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Topic Subject:The WarChiefs/The Asian Dynasties Bug List
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AoEO Seraph
(id: Kastor)
posted 12-30-06 04:51 AM EDT (US)         

AoE3H's Official The WarChiefs and The Asian Dynasties Bug List


This is the place for you to come and post bugs that you have noticed and glanced through already confirmed bugs. This place is NOT a place for you to discuss how things make certain civs OP/UP or anything regarding balance. It is strictly for bugs in TWC not for discussion about other various things. Now, just because you may post here it is not a given contract that ES will automatically fix the bug. However, it will be added to ES's bug database if it is not already there.

We are simply trying to make a clear cut list for you, forumers, and hopefully for ES if they see a couple bugs in here that went unnoticed before.

Confirmed = Proven or tested by an HG staff member (most likely Kastor)
Not Confirmed = Not tested or proven if it is a real bug yet.

Do not re-write a bug, look over the present list.
Do NOT flame ES over the bugs. Bugs appear in every game.

Also, as the list now supports all versions of the game, remember to report in which versions you are able to reproduce the bug.


1.) Please be as concise and as specific as you can. If your description is vague, like "X card and a few others like it don't work", then I am much less inclined to tackle it and will move on to other issues. A better example of a possible issue would be, "X card and Y card have near-similar properties, but their behavior is inconsistent". A specific example would be, "X does A, it's supposed to do B."

2.) No fishing expeditions. It would greatly help if the issues include explicit or implied repro steps and specific data as very bug claim will be checked.

3.) I am not here to debate issues or features on this thread. If you want to take a discussion to a tangent, please start a new thread.

4.) Please do not ask me or private message me for "upcoming changes" because I will simply not reply to those.

5.) If your thread contains a disproportionate amount of either "UP" or "OP", I will not look at it. For the record, I consider a disproportionate amount to be anything equal or higher than 1.

6.) Suggestions are OK, but take some consideration on whether you would like us to address issues or adding new features.

Unnoticed and unknown Bugs to ES:

- When you ally with the Germans in the consulate, it doesn't only subtract 15 cost from each resource a banner army costs, it subtracts 15 cost from the resource it doesn't cost too. A Standard Army costs 255 food and 170 gold normally. With the German bonus, it costs 240 food, 155 gold, AND -15 wood! This means everytime you train a Standard Army you GAIN 15 wood! This works with all the other armies too. Confirmed

  • Chakram's description says that he is strong against buildings, while he's not. Confirmed

  • Recorded Games of "King Of The Hill" games OOS once the fort is captured. Confirmed

  • Polar Bears appear as Guardians in Borneo. Bug or reference to "Lost"? Confirmed

  • ChurchQuatrefage (Spanish) and ChurchStadholders (Dutch) move Barrack upgrades. ChurchKalmucks, ChurchBashkirPonies (Russian) and shipping Card HCShipWingedHussars (German) move Stable upgrades. ChurchGardeImperial1, 2, 3 (French Grenadiers) move Artillery Depot upgrades. If used, improvement buttons are displaced to the right, so that they are not below their corresponding unit button.

    As it seems, the upgrade techs which are not available to the respective civilizations (such as Veteran Grenaders, Guard Dragoons, etc.) are causing this. Apparently the game acts like the techs were there before being researched, moving all other techs to the right.

  • As Chinese, if you task a villager to build a Village using Shift-Click, when the Villager finishes building, he will automatically garrison on the Village, but not only that, it doesnt show the Villager as Idle Villager. Screenshot. Not confirmed

  • The Aztec aura is now fixed correctly in TAD (triples XP kill output) but the Aztec Fire Pit Big Button “Founder” has no effect. Not confirmed

  • Once the Villager limit is reached as India, no cards can be sent (due to the fact they always come with one Villager). Not confirmed

    Noticed and confirmed Bugs by ES:

  • Sometimes trading post natives get stuck in their settlements (in the defined grouping and it's props). (Wibble: Which map / which native group / any additional info on the cluster - screenshots will help)

  • The card Tirailleurs says that tercio tatics has arrived when shipped.

