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Topic Subject: Windows 2000
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posted 09-07-05 07:03 PM EDT (US)   
"Age of Empires III Trial requires Windows XP or later" - well, okay, except it's lying.

I use Windows 2000, so the installer refuses to run - but I can install on a spare machine that's running XP, then copy the installed files, and it appears to work perfectly well on 2K.

As far as I can see, there's no reason why the installer should be telling me to upgrade. An updated version of the demo, without this bug, would be appreciated. I shouldn't have to mess around so much just to run a game, and if it's not fixed in the retail version, ES has lost at least one sale.

Update: If you have encountered this problem, see post #111 for a way to install the game.

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posted 09-22-05 05:43 AM EDT (US)     151 / 243  
btw, does it matter that I have Windows 2000 professional?

Will I though be able to install it with that Win 2000 trick?

posted 09-22-05 06:11 AM EDT (US)     152 / 243  
posted 09-28-05 09:06 AM EDT (US)     153 / 243  
its just for the demo ir its going to be like this in the full version too?
posted 09-28-05 10:27 AM EDT (US)     154 / 243  
ES doesnt want to say something about it, so i assume, it 2k will get blocked in the full, too. and i think, as they browse this forum an saw how people tricked their blocker, they will solve this bug, so that it wont work in the full any more.
posted 10-05-05 10:04 AM EDT (US)     155 / 243  
Anything new about this?

I don't wanna pay 100 extra for a 50(?) game.

Why the hell doesn't ES answer, they said they'll discuss it.

posted 10-05-05 10:40 AM EDT (US)     156 / 243  
ES would you plz just say if we can install Age of Empires 3 on win2k or not? Just "yes" or "no".
We don't care if its unsupported, just tell if we can installe the game or not.
posted 10-09-05 10:50 PM EDT (US)     157 / 243  
I have the same question. What's the official word on this? Installable? Will there be a workaround?

agecommunity quote of the month Ok i have payed for this game for al my moneythat i get in a month so when i go online isee these 9 year old kids that beat me that have played for 2 weeks and i have played since release of vanilla so im pretty pissed of that es dosent want to do anything about the balance of the game.
posted 10-09-05 11:38 PM EDT (US)     158 / 243  
Well apparently, it *will* run on W2K, but it's not supported, the fact it runs 2k is merely coincidental.

Meteora is a pissy bitch
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posted 10-10-05 00:07 AM EDT (US)     159 / 243  
It's not coincidental, really, since Win XP is just a slightly updated version of 2000 Pro. XP has some much cooler stuff and I highly recommend it, but there shouldn't be much of a problem using 2000.

What was meant by getting into the 21st century is that 2000 was released in the 20th century. XP is the OS of the 21st until sometime next year when Vista replaces it.

ES is right about not being cost-effective to test on 2K. They have to do a LOT of testing to make sure everything works. Supporting 1 OS that roughly 90 or so percent of users have vs supporting 2 OS's and getting the one or two percent of potential customers that run 2000 is not a tough call. Most computers new enough to run the game (well) came with XP on them. Also, few home users ever had 2000 to begin with and games are usually designed for home users.

I am surprised that this issue is arising with 2000, really, since it was never designed to be a home user system to begin with. I can see maybe Windows ME (the really bad version that MS basically disowns,) since it was designed as a user system, but 2000 was designed for professional workstations with more advanced networking needs. (and XP combined the 2 series to make one that was good for users and for advanced networking, except that they intentionally blocked some networking features in XP Home.)

I would think the best route for ES would be to not "support" 2000, but to allow it to install anyway, at the user's discretion.

For the people calling for ES to answer: they already did. 3 times on the first page. It's pretty obvious that it will be the same in the retail version. If you want to play and can't live w/o Win 2K, then install on an XP and copy over, like has been described in this thread.

Edit: I stand corrected: Win 2000 will be able to install the full game. This was answered by ES on Age Community. It is still, however, not supported, so it's basically what I mentioned would probably be the best solution.

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posted 10-15-05 09:40 AM EDT (US)     160 / 243  
Hi there,

listen i have bought AGEO F EMPIRES 3 without seeing if it was compatible with 2000 series...

What can i do?

I tried to install but the system refuse itself to accept the game...

