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Topic Subject:War Stories Thread
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Lord Berminator
posted 02-01-08 10:45 PM EDT (US)         
Yep, here I go again.

Well, this one I lost, but it was fun. It was 1v1 on Ozarks, I was Russia opponent was Sioux. We both aged to Colonial around same time. Ironically, we eneded up trying to build fbs int the same spot, and he destroyed mine. Pretty soon he attacked me, the same time I attacked him. I killed of a few villys, but my army was small since my initial fb had been stopped. The Sioux player didn't take down my TC yet. But soon, his next wave took it down. My CM bought me time for my villys to run away.

So I start rebuilding to the south. I get up 3 blockhouses and begin spamming strelets. It was hilarious, you shoulda seen it. This guy goes back to his base after taking my TC. I get strelets coming in at him from all sides, and he never knows where I am going to strike next. Its all hit an run. I constrict his villys into his town, weakening his eco. I snipe at a few villys, then retreat. And the funny thing is I'm attacking from 3 places at once, so he hardly ever caches me. I do this for at least 20 minutes after he took down my TC. He says to me, "You are the most annoying person I have ever played." I just laugh.

Eventually he masses and army large enough to defend and attack my weak rebuild at the same time. I may have lost, but it was great fun, and it was excellent micro practice.

I WANT YOU to post your stories now!! Participate, people!

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Lord Berminator
posted 12-18-10 01:11 AM EDT (US)     751 / 804       
THESE STORIES ARE AWESOME. Really. I'm so happy to see all of these, great job everyone ;D And Diarmid, you had a few mechanical errors as you acknowledged, but I still loved the way you wrote that story, nice work man!

Scenarios: Worldmap Series I: North America, Worldmap Series II: Caribbean, The Wasteland

Editor of: Orissa, Kill the Sun, Bathe in Hate

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posted 01-10-11 04:17 PM EDT (US)     752 / 804       
An interesting game of LoSt that I played some time ago. It was a 4 player FFA. 2 Iro players, 1 Aztec, and I was playing the Spanish.

The map that was generated was messed up. after a while of treasure hunting, each player had a bit of wood, but nobody had enough for a TC. The wood treasures on the map eventually ran out, and still, no one had enough for a TC.

I had picked up the treasure that revealed the location of all the other treasures on the map. There was a 1 pilgrim treasure and a 2 CDB treasure, far from one another.

My explorer was low on health and the pilgrim treasure was easier to get. I decided to go for the pilgrim. As I sailed over, one of the iro players grabbed the 2 CDB treasure. After he got them I was certain he was going to win, but then he resigned for unknown reasons.

As I was about to reach the pilgrim, a message popped up saying that someone had picked it up - "1 Friendly Pilgrim". Not wanting him to boom ahead of me, I rushed in, and killed the aztec player's pilgrim with a quick broadside from my caravel a second before he got in his ship.

This really ticked off the aztec player, and he began chasing down my ship which was low on HP. I barely managed to lose him. I landed my explorer on the mainland to gain more treasure. I pulled my extremely damaged caravel over into a concealed bay to fish for food to train war dogs.

The other two players began converting as many guardians as possible, as there was no way to build a TC with all of the wood and settlers gone. I built up a motley crew of war dogs, a pair of Iron Troops, a surgeon, a medicine man, and a Gurkha.

I healed my forces, and prepared for battle. The iro player's horde of outlaws and animals found me. I kept my healers out of the battle. I was outnumbered and forced to flee, everything except my healers, explorer, and caravel dead.

I called my caravel over to evacuate my men. Before it came to the rescue, the aztec caravel found it and sank it.

Cornered by the Iro's treasure guardian army, my 3 men were slaughtered and I lost. I lost LoSt. Still, it was a fun alternative to how LoSt games usually go.

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posted 01-11-11 08:33 AM EDT (US)     753 / 804       
ARGH this is like a wall of text
can't anything be done to reduce the dullness?

