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Topic Subject:AoE3Heaven Ladder (Sign Up and Report Games HERE)
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Kings Guard
posted 12-07-05 04:39 PM EDT (US)         
Welcome to the Official AoE3H Ladder!

Ladder Maintained by: Flammifer

AoE3Heaven Ladder on ESO is the official meeting place for Ladder Games
____________________________________________________________ _________________________________________

This Thread is to be Used for

  • Reporting Ladder Game Results
  • Looking For the Latest Ladder Game Updates
  • Signing up For The AoE3H Ladder
  • Issuing Challenges to Ladder Players
  • Posting any and All Ladder Related Posts

____________________________________________________________ _________________________________________

Check Ladder Standings...Click Here-------> Ladder Ranks

What Time is it where you live--------> Time Converter

____________________________________________________________ _________________________________________

How to Join The AoE3H Ladder: It's Easy!

1. If you are not registered on AoE3 Heaven, then do so.

2. Post in this Thread with your ESO Name, that you wish to sign up on the Ladder!.....that's all....your all set!

3. Read the the ladder rules so you understand how the ladder works!

4. You can start playing ladder games right away as long as you have posted in the Ladder Thread that you want to join and left your ESO name.

____________________________________________________________ _________________________________________


1. Add ladder players names to your ESO Friends List. This way you will see who is online at all times. You can always add and remove names as you like.

2. Host a game with the title "AoE3H Ladder" or see if any ladder players are looking for a game in the AoE3Heaven Ladder room. If the chat room isn't present go ahead and create it. Be sure to confirm they are on the ladder before the game. This important to do in team games as well. Games may be password protected. The suggested password is "hunter"

3. Issue a chalange to a particular ladder player or players here in the Ladder Forum. Let them know the times you will be online. Many people advertise their instant messenger ID's, contact them in this way too.

4. Participate in Ladder Tournaments. These will be posted in the forum as a seperate thread. So watch for them.

____________________________________________________________ _______________________________________

Ladder Tips:

AoE3Heaven Ladder chat room on ESO is the official meeting place for Ladder Games

When Reporting Games: You should only report one game per post. There is a chance I may miss the second game and you may not get credit for it.

Also try to Report games in this form: BigBill defeats Slow_Poke

ESO Names: Make sure to report your games using your published Forum name and your oppenents pubplished forum and or ESO name.

Playing Ladder Players: Make sure the players you are playing are on the Ladder. It is very dissapointing to not get credit for a win when you find out the player you beat only told you he was on the ladder just to get a game when in fact he isn't. Best thing to do is ask for the players forum name so you can quickly check it out. If he will not give you his forum name...then do not invite him or just boot him. Cuz he ain't on the ladder.

____________________________________________________________ __________________________________________

Earning Ladder Points:


(A)Experts: 200+....................Value of opponents: A: 6, B: 3, C: 3, D: 1, E: 1, F: 1.
(B)High Inters: 165-199...........Value of opponents: A: 9, B: 6, C: 3, D:3, E: 1, F: 1.
(C)Inters: 111-164..................Value of opponents: A: 12, B: 9, C: 6, D: 3, E: 3, F: 1.
ZERO Gamers: 100..................Value of ALL opponents: Winner gets 2, loser loses 2.
(D)Low Inters: 90-110.............Value of opponents: A: 15, B: 12, C: 9, D: 6, E: 3, F: 3.
(E)Good Rookies: 80-89...........Value of opponents: A: 18, B: 15, C: 12, D: 9, E: 6, F: 3.
(F)Rookies: 79 & Under...........Value of opponents: A: 21, B: 18, C: 15, D: 12, E: 9, F: 6.

The winner of a game is awarded the points given in the 'Value of opponents' category that applies to their opponent's rank, while the loser loses that same amount of points.

Example 1: You currently have 108 points and are thus ranked as an Low Inter (category D). You play, and beat another forumer who has 166 points and is therefore ranked as High Inter (category B). You can see in the 'Value of opponents' for Inters that category B players are worth 12 points to you. Hence, you gain 12 points for defeating the High Inter player, while they in fact lose 12 points for the loss.

Example 2: Good Rookie (E) loses to a Rookie (F): The Good Rookie loses 9 points, while the Rookie gains 9 points.

Example 3: Inter (C) beats a Zero Gamer: The Inter gains 2 points while the Zero Gamer loses 2 points.