What can i do?


posted 10-15-05 10:29 AM EDT (US)     161 / 243  
Heres the way how to install it on win 2000:

From your Start menu, select Run..., then type in 'cmd' (without quotes). And hit OK. You should get a window with a DOS like prompt (ie. C:\> ). From there, navigate to the CD-Rom drive and then type 'setup /a' (again without the quotes). The installer will then run normally but without the OS check.

posted 10-15-05 02:08 PM EDT (US)     162 / 243  
Excuse me can you be more clear?

I've not understood.

Excuse me again

posted 10-15-05 02:41 PM EDT (US)     163 / 243  
I have Windows 2000. I have the CDs for the game, and I successfully installed it by using "setup /a" in the command prompt. However, I'm not able to patch the game because it says that I'm missing the correct registry settings. How do I fix this?

Edit: The solution is simple. Open up your registry (type "regedit" in the command prompt), navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Microsoft Games/Age of Empires 3/1.0, right click on the right portion of the window and select Add String Value. Name it "SetupPath", then right-click it and Modify it, typing in the full path of your Age of Empires III folder. (The default path is "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires 3").

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posted 10-15-05 03:36 PM EDT (US)     164 / 243  


I have Windows 2000. I have the CDs for the game, and I successfully installed it by using "setup /a" in the command prompt. However, I'm not able to patch the game because it says that I'm missing the correct registry settings. How do I fix this?

Thats a good question, i let you know when i find a work-around for that - shouldn't be hard.

posted 10-15-05 03:53 PM EDT (US)     165 / 243  
can some1 make a guide(please include pictures!!!) of how to install it on windows 2000? i want to play this but im NOOB in computers!!!
posted 10-15-05 03:56 PM EDT (US)     166 / 243  
--Edit: The solution is simple. Open up your registry (type "regedit" in the command prompt), navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Microsoft Games/Age of Empires 3/1.0, right click on the right portion of the window and select Add String Value. Name it "SetupPath", then right-click it and Modify it, typing in the full path of your Age of Empires III folder. (The default path is "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires 3")---

THX at least the user here are cool, E$ and M$ are really morons

posted 10-15-05 09:11 PM EDT (US)     167 / 243  
Hey guys, I'm experiencing another problem. My friend (who has Windows XP and installed it properly) and I both patched our copies of the game and we tried playing a Direct Connect match, but we get a "version mismatch" error. I've tried everything I can think of to fix it. In the AoE 3 section of my friend's registry he had "Version = '1.01'" and I didn't have that, so I tried adding it in manually. That didn't work. My friend had a "LangID" field and I didn't, so I thought maybe "LangID" means "Language ID" and the game thought we were running different language versions, so I added that in. Didn't work.

I'm thinking this is related to the fact that I had to install the game using "setup /a" at the prompt, so I didn't get all the registry settings and other stuff that the nice, official installer takes care of. If anyone else is running AoE 3 under Windows 2000, let me know if you're getting this problem too.

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posted 10-17-05 04:21 AM EDT (US)     168 / 243  
If you feel that Microsoft is not allowing Age of Empires III to install on Windows 2000 to force people to upgrade to Windows XP you should file an informal complaint with the US DOJ or the European Commission. (the guy in all the press releases about ms, but i don't think we are suppose to contact him directly)

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posted 10-18-05 10:23 AM EDT (US)     169 / 243  
Guys, I find pathetic that age3 shouldn't run on win2000. But more pathetic are the silly "cost" excuse brought by ES staff. Yes, of course, testing and customer support would have some extra cost, but I doubt they can't afford it - especially when a considerably large number of machines run win2000.

Oh, of course, people nowdays use winxp, because that's what they find on their machine when they buy it. But the average user is lame, and he's very likely to download a pirate copy of the game. So I wuouldn't count EVERY winxp user as a possible customer... Yeah, there are pirates among win2000 users too, but I fear the percentage is not the same.
Btw, this takes nowhere... Time goes on, technology evolves. Sooner or later, Microsoft will stop developing DirectX for win2000, and then for xp, and then for longhorn and so on.

Alas, I can't but agree with the main chorus: GET THAT BLOCKING MESSAGE AWAY.
If you guys read EULA, it says that "if you lose data because of a program fault, it's not their responsability". It means that, if you're writing your testament, you die before saving and Word crashes, they don't care. It means that if Windows freezes while you're showing your product to your customer, they don't care. It means that if your server gets damaged because of the os, 5 minutes before the scheduled backup, and you lose everything, they don't care.
Thus, it looks like they can handle all those possible serious damages, but not the risk to let you run a single game.
Are you guys trying to make us believe Microsoft lawyers can't find a clause to let the user run a game with no risk for the company? This is pathetic.