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(id: fred_ernie)
posted 01-11-11 08:56 AM EDT (US)     754 / 804       
People could be encouraged to include pictures.

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posted 01-19-11 06:50 PM EDT (US)     755 / 804       
ok he's my first shot trying a war story... wish I had a record game so I could do pics, but no such luck. I'll keep it brief.

So it was 3v3 on Indochina, I think (one of the Asian maps that's just a small continent). Most of the players were better than me, so I knew I'd need to hustle to keep up. My allies wanted to rush, and we built a fb in the middle of the map. After the initial raxes were up, I realized that their fb was within sight of our fb, so we immediately went on the attack.

Two of their players were French, but their cuirs were taken easily by my pikes and ally's ashi. We made short work of their fb and marched on. I assaulted blue a little ahead of my allies with a hoarde of lbs and pikes. The lbs picked off a few villagers while the pikes rushed in and razed his tc. I was harassed by cuirs and retreated, but figured blue was out and the game pretty much won.

Things hit a stand-still as we aged up, though, and blue must have been a pro, because he was far from out. A lot of back and forth happened, with us never quite able to raze one of their towns. I switched to mostly musks to battle their hoardes of cav. Suddenly, I realize everyone is in Age IV and we're pretty much playing a treaty game by this point, even though my deck was built for a quick and dirty lb/pike rush win.

Everyone gets to Age V before me, and I'm struggling to crank out Musks to counter the constant waves of Cuirs and Goons. Our FB is constantly under attack, and we hardly have time to raid their bases at all. One of my allies gets the wise idea to attack with warships, and I think does some damage with this, though not enough to knock anyone out (we do get several factories, though, which ends up being the deciding factor). I finally get to Age V, and one of my allies starts insisting "we have to end this soon. seriously" becuase he has to go.

After about the 1 hour mark (longer real time because of lag), we finally break into yellow's base and slaughter some cdbs. His eco is shot and he resigns soon after, but it's still a long battle mowing down the red and blue swarms of troops. We finally get them to surrender, and I feel like I'm totally done for the night. In the end, I'd built 1100 musks, and I'd only started using them towards the end of Age III!
posted 02-01-11 08:14 PM EDT (US)     756 / 804       
Well, I am back after an over 9000 year hiatus. :P

Anyway, this one is too great not to list, so here goes:

1 vs. 1 quick match, I was French, my opponent was Germans, on Great Lakes (summer). I'd recently lost to another German player on the same map, so I was feeling annoyed with GL and decided to try something new just for lulz: I went with a naval deck. Aged up like normal, put lots of CdB onto food and gold. When I hit colonial, I immediately sent the 1 Galleon (or whatever the troop-training ship is called for France) card, and sent the Galleon over to the central island where I began training musks, hussars, and a few pikes like crazy.

Fast forward to a forty-man army, my eco is still going strong and his army is just headed over to my base, consisting of mostly ulhans (my stealthed native scout could see them coming well in advance) and so I quickly land my galleon over on his shore right next to his tc and disembark my troops, queueing up more musks on the ship in the process. I chat "Boo." to him as my army burns down his TC, barracks, and multiple economic buildings. By the time his ulhans have returned, I'm almost all muskets and pikes, and they proceed to rape his ulhans. GG.

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The Admiral
posted 02-25-11 09:08 PM EDT (US)     757 / 804       
So it was 2v2 treaty on lrg. great plains. I was the sioux level 15 and my teammate was japan level 42. We were facing two french players both in the hundreds. So as you can see we were at a HUGE disadvantage.

It was treaty no blockade, I spent all forty minutes gathering as many resources as I could so I would have a good surplus. My army was all cavalry mostly legendary bow horse riders and legendary axe riders. Axe riders for the french skirmishers and bow riders for whatever the name of the french heavy cavalry is. I had my army and a lot of extra resources.

