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Topic Subject: FFA Fun Series Autumn/Winter 2007
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posted 06-23-07 06:28 AM EDT (US)   
Hello All,

For those of you who don’t know me, I am LordPatrick, or LP. I recently enough hosted a FFA Fun Series for the Spring/ Summer months, but technically it was only for Spring, as I had exams, and others had holidays. I am now hosting the 2nd of these series, for the Autumn/Winter months, but once again, due to the release of TAD sometime this Autumn, it will be starting mid-August to get the maximum amount of rounds in before TAD is released. So actually, this will be the last, although only the 2nd, TWC FFA Series, and I hope that it will be a memorable one.

The last Series had around 30 contestants, although some joined late, and some left early for one reason or another. But I suppose that is he joy of the FFA League, the fact that there is no pressure to play a round when you have previous engagements, or simply are feeling a bit under the weather.

Round 8

Map: Yukon
Date: 13th October
Time: 7.30pm GMT/ 8:30pm British Time/ 3:30pm HG Time

Patience is a Virtue

Last to Colonial gets 7 Points

One By One

Can only go Fortress when there are 5 people left. Can onyl go Industrial when there are 4 people left. Only last two can go Imperial. Anyone can revolt. If someone Disconnects, don't count them as being KO'ed, unless they were practically dead and liek just pulled the plug instead of resigning.

The contestants so far:

CookieCrisp13 = 208 Points
chinnie = 148 Points
Eicho = 143 Points
Sporting_Lisbon = 134 Points
LordPatrick = 119 Points
Bastiaan = 106 Points
AIGuy = 102 Points
C4tClysm = 100 Points
_Kenji_ = 84 Points
Dux = 79 Points
madame_praline = 68 Points
wigs = 58 Points
IRP_m0f0 = 49 Points
Walker_5 = 47 Points
Elite_Milne = 42 Points
JimXIX = 39 Points
RetroPriest = 38 Points
Bullet_Bill = 36 Points
Karel007 = 35 Points
smashnbash = 31 Points
bacon = 28 Points
Orlando_the_Axe = 24 Points
the_emperor222 = 24 Points
OdinOwesMe = 23 Points
steve09 = 23 Points
Mr_CoolBeans = 22 Points
Anthonythegreat = 21 Points
PCFreak8 = 19 Points
LordGeneral = 16 Points
JarlNick = 13 Points
goatlancer = 11 Points
chickenboy99 = 7 Points
Brian_NI = 4 Points
Hydrovert5 = 4 Points
General_II = 3 Points
Fecas =2 Points
Tommo = 1 Point
the_emperor = 0 Points
LordKivlov = 0 Points
ziGGysiGGy43 = 0 Points
Stonewall J = 0 Points
Destiny_Devil = 0 Points
MusketeerKing = 0 Points
AceOfKings = 0 Points
3snrocks = 0 Points
zuppa44 = 0 Points
OBESECOW = 0 Points
hazordousPickle = 0 Points
IAmMegaNoob = 0 Points
Fail_Safe = 0 Points
mentork = 0 Points
sandstorm = 0 Points
French_assailant = 0 Points
Farragut = 0 Points
CrazWildSin = 0 Points

The League runs on a point system, with players trying to earn maximum points each round, and the person with the most points at the end of the League wins. The point system was made to try and make games more fun, encouraging rushing and revolting, and not benefiting defensive players nearly as much.

As an added spice to the rounds, each round shall have 1 or 2 themes, as such, which either reward players for certain tasks completed, or force all players to drastically change their game plan. Some of themes from the previous League include:

“Patience is a Virtue” - Last to Colonial Gets Points
“One By One” - Only allowed progress to the next age once a player has been ko’ed, not inc. Discovery
“10 Card Decks” - 10 Cards per Deck.

I will include the successful themes from the last Series and hopefully many more. Feel free to tell me your ideas on ESO. During the League, I will be on ESO regularly, but sometimes leave it logged in, while I am AFK. Simply whisper your question/idea, and I will read it when I come back on the computer.

The formalities covered, I will now proceed to the rules.