  • When the aztec card "Great Chinampa" is sent the message, "Grain Market has arrived" appears.

  • Fire Pit dance benefits does not always show up in the UI. While this isn't necessarily a bug, it sure would make things a lot easier to calculate in battles.

  • If you save the outpost wagon treasure as a native civ, you won't be able to build anything with it as outposts are not in the native building tree.

  • Techs that are supposed to upgrade warships ('Cannonade', 'Armor Plating', and, technically, also 'Percussion Locks') don't affect ironclads, because these miss the 'LogicalTypeNavalMilitary' unit type definition used by those techs. (Navy upgrade cards like 'Improved Warships' or 'Offshore Support' work, because they use the unit type definition 'AbstractWarship' which includes ironclads.)

  • Skull Knights can't be "Champion", they skip from Elite straight to Legendary status.

  • When Blood Brothers card is sent - most (all?) natives are shown as "Elite" instead of "Champion", even though both upgrades have been provided.

  • After ending a game or moving from the editor to the main menu it plays the AoE3 Vanilla theme, not the TWC theme.

  • The revolutionary Bonifacio (Brazil) is supposed to give all minor native warriors 'legendary' status. However, he just provides the 'Legendary Native Warriors' tech from the capitol, the respective 'Warrior Society' and 'Champion' techs still have to be researched iondividually. The natives are called somethink like "Legendary Blackwood Archer", but they really aren't that legendary. (Just Tupi get all upgrades)

  • When Dutch "Military Reform" card arrives it says "Fisticuffs has arrived".

  • Ottomans can train Spies from Mosque in Age 1.

  • Captured at treasures units (like Villagers or Tomahawks) sometimes attack the player. Screenshot
    Workaround: hack at the sheep away from guardians.

  • As a native civ, if you rescue a CDB (treasure), he should be like a normal villager, but he cannot build corrals.

  • Ottoman card "Team 2 Mortars" has a number "1" instead of a number "2" over it.

  • Sioux Great Hunter displays "Furrier Shipment has arrived."

  • Sioux Earth Bounty displays "Morning Star Shipment has arrived."

  • Mexico's patriotic bunting displays American colors.

  • If a scenario or campaign scenario is loaded (savegame), the music doesn't work anymore.

  • The AI will include 25 cards in its deck even if its HC level should not allow this.

  • Iroquois Tomahawks projectile is actually a musket bullet, instead of a Tomahawk. Same for Native Settlers and Warriors from the Alarm Dance. Aztec and Sioux TC and Docks attack ships with cannonballs instead of arrows.

  • 'Mouse button 3' can only cycle through Town Centers when there are 3 of them. If there are 2 then it does not work properly.

  • Aztec Infinite "500 Coin" shipment doesn't have the purple border of other infinte shipments.

  • The AI never respawns Sioux and Aztec war chiefs at the fire pit because both civilization's dancers try to perform the Iroquois War Chief Dance ('cTacticWarChiefDance' instead of 'cTacticWarChiefDanceSioux' or 'cTacticWarChiefDanceAztec').

  • It is actually possible to garrison fishing ships inside Town Centes. Yet to see if they shoot at enemy units though.

  • Culverins and Falconet carriers have floating hats when upgraded to Culverins Royale and Field Guns, respectively.

  • Can't place a Trading Post because the socket is near a cliff. This was noted to happen very frequently at California. It may also happen on Yukon, when its too close to the river.

  • Sometimes Petards don't do any damage - this was noted to happen in groups of 3+, possibly influenced by shift-clicking.

  • Sometimes units get stuck at mines, but the cases are isolated and hard to reproduce.

  • Getting Spies cause allies' minimap to go blank from all information, except what's insides his line of sight.