Earning Ladder Points for Team Games:

Team games must start with an even amount of players on both sides. Team games are scored by adding up the total rating of all players for each of the sides, and then comparing the difference as follows:

Winning team is 61+ points higher..........1
Winning team is 46-60 points higher.......1
Winning team is 31-45 points higher.......2
Winning team is 21-30 points higher.......3
Winning team is 11-20 points higher.......4
Winning team is 0-10 points higher.........5
Winning team is 1-10 points lower..........6
Winning team is 11-20 points lower........7
Winning team is 21-30 points lower........8
Winning team is 31-40 points lower........9
Winning team is 41-50 points lower.......10
Winning team is 51-60 points lower.......11
Winning team is 61+ points lower..........12

The number given for each row is the amount of points added to each member's rating on the winning team, and the amount subtracted from each member's rating on the losing team.

____________________________________________________________ __________________________________________

Rules of the AoE3 Ladder:

  1. Unless agreed by both players before the game starts, all nonquick matched supremacy games are assumed to count to the ladder. Settings for games must be at the agreement of players in the game.
    Quick matched supremacy games do not count towards the ladder unless agreed by both players when the game begins.
    Deathmatch or Custom Scenario games are not counted as ladder games.

  2. Only team games in which all of the participants are forumers and members of the AoE3H Ladder will count towards the ladder. However, all such team games will be assumed to be ladder games unless someone states that they do not wish it to count.

  3. Only one game per Every 3 Days between the same two forumers will count as a ladder game - that is, the first game (in that 3 day period). Note that this will be determined by requiring that there be 3 days between the reporting of game results (easy to determine as all posts are dated). You are expected to report the results of the game, the day the game was played right after it was played, or risk having the game not count as a ladder game.

  4. Team Games: All players must be on the AoE3H Ladder. Only one game per Every 3 Days between the exact same group of players will count as a ladder game. You can play a player in a 1v1 game and then play the same player in a team game within the same 3 day period. As long as there is at least one different player involved in a team game, that game will count as a ladder game.

  5. Trust is assumed! However, it is good to have recorded games in case of a dispute. Anyone caught lying will automatically be removed from the ladder.

  6. Disconections: Disconections: Any Games that are disconnected should be saved and restored. Return to the AoE3Heaven Ladder room and wait for the other player. If the player that drops does not come back within 10 minutes it will be assumed they have lost unless they wish to either
    a) Contest this by providing a recording to the ladder administrator, leaving to the ladder administrator the decision that were indeed winning, or
    b) Arrange another time to continue the game with the relevant ladder player.

    6b. Disconnection’s in Team Games: When one player is disconnected from the game. The rest of the players must decide if they will save and exit to see if they can restore the game or continue the game without the player that disc. If they do Save and Exit the game, The player that disc has 10 mins to get back online for the game to resume. If that player does not come back then the game resumes with the remaining players. If they are unable to restore the game then the team that had the player that discs forfeits and the other team is awarded the win. Many players now can not get back into games to restore them, if this is the case the game will have to continue without the player that disconected.

    If the player that disconnected did so in the 1st 2 mins of the game then the game will be considered voided. However if all agree from that point to go on with uneven teams and resume the game, the game will count.

  7. Smurfing will not be tolerated and as such, I will conduct IP checks on anyone suspect or otherwise brought to my attention. If you are caught attempting to smurf, all names connected to your IP will be banned from the ladder.

  8. All wins must be reported to this thread within a 24 hour period. If there are any disputes, they should also be posted within this same 24 hour period.

  9. Any AoE3H forumers can participate in this ladder. You need only post your request to join and provide your ESO name on this thread.

  10. You need only ask to be moved to the non-participating forumers. However, your old rating will be reinstated should you desire to return to the ladder at a later date.

  11. This ladder will be updated every several days or as required. All changes including the addition or removal of names to the ladder will take place only during the update times.

  12. Challenges to people on the ladder should be made by creating a new topic in this forum. While challenges are a fun component, they are between forumers will not be formally recognised by myself. The exception of course are the rules related to the challenging of the Champion as outlined below.

  13. To keep the ladder practical, I will remove Zero Gamers if it appears that they have become inactive for an extended period of time.

  14. Attempts to distort the spirit of this ladder (such as through being involved in multiple disputes about who won, smurfing,etc,) can result in being removed from the ladder or otherwise penalised.

  15. As ladder moderator, I reserve the right to add, remove, or otherwise modify the rules if required to maintain the integrity of the ladder. All changes to the rules will be announced in this thread prior to coming into effect.