Anyone can enter. In a FFA, everyone starts the game with an equal chance of winning. Rank means little when it’s everyone man for himself. And as long as you have fun, that’s all that matters. Everyone’s a winner at the end of the day! To sign up, simply leave your ESO name here.

Times And Dates

Each Round, the chatroom will be set up on ESO at 7.30pm GMT, or 3.30pm EDT (HG Time). The chat will be open for 1 Hour. Try to turn up early so you can be guarenteed a game, as it is often 1 or 2 players don't get a game because they are late and there isn't enough people.

The 1st Round will be on the 11th of August, 2007. The lat round will be determined by the Release of TAD. Rounds will continue to happen until TAD is released.


On the time of the round, I will tell certain people to host a game, and who to invite. You do not host or choose which game you want to be in. Once a game is full, you can go ahead with the game. The last game will always wait until 4.30pm to start, as I have to play in the last game, and I have to wait until 4.30pm to start.


- All games must be recorded
- Any cheating of any kind will result in an immediate ban from the League, and all further Leagues.
- The map will be set beforehand.
- All HC Levels
- No Warships
- The Point system stops after 1 Hour 45 Mins. When I am watching the recording, I will pause it on that time, and adjudicate all further points.
- No unsportsmanlike behaviour. If you don’t have anything positive to say, don’t say anything.
- Everyone must have fun :P.

Point System

Winning = 7 Points

Runner-up = 5 Points

Third Place = 3 Points

Unique Civ = 1 Point

Knocking Someone Out (I decide, may be split between two) = 4 Points

Being 2X Teamed (I decide if enough damage was done) = 4 Points

Knocking a TC sub-10Mins = 8 Points

Knocking a TC sub-15 Mins = 4 Points

Revolting = 2 Points

KO’ing,, or Joint KO’ing Someone After Revolting = 6 Points

First to 1000 Points = 2 Points

First to Industrial = 1 Point

First to Trigger a Trade Monopoly = 2 Points

Winning Using a TM = 20 Points*

Stopping a TM (May be Split) = 2 Points*

Wall Spamming = - 6 Points**

* - To get the points for winning with a TM, there must be at least 2 Others Present in the game. Every time a certain person triggers a TM, the value for that person winning with it drops by 1 Point. So if I win with TM after triggering it twice before triggering it and winning, I only get 18 Points. If you trigger it first, and then trigger it a second time and win, you get 21 Points ( 20+2-1).

** - There is nothing wrong with an outer wall, and then a wall protecting your eco inside it, but you will lose the 2 Points if you build layers upon layers of walls. Again, I decide what counts as wall spamming.

As you can see, there is heavy points for rushing, even more than that for winning. This is to stop cagy games where everyone booms to try and win the game. It encourages open fighting from the start. And please, don’t leave your TC open top a 15 Pike rush sub-10Mins. 5 Xbows would stop the other guy walking away with an easy 8 Points.

So, I guess that’s it then. I don’t think I’ve forgotten anything …

Leave your ESO, and I’ll sign you up. Sign-ups will end, in around 4 weeks time. I am going to Alton Towers, and then straight to Irish College after that, 3 days from now, so if you have any questions, ask them quickly. I already asked Destiny_Devil to answer any questions he knows the answers to while I’m gone. Sign-ups will close in 4 weeks time.

Also, there is places reserved to those who participated in the last Series. I honestly don’t know how much people will want to participate, but the more the merrier.

Have Fun,


Congratulations Serge - Winner of the FFA Spring Series 2008

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posted 08-18-07 06:13 PM EDT (US)     176 / 730  
yeh you'll get it, no worries, I just forgot.

Congratulations Serge - Winner of the FFA Spring Series 2008
posted 08-18-07 06:35 PM EDT (US)     177 / 730  
Really bad round for me.
I was going to Gren rush my closest opponents, but unfortunatly they both lagged out before I could have a go at them.

Then I wasted my army on nothing, gained nothing.
Played really bad...
Had to do a bit of laming to get any points at all.