  • If Sevastopol arrives while you're building e.g. a blockhouse (same for town centers and forts too, haven't tested for walls), the building gets finished already damaged, with only a part of HP remaining.

  • Similar bugs to the preview one also happen with Land Grab and Fast Manor Houses cards.

  • British and Aztec Offshore Support card is available at Age 2, while for Ottomans this card is only available at Age 4.

  • Aztecs have team 600 gold in Age3, whereas Ottomans have it in Age4 (They also have team 1000 gold in Age4).

  • Natives do not get LOS from Trading Post Gaia Units.

  • When Advanced trading Post card is shipped, all Trading Posts built before the card was shipped have only their maximum HP increased, meaning they get "damaged".

  • Arsenal tech Counter Infantry Rifling doesn't affect shipped Cherokee and Cree natives (but does affect European mercenaries and Cherokee/Cree natives from Trading Posts). Also, Infantry Breastplate tech doesn't affect Carib Blowgunners and Tupi Blackwood Archers (but does affect European mercenaries and Carib/Tupi natives from Trading Posts).

  • Klamath work ethics doesn't affect Native farms, but does affect European mills.

  • Russian / German TC may disappear when reaching Imperial Age.

  • CheckLandHCGatherPoint flag should be added to Cherokee trading post's Sequoyah Syllabary tech. If there is no dropoff point for the Settlers, you do not get them, nor do you get your 400 resource back.

  • NatMercHuronMantlet don't have "AbstractInfantry" definition, even though NatHuronMantlet do.

  • xpEagleKnight and xpCoyoteMan should be included in logicaltypelandmilitary and Canoe, xpWarCanoe, xpTlalocCanoe should be included in logicaltypenavalmilitary, other way the AI won't use them properly

  • Abus Guns only have the following multipliers on VolleyRangedAttack: LightCavalry x 1.5, xpEagleKnight x 1.5. Like all units of their kind, they should have it on all formations and attacks but siege, including melee damage.

  • Units can be garrisoned into Fishing Boats through the garrison button (up to 10), but only through it. Unlike Warships or buildings such as Town Centers, you can't garrisong with a right-click on the mouse. I'm wondering if Fishing Boats were never meant to transport troops, or if it should be possible to garrison them without needing to use the garrison button.

  • Mercenary Loyalty is available again in Imperial Age.

  • Economic filter shows spies, barracks and stable on minimap. Military filter shows mills, houses and markets.

  • Cherokee Basket Weaving is supposed to make Dock, Market, Mill, and Plantation improvements no longer cost Wood. It does not affect however the new upgrades for those buildings introduced for the native civilizations in TWC, or for upgrades at the native Farm.

  • A Travois' line of sight is too short to build a dock as you often won't be able to explore enough of the water to place it.

  • Whales always display 0 gatherers.

  • Mouse3 is hardcoded to Find Last Notification and the hotkey does not seem to be remappable.

  • When playing a custom scenario online on ESO, the player is marked as "Online" instead of "In a Game" on the Friends List.

  • Enemy players can determine where any building is through FOW by attempting to build a Farm / Rice Paddy / Mill / Plantation over the area.

  • Heavy Fortifications does not unlock Revetment.

  • Ottoman "3 Galleys" card shows a Frigate instead of a Galley - This was fixed in Age of Empires III but the change was not propegated to TWC/TAD.

  • Counter Infantry Rifling does not affect Renegado units.

  • Ranged Cavalry Caracole only increases damage for Comanchero but not their LOS.

  • Church's "State Religion" tech is completely left out of the game.

  • Heavy Fortifications overwrites the Fortified title with Frontier for Outposts.

  • Russian Advanced Churck Kalmucks missing audio.

  • Ottoman Team Defenses ships Outpost Wagons to allied AI players but they do nothing with them.

  • Bug in the file LargeRandomMaps.set in subdirectories RM/RM2/RM3: twice CarolinaLarge, missing TexasLarge.