  16. If you wish to dispute the decision of the ladder administrator, (Flammifer) you should contact site director, Aro.

____________________________________________________________ __________________________________________

The Champion:

When the Ladder Starts Off:

Once the Ladder has been online and running for 2 weeks the top four players will then be invited compete to become the 1st AoE3H Ladder Champion.

The only way a Champion can be replaced is by defeating the current Champion regardless of who has the most ladder points. It is possible for the Champion to have less ladder points then other ladder players. You must have at least played two games in order to win the championship. If a Zero Gamer or someone who has played less then 2 ladder games beats the champion, the Champion does not lose his title, only points.

Earning Ladder Points as Champion

The Champion will continue to earn points for wins according to the category he is in, by the same point
Structure as everyone else. Example: If the Champion is in the Inter category he will get 6 points for beating players from the inter category, 3 points for beating players in the Mid Inter category, etc.

Defeating the Champion

If the Champion is defeated then the player who defeated him replaces him as Champion. The old Champion then returns to the ladder and is ranked according to his ladder points. The new Champion is awarded ladder points according to both players categories for his victory over the old Champion, and old Champion loses points for his lose. Team games do not count as Championship games. So if the Champion is involved in a team game, and is on the losing side the Champion does not lose his title.

Mandatory Rematch Clause for the Champion

If a Champion who has held the title for more then 24 hours, loses his title, he has the right to a rematch. The new Champion must give the old Champion a rematch game. This game can take place right after the originial game and will be considered a ladder game. This rematch game must be played before the new Champion plays any other ladder games that would be considered Championship games. The old Champion must ask for the rematch within 24 hours and/or can post the request for a rematch in the ladder thread with in 24 hours. If no request is made for a rematch with in 24 hours then the new Champion is free to play anyone he wants and have it considered a Championship game. If a game is played involving the new Champion with in this 24 hour period it will not be recognised as a Championship ladder game unless the rematch game has been played and won by the new Champion. If this request for a rematch is not met then the new champion would lose his title and a new Champion would be crowned according to the rule below ( Challenging the Champion ).

Challenging the Champion

Anybody in the top 15 (and with a rating of 101 or more) can issue a challenge to the current Champion for 1v1 ladder game. The challengers must post this chalange to the Champion in the Ladder thread and provide at least 3 different times EST that they will be available for a match. The Champion must accept and meet at least one such challenge per week. If multiple top 15 players make challenges, only one needs be met, but at least one challenge must be met each week when there are any or multiple chalanges made by different ladder players. If there are no challenges to the Champion,then the Champion is free to play any ladder player he wants, if he wants. The Champion picks the map if none can be agreed to.

No Response from Champion

If 7 days pass without the Champion having met a challenge (if challenges have been made), the Champion's rating drops to one point lower than the rating of whoever is in position 3 on the ladder. However, if the Champion posts in the ladder thread that he will be away, he must post when he will be away and when he will be returning (approx). No official chalanges can be made during this period. Chalanges can be made after the date in which the Champion said he would be back.

Then the highest ranking player on the ladder becomes Champion. If two players occupy that spot then a best out of three game series will decide who the new Champion will be. If more then two people are tied with the most points on the ladder then a round robin tournament will be played amongst those players to decide who the next Champion will be.

_______________________________________________________ _____ _________________________________

NerVe Clan
SMF AoE3 Recorded Game Data Mod
icq: 118526591 «¦¤¦» msn:

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posted 02-23-06 05:46 PM EDT (US)     1226 / 1678       
I'd like to join. ESO Name= TopBasket

Hope to c u guys round.

posted 02-23-06 05:48 PM EDT (US)     1227 / 1678       
ESO Name: HG_Ichbinian

Oldie from RTWH!
posted 02-23-06 06:04 PM EDT (US)     1228 / 1678       
qaghan defeats Raaman

posted 02-23-06 06:14 PM EDT (US)     1229 / 1678       
Moourns defeats R4V4G3R

Q: What do you call a German Major playing as another civ?
A: A 2nd Lieutenant
posted 02-23-06 07:06 PM EDT (US)     1230 / 1678       
Mandolin_Rain defeats AlphaJAE

TC takedown with 5 seconds to go on highlanders =-o

gg, i probably shouldn't have won :-/

posted 02-23-06 07:31 PM EDT (US)     1231 / 1678       
Bellerophon wins vs. AlphaJAE

