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Topic Subject: FFA Fun Series Autumn/Winter 2007
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posted 06-23-07 06:28 AM EDT (US)   
Hello All,

For those of you who don’t know me, I am LordPatrick, or LP. I recently enough hosted a FFA Fun Series for the Spring/ Summer months, but technically it was only for Spring, as I had exams, and others had holidays. I am now hosting the 2nd of these series, for the Autumn/Winter months, but once again, due to the release of TAD sometime this Autumn, it will be starting mid-August to get the maximum amount of rounds in before TAD is released. So actually, this will be the last, although only the 2nd, TWC FFA Series, and I hope that it will be a memorable one.

The last Series had around 30 contestants, although some joined late, and some left early for one reason or another. But I suppose that is he joy of the FFA League, the fact that there is no pressure to play a round when you have previous engagements, or simply are feeling a bit under the weather.

Round 8

Map: Yukon
Date: 13th October
Time: 7.30pm GMT/ 8:30pm British Time/ 3:30pm HG Time

Patience is a Virtue

Last to Colonial gets 7 Points

One By One

Can only go Fortress when there are 5 people left. Can onyl go Industrial when there are 4 people left. Only last two can go Imperial. Anyone can revolt. If someone Disconnects, don't count them as being KO'ed, unless they were practically dead and liek just pulled the plug instead of resigning.

The contestants so far:

CookieCrisp13 = 208 Points
chinnie = 148 Points
Eicho = 143 Points
Sporting_Lisbon = 134 Points
LordPatrick = 119 Points
Bastiaan = 106 Points
AIGuy = 102 Points
C4tClysm = 100 Points
_Kenji_ = 84 Points
Dux = 79 Points
madame_praline = 68 Points
wigs = 58 Points
IRP_m0f0 = 49 Points
Walker_5 = 47 Points
Elite_Milne = 42 Points
JimXIX = 39 Points
RetroPriest = 38 Points
Bullet_Bill = 36 Points
Karel007 = 35 Points
smashnbash = 31 Points
bacon = 28 Points
Orlando_the_Axe = 24 Points
the_emperor222 = 24 Points
OdinOwesMe = 23 Points
steve09 = 23 Points
Mr_CoolBeans = 22 Points
Anthonythegreat = 21 Points
PCFreak8 = 19 Points
LordGeneral = 16 Points
JarlNick = 13 Points
goatlancer = 11 Points
chickenboy99 = 7 Points
Brian_NI = 4 Points
Hydrovert5 = 4 Points
General_II = 3 Points
Fecas =2 Points
Tommo = 1 Point
the_emperor = 0 Points
LordKivlov = 0 Points
ziGGysiGGy43 = 0 Points
Stonewall J = 0 Points
Destiny_Devil = 0 Points
MusketeerKing = 0 Points
AceOfKings = 0 Points
3snrocks = 0 Points
zuppa44 = 0 Points
OBESECOW = 0 Points
hazordousPickle = 0 Points
IAmMegaNoob = 0 Points
Fail_Safe = 0 Points
mentork = 0 Points
sandstorm = 0 Points
French_assailant = 0 Points
Farragut = 0 Points
CrazWildSin = 0 Points

The League runs on a point system, with players trying to earn maximum points each round, and the person with the most points at the end of the League wins. The point system was made to try and make games more fun, encouraging rushing and revolting, and not benefiting defensive players nearly as much.

As an added spice to the rounds, each round shall have 1 or 2 themes, as such, which either reward players for certain tasks completed, or force all players to drastically change their game plan. Some of themes from the previous League include:

“Patience is a Virtue” - Last to Colonial Gets Points
“One By One” - Only allowed progress to the next age once a player has been ko’ed, not inc. Discovery
“10 Card Decks” - 10 Cards per Deck.

I will include the successful themes from the last Series and hopefully many more. Feel free to tell me your ideas on ESO. During the League, I will be on ESO regularly, but sometimes leave it logged in, while I am AFK. Simply whisper your question/idea, and I will read it when I come back on the computer.

The formalities covered, I will now proceed to the rules.


Anyone can enter. In a FFA, everyone starts the game with an equal chance of winning. Rank means little when it’s everyone man for himself. And as long as you have fun, that’s all that matters. Everyone’s a winner at the end of the day! To sign up, simply leave your ESO name here.

Times And Dates

Each Round, the chatroom will be set up on ESO at 7.30pm GMT, or 3.30pm EDT (HG Time). The chat will be open for 1 Hour. Try to turn up early so you can be guarenteed a game, as it is often 1 or 2 players don't get a game because they are late and there isn't enough people.

The 1st Round will be on the 11th of August, 2007. The lat round will be determined by the Release of TAD. Rounds will continue to happen until TAD is released.


