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Topic Subject:Share ur Deck
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posted 11-27-05 06:29 PM EDT (US)         
Anyone wants to share their MP deck, If u dont have a MP deck then u can post ur SP deck. This way we can compare or give suggestions (even find a way to beat those)

U can post a deck u would like to have. Try to give the card name and the info.

Heres my Level 99 Portugese SP Deck:

Advanced Arsenal
Advanced Trading Post
Team Cheap Outposts
Dragoon Combat
Team Early Dragoons
Fencing School
Heavy Fortifications
Improved Buildings
Team Improved Walls
Ranged Infantry Combat
Ranged Infantry Damage
Team Ranged Infantry Hitpoints
Riding School
Robber Barons
Unique Church Technologies
Ship 8 Crossbowmen

Heres my other deck:

Textile Mills
8 Crossbowmen
Royal Mint
Rum Distillery
Robber Barons
Rendering Plant
Exotic Hardwoods
Cigar Roller
Advanced Mill
Advanced Plantations

So what r urs?

U can post a screnshot as well, much easier.

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posted 11-29-05 07:30 AM EDT (US)     26 / 30       
that is very very hard and probably nearly impossible though I did hold off an ottoman and german double rush once it was damn hard but paid off because my ally was allowed to french boom unhindered and came through slaughtering the german and I took out the ottoman..

the most important thing to remember is to slow down a rush by using your buildings as road blocks. build houses/markets/banks/church/outposts in a staggered formation surrounding your TC so their forces will break up allowing you to take pot shots at stragglers with your skirmishers and have your TC fire on another, by the time they realize they are losing too many troops to win they will try to pull out in which you take your skirmishers and follw them killing as many units as possible.

It's a damn good defensive strategy and works very well. only 1 player broke my defenses but it was a poor game for me, he killed my whole main base but allowed me to retreat my vils to my ally in which I rebuilt everything very fast, got my factories up and came back to win due to my uber skirmishers and ruyters .

if you allow your enemy to keep in formation then he can bare down on you fast, if you break him apart and spread him out you will murder his forces 1 by 1 before he can group and attack your attacking units.

Skirmishers are ideal for this defensive strat because they have such long range and are great inf counters.

If he decides to kill your buildings he is just allowing you to kill his troops freely. If he tries to move in and kill your skirms he will break his force up and allow you to kill him 1 at a time, either way rushing a dutch in age 2 with anything other than abus guns or dog soldiers is suicide, I advise against it.


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Taufiq Khan
(id: Shala_T)
posted 11-29-05 08:14 AM EDT (US)     27 / 30       
I'm still stuck with the demo. (December 17th I should have it)

Anyway, this is my standard British Deck. Nothing Special, just a general deck for Texas/New England.

2 Settlers
300 Food
4 Settlers
6 Longbowmen
6 Musketeers
2 Outposts
1 Galleon
1 Covered Wagon
8 Longbowmen
10 Pikemen
8 Musketeers
4 Hussars
4 Grenadiers
1 Falconet
1 Fort Wagon
5 Grenadiers
2 Falconets
1 Mortar
1 Factory Wagon

EDIT: Does anyone have an Anti-Rush Deck?


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posted 11-29-05 08:16 AM EDT (US)     28 / 30       
fast fortress with no gold shipment in age 2, mokon?
what was your fastest time to age 3 with this deck?
posted 11-29-05 11:47 AM EDT (US)     29 / 30       
around 7 mins, i almost always get in b4 8 mins tho

I know im really debating it but my theory is I dont want to spend those shipments in age2 since i want to be able to get them in age3 for the units....

The deck obviously doenst work vs a good rusher but im still toying with it.

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  • ShadowZX
    posted 11-29-05 09:44 PM EDT (US)     30 / 30       
    Its still a cool deck Mokon

    I wish i could play multiplayer

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