  • Nootka War Chief hitpoints are not increased by the Champion Nootka upgrade as expected. It's fixed in TAD. (TWC only)

    The Asian Dynasties Only:

  • Sometimes trading post natives get stuck in their settlements (in the defined grouping and it's props). (Wibble: Which map / which native group / any additional info on the cluster - screenshots will help)

    Additional info:
    Zen and Shaolin 1
    Zen and Shaolin 2

  • Maya Medicine Men train option is now missing from the Maya Trading Post; you can no longer train Medicine Men.

  • AI attempts to task their Villagers to huntables tied to Japanese Shrines; enemy Villagers will also do this and will go idle once they are unable to hunt them.

  • The AI doesn't try to take the King of the Hill monument.

  • Indian / Chinese Atonement cards target the wrong subtype attribute, making no change to Chinese Smuggler and Indian Wayward Ronin population requirements.

  • The Hill in KotH can be deleted.

  • Klamath Work Ethos (NatXPKlamathWorkEthos) does not benefit villies working on Asian Rice Paddies.

  • Industrial Shogunate provides 1600 XP + Daimyo instead of 600 XP + Daimyo.

  • Changdao short tooltip description mentions effectiveness against buildings when the unit's siege damage is relatively poor.

  • Shift-V does not create 5 Villagers for Japanese (should work for Indians and Chinese though).

  • Sufi War Elephants (ypNatWarElephant) are missing the AbstractElephant flag.

  • Rajputs have a descriptor stating that they're good vs. buildings yet they have very low siege.

  • Repentent Monks are not visible on the mini-map.

  • Taj Mahal's Ceasefire does not have a tooltip.

  • Consulate-shipped Russian Factory is using the wrong Factory graphic variant.

  • Consultae-shipped Dutch Church is using the wrong Church graphic variant.

  • Consulate-shipped Dutch Arsenal is using the wrong Arsenal graphic variant.

  • Consulate-shipped Portuguese Ironclads missing audio.

  • Howdah and Mahout cards have inaccurate descriptions when placed in the Home City decks.

  • Nanban Trade tech does not increase trade route income.

  • Warchiefs and Monks that on horseback cannot gather treasure in Trample mode.

  • Cherry Orchard build space restriction is not retroactive nor is it reciprocal. Players are not likely to be able to build replacement Orchards if the old one is surrounded by buildings.

  • Train Gurkha hotkey listed as Train Urumi Swordsman - it's just a string bug, but the actual hotkey does work and affect Gurkha units.

  • If you get 2 Surgeons from the India Consulate (British), they cannot make field hospitals.

  • Enemy players can view Japanese player's Home City and figure out which cards were played because of a missing "x2" symbol.

  • Enemy players can determine where Japanese Shrines are by the floating "No Hunt" symbol.

  • Russian Blockhouse from Chinese Consulate does not train Banner Armies (or anything in that matter).

  • Chinese Heavy Cannons from Russian Factory (sent from Consulate) missing audio.

  • Klamath Huckleberry Feast gives 9 crates at most instead of 10 at the 30 minute maximum.

  • Russian Fort shipped from Consulate has Portuguese names.

  • Gorasksha card only affects the base gather rate when livestock is not tasked to a Sacred Field; has no bonus when tasked to a Sacred Field. - This may be by design, but noted in case.

  • Yellow River and Large Yellow River not balanced for all players as some may get an extra Wood Crate.

  • Shrines do not attract wild turkeys.

  • Chinese starting crates not consistent per starting map - noted, but this is more of a balance issue.

  • Exhalted Meteor Hammer upgrade only grants a +30% damage bonus instead of +50% bonus.

  • Sepoy tooltip incorrectly indicates that they're good against cavalry with their ranged attack.

  • Ceasefire rollover tooltip does not show up.

  • Tashunke Prowler history description lists them as being available in the Colonial Age.

  • Comanchero Melee Mode attack is classified as Siege Damage.