On the time of the round, I will tell certain people to host a game, and who to invite. You do not host or choose which game you want to be in. Once a game is full, you can go ahead with the game. The last game will always wait until 4.30pm to start, as I have to play in the last game, and I have to wait until 4.30pm to start.


- All games must be recorded
- Any cheating of any kind will result in an immediate ban from the League, and all further Leagues.
- The map will be set beforehand.
- All HC Levels
- No Warships
- The Point system stops after 1 Hour 45 Mins. When I am watching the recording, I will pause it on that time, and adjudicate all further points.
- No unsportsmanlike behaviour. If you don’t have anything positive to say, don’t say anything.
- Everyone must have fun :P.

Point System

Winning = 7 Points

Runner-up = 5 Points

Third Place = 3 Points

Unique Civ = 1 Point

Knocking Someone Out (I decide, may be split between two) = 4 Points

Being 2X Teamed (I decide if enough damage was done) = 4 Points

Knocking a TC sub-10Mins = 8 Points

Knocking a TC sub-15 Mins = 4 Points

Revolting = 2 Points

KO’ing,, or Joint KO’ing Someone After Revolting = 6 Points

First to 1000 Points = 2 Points

First to Industrial = 1 Point

First to Trigger a Trade Monopoly = 2 Points

Winning Using a TM = 20 Points*

Stopping a TM (May be Split) = 2 Points*

Wall Spamming = - 6 Points**

* - To get the points for winning with a TM, there must be at least 2 Others Present in the game. Every time a certain person triggers a TM, the value for that person winning with it drops by 1 Point. So if I win with TM after triggering it twice before triggering it and winning, I only get 18 Points. If you trigger it first, and then trigger it a second time and win, you get 21 Points ( 20+2-1).

** - There is nothing wrong with an outer wall, and then a wall protecting your eco inside it, but you will lose the 2 Points if you build layers upon layers of walls. Again, I decide what counts as wall spamming.

As you can see, there is heavy points for rushing, even more than that for winning. This is to stop cagy games where everyone booms to try and win the game. It encourages open fighting from the start. And please, don’t leave your TC open top a 15 Pike rush sub-10Mins. 5 Xbows would stop the other guy walking away with an easy 8 Points.

So, I guess that’s it then. I don’t think I’ve forgotten anything …

Leave your ESO, and I’ll sign you up. Sign-ups will end, in around 4 weeks time. I am going to Alton Towers, and then straight to Irish College after that, 3 days from now, so if you have any questions, ask them quickly. I already asked Destiny_Devil to answer any questions he knows the answers to while I’m gone. Sign-ups will close in 4 weeks time.

Also, there is places reserved to those who participated in the last Series. I honestly don’t know how much people will want to participate, but the more the merrier.

Have Fun,


Congratulations Serge - Winner of the FFA Spring Series 2008

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posted 07-20-07 11:57 AM EDT (US)     76 / 730  
I've decided to take up Stonewall on his generous offer, so there will be treats for the best players, but nothing major. Since prizes make points that little bit more valuable, you all must realize that it is my word that goes. You are perfectly welcome to correct me on points I forgot to award to you, but do not be complaining about points other people got etc ...

I'm off to France for 2 weeks tomorrow morning, so if you have any questions, please ask them soon.

Congratulations Serge - Winner of the FFA Spring Series 2008
posted 07-20-07 12:36 PM EDT (US)     77 / 730  
If there is still enough place , i would like to join .

eso: madame_praline

I just hope there will be enough games after summer break since im going to be in france for most of august(not incl. 3rd week of august - is there going to be one hosted then ?)

I would also like to state that this is a great initiative and that i would really like you to continue after TAD is released

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posted 07-20-07 01:26 PM EDT (US)     78 / 730  
Ah, finally! I'm in this time around aswell.

However, it seems I wont make it for the first game, but I will be there for the second.

Q: How do I get veteran skirms as the dutch?
- you have to buy the upgrade in the the barracks lol it should be under the skimiser logo. -you have to be in age3 to get veteran and age 4 to get guard.
After realizing they get automatically upgraded:
- o right i play brits so i just guessed.....thats slighly embarrasing lol

"Ah, the wonderful smell of failure!" - George_III on a full-capslocked topic.
posted 07-20-07 02:12 PM EDT (US)     79 / 730  
Don't worry Sjinet, the rounds will continue to happen every week from 11/8/07 to the release of TAD. That should give us somewhere around 6 Rounds.

I will organise a Series in the Spring/Summer of ''08 for TAD.

I am going to put a cap on the Series at 40 people, so that accomadates for 7 or 8 more, but I'm sure we'll have some dropouts once again so don't get disheartened if you don't get a place.

Congratulations Serge - Winner of the FFA Spring Series 2008
posted 07-21-07 01:10 AM EDT (US)     80 / 730  
I want in, my name on TWC is mentork (just like my name here)

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posted 07-21-07 05:03 AM EDT (US)     81 / 730  
Oh,, I believe that my ESO name is hazardousPickle - with a "small" h.

