big name, and likewise one that will be really popular. With that in mind you have SC,WC3,AoM, among other RTS games to draw from because, some are looking for a new game, some of those other games are dieing out, so to people in the past that really despise games like AoE2. They can play this and might become addicted. Oh and of course....I won't mind playing it sooner than expected. Also cool to have the company actually keep us up to date on things. ES is putting on a show act for this game thus far.
posted 08-22-05 11:18 AM EDT (US)     50 / 138       
What in the world does RC0 mean?
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