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Age of Empires III Heaven » Forums » General Discussions » Anybody else getting scammed by fake "no rush" games??
Topic Subject:Anybody else getting scammed by fake "no rush" games??
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posted 02-18-06 08:34 AM EDT (US)         
Ok that's it!! Rant mode on!

I have resigned the last 5 games I have played on ESO because of this GROWING problem. It wastes my time, and I get treated to another round of childish and vulgar insults as the scam becomes revealed.

I am soooo sick of people listing a "no rush" game and then rushing at 5 minutes because they know you're strategising for a no rush game. It's a juvenile tactic that makes them feel better because they can get you to resign in disgust and then improve their win/loss ratio.

If you want to have a free rush game, fine. If you want to have a no rush game, fine. Whether or not either is better is not the issue so dont respond with the usual moronic posts about how "no rush is for losers" or whatever.

There have been controls in multiplayer games for 5 years now that prevent people from rushing in a no rush game. What happened to the developers of AOE 3 that they missed this?
Until the time limit set by game host expires, you have no ability to attack. The programming is DEAD SIMPLE.

This is a GLARING fault in an otherwise wonderful game.

posted 02-18-06 10:16 PM EDT (US)     26 / 32       
no rush games are great laugh once in awhile. i play as dutch and then create a 150 regular army and then shove mercs + natives on top of that and roll the 'no rush 50 min' noobs over.
off_white fire
posted 02-19-06 02:50 AM EDT (US)     27 / 32       
You can't ever enfore no rush in AOEIII.
It has no territories, thous units can not just be stopped at a boundry. Make no military units? Doesn't sound good. AOK had a no-rush map, but cannons can't exactly attack ground, and forests aren't barriers now.

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posted 02-19-06 03:13 PM EDT (US)     28 / 32       
When I can play on the internet, I'll play no rush. I hate's not much fun and I'll always be on the receiving end.

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posted 02-19-06 04:07 PM EDT (US)     29 / 32       
Correct me if I'm wrong (as I don't play no rush games) but shouldn't the scores two players be drastically different if one is pure booming and the other preparing for an attack at 8mins? Also, I don't understand why people don't scout their enemies base to see if they are preparing a military. (unless that somehow "breaks" the rules also)

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Cy Marlayne
posted 02-19-06 04:16 PM EDT (US)     30 / 32       
Ways to know if your enemy will break the rules:

1) He doesn't speak English
2) He has a rush deck (military unit and resource shipments past level 15).
3) He builds military buildings early.
4) He forward builds.

You can tell all of this after you receive your first shipment. Look at their deck and scout them. -- You can tel if they speak English or not before the game even starts.

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posted 02-19-06 09:15 PM EDT (US)     31 / 32       
Yeah you say Hi and they say klflkfdlkfd.
posted 02-19-06 10:14 PM EDT (US)     32 / 32       
I played a funny game where it was no attack for 30 min, as I recall and one of the enemies attacked my ally at something like 8 or 10 and killed some of his villies, but my ally completely pwnt his army. He acted like he hadn't understood the 'no attack 30 min' thing and his 2 remaining units left my ally's base. He and his ally then both thought they would be really funny and attack at about 27 mins, again at my ally. Again, my ally crushed them both. By this time, both myself and my ally were imperial with FU armies and full pop plus some. I was making so much gold, I got spies, then sent enough gold to my ally for him to get it, too. I then realized that our enemies were some of the worst, if not the worst, players I had ever seen. They had about 15 villies each, I think. I, of course, had about 80. My ally then crushed their combined forward base while I destroyed both of their 'bases' (I'm not sure that they really deserved the term base.) I just found it extremely amusing that they tried to cheat and got completely pwned. I also found it interesting how 2 players that were actually that bad ended up on the same team. They both had somewhat more xp/higher lvl than us, but I got the feeling they didn't have quite the offline xp that we did (I play a lot of LAN games.)
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