Bellerophon wins vs. scuzz

posted 02-23-06 07:59 PM EDT (US)     1232 / 1678       
Seancahn defeats AlphaJAE

Seancahn and Raaman defeat LO12DS_Fry and LO12DS_Mist

Alcohol, the cause and solution to all of lifes problems

Homer J

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posted 02-23-06 08:51 PM EDT (US)     1233 / 1678       
pawn defeats alphajae

(british festival - pawn was british.)


posted 02-23-06 10:02 PM EDT (US)     1234 / 1678       
I would like to join the AoE3 Heaven Ladder, My ESO nick is aktcjellis.
posted 02-23-06 10:22 PM EDT (US)     1235 / 1678       
HelzBelz defeats AlphaJAE
Kings Guard
posted 02-24-06 02:36 AM EDT (US)     1236 / 1678       
Games Updated to AoE3H Ladder

Game #650: (a)Myll_Erik (zn: Myll_Erik zre: 1814)(154) Defeats (a)LO12DS_Mist (zn: LO12DS_Mist zre: 1614)(97)
Effect: +3(+1 British Festival Bonus)
ZRE Effect: +8.0
Game Date: 24-Feb-06

Game #651: LO12DS_Mist (zn: LO12DS_Mist zre: 1606)(95) Defeats Zifnab (zn: Fire_Dragon zre: 1571)(89)
Effect: +3
ZRE Effect: +14.6
Game Date: 24-Feb-06

Game #652: (a)Myll_Erik (zn: Myll_Erik zre: 1822)(158) Defeats (a)Geimaj (zn: Geimaj zre: 1531)(83)
Effect: +3(+1 British Festival Bonus)
ZRE Effect: +4.4
Game Date: 24-Feb-06

Game #653: ZhaZ (zn: [NoX] - qaghan zre: 1712)(132) Defeats raaman (zn: Raaman zre: 1621)(118)
Effect: +6
ZRE Effect: +12.4
Game Date: 24-Feb-06

Game #654: Moourns (zn: Moourns zre: 1576)(89) Defeats R4V4G3R (zn: R4V4G3R zre: 1575)(92)
Effect: +9
ZRE Effect: +16.0
Game Date: 24-Feb-06

Game #655: NrS_KiLLer (zn: Mandolin_Rain zre: 1733)(126) Defeats AlphaJae (zn: alphajae zre: 1531)(89)
Effect: +3
ZRE Effect: +7.9
Game Date: 24-Feb-06

Game #656: Morningthaw (zn: Bellerophon zre: 1725)(128) Defeats AlphaJae (zn: alphajae zre: 1523)(86)
Effect: +3
ZRE Effect: +7.9
Game Date: 24-Feb-06

Game #657: Morningthaw (zn: Bellerophon zre: 1733)(131) Defeats BloTo (zn: scuzz zre: 1616)(110)
Effect: +3
ZRE Effect: +11.3
Game Date: 24-Feb-06

Game #658: Seancahn (zn: Seancahn zre: 1653)(119) Defeats AlphaJae (zn: alphajae zre: 1515)(83)
Effect: +3
ZRE Effect: +10.5
Game Date: 24-Feb-06

Game #659: Seancahn (zn: Seancahn zre: 1664)(122) & raaman (zn: Raaman zre: 1609)(112)
LO12DS_Frylock (zn: LO12DS_Fry zre: 1561)(92) & LO12DS_Mist (zn: LO12DS_Mist zre: 1620)(98)
Team Difference: (+44)
Effect: +2
ZRE Effect (each player): +7.1
Game Date: 24-Feb-06

Game #660: (a)thoughtlesspawn (zn: pawn zre: 1609)(111) Defeats AlphaJae (zn: alphajae zre: 1505)(80)
Effect: +3(+1 British Festival Bonus)
ZRE Effect: +11.8
Game Date: 24-Feb-06

Game #661: HelzBelz (zn: HelzBelz zre: 1718)(111) Defeats AlphaJae (zn: alphajae zre: 1493)(77)
Effect: +1
ZRE Effect: +7.0
Game Date: 24-Feb-06

New Players Added to AoE3H Ladder

aktcjellis.....................zn: aktcjellis

Cattlelord.....................zn: Cattlelord

Ichbinian......................zn: HG_Ichbinian

jonfscott......................zn: Zorro

UzR7...........................zn: UzR

VGF_Torched....................zn: TopBasket

NerVe Clan
SMF AoE3 Recorded Game Data Mod
icq: 118526591 «¦¤¦» msn:

