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Topic Subject:The worth of a shipment?
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posted 11-02-05 08:07 PM EDT (US)         
I've been trying to find out exactly how many resources a shipment would be worth. Not the actual card but the time it takes to gain enough xp to actually get a shipment. Would anyone like to put a number to how much a shipment is worth?

I think if this is done it will help to sort out cards for what they are worth, for instance is your first shipment worth 300 resources or 200? if it's worth 200 then it would probably be best to send a 300 resource shipment from your home city... you know things like that.

I'd value a fort at 1000w and 200g so 1200 resources (that's about the amount of units a fort could kill on its own from my pov), if you are on your 6th shipment when you reach age 3 would it be more effective to send say 13 musketeers or a fort? I know some circumstances would warrant a fort over others but let's say you are winning a game, is a fort worth more than 13 musketeers? would 13 musketeers help you more than a fort? would a 10% boost in skirmisher attack be a better boost than a shipment of 1000 food?

I really want to dive into something like this because it all has such a huge impact on the game.

any thoughts?


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posted 11-04-05 05:26 AM EDT (US)     26 / 31       
but will it pay off if i build a trading post as soon as game starts with turks. or wont that xp i get me so helpful
posted 11-04-05 07:46 AM EDT (US)     27 / 31       
From my tests on building trading posts right away, you get an extra shipment before Age 2. So 4 shipments instead of 3 (the last shipment usually comes right away after getting in Colonial). That was on the New England map. Some maps have better trading posts, like the Great Lakes would probably give you more. It really depends on the trading post, but I think a fast trading post strat is quite viable. As soon as you get the upgrade, if you put it to wood, it pays for itself very fast usually. XP becomes less useful as far as shipments go, so upgrade should be done eventually.
posted 11-04-05 09:54 AM EDT (US)     28 / 31       
oki thx man
posted 11-06-05 09:41 PM EDT (US)     29 / 31       
Parallax why is the constant a second? How do you know?

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posted 11-06-05 10:19 PM EDT (US)     30 / 31       


say 2 free villagers as opposed to the furrier card

.84 * .15 = increase in .126 food/second (.966 food/second is gather rate)

.84 * 2 = increase of 1.68 food/second

1.68 / .126 = 13.333333 vills before benefit.

So until you have 14 vills on hunt, 2 vills is better than Furrier.

Can do the same for 300 resource crate vs 2 vill.

300 food / 1.68 = three minutes before two vills gather more than 300 food.

or Furrier

300 food / .126 = 2381 vill seconds (or 40 minutes) for one vill to gain more than 300 resources with benefit gained from Furrier. 5 minutes for 8 vills. 4 minutes for 10 vills.


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posted 11-08-05 02:24 AM EDT (US)     31 / 31       
I figured out the XP rate for shipments just now. Played thru the first 6 shipments without doing anything (to keep XP constant) and saw a pattern. It's pretty simple.

Start off with needed 300 XP for first shipment. After that it increments onto last shipment's total XP required by:




etc (just doubles up)

So the 1st shipment comes in at 300 XP.
2nd shipment comes in at 300 + 336 = 636 total XP.
3rd comes in at 636 + 376 = 1012 XP.
4th comes in at 1012 + 400 = 1412 XP.

(All those numbers by themselves were spit out by a script.)

Confirmed that XP gather rate is 2/second because at these numbers, the first shipment hit at 2:30 (150 seconds * 2 = 300 XP). The second at 5:18 (318 seconds * 2 = 636). The third at 8:26. etc

Which means that if you divide the XP from a trading post by 2, it'll tell you how many seconds faster you'll get a shipment each time it hits. So if it shows like 80, you'll speed up your next shipment by 40 seconds. The only thing that would need to be figured out is the gather rate of trading posts. It's the same for anything that you kill/build too.

I'll have to look at that trading post gather rate tomorrow or something, though. I only take time to look at one thing/day generally (yesterday was comparing vill bonuses and the day before that is that crap I posted above this post).

BTW, I didn't take the time to look where the Spanish get their 30% bonus. It probably starts at 210 XP and goes from there with increments at 30% less (ie 2nd shipment would hit at 220.8 XP later compared to a normal 246 XP). I dunno.

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