  • China doesn't ever get any random crates, unlike all other civilizations.

  • British and Ottoman Consulate Hussar units have 10% ranged resist instead of 20% (need to go through balance on this).

  • Navajo Shepherds do not increase Shrine XP.

  • Navajo Shepherds do not increase Sacred Field XP.

  • TEAM Wool Staple Port does not affect Shrine XP.

  • TEAM Wool Staple Port does not affect Sacred Field XP.

  • Indian Galleons cannot train Gurkhas.

  • If you get 2 Surgeons from the India or Chinese Consulate (British) they have no sound.

  • Consulate Siberian Cossacks only have 10% RR (Russian Cossacks have 30%)

  • Sufi Pilgrimage Fattened Goat has no audio.

  • Silk Road Trading Posts have no audio.

  • No visual or audio indication of losing a TP on Silk Road.
  • Regent's Castle (Honshu - Regicide) has no selection audio.

  • Aztec sent "TEAM 3 Villagers" have no audio if the receiver is a TAD civ.

  • TAD civs using Canoes have no audio.

  • Russian blockhouses from the Consulate cannot build any units.

  • Having both Monks selected, using Smoke Bomb on one will cancel the other's Smoke Bomb command.

  • Chinese Monk Guardian Stun does not initiate attack on the target when used outside LOS.

  • Japanese HC card 'Peacetime Fishing' has no effect on Age3/TWC native Canoes.

    LAST UPDATE: 2-3-08 11:37 AM EDT (US)

    NOTE: Now TAD Bugs go here too!

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  • AuthorReplies:
    Seraph Emeritus
    (id: Conquistador34)
    posted 01-03-07 02:15 PM EDT (US)     26 / 627       


    Goddamn, I didn't know it was this bad. Surely when I spend a cart, I expect to get the benefits? So some cards just don't have the effect they're supposed to have. Great. That will get me Brigadier status. I fail to see how ES could NOT have found these very obvious bugs. Did they even playtest at all?? Seriously.

    Thank you for that thought provoking and useful post!

    As I've said before, jsut report bugs here it is quite simple.
    -No complaining about ES.
    -No discussion of OP/UP.

    Report bugs that's it.

    [][][][][][][][][][] Stonewall J [][][][][][][][][][][]
    posted 01-03-07 03:32 PM EDT (US)     27 / 627       
    one bug that really annoys me from the sioux is the riding school deck card does not speed up the dog soldier spawn rate...only the cheyene cavalry train card does...the cheyene tech takes spawn time from 22sec. down to 13 sec. can someone tell me why the riding school card does not affect the dog soldier spawn rate...

    another bug that i have noticed is there are inconsistancies at postgame. many times it will tell me that i have not earned any cards...but then when i exit back totally to the main menu...lo and behold...i do have new cards...whats the deal?

    Scenario Reviewer
    posted 01-03-07 07:36 PM EDT (US)     28 / 627       
    Some of these are/ were already present in AOE3 vanilla: alt-tab sound bug, delays in getting new cards/HC levels in online games, treasure markers, etc. Those of us who still play vanilla just want to know if these fixes will be implemented for all versions of the game, or just TWC.
    Angel Walker
    (id: Just a player)
    posted 01-03-07 07:49 PM EDT (US)     29 / 627       


    one bug that really annoys me from the sioux is the riding school deck card does not speed up the dog soldier spawn rate...only the cheyene cavalry train card does...the cheyene tech takes spawn time from 22sec. down to 13 sec. can someone tell me why the riding school card does not affect the dog soldier spawn rate...

    No, it is intended. Oh wait, in fact you've found a bug! As far as I know, no tech should speed up firepit units (I think that the Inca one that makes all your units train faster doesn't affect Dog Soldiers or Skull Knights)... so the Cheyenne tech is bugged!


