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Topic Subject:Settler/Coureur/Wagon stats
posted 11-29-05 07:47 PM EDT (US)         
I saw the stats matching up the different villie types somewhere but now I can't find them. Can someone give them to me again?
posted 11-29-05 10:08 PM EDT (US)     1 / 1       
Here u go:

Crates : 8.00/Second
Tree : 0.50/Second
Mill : 0.67/Second
Gold Mine : 0.60/Second
Plantation : 0.50/Second
Herdable : 3.00/Second
Huntable :0.84/Second
BerryBush :0.67/Second

Coureur des Bois (French)
Build : X1.2
Crates : 8.00/Second
Tree : 0.62/Second
Mill : 0.84/Second
Gold Mine : 0.74/Second
Plantation : 0.63/Second
Herdable : 3.75/Second
Huntable : 1.04/Second
BerryBush : 0.83/Second

Settler Wagon (German)
Build : X2
Crates : 15.00/Second
Tree : 1.00/Second
Mill : 1.34/second
Gold Mine : 1.14/Second
Plantation : 1.00/Second
Herdable : 4.00/Second
Huntable : 1.70/Second
BerryBush : 1.34/Second

Fishing Boats
Fish : 0.67/Second
Beluga (gold): 0.50/Second

All it took as using the search.

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