[This message has been edited by Flammifer (edited 02-24-2006 @ 02:37 AM).]

posted 02-24-06 02:27 PM EDT (US)     1237 / 1678       
Sign me up... ESO nick: Estel_Edain
posted 02-24-06 02:28 PM EDT (US)     1238 / 1678       
Sullage defeats Highland_guy
posted 02-24-06 02:32 PM EDT (US)     1239 / 1678       
i would like to join the ladder... eso name king_hellbalzer
Darth Alec
posted 02-24-06 03:55 PM EDT (US)     1240 / 1678       
Joining up.
ESO name....... (drum rolls)..... Darth_Alec!!!!

ESO name: Darth_Alec

Back from many months of slumber.
posted 02-24-06 04:32 PM EDT (US)     1241 / 1678       
LO12DS_Mist defeats Highland_Guy
posted 02-24-06 04:44 PM EDT (US)     1242 / 1678       
Sign me up please. ESO: Baron_Von_Shlong
posted 02-24-06 05:04 PM EDT (US)     1243 / 1678       
liberale defeats loi2d_mist
posted 02-24-06 06:30 PM EDT (US)     1244 / 1678       
hey all
ESO2: Eclipse
Scenario Expert
posted 02-24-06 07:07 PM EDT (US)     1245 / 1678       
sandstorm defeats eclipse (the guy above)
i was playing as brits

Scenarios I have made
Single Player-: CAMPAIGN - Christmas - Forest River RPG - Total Freedom
MultiPlayer-: Castle Blood Automatic - Mafia Hitman - Warrior Defence
ESO = sandstorm....................................................................................."I won the bet on 1.04!"

[This message has been edited by gunner1 (edited 02-24-2006 @ 07:24 PM).]

posted 02-24-06 07:20 PM EDT (US)     1246 / 1678       
Love_ defeats Roger

ESO2 : Love_
posted 02-24-06 09:44 PM EDT (US)     1247 / 1678       
Add me to the ladder please, ESO nick Nufan =D
Kings Guard
posted 02-25-06 01:16 AM EDT (US)     1248 / 1678       
Games Updated to AoE3H Ladder

Game #662: Sullage (zn: Sullage zre: 1677)(131) Defeats Highland guy (zn: Highland_guy zre: 1642)(107)
Effect: +3
ZRE Effect: +14.6
Game Date: 25-Feb-06

Game #663: LO12DS_Mist (zn: LO12DS_Mist zre: 1613)(96) Defeats Highland guy (zn: Highland_guy zre: 1628)(104)
Effect: +6
ZRE Effect: +16.6
Game Date: 25-Feb-06

Game #664: ummBeefy (zn: Liberale zre: 1617)(94) Defeats LO12DS_Mist (zn: LO12DS_Mist zre: 1630)(102)
Effect: +6
ZRE Effect: +16.5
Game Date: 25-Feb-06

Game #665: (a)gunner1 (zn: sandstorm zre: 1569)(92) Defeats Rebal_Eclipse (zn: Eclipse zre: 1600)(100z)
Effect: +2(+1 British Festival Bonus)
ZRE Effect: +17.2
Game Date: 25-Feb-06

Game #666: Zeal_Love (zn: Love_ zre: 1792)(159) Defeats Rogah (zn: Roger zre: 1630)(108)
Effect: +3
ZRE Effect: +9.5
Game Date: 25-Feb-06

New Players Added to AoE3H Ladder

Baron_Von_Shlong...............zn: Baron_Von_Shlong

Darth Alec.....................zn: Darth_Alec

Indomitus......................zn: Estel_Edain

king_hellbalzer................zn: king_hellbalzer

Nufan..........................zn: Nufan

Rebal_Eclipse..................zn: Eclipse

NerVe Clan
SMF AoE3 Recorded Game Data Mod
icq: 118526591 «¦¤¦» msn:

[This message has been edited by Flammifer (edited 02-25-2006 @ 01:19 AM).]

posted 02-25-06 03:03 AM EDT (US)     1249 / 1678       
Roger (Rogah) defeats aktcjellis.

aktcjellis played as British.

[This message has been edited by Rogah (edited 02-25-2006 @ 06:40 PM).]

posted 02-25-06 05:59 AM EDT (US)     1250 / 1678       
ESO2: _Necro_

Add me

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