    ESO - Walker

    >> Napoleonic Era --> Visit their Homepage!
    "Holy *****" > Thunder (Ensemble Studios)

    Retired from AoE3. But I do play AoK HD in Steam now and then.
    posted 01-03-07 08:26 PM EDT (US)     30 / 627       
    Let me some up a large list into one word. Editor.

    yes, thats been ignored for over a year through ten patches.

    ooo how about CSO


    o and kastor my idea for my thread was to make it like the one in the age community forums. No body posts in the scen design thread. That post you referred to me wasn't about supporting CSO.

    Thanks for locking my thread. Now i know how much people care about getting CSO for age 3. I was hoping it would be stickied and ES would read it. But you know whats best so forget about CSO. Thanks so much kastor for stopping a good effort.

    For god so loved the world he gave his only begotten son that who so ever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life. John:3.16

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    Angel Walker
    (id: Just a player)
    posted 01-03-07 08:47 PM EDT (US)     31 / 627       


    Thanks for locking my thread. Now i know how much people care about getting CSO for age 3. I was hoping it would be stickied and ES would read it. But you know whats best so forget about CSO. Thanks so much kastor for stopping a good effort.

    You should thank him. Sticking a thread is the best way to make it go unoticed... really.

    I don't give more than 2 days to this one.

    ESO - Walker

    >> Napoleonic Era --> Visit their Homepage!
    "Holy *****" > Thunder (Ensemble Studios)

    Retired from AoE3. But I do play AoK HD in Steam now and then.
    posted 01-03-07 09:38 PM EDT (US)     32 / 627       

    Quoted from Kastor:

    Actually ES already is aware of AgeSanctuary's list. That why I didn't write most of it's bugs here, too
    And why adding a bug here although ES already aware of it?

    I realize that ES is aware of AgeSanctuary's list, I participated in its development. However, they ignored the Uhlan bug for Patch 1.2 and said they learned of it to late. That bug has been noticed and written about in fan forums since the demo. I'm sure what they say is true and for some reason or another, it was overlooked and Germany remains unplayable, but let's not allow for any excuses next time. So to answer your question, here are the main reasons for compiling a complete bug list:

    1.) A complete list = no excuses

    2.) So Heaven readers are aware of all of the bugs. Many, if not most forumers only frequent 1 or 2 forums.

    3.) If you do not have a complete list, many of the bugs I submitted will appear in this thread again anyway.

    I would think it is important enough to work with AgeSanc and ensure both lists are complete. But it's your thread, I will add anything I missed that comes up here in my Reference Guide later simply because I like to be thorough.

    Lead, Follow, or Get the Hell out of the way!................CYCLOHEXANE'S FREE GUIDES:

    -TAD GUIDE: AOE3 TWC TAD Quick Reference -or view online: On-line

    See other guides, technological advancements, interviewing tips, and more at my website All Things Miscellaneous
    AoEO Seraph
    (id: Kastor)
    posted 01-04-07 04:59 AM EDT (US)     33 / 627       
    MS_Wibble and other ES employees like SOLUS and Thunder are already aware of AS' bug list and they already forwarded the list to the developers

    Anyway, back to topic. Here is some feedback from MS _Wibble.

    posted 01-04-07 07:12 AM EDT (US)     34 / 627       
    Sioux: I'm not sure if this is a bug but if you have 11 tashunkes and you send the 8 tashunke card in industrial (or any card that exceeds 12, but that is the one I tested) they just don't show up. Shouldn't the shipment be disabled if there isn't enough pop space for them?

    Previously known as MoNo Ager
    posted 01-04-07 07:54 AM EDT (US)     35 / 627       
    I'm not sure if this is being addressed in the next patch, but I think the 'Smoking Mirrors' card for the Aztecs still makes your warchief hurt allied units, unless it's been changed without me noticing.