The treaty ended. The first battle and I think the most important took place in the center of the map between my ally and one of the enemies. My ally won re-built his army and started attacking. The other french guy attacked me and he beat my army and then went after my town. I quickly sent all my 99 villagers to my ally's town. I couldn't go inside of it because there was no room (he had walls I didn't) so I built a small refugee camp in the forest next to it.

I built three stables and then sent everyone off to hunt and mine. The french guy who attacked me left my town to go help his ally who was being attacked by my ally. This gave me time to rebuild an army. I sent my army to the french who attacked me. So his ally was now vulnerable because he was fighting off my troops. My ally rebuilt his troops and crushed the one french guy.

It was now 2v1. Since I had all that extra resources I could build another army. Me and my ally both did. So did the enemy. We all headed to the middle of the map for the final battle. It was close but we won and were able to break through his walls and crush his town.

The Sioux and the Japanese beat two French players in treaty. I thought it was pretty epic.
posted 02-25-11 09:22 PM EDT (US)     758 / 804       
that is a pretty epic win, considering you didn't build any walls in a NR 40 game haha. you were just asking for it... nice recovery though!
posted 05-17-11 11:24 AM EDT (US)     759 / 804       
1v1 game on honshu Aztec (me) vs ottoman.
Lord Berminator
posted 05-27-11 06:06 PM EDT (US)     760 / 804       
Lolol GreenKnight I'm back from an over 9000 year hiatus too. NICE GAME, the aprt where you chatted boo cracked me up. Gotta love avante-garde strategies, especially when they work =D
And Marpolo I liked reading yours too, effed up maps are always annoying but turn out interesting. I once had a game on Araucania where I was stuck on a little cliff to the far right of the map as Ports, had very few resources and relied entirely on shipments, bombarded an enemy with howitzers from cliff.

Nice stories all, congrats on all the comebacks and wins!

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posted 05-31-11 08:54 AM EDT (US)     761 / 804       
i remember one time in texas i was fighting the dutch on hard. i was more preoccupied about spying on the enemy and i allowed them to build a fort and a large army in the center of the map. before i realized what happened my town center was being overrun and i was forced to flee the area. luckily i had a town center wagon with me but we were forced to flee from each area soon after we built a few houses. while my infantry and workers are doing this my cavalry is constantly destroying trading posts, killing large numbers of settlers are killing off stragglers of their main column. finally their main column caught up with my settlers and all but two cassadors. i return to the north with my cavalry and cassadors and expolers and we build a new town center but the dutch find us and destroy us with their cavalry and field guns.
posted 06-01-11 01:52 PM EDT (US)     762 / 804       
I spent some time to add some pictures.

4-Player FFA, Scenario Clash.

Me (Ottoman), a German, a Frenchie, and an Indian.

Got into the game and took the middle right away, followed by Frenchie's resign for no apparent reason, so we were down to 3.

I began to get my whaling eco up when I ran into the German not far from by base. He had about 10 skirms, his starting Colonial Militia, and a couple Uhlans. He slowly pushed me back into my base, and I finally pushed him back thanks to the random event that granted me 5 Ronin.

The middle granted me my first free villie for holding it for 5 minutes. After that, I got my cav out collecting sheep to bring back -- sheep exchange for more native cavalry. I got my whaling eco going well, and the boom began.

This pic will not work :| [JPEG, (257.53 KB)]

Yellow attacked me again, but I crushed that very quickly as I outboomed him -- he was far too stupid to make any whaling boats.

I chased off India's Colonial milita in the east and planted some spies in the German's base, seeing he had next to no men.

Sadly, his internet then dropped, and it was down to me and green.

The men I had chasing green's militia ran into his army of Ghurkas, and I decided it was time to get some stables up.

Green pushed me out of the middle and I was soon on the defense.

I barely pulled it off, but I finally obliterated that army.

My spies told me he had few men in the middle, and I retaliated. I then attacked his base, but he levied some swordsmen, and I had to back out for another attack.

I prepared for a long siege and built a forward base.

I collected tons of sheep to get me some native cav and called out a bunch of Jannissaries and Abus. He was quickly obliterated as his eco failed due to not whaling.