Agecomm quote of the week: "woooooh my thread got stickied thats a dream come true."

ESO: hazardousPickle
posted 07-23-07 02:56 PM EDT (US)     82 / 730  
If its not too late sign me up. ESO: Orlando_the_Axe
I won't be dropping like last time, I got my computer fixed.

"History teaches us man learns nothing from history"
posted 08-04-07 07:03 PM EDT (US)     83 / 730  
Ok well I'm back from France, and finally can settle down for the last month of my holidays. The first round is next Saturday, and all will be going ahead as planned. It's like midnight, or 1, well it's late here so I'll give you details of the first round in the next few days.

Congratulations Serge - Winner of the FFA Spring Series 2008
posted 08-04-07 08:15 PM EDT (US)     84 / 730  
sweet cant wait... hopefully ill be able to make more of them this time

quoted from jafit talking smack about ender in regards to the abus nerf: "He's probably in a fetal position on the floor holding an action figure abus gun."
posted 08-06-07 08:53 AM EDT (US)     85 / 730  
Ok well now that we're approaching the start of the series, I'd just like to thank you all for signing-up. Looking over the roster, I am delighted to see a lot of the oldfaces back, and would like to welcome all the newcomers to the League.

As you all know by now, each round has 1 or 2 themes. These can be anything which cause people to have to play differently, and overall make the experience more fun.

I already have a couple of themes from the last series, and also some new ones, but would also like to hear your ideas. Feel free to post your ideas here or e-mail me at my address given in my profile. I'll run by a few of mine to give you a sample of what we're looking for.

One By One - You can only progress to AGE III once someone has been ko'ed. The same applies for Age IV and AGE V.

Apocalypse Now - At 20 Mins, all players have 1 Minute to destroy all their villagers. This means that if you do not have a TC at the time, or 600 wood, you are effectively out of the game. You can start rebuilding villagers immediately. Failure to destroy all villagers will result in a void for the offender for that round.

5 Lives - You can only have a grand total of 5 TCs throughout the game. So once your fifth TC is knocked, you cannot build another. Same punishment applies as for Apocalypse Now.

Patience is a Virtue - Last person to Age to Colonial gets 5 Points.

Low Level HC Points - Basically points will be awarded depending on wha tier your HC is in. Havn't got the table handy right now but you get the idea.

Assassaination - Each person will be given a person whom they have to try and ko. If your target is ko'ed 1st, 2nd, or 3rd you will get points respectively.

Decisions Decisions ... - You may only build one type of military building for the first 30mins. Any building that you can train military units from is counted including a church. Once the 30 Mins is up play can resume as normal.

That's some of the ones I have already. Part of the reason I posted them is for your opinion. If you feel that some of them wouldn't work, or are unfair, then please let me know. Also feel free to post your own suggestions.

Congratulations Serge - Winner of the FFA Spring Series 2008
posted 08-06-07 09:34 AM EDT (US)     86 / 730  
i think i'll sign up now

anyway i like your ideas there all good, however i think although assassin is good, you should scrap is as it is to hard to run.

here are some of my ideas

everybody is the same
no unique units (buildings and vilager units allowed)

500 to 1000 to 500 to 1000
you get points from going from 1000 points to 500 points

the clock
every 10 minutes, attack the person clockwise of you

peace power
every player can call peace. which means that no one can attack them for a certain amount of time (say 5 mins)

war power
every player can call war. which means that everyone must attack them for a certain amount of time (say 5 mins)

build and destroy
for everything you build you lose a point but for everying building you destroy you gain a point

no one likes the winners
after 20 minutes the bottom 4 players must attack the top 2 or if there are only 3 players the bottom 2 attack the very top player

Scenarios I have made
Single Player-: CAMPAIGN - Christmas - Forest River RPG - Total Freedom
MultiPlayer-: Castle Blood Automatic - Mafia Hitman - Warrior Defence
ESO = sandstorm....................................................................................."I won the bet on 1.04!"
posted 08-06-07 10:46 AM EDT (US)     87 / 730  
hi i think their shud be a slow ageing round where nobody is aloud age past colonial ontill their is only 2 ppl left. and then people are aloud age as much as the like.

i am also against the pts for low home cities because if people work hard to get a high level home city they shudn't be punished.

finall i think their shud be some water maps because fishing is good but no warships

and tournament sounds great cant wait
posted 08-06-07 01:10 PM EDT (US)     88 / 730  
Woah ddnt realise it started this saturday . Really looking foward to this and i aint sure bout times in UK (is it GMT or GMT +1 hmm) so ill turn up at 7:30 and if not it will be 8:30 in english time.