    "You cannot discover an inhabited land. Otherwise I could cross the Atlantic and 'discover' England."
    - Dekhatkadons, Onondaga Iroquois chief.
    posted 01-04-07 09:00 AM EDT (US)     36 / 627       
    (Riding School)
    Age 2Level 10
    All cavalry train faster.
    AbstractCavalry train 40% faster
    xpDogSoldier train -40% faster

    Cheyenne Horse Training: 250 Wood, 250 Coin
    • Benefit: -40% Cavalry training time
    • Age Available: Discovery

    see...both claim -40% faster...but only the cheyenne tech speeds up dog soldier spawning...why shouldn't you be able to speed up dog soldier spawning. I think that it is an accepted fact that 22sec. for 1 dog soldier is too long to be useful. i have not played any multiplayer games where an apponant spawnned any dog soldiers...all the dog soldiers i have seen have been deck card shipments. If it took 13 vs. 22 seconds to spawn a dog soldier, you would see them in use more. that is my humble opinion. Aztec players use their fire pit units all the time in MP games. spawn times are a lot more reasonable for them. Regardless, either the Riding school tech or the Cheyenne horse training tech is bugged. i just hope that ES finds in favor of the Sioux on this one. 22sec. for 1 dog soldier is too long.

    Angel Walker
    (id: Just a player)
    posted 01-04-07 09:06 AM EDT (US)     37 / 627       
    It is not bugged. ES has already said they've put a reversive action to keep Skull Knights and Dog Soldies train time always the same... If they are too weak or too strong doesn't change the fact that the Cheyenne tech is bugged.

    ESO - Walker

    >> Napoleonic Era --> Visit their Homepage!
    "Holy *****" > Thunder (Ensemble Studios)

    Retired from AoE3. But I do play AoK HD in Steam now and then.
    posted 01-04-07 09:33 AM EDT (US)     38 / 627       


    Please, reading is tough, I know. But with strength, I believe you can all pull through.

    Sorry about that, I figured that since I was the first to post I'd be the first to post a bug.

    Gameranger: _NiGhThAwK_
    posted 01-04-07 09:39 AM EDT (US)     39 / 627       
    This is not exactly a bug, but a problem anyway.

    Although all of the official ES maps for TWC have eliminated the Aztecs, Iroquois and Lakota as minor native civs, these minor civs are still usable in the game for custom random maps. Unfortunately those civ's units will not appear in a Native Embassy built by any of the now playable civs. Would be nice to have those units enabled for those of us creating and/or using custom random maps.

    posted 01-04-07 01:12 PM EDT (US)     40 / 627       
    As a native civ, if you resque a CDB (treasure), he should be like a normal villager, but he can not build stables.

    I got that when playing iroquis, but i dont know if it happens with european civs also.

    ESO: Garlock
    posted 01-04-07 01:23 PM EDT (US)     41 / 627       
    Whoa, he could build stables?
    posted 01-04-07 02:38 PM EDT (US)     42 / 627       


    7 When the game is paused the un-pause button says Archer.

    lol, wtf? how does stuff like this make it through testing?

    im not sure if someone already said this, but when i rescued a CDB earlier as iroquois, it couldnt build a corral.

    "he will have a hard getting banks up"

    "I accidently drop kicked someone once"

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    (id: Mediolanus)
    posted 01-04-07 02:45 PM EDT (US)     43 / 627       
    He can't dance either. btw, it's not a stable, but a corral you are talking about.
    posted 01-04-07 03:05 PM EDT (US)     44 / 627       
    well stables, corrals same thing, both make horsies

    Oh and in QS, qhile looking for ur oponent, u r shown as the representative of ur civ, like napoleon etc, and mean while the faces of the other civs appear very quickly. But they only show the european faces, not the native ones.

    ESO: Garlock
    Angel Walker
    (id: Just a player)
    posted 01-04-07 04:39 PM EDT (US)     45 / 627       
    Well, I have checked the techtree file, and the Cheyenne Horse Trading tech does reduce Dog Soldiers train time by insane 40%. Have fun while ES doesn't fix it, because 1 DS each 13 seconds is a giant bargain!