Todays lesson: Always get the whales when playing Scenario Clash.

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Scenario Reviewer
posted 06-08-11 02:23 PM EDT (US)     763 / 804       
nice, frontpaged!

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Jake Dasolsky
posted 06-08-11 04:08 PM EDT (US)     764 / 804       
Hey, I'm new to HG, so this is my first war story.

Carolina FFA. I was Russian, against Portuguese And Ottomans it started out as a rush game but, with my strelets obliterated early on it became a terrifying game of hide-and-seek. After 2mins of fleeing from ottos Jannisaries my explorer was able to build a town center and start spamming villies like crazy. By this time, the ports (i forget who they were) found my base and started pummeling it with goons & cassadores, luckily, i had about twenty strelets in my walls where they slowly but surely beat them off. anyway, after this went on for about 20-30mins i built a blockhouse behind the ports base and with the cannon/blockhouse train card he was utterly destroyed-then came the ottomans. I had completely forgot about them and because of that, they had wiped out my small town as well as all but one of my villies(had one from the blockhouse so I had my army mount a suicide charge against the ottomans...I went the wrong way and got ambushed...the end

Hoped you liked it, the lesson, clearly, is DON'T FORGET THE OTTOMANS!!! THEY WILL KILL YOU!!! it was still fun though lol
Scenario Design Expert
posted 06-11-11 01:11 AM EDT (US)     765 / 804       
Well I was pretty happy in this 40min treaty game I thought I'd loose. I was with a 2nd Lt and a corp vs 2 corps and a sargeant. Basically I was slow to start pumping units, and I was forced early on to make Abus and Cav archers as my main units, so I was using just those two units almost the whole game (the british sarge just kept switching from redcoats to hussars and back again).

He was dominating the map until I noticed that not only was our team winning on score... I was winning on score!

Yes, me a puny lvl 8 lance corporal was beating a 2nd Lt and a sargeant on score, while still pumping out units non-stop! AND I was ottos, who always suck on score.

Here's a couple of pics:

[JPEG, (485.51 KB)]

[JPEG, (686.81 KB)]

StormComing (to me): "Seems like you're way under-ranked"

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Jake Dasolsky
posted 06-13-11 00:17 AM EDT (US)     766 / 804       
Yeah, if you can get the ottomans to the late game, they are almost invincible with some artillery support.( falconets, not abus) I took out 3 civs with 40 jannissaries and 10 field guns go ottomans!
posted 06-30-11 01:04 AM EDT (US)     767 / 804       
I lost this one but is was fun

1v1 on California, I was Russian and opponent was a level 74 Japanese. I aged up about 30 seconds before the Jap and hit him early with 20 strelets and 15 musketeers. His eco was damaged badly. He killed all my attacking army and I had just received the 13 strelets card and I sent them to my forward blockhouse where I had 5 musketeers built and 5 queued. Then he attacked my forward barracks, I do not know how he done it but he attacked with an impressive force that quickly wiped out my army and the blockhouse went down just as the 5 musketeers came out.

I made 20 more strelets at my home blockhouse and he attacked my TC. My strelets held him off long enough for me to evacuate my villagers. He killed most but about 11 survived. I quickly moved them to the top corner of the map and built a "blockhouse fort" amongst the trees. 7 blockhouses, all spamming strelets. I kept sending them all into his base and wiped out countless villagers. This kept up for about 10minutes when he finally discovered my blockhouses with that wonder ability and he strike with countless natives.

My BH held off for about 5 minutes when finally they started to fall. 1 villager got away and I stood him in the far corner of the map. It took him about 10 minutes to find him and I finally resigned.