For me:
1 point for civ.
2 Double teamed.
5 points for Runner up. ( I suppose, since Elite had much higher points and a strong eco at 1:45. I had how ever had worse eco before in the game, but made a comeback. LP you be the judge. )

AgeSanctuary Staff member.
posted 08-18-07 06:40 PM EDT (US)     178 / 730  
I've posted the game LP.

FFA Fun Series - Spring/Summer 07 winner

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posted 08-18-07 08:04 PM EDT (US)     179 / 730  
is it too late to join?
posted 08-18-07 08:09 PM EDT (US)     180 / 730  
well our game pretty much consisted of C4t4clysm running around rebuilding till the end, me being revolted for around an hour (and constantly getting units) and some tag teaming going on. No Clue at how many points anyone got o_O can anyone else post the game? It always screws up for me...
posted 08-18-07 10:21 PM EDT (US)     181 / 730  
we need to get the fail to join game fixed :P
posted 08-19-07 03:15 AM EDT (US)     182 / 730  
AIGuy you didnt KO me all
You splitko'ed me with Smash and Goatlancer. Goatlancer found a group of my vils you found 2 and Smash found a group and killed my explorer.

~#~#~ ESO: bacon~#~#~

Favorite Civs: China, Germans, Aztec

PR Rank: Master Sergeant.
posted 08-19-07 08:27 AM EDT (US)     183 / 730  
yeah.. about our game retro..

1. I rushed cataclysm while he was still in discovery, take down his tc at ten minutes.

2. Cataclysm rebuilds somewhere else, everyone starts to gather Trade routes.

3. Red is sprawled in the middle of the field due to the loss of his base

4. I hit industrial third, trigger the first Trade Monopoly, and delete one of my own Trading posts, thus ending it.

5. I continue to knock out Small bases such as red + orange. The OP dutchie continues to rebuild.

6. I am the first to imperial, and i get many TPs. The otehr start to see this, and decide its time to take me down. Bieng sioux (+1) I have no walls, so i just attempt to raid with tashunke and have some success. Red is knocked out.

7. Retro Revolts, and sends round after round of 100 CM and Gattling guns at me, while Teal sends goons into the north side of my base. I am able to fend of the first couple waves, but the masses just get the better of me. Cataclysm is alive and now his score tops mine. First one to 1000 was Retropriest

8. Yellow (iroquoi) lags out

9. Pink triggers a trade monopoly, and is foiled at 27 seconds by the only remaining players, cataclysm and whoever was teal.

10. I finally leave the game from observer mode.

Proud winner of the FFA Winter Round '07!
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"with all the bling on a mandsabar you could win the game by paying the enemy to resign." IL

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posted 08-19-07 08:44 AM EDT (US)     184 / 730  
Yes IRP, I realize that it is very annoying, and we have lost TheBengals3 because of it.

So IRP what I rpopose to do is another game tonight at the usual time of 7:30GMT for those who didn't play yesterday. Would also much appreciate it if some subs could turn up as well, as I doubt we'll get 6. I also have yet to play since I was the only one leftver yesterday, so even if the other 4 were subs we could still play.

Also yes zuppa you can join. If you want to can play tonight so you don't miss this round. Be there at 7:30pm GMT/8:30 Brittish Time/9:30 Western Europe Time/3:30pm HG Time. Hope to see you, and some others there.

Was happy at the turnout this weekend, and I hope that you all had fun.

Will watch 1 rec today at some time ...

Congratulations Serge - Winner of the FFA Spring Series 2008
posted 08-19-07 10:56 AM EDT (US)     185 / 730  
It was a lot of fun Unfortunately I had to go before I could finish these noobs off. I'll probably miss next week's (starting college next thursday), but good luck to everyone and have fun!

PS: I think 20 points should be awarded to me for each of the 5657678698 Great Houses I destroyed that game.

...And maybe 50 or so for an awesome livestock FFA strat.
posted 08-19-07 12:26 PM EDT (US)     186 / 730  
Ok well I just watched the rec of bacon's game, as it is the only one posted. I have to admit this was a very good game indeed. Lots of fighting from beginning to end. Unfortunate that two players dropped...