    ESO - Walker

    >> Napoleonic Era --> Visit their Homepage!
    "Holy *****" > Thunder (Ensemble Studios)

    Retired from AoE3. But I do play AoK HD in Steam now and then.
    AoEO Seraph
    (id: Kastor)
    posted 01-04-07 05:27 PM EDT (US)     46 / 627       
    Updated Bug List: 01-04-2007
    posted 01-04-07 05:28 PM EDT (US)     47 / 627       
    Garrisoning the dog from the improved Explorer card inside an allies' ship gets the dog stuck in the ship, and it cannot get out. Specifically happened in a 2v2 with a Russian dog and a British Frigate.

    ESO: 3snrocks

    Quote of the Day: Experts opinions can't be taken as valid, because they arn't legitimate.
    Ranger General
    posted 01-04-07 09:41 PM EDT (US)     48 / 627       
    NO.1 "Guard" Abus Gun

    normal "Guard" upgrade(set aside Royal Guard(which give 40% boost)) for (euro)infantry/cavlary/light artillery(grenadier) costs 600 coin/600 wood, it provides a 30% boost in HP&ATK

    However, the "Guard" upgrade for "Abus Gun", which is also classified as Infantry/Light aritllery costs 450 food/600coin/600 wood, it also provides a 30% boost.

    The 450 food comes out of no where, have no legitment reason( for example, extra stat boost) of existance, and it seriously halt a Ottoman players ability to upgrade his Abus Guns.

    I think to problem resides with the proto unit data, once that is fixed, the problem would be gone.

    I would suggest that ES should just kick out the extra 450 food and make Abus Gun's Guard upgrade the same as all (euro)infantry/cavlary unit

    No.2 Infantry Combat(card)

    There are two civilizations that get access to the "Infantry Combat" card = Dutch and Iroquious, these two cards are identical in all outlooks, however they work differently.

    Literally, the Dutch Infantry Combat card is specifically designed for Dutch and it only improve the combat status of Barrack produced Dutch Infantry(Pikeman/Skirmisher/Halberder)

    (Infantry Combat)

    Age 3Level 25Prerequisite tech = HCInfantryHitpointsDutchTeam

    Pikeman, Halberdier and Skirmisher attack and hitpoints increased.

    Halberdier Damage +15%

    Halberdier Hitpoints +15%

    Pikeman Hitpoints +15%

    Pikeman Damage +15%

    Skirmisher Hitpoints +15%

    Skirmisher Damage +15%

    However, the "Infantry Combat" card for iroquios works differently, it doesn't have the word in it, it also have effects that are not limited the War Hut Infantry(Aenna/Tomahawk/Froest Proweler), but also applies to all infantry unit(a.k.a The defined "Abstract Infantry" group), including the mighty Matlet, native infantry and Merc shipment( Renegade Dutch Halberder, for example).

    (Infantry Combat)

    Age 3Level 25Prerequisite tech = HCXPInfantryHitpointsIroquois

    Infantry attack and hitpoints increased.

    Abstract Infantry Damage +15%

    Abstract Infantry Hitpoint +15%

    I believe that it is unfair that the Iro Infantry combat card affect more unit(thus, have better effect) than their Dutch counter part. It would be nice if the Dutch card can be boosted have the same effect as the Iro card, or the Iro card be nerfed to the level of the Dutch card and delete the Dutch/Iro designation on those cards.

    Ulti's word of wisdom :

    since the start of aoe3, every unit that can move has been a direct counter to grenadiers, even villagers(since they have bonuses against siege troops)

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    posted 01-04-07 10:00 PM EDT (US)     49 / 627       
    Fencing school is supposed to train aztec skull knights 40% faster but, do nothing.

    I came, I saw, I conquered
    -Julius Caesar-
    posted 01-04-07 11:09 PM EDT (US)     50 / 627       
    If you Revolt without using the British Estates card, you are still able to train Colonial Milita out of a Manor.
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