The ironic things is he said "GG" about 30minutes before I resigned.
posted 07-18-11 00:18 AM EDT (US)     768 / 804       
1 villager got away and I stood him in the far corner of the map. It took him about 10 minutes to find him and I finally resigned.
It sounds like it would be annoying to play against you.
posted 07-19-11 07:06 AM EDT (US)     769 / 804       
haha I normally would have just resigned but the fact he said gg before even my TC fell drove me on.
posted 07-26-11 00:57 AM EDT (US)     770 / 804       
OK, so today i was playing against a dutch player and a spanish player. i was sioux my ally chinese. I aged early and started raiding mr. dutchy until spains 8 xbow drove my cav away. i kept moving around his pikes to raid dutch and kept him under 20 vills the whole game ( it lasted far too long btw). eventually i forced him to make a mill and he kept complaining for about 5 minutes wondering how i got my cav in and out so quickly ( with much profanity). the game went on like that until my ally decided to make an army in age4 and we swarmed both their towns starting with dutch. oh and spanish tried taking down one of my tc's w/ pikes but my newly trained rifle riders stopped that soon enough.

this whole thing had my cracking up the whole time, it really was funny how the dutch player never bothered to build an outpost or anything. it really would've been easy to spot me sooner as i was only just out of his LOS.
posted 07-26-11 09:02 PM EDT (US)     771 / 804       
1 villager got away and I stood him in the far corner of the map. It took him about 10 minutes to find him and I finally resigned.
Bro i had this dude did this to me. I was the french and he was dutch, i rushed him with musks and hussars, and by 9:55 i had destroyed his little town of markets, houses and a tc, and killed 99% of his villagers, he had two left, and we were playing on large carolina. After searching the whole map for his villagers, i had the bright idea to age up to imperial and get the spies technology from the capital building. Game ended with after 22 mins after i destroyed his town.
What annoying player. I hate people who do that, i even considered resigning.

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posted 07-31-11 07:59 PM EDT (US)     772 / 804       
This was a FFA on Lrg Great Plains

I was Spanish and we started with Portugese Dutch Aztecs British and Russians

Port left instantly.

We all boomed as you do in a FFA we were going quite well all of us then red attacked green in fortress and was eliminated we were down to 4
By 45 mins into game scores were this
Brit 1600
Aztec 1500
Spanish 1700
Dutch 2200
Ironically the Dutch lagged out and the Brit being sensible went for the aztec.
AFter another 20 mins around the 1 hour mark the brits and aztecs were playing ping pong jumping between each others bases leaving me to boom and hit 2500 score and FUing lancers and geting uction ready with FB's etc
By the time they were thinking about stopping i decided to have some fun by annoying them both by killing their victorious advancing armies
They both hated me and were indebted to me kinda.and 1h 20m into the game the Brit left cause he was"bored" so it left me an the aztec who was on 2200 score and i was on 3700
We kept fighting for another hour constantly fighting with changing combos coyote/erk v skirm lancer etc
Eventually i out econed him and he called GG as he ran out of resources and his FB was dead but was happy with the game. Game was 2 hours 51 mins. I got some cool stats for the awards for having 1140489Total Res and 5192 total kills and my fav unit was skirmisherx999 xD. First War Story hope to post one or two more

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posted 08-06-11 04:50 PM EDT (US)     773 / 804       
This was hillarious.

Me and my 3v3 buddies were playing a few 2nd lutes, which is never fair since one of our friends is a pr13 corp, me and my other friend are around 2nd lute skill level.

Anyways game starts, I was playing French, and I had a pretty rough early game. I didnt herd very well and got raided a lot so I had a weak eco starting in fortress. We managed to hold them back awhile and I finally began to boom with 2 TCs up. I had a nice musket spam going but then the corporal player got taken out ans had no villies. It was me and my other friend playing ottos to try and hold them back. I had a nice amount of musks and a pretty good defence but they had outboomed us so we were finally pushed back all the way. Me and my friend started messing around, hiding villies and building outposts everywhere. I went to the side of the map to make a last force of musks when one of the enemies started losing connection.

It wouldnt of mattered since it was already a 3v2 against us, but then the timeout/drop screen started jumping and flashing on and off. Eventually the game froze and we started sending troll messages to avoid boredom. After probably 40 minute game followed by a 5-10 minute connection issue stretch we got the "out of sync" error.

