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Topic Subject:Elo Rating
posted 05-07-07 06:08 PM EDT (US)         
Ok, on TWC I am a Sergeant. On Saturday I played a 2v2 with a 2nd Lieu on my team. My partner was really useless. Here is the game if anybody cares:

Anyways, after becoming really angry that he was a higher rank than I am, but he sucked so much...I checked his Elo Rating. He's a 1443 and I'm 1537. How is his PR higher than mine when he has a lower elo rating? Shouldn't elo rating show a direct connection to PR in game?

posted 05-07-07 06:23 PM EDT (US)     1 / 6       
No, because it is 2 completely different systems.

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posted 05-07-07 07:09 PM EDT (US)     2 / 6       
I understand they are different systems, but they are both supposed to be a guage of how good you are, no? How can he be two PRs higher than me in game but be almost 100 points lower in ELO?
posted 05-07-07 07:24 PM EDT (US)     3 / 6       
elo is your current form basically. You lose 4 in a row, you can drop 100 points. Whereas you will lose marginal points as PR is a measurement of your skill over EVERY game you have played.

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posted 05-08-07 01:14 AM EDT (US)     4 / 6       
Sorry everyone, there is an easier explanation this time. PR values 1v1 much higher then team games. Your ally was almost 1800 in 1v1.

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posted 05-08-07 07:13 AM EDT (US)     5 / 6       
Yea ..

the new ELO system is better overall, but I feel that it's somehow much more dependent on civ. For example, I see players within the same PR level in which have lamed me in close games using Spain, Dutch or Iro, but with 100 or 200 more ELO points. I once reccomended that like PR, ELO should depend on civ win percentages. I haven't changed my mind.

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posted 05-08-07 07:41 AM EDT (US)     6 / 6       
I was 1798.9 1v1 and a 2nd lt on Sunday morning, I lost one and won one, now I'm lvl 19 master sarge 18.2 points and 1746 1v1. I can't complain though, I'll just rework to get back up =D!

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