~#~#~ ESO: bacon~#~#~

Favorite Civs: China, Germans, Aztec

PR Rank: Master Sergeant.
posted 08-06-07 01:27 PM EDT (US)     89 / 730  
erm, anyone between levels 17-21? I would be happy to face you in a practice run on Friday or Saturday. ESO is smashnbash

Lolocausts are fun.
posted 08-06-07 04:27 PM EDT (US)     90 / 730  
smash im lvl 15, if you wanna give me a practise run?

~#~#~ ESO: bacon~#~#~

Favorite Civs: China, Germans, Aztec

PR Rank: Master Sergeant.
posted 08-07-07 01:51 PM EDT (US)     91 / 730  
Well, about slow age up I've considered that but still amn't sure.

About water maps I'm afraid I can't cause of lag and hiding on ships and such. It's just easier this way.

I also thought I'd give you the info on the 1st round while I'm here. So here it is.

Map: Texas
Date: 11th of August
Time: 7.30pm GMT

Last Explorer Standing

Last Explorer Standing is a new theme. Basically you must keep enemy explorers dead for a certain time to eliminate them. To successfully capture and eliminate and an opponent from the points, you must ensure that there explorer is kept dead for 5 Minutes. Clearly the respawn Explorer from TC button is Out Of Bounds for this round, even if your explorer has been lying there for the greater part of 1 hour. Whoever is the last explorer standing will gain 5 Points. If no winner is decided before 1 Hour then the points will not be awarded to anyone. If you are ko'ed, then your explorer is deemed dead.

No Walls

And out the window go all your plans for walling up explorers. This ones simple. No Walls Whatsoever.

Of course, the normal point system will still apply.

Congratulations Serge - Winner of the FFA Spring Series 2008
posted 08-07-07 03:44 PM EDT (US)     92 / 730  
DAMN I might have to go my nans on saturday and miss the tourney!! Ill try and get my mum to let me borrow her laptop but i might not be able to make it since my nans connection is crap .

~#~#~ ESO: bacon~#~#~

Favorite Civs: China, Germans, Aztec

PR Rank: Master Sergeant.
posted 08-07-07 04:34 PM EDT (US)     93 / 730  
Whats this explorer crap?

I think that this way it's better.

Ones oyur explorer is killed only one time it's considered dead.
you can still ransom or dance him, but the first time it's killed its considered dead, so the one with the last explorer killed, will get the points.

This wy your idea can still work, and we can still build TP's and TownCenter, as well as rescuing treasures and exploring.

I think this idea is much better, but then will be a great disadvantage for natives, as they wont be able to use their WarChief.
posted 08-07-07 05:41 PM EDT (US)     94 / 730  
Well obviously that's what I first envisaged, but then I realized that people would end up hiding their explorers, playing too cagy. My way I thought would be better, because you could confidently walk around building TPs, knowing that your army could rescue him worst case scenario. It also means that 10 skirms can't just focus fire on the explorer while you have 50 Gendarmes protecting it.

I honestly don't mind the other way so if others think that Eicho's way is better just say so and it can be changed. Just say the word.

Congratulations Serge - Winner of the FFA Spring Series 2008
posted 08-08-07 05:21 AM EDT (US)     95 / 730  
not sure I understand how it works...

Is it so that I would be allowed to rescue him, but if he remains dead for 5 min, then what?

AgeSanctuary Staff member.
posted 08-08-07 06:06 AM EDT (US)     96 / 730  
soz i cant make this week or the 3rd round either.

~#~#~ ESO: bacon~#~#~

Favorite Civs: China, Germans, Aztec

PR Rank: Master Sergeant.
posted 08-08-07 06:13 AM EDT (US)     97 / 730  
It means that you have 5 minutes to rescue him yes, but if the opponent keeps him dead for 5 mins, then he is deemed "dead" in terms of the points, but can still be used to gather treasures and such.

Congratulations Serge - Winner of the FFA Spring Series 2008
posted 08-08-07 06:25 AM EDT (US)     98 / 730  
I prefer Lp's thing

Eicho's idea is basically the same but instant wich means that a focus fire could easily kill your hopes on that extra points

"You cannnot discover inhabited land , If not i could go and 'discover' England" - Iroquois Chief
posted 08-08-07 07:15 AM EDT (US)     99 / 730  
Yes I think that Eicho's wy is just a bit too lucky. But I was thinking maybe 5 Mins is a bit long. Perhaps 3 mins?
It's up to you guys.

I would also like to use this time to make a small announcement. I am delighted to inform you that Stonewall on behalf of HG has very kindly offered to provide some small treats for the winners. So on behalf of myself, and I'm sure the all the participants, I would like to thank HG for this act of generosity.

Congratulations Serge - Winner of the FFA Spring Series 2008

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posted 08-08-07 11:51 AM EDT (US)     100 / 730  
Count me in!

ESO: French_Assailant

Hope It's fun!

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