Bacon = 0 Points

Sporting_Lisbon = Civ, TC sub 10Mins, Split Stopping TM, Split KO'ing smashnbash, Second, Most Treasures = 18 Points

Dux = Wall Spamming, Split KO'ing Smashnbash, KO'ing Sporting_Lisbon, First = 11 Points

Smashnbash = Civ, 2X Teamed, 2X Teamed Again, Split Stopping TM, Third = 9 Points

goatlancer = Civ, First To Industrial, First to Trigger TM, First to 1000 (Lagged out on 1003 Points!!), 5 Points Consolation for Lagging out in Very Promising Position = 11 Points

AIGuy = Civ, TC Sub 10Mins, KO'ing bacon, Last To Colonial, 2 Points Consolation for Lagging out in Alright Position = 21 Points


Congratulations Serge - Winner of the FFA Spring Series 2008
posted 08-19-07 12:57 PM EDT (US)     187 / 730  
LP can i play again tonite for points not yesterday?

~#~#~ ESO: bacon~#~#~

Favorite Civs: China, Germans, Aztec

PR Rank: Master Sergeant.
posted 08-19-07 04:33 PM EDT (US)     188 / 730  
lol I don't want to look like a jerk but Goatlancer had to go, he didn't drop let him have the points anyway

FFA Fun Series - Spring/Summer 07 winner
posted 08-19-07 10:04 PM EDT (US)     189 / 730  
here is the game you and I played in lordpatrick

Proud winner of the FFA Winter Round '07!
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"with all the bling on a mandsabar you could win the game by paying the enemy to resign." IL

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posted 08-20-07 00:16 AM EDT (US)     190 / 730  
i missed it...was at a car show all day my friend got best 05-07 mustang with a 2007 shelby c6 :P hopefully itll work next week

[This message has been edited by IRP_m0f0 (edited 08-20-2007 @ 00:17 AM).]

posted 08-21-07 04:49 PM EDT (US)     191 / 730  
OK just watched the rec of my game in round 2. A goo game but was overshadowed by some unnecessary bitterness by a certain player I shall not name...

*Stares at Fecas*

No seriously it was played in a well-manered way, it's just the first-timer seemed to take it too seriously.

Anyway here's how it finished ...

LordPatrick = Civ, Last To Colonial, Stopping Cookie's First TM, Third, Most Treasures = 13 Points

Fecas = 2X Teamed = 2 Points

Elite_Milne = First to 1000, Stopping Cookie's Second TM, KO'ing Cookie, First = 15 Points

Cookie_Crisp = Civ, TC sub 10Mins, KO'ing Odin_Owes_Me, First To Industrial, KO'ing LordPatrick, Split KO'ing Fecas, Second = 25 Points

Anthonythegreat = Split KO'ing Fecas, 3 Points Consolation for Lagging out when Place seemed Probable = 5 Points

Odin_Owes_Me = 0 Points

A good game with plenty of fighting.

Em, can the winners or runners_up of the other games please post them asap.

Congratulations Serge - Winner of the FFA Spring Series 2008
posted 08-21-07 06:18 PM EDT (US)     192 / 730  
if no one posts the record of the other game with me, OdinOwesMe, and Retro Priest, heres my view of the record. It doesnt include anything after i was knocked out though.

here it is

Proud winner of the FFA Winter Round '07!
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"with all the bling on a mandsabar you could win the game by paying the enemy to resign." IL
posted 08-21-07 07:27 PM EDT (US)     193 / 730  

When shall we partake in our next competition? Not on Friaday please, Busy with a date

I think its always on Saturdays though. This time, i will be prepared. Prepared for the turtle of the century.

Lolocausts are fun.
posted 08-22-07 02:37 AM EDT (US)     194 / 730  
i cant make this week unless there is a sunday date.

