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Topic Subject:Age Of Empires 3: Future Patch Balance Notes
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posted 11-17-07 05:55 PM EDT (US)         
Age Of Empires 3: Future Patch Balance Notes

Ok, I don't know if there is already a thread that covers this but I havn't found one so far so I thought I'd make this.
This thread is where forummers (who play age 3, preferebly on ESO) can come together and make suggestions about where the game needs to be balanced in any future patches. Cards that need to be nerfed, units that need boosting, whatever it is make your suggestion here and I'll look over it. If your opinion isn't insane and it makes sense than I'll add it onto the forum. Hopefully some of the ES staff will see this and take it into consideration. The Balance Notes will be seperated by civs and also a Misc. catagory...

(((IMPORTANT)))When referring to a card or common unit (musketeer) specify what civ they are from.(((IMPORTANT)))

So, suggest and opinionize away...(is that a word?)


- Increase number of musketeers and longbowmen in age 2 unit shipments
- Give Brits a good fortress politican something like "the kings archer" 4 longbowman and veteran status given



- Decrease Bank HP

- Cassadors need a little boost of HP
- Lower cost of Bestiero church tech (example: 1000 wood) but also greatly nerf the amount of Xbows you get with it

- Cheaper Church techs
- Boost Janissary melee damage to cav

- sevastopol builds buildings 60% faster instead of 85%.
- increase russian musketeer attack (hand) against cav

- Increase either Uhlan HP or Uhlan speed




- Decrease the Sioux WarChief aura


- increase army train time from Dojos

- Desciple cost increased to 100 Food
- +1 attack and/or +1x multiplier vs cav for Chinese Pikes and/or Keshiks
- Slightly decrease Banner Army and Flying Crow train time from wonders (it is a little too slow)
- Lower "Mongolian Army" cost (least used banner army anyway)
- Grant new tech to chinese that allows them to gain XP (for XP games?)

- Start with extra wood crate and/or extra villiger
- Flail Elephants HP increased and also bonus vs HI instead of LI
- Make Elephants more cost and/or pop effective. Reduce pop cost or resource cost a bit
- Professional Handlers card decrease pop cost elephants by 2

- Doorbell/Door type sound for when friend loggs in?
- Allow more than just 2 teams (wishfull thinking i know, but i leave it on here anyway)

Just post a small sentance/paragraph on what should be changed and I'll add it on. If you can give me specifics and exacts of what you mean.

Have Fun! :P

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Red Coat_monkey
posted 12-02-07 06:43 AM EDT (US)     76 / 83       
everyone knows you will ff then though and can counter it either by rushing hard or ff better
posted 12-02-07 06:50 AM EDT (US)     77 / 83       
everyone knows you will ff then though and can counter it either by rushing hard or ff better
well i'd like to know how 1 starting vil is going to improve their ff expect for a faster time , the port ff isnt as strong due to a lack of a reliable strong unit (such as wakina , lancer or cuir)

"You cannnot discover inhabited land , If not i could go and 'discover' England" - Iroquois Chief
Red Coat_monkey
posted 12-02-07 07:30 AM EDT (US)     78 / 83       
i meant that with an extra setter tey have a better colonial so ports could stay there more competitive rather than just doin the expected ff as your suggesting. if every port just ff then people know what to do to counter it. As you just said they dont have as strong ff anyway so they would lose out?

do you see my point?
posted 12-02-07 08:12 AM EDT (US)     79 / 83       
- Strelet earn +2 range on every upgrade just like gurkhas, so now they are usable late game.
- Villager train time back to vanilla stats.
- Cavalry archers are now available in colonial(may affect or not ottomans aswell).

- Bank gathering rate reduced to vanilla stats or even less.
- Bank cost reduced( and also the exp earned).
- Villager limit boosted.

- Cuirassiers have now base colonial stats.


- House of Braganša card removed, give them a trickle card to replace it.
- Reduce cassador ROF, it really is too much, reduce RR to 50% or 40%, depending on the boost to compensate.
- Dargoon combat card-> cavalry combat card(affect hussars aswell), possibly nerf to 15%.
- Give an eco boost from start to compensate the lack of vill shipments (something like 15% hunt gathering boost, need to think of a good here), or simply 100 food, wont make them op, just boost them, they are actually really weak and boring to play as and against.
- Give a culverin + artillery foundry wagon politician to fortress, maybe only culverin.
- AS someone mentioned, a 2 explorer start would be nice.

- Change the effect of evening star, it is needed, even in fortress this card would be OP.
- Clubman has 0.7 against infantry, boost their attack against cavalry.
Axe raider has 6.50 speed by default( or nerf WC aura).
- No default startig wood crates.


- Starts with 2 settlers wagons and 2 settlers.
- As mentioned before, boost uhlan speed to 6.75 or even more.
- Maybe a speed boost to war wagons, they are soooo slow. =/

- Better multiplier for janissaries against cavalry or cavalry archers become available in colonial.
- As mentioned before, reduce the cost of mosque techs.

- Screw up 2 falc shipments, it is the one and only reason for them to be OP, replace t with other shipment, but I'm not sure on which one.

- Warchief aura nerd, possibly the crackshot aswell.

- Give coyotes the 20% ranged resistance they need.

- Remove shipment nerf.
- Boost gurkhas in some way.
- 6 villagers start.

- Nerf the number of disciples you get with wonder.
- Remove convert to disciple ability chance completely or let only the shaolin master use it, or then make it only work vs guardians.

- I'm not sure, but ashigarus seem too strong, maybe give them the standard 4 speed.
- Also, the shogun aura ssem really strong x_x, maybe it is just because it works on the actual stats, so possibly nerf the upgrade cards, the japanese ones are better (always 20 to 30%).

And finally British:
Well, on the brits I dont know, but the boosts listed in the thread seem nice anyway.

WOw, I think I didnt forget any. o.o

EDIT: sseems like I forgot some changes to Chinese, Im gonna add them later.

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Red Coat_monkey
posted 12-02-07 08:57 AM EDT (US)     80 / 83       
n_maser the only thing i didnt like on ports was changing dragoon combat

unless you think dragoons are too powerful with that 30% boost but seeing as they have the strongest drags in game i think it should stay like that

personally i dont see the need for improving ports hussar i think their cav is fine as it is but thats me
posted 12-02-07 03:05 PM EDT (US)     81 / 83       
I dont think ports are boring and stupid to play as

I do agree they need a free culv in age 3, im thinking an 2 culv card.

Great idea for the trickle card.

"You cannnot discover inhabited land , If not i could go and 'discover' England" - Iroquois Chief
posted 12-02-07 08:23 PM EDT (US)     82 / 83       
My only problem with boosting India so much to this degree, is the gut feeling of elephant spam and making an easy path of destruction^^

Maybe give some units a helpful bonus against them so they have a decent counter, otherwise musket nerf < elephant boosts, which HI > HC right?
Red xerxes
posted 12-03-07 02:47 AM EDT (US)     83 / 83       
That was a great post from n maser,the one i would have wanted to write.
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