And last, stop whining about all this "optimization problem". A game is developed in C++ and asm. Unless you have a lame compiler, optimizations are CPU related, and NOT os related. That means that age3 can probably show problems on an AMD, rather than on an Intel CPU. And probably it won't work on certain video cards. But - as long as the CPU instruction set is respected - the game runs.
On to external functions. A Windows' game needs to create a window and to process the message pump. I guess needed API are the same since the advent of 32 bit systems.
Moreover, DirectX API is still the same, both in win2000 and winxp. So, why should win2000 be unsupported? The only guess I may think of, is that Microsoft is planning to abandon DX support for win2000, and kept the thing secret to get an advantage over other gaming companies. Still, I don't see why age3 shouldn't run, since it uses DX9, which actually exists for win2000. Just a gues...
Or more probably, you developed the game with managed C++, or even worse, C#. Altough Microsoft created a virtual machine for win2000, they're prolly experiencing difficulties. But that's none of your concern... Developing a game within a manged environment makes me feel so sad I could faint.

But even assuming that winxp is crucial for your new lovely optimized algorithms (hidden surface removal xp? ha!), I keep blaming the fact I can't even install the game! Tomb Raider installs fine, and so does Final Fantasy VII. The same is true for Tequila & Boom Boom, King's Quest VII and another ton of games. They all don't run on win2000 without proper patches, tricks or emulators, but damn, they install. When I go to a shop and pay 50 for a game, I buy the right to use it ON THE PLATFORM I LIKE MOST. If I install it on Game Boy and doesn't run, it's MY problem, but damn, I wanna be free to install it on a ****ing game boy cartridge.

I downloaded the demo, I tried it on a friend's pc, I managed to install it on mine with the /a parameter. The game rocks, but this is not enough to make me switch OS. Installing winxp will probably make age3's installer (not even the game!!) run fine, but willl mess up a dozen other apps/games I use. Needless to say, I'm not formatting, reinstalling everything and lose 2 nights of sleep just to run age3. Not to speak of the price of getting winxp... It looks like you can't spend your money to support us, but we MUST spend our money to support you. So lame...

Remember: game programming is art. Don't turn it into a financial manouvre.


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posted 10-20-05 01:01 AM EDT (US)     170 / 243  
Hi there,

I installed Aoe with "setup /a" mode, the installation success but when I try to play it appears an ugly message who says that the dynamic bla bla it couldn't find it.

This installation mode does not able to put the cd key, so i have no registry code about age of empires 3. When and where have I add it?

I ran the demo, and it worked fine, so, i dont know why im the choosen one who cannot play the fully version, however, for what i see, the game sucks x"D, its 1000 times better blitzkrieg 2. Too much expectation about it, and the Win2k bug, it could be a massive FREE comercial strategy, because many people is talking about Microsoft, and, that gives them popularity without PAYING $$$.

Returning to the game: Anybody can help me?

PS: I repeated the process at least 4 times, reinstalling, cleaning registry for an issue. etc.

Is my win2k a rebel one?


Greets from spain.

PSSS: In aoe3 spanish ones aren't as good enough as they might be ;D

Sorry for my english mistakes x)

Simply way its clever done. is it right? x"D
I solved the problem just reinstalling direct x 9.0..
But this forum has help me a lot so, if anybody gets the same mistaken, ya knows...
all i think about aoe3 it's true, so i dont think that i will delete it in next 24 hours >_<

edit 4:

I have one more issue, the patching trick does not work. I installed the games in C:\games\ and itself it being installed on age of empires III.


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posted 10-20-05 04:50 AM EDT (US)     171 / 243  

This forum has helped me so much! Thanks to all who have posted good information. I just wanted to sum everything up and add a few things incase some people have the same problems after installation as I did.

To install the full retail version of AOE3 on a win2k system as people in here have said, you must use the command prompt:

1. Start > Run...
2. Type in cmd and press OK
3. When the Dos window appears type in D: or which ever letter your cd/dvd rom drive is; then press Enter.
4. Type in setup /a and press Enter.
5. Wait for the installation wizard to appear, and press Next.
6. Then type in the destination as to where you want it to be installed. I recommend using the default path, which is C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age Of Empires 3
7. Press Install.

Note: Once you have the game installed and try to run it, you may get an error about a d3dx9_25.dll if this is the case, then you can either download the D3DX April Update from or reinstall DirectX9 completely.