Me and my friends were peeing our pants we were laughing so hard. I remember sending the message, "LMFAO THAT DOESNT COUNT AS A LOSS!!!" It was a hillarious ending to a landslide game, I bet the opposing team was pretty mad lol.

Looking back, if his teammates had of dropped their laggy player they would of won the game

Just to show, never give up! You never know what will happen

P.S.: I went on elo ladders and, like I expected, the game doesn't show up. I bet those 3 guys were infuriated with all of the noob troll/trash talking we did at the end.
posted 08-09-11 04:39 PM EDT (US)     774 / 804       
This was a FFA that i did yesterday on Nilla.
We were playing on great plains map and there were 5 of us.
I was purple(spanish), Blue my allie was germans, our rivals yellow(france) and teal ( france) and the loner pink who was playing also as the french.
I was at the bottom of the map teal was across from me, and blue was my neighbor to the left of me so was yellow to the left of blue and pink left of yellow.
We all advanced to colonial about the same time except yellow who was kind of a noob.
Then teal started raiding me real hard. After a building a couple of outposts near my herdabel hunts he left me alone.
I got to age 3 first and supplement my army with skirmishers and cannons.
Blue started saying he needed help on the 25 min i marched my army to his base and saw yellows small amry compared to me. I smashed his army and marched to his base with my army of skirmishers musks, and cannons.
I killed a couple of his guys then dulley marched back right to my town fearing an attack from teal, which never came.
Seems that teal got smashed by pink, and he was mad.
I had a great lead in score then with a booming eco and a big army.
Pink then dulley marches with a great host of musketers and cannons before my army can get back to its base.
He destroyes my fort and my skeleton of a garrison.
My army finnaly reaches my base and gets ambushed my another army of musketers and cannons, only half survived that ambush and when we get to my base finnaly, the other half gets destroyed.
When pink ambushed me with his second army i had called blue for help, and he arrived in the nick of time.
After that i got another army together and when pink attacked me a second time i easily dealt with his force of purely musketers.
Yellow resigned after constant harresment from pink and blue since he was caught in between them and he had no army whatsoever to defend his base.
Teaming up me and blue smashed the remains of pink empire, and started being. He started to complain that it wasn't fair that we teamed up to destroy him.

I was getting more and more anxious of facing blue. I mean i had a big army huge eco, and i had been leading throughout the whole game in scorewise.
And i could have easily smashed blues army, but i didn't want to turn agianst an allie of mine.
Fortunatly blue resigned saying he had to go.
After that it was only a matter of hunting down pinks scattered cuirrs
BTW i was testing out if spanish were weak or not, they aren't. Before i started the game one of the players said
"why would you want to play with Spain, they are weak"
I was testing that theory.
I was correct they are not weak.

"When I am in the battlefield, I love it more then when I am in my house"-Khalid Bin Walid
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posted 08-16-11 07:43 AM EDT (US)     775 / 804       
Hi everyone this is my first post and my first war story

It was a Coloseum. I was Dutch(purple)there was two more dutchies( red and blue) and a russian(green)

Blue and green started fighting right outside my first gate with Strelets and rodelaros, I was saving up crossbowman. Green beat blue back and retreated to his area. Then I noticed about a hundred crossbows headed straight for me! I managed to keep red at bay for a good 20 mins when I finally lvled up. I started getting Skirmies and red started to back off. Bout now I see how blue and green are faring. Blue kept posting 'he's got 300 imp stretlets!' then red helped him. Then green posted 'you teaming up?' and it turns out that blue and red have a Plan. Red breaks through my first wall and I start getting imp Skirmies. Then he gets blue to attack me aswell. They broke through my second wall and start attacking my CP. I lvl again and start getting Landsknetchs. I delay the inevitable for 10 mins then my CP falls. Then green pours out the 600 imp skirmy army he has been saving up and wipes out blue and red.

Hope you liked my first post
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