~#~#~ ESO: bacon~#~#~

Favorite Civs: China, Germans, Aztec

PR Rank: Master Sergeant.
posted 08-22-07 02:45 AM EDT (US)     195 / 730  
let me know when this weekends game is if my car is in working shape ill go to my parents house and play so it wont be on my end with the fail to joins...oh yeah if the league runs to december tenth then spread the points that i have to others for certian objectives cuz thats when i leave for my explosives job for the air force
posted 08-22-07 05:47 AM EDT (US)     196 / 730  
Have you got the record from our game LP?

AgeSanctuary Staff member.
posted 08-22-07 07:38 AM EDT (US)     197 / 730  
It will be a Saturday as always at the usual time of 7:30pmGMT/8:30pm British Time/ 3:30pm HG Time.

IRP don't worry, the League ends sometime in October since TAD is coming out.

And the only games I have watched are the ones with Goatlancer, Dux, and the dropped players, and my game.

Need the other ones posted asap.

Cookie were you third in that game?

Congratulations Serge - Winner of the FFA Spring Series 2008
posted 08-22-07 10:30 AM EDT (US)     198 / 730  
I'll try to post today...

AgeSanctuary Staff member.
posted 08-22-07 10:57 AM EDT (US)     199 / 730  
no i think i was fourth, becasue SOMEONE (c4t) was bieng stubborn and decided to remake his base 2323480283408 times

he eventually boomed up and outlasted me. He then went on a crusade with REtro Priest against OdinOwesMe, and he stopped A TM of Retro's. thats where i ducked out.

Proud winner of the FFA Winter Round '07!
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"with all the bling on a mandsabar you could win the game by paying the enemy to resign." IL
posted 08-22-07 11:22 AM EDT (US)     200 / 730  
Ok I am writing now to address a problem which I feel is taking away from the Fun of the league. Now this matter would not be a problem if people could recognise the light-heartedness of the League, but plain and simply, some people do not like to lose in situations that no amount of skill could have saved them, and while I do encourage people not to take the games so competitively, I understand how these people feel.

If you haven’t guessed already what this matter is, it is Teaming. In a few games, a well-fought game has been left with a bitterness due to large amounts of teaming, and then people complaining about this. Now there is no rule that says teaming is prohibited, as teaming is a part of FFA, but I would like a decrease in teaming. I have thought long and hard about this, straining my mind thinking of a way to achieve this, and have come up with something that might help. Now you will all have a say in whether this new proposition becomes rule, as it is your games that it will affect.

What I propose is the ability to declare war as such. When a player is attacking another and feels that he is going to continue attacking, he can announce that he is attacking this player to the rest of the participants. Upon doing this, he is free to attack this person continually without punishment. However if a second person now decides that he wants a piece of the action, after being informed of the targets current struggle, he will suffer point deduction of 3 Points. As usual the target will gain 2 Points when this occurs also. Now obviously there will be incidents when two armies happen to run into the same base at the same time, so this will go unpunished, but the target can inform the two that they are both attacking him. Upon doing this the two can continue to attack with the armies they have sent in without punishment, while target gets 2 Points as usual, but if they start to send in reinforcements then this is deemed as deciding to team. If you are going to start sending in reinforcements after your original army has weakened, you must “Declare War” as such, so if there is another person attacking he knows that he will suffer point deductions if he also continues to attack.

Now I don’t want to get to the stage where everyone in the game must inform others of their exact situation, for instance there is no need to go into much detail. Simply if you are attacking someone, and plan to continue to attack with further armies, say “I’m attacking Player X”. You do not have to inform anyone that you are stopping, but you are welcome to, as you want other people to finish a job you couldn’t or decided not to finish.

I know this may be like admitting your lack of defences at home, but I presume that people would like to see if this guy is going to KO another of their enemies before interrupting him.

So as a summary, as I don’t want to make this rule out to be complicated, if you are going to “attack with intent to kill” as you could say, just inform others that you are doing this. No points will be deducted for the original attacks, only when the two continue to do so. Points given to the “Teamed” will continue to be awarded as before.

Please Please tell what you think, I’m only trying to sort out a problem which I see as bringing the league down.

Congratulations Serge - Winner of the FFA Spring Series 2008
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