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Topic Subject: Age 4 and 5?!?
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posted 10-19-05 09:22 PM EDT (US)   
I recently got my Age3 Collector's Edition - and made an incredible discovery! This is on the last page of Art of Empires, the artwork book that comes with the Collector's Edition.

Obviously this might not be true, but imagine if it is! We can have Battlefield Empires and Age of Starcraft!

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posted 03-30-06 12:22 PM EDT (US)     176 / 189  
OMG The americans are OP!!!
Theyr nukes come in way to fast! and I cant beat mass abram tanks omg balance patch needed!!
Also when someone does the US marine rush its GG!
Nah that wouldnt be age of empires, if you want this go play generals or something.
posted 03-30-06 12:56 PM EDT (US)     177 / 189  

Quoted from Sjonnie:

I don't think so. In the skirmishes you always build up from the scratch. Now this is possible in AOE1 (the beginning of mankind), AOK (Europe shattered by barbarians) and AOE3 (Colony), but I don't see that work in WW1


  • You start with engineers not civilians.(cause you on front lines)
  • Population increased by gathering wealth or researching war techs.
  • build war structures only.
  • the home city would ship you food every 24 hours.
  • stuff like this

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  • posted 05-02-06 09:57 PM EDT (US)     178 / 189  
    Okay well...I personally thought that AoM was better than AoE3 by a bit. I just enjoy games where you have completly different I love mythology =) Anyways here the list of things I think AoE4 or whatever the title is should have:
    -More trade and sending resources to bases
    -More of an air aspect (paratroopers)
    -Completly different races as in AoM (American, British, Russian, German, Italian...maybe more)
    -Reduce melee game (obviously)
    -When building, be able to build it at any angle for a more custom building experience
    -Reloading weapons, accuracy system
    -A very good editor (Take tips from Blizzard)
    -Get rid of the 'Home City'
    -Make a science-based system (inventing new weapons for your troops to gain an edge on battle)
    -To put money into different aspects of the game (one player might want to put a large % into weapons design, another might want to spend more on training the troops better)
    -Units can also gain exp, and carry out into other battles (though still never get as powerful as a real hero)
    -Have a system where you can dig up terrain, and make trenchs etc in real-time gameplay
    -Make mining metals for making weapons/bullets
    -Add more strategy to the game by being able to hold down cities, then explode some buildings to cut off routes, then set down booby traps, barbed wire and barracades to stop the enemy from flanking your city routes
    -A new population system (determined by the size of your opposition, how successful you are at that point in the game etc)
    Oh sorry, and about the whole 'You can't start with a base' thing...I think at the begining, you should have a huge main city/area...then the expansion part of the game will be getting your civilization to expand...Oh crap, I guess that wouldn't fit in with WW2 =| Thats for the future then =)

    Well, those are most of my ideas of how to make a great WW2 RTS -Send Feedback Please-

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    posted 05-02-06 11:27 PM EDT (US)     179 / 189  
    i think that age 4 would launch them on 2011(5 years), because the games of age of empires has a 5 years of difference or less.
    posted 05-03-06 06:07 PM EDT (US)     180 / 189  


    Something says me this thread will never die...

    It just keeps coming back to haunt us.

    posted 05-03-06 09:38 PM EDT (US)     181 / 189  
    I agree that we need a game that takes place during the same time period as AoE3, except in Europe. While colonization of the Americas was quite thrilling and stole the spotlight of the majority of other historical events during the time, revolutions and revolts in Europe were equally or exceedingly important.

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    posted 05-03-06 10:15 PM EDT (US)     182 / 189  
    Sandy commented on the subject of Age 4 & 5:


    4) the collectors edition on the back page of the Art Work book there was a picture of a World War I or II solider (actualy looks like a later one a M16 is in his hands) for AOE IV how will that work

    A it was total speculation on our part.

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    posted 05-03-06 10:49 PM EDT (US)     183 / 189  
    when will this thread die!!!!?????

    *dances insanely so that i don't miss another closed thread*
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    posted 05-03-06 11:03 PM EDT (US)     184 / 189  
    im actually hoping for a remake of 1, setting in ancient times.
    all the age games so far have been SOMEONE (civ) starting NEW (dawn of man, rise of feudalism after europe was basically destroyed, colonization) and theres no way they will be able to make a industrial/WW1 or WW2 look like that.

    ancient times would be pretty cool with the advancement of technology since AOE1 right now.

    posted 06-25-06 09:57 AM EDT (US)     185 / 189  
    The AOE 4 artwork might look like Vietnam, but I think that it'll just be laid out in the same way as the other Age games. I'm guessing that the typical game would start out with primitive rifle units and cavalrymen. Once you age up, you get gas and basic machine guns. You age up again, and you get tanks (which would be sort of like a combination of the monster truck cheat and a cannon.) That age is kind of like WWII. Finally, the 4th age would be the Cold War, with nukes and stuff. Then the fifth age would be kind of "preview" age, like bombard cannons and conquistadors in AOE II and repeating rifles in AOE III. It would probably have the "space race" and modern armored tanks.
    posted 06-25-06 12:13 PM EDT (US)     186 / 189  
    Talk about threads that never die.

    Oh, and I completely agree with Steve. They should have the same setting as the old ones but views on completely different parts of the world. I actually think an AoE4 might be possible though if they focus on like in Asia, but maybe that would be bettter suited for an AoE3 expansion because the Americas have so eclipsed the rest of the interesting events that happened in this time period.

    posted 06-25-06 01:44 PM EDT (US)     187 / 189  
    Ick, Age4 would suck IMO if they got into more modern warfare. Es should either remake AoE, AoE2 or make AoM2.

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    posted 06-25-06 04:27 PM EDT (US)     188 / 189  
    exactly my thoughts.

    and guys stop bumping this its more than a half a year old.

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    posted 06-25-06 06:01 PM EDT (US)     189 / 189  
    Yeh, Stevy and Byronic detain the true answer to the question. We agree with them.
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