Note: Once you have that done, you may also get another error about MSXML 4; if this is the case then you should install msxml.msi from ng=en#filelist

After that you can run the game from the Game icon (not the autorun feature by inserting CD1) If you do not have the Game icon on your desktop then create it. To do so locate your Game directory, then find age3.exe and Right click on it, then click Send to > Desktop.

To Install The Age of Empires 3 1.01 Update: You must do the following:

1. Start > Run...
2. Type in Regedit and press OK
3. Goto HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Microsoft Games/ Age of Empires 3/1.0
4. If you do not see a folder called Microsoft/ or Microsoft Games/ then you must create each folder leading up to 1.0.
5. To create a folder in the registry Right Click in the folder area and mouse-over New, then click Key and rename the folder appropriately.
6. Once you arive at the folder named 1.0 then you must Right Click in the right-hand side of the window; and mouse-over New, then click String Value
7. Name the new string value SetupPath, then Right Click on it; and click Modify
8. Under Value Data: you must type the Exact Location of the age3.exe If you used the recommended directory I gave above durring the installation, then you must put this: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age Of Empires 3\Age Of Empires III (Note: This is where most people go wrong, so be sure you have the Exact Directory Location of your age3.exe)
9. Run the Age of Empires 3 1.01 update.

Thank you once again to all who have posted such great and helpful information.

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posted 10-20-05 06:51 AM EDT (US)     172 / 243  


And I'm not speaking of just Windows XP Ender, I'm speaking of Windows XP Professional. There is a big difference between the two. I also do not recall experiencing any faster peformance with Win2K. My XP Pro runs like a charm. It boots up and shuts down in seconds.

Umm... like what differences? I'm using Windows XP Home and frankly I don't notice any drawbacks. The game runs smoothly with no lag, no freezes, and works just the way it's supposed to. It's great that XP Pro runs like a charm for you. So what? Why is everyone else obliged to get it too?

As a Home user, it does as much as I need it to. Pro offers better security and networking options, but I don't need that. If I had the money to get it, or if the price was the same as Home, then sure, I don't mind getting a beefed up version of XP Home. But if the price is an issue for me and the benefits of Pro don't outweigh its cost, then why should I get it? Especially since Home is running just fine with no problems.

As far as this thread is concerned, this is what we can deduce:
- Age of Empires III runs perfectly on Windows 2000
- But, Microsoft/ES won't let users install it by normal means

Some people are arguing that it would cost a lot to test the game on Windows 2000. Fair enough. Well I say, then let users have the option of installing it anyway, at their own risk/discretion. Other games apparently have this option. Just not this one, even though it is proven to work on Windows 2000. Being suspicious at Microsoft's involvement here is really not all that surprising. If the game would have to be recoded or completely revamped to accomodate another OS, then I see why blocking its installation for the benefit of the user would be appropriate. But this isn't the case. It seems the only thing that has to be changed is to allow people to install the game anyway. Is that really so hard to do? I doubt it's a technical limitation here.

posted 10-20-05 07:19 AM EDT (US)     173 / 243  
It isn't a technical issue or a "money issue with testing," or anything like that. Microsoft has a scheme to get everyone in the world to update to the latest versions of everything, and they have bogus licensing agreements that literally take your rights away; more and more, trying to get COPYRIGHT laws enforced to the max. Copyrights are okay in today's world because they arn't enforced! Microsoft is slowly slowly pulling palladium / digital rights management / and copyrights to power and eventually will be taking people's digital rights away. They didn't have XP only for no reason; it's all part of the scheme; and not enough people know about what they are doing for it to make a difference; or to even remotely stop their plot. Huge companies are in on palladium and DRM. to read more about this go here I suggest reading the whole article. The fact that AOE3 is acclaimed XP only is not shocking; and was even predictable. It's a good thing for this forum though so people will know how to install the game on 2k! I wonder about all those noobs out there who arn't going to think about searching the net / or anything - and who are actually going to buy XP just to play this game! - POOR NOOBS ;_; really sucks. =\

Here are a few more links about this; and I HIGHLY recommend reading the article above, along with these.

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posted 10-20-05 09:22 AM EDT (US)     174 / 243  
if i have windows 2000 i can update it to windows XP without having to delet all the games and programs and all that stuff? because i have some really important things that i cant backup Oo
posted 10-20-05 12:30 PM EDT (US)     175 / 243  
The same for me, otherwise I wouldn't be half as bothered.
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