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Topic Subject:winning against my friends
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posted 11-05-08 05:31 PM EDT (US)         
ok I have tons of friends who are above average liues who play people major and captains and stuff the point is they are good. my one friend likes to ff and my other friend holds off my rushes playing defencive and then wipes me out and my other friend makes tons of men and keeps holding me off until I cant make no more men, and by this time there eco score is way higher and when I try and boom with them other games, they always out boom me and win. they play more defensive so can you guys give me some tips on how to beat them and some strats I can use, they use all civs if you want to know?
Arcane Ranger
posted 11-06-08 06:24 PM EDT (US)     26 / 34       
Hm... I see, the stats from elo show that you haven't noob bashed or point traded for around 2 weeks. Good enough for now I guess.

There are a horde of russian strategies in strategy central, use the search button or the comprehensive guides. Kivlov is the main russian expert here, you can ask him any specific questions in the ask & tell thread (mentor & mentee forum).

For microing, use the search button, I believe Moshe Levi made a thread compiling most of the microing tips. Tips include:

Hit & Run - Shooting, moving back, shooting again

Herding - Get your villagers on the other side of a hunt and shoot

TC Hopping - Defensive Micro, quickly jump your villagers out via hotkeys, let them shoot, then jump them back in via hotkeys so that the tc can shoot. Rinse and Repeat.

"Villager Walking" - If a villager is going from one side of the tc to the other, garrison him in the tc and then un-garrison him, saves a couple seconds of walking
posted 11-06-08 10:35 PM EDT (US)     27 / 34       
yes I am done noob bashing and point trading but idc about strats lol I have good rushing strats I just need help on booming after my rush.
posted 11-07-08 00:28 AM EDT (US)     28 / 34       
I bet i could beat him im a private rush or treat?
im good in both cant handle a private (rush) or a corp (treaty?)

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posted 11-07-08 00:56 AM EDT (US)     29 / 34       
Are you keeping up constant villie production?
Try not rushing as hard and focus on eco more.
How many villlies do you age with?
I think its been said that 17 villies is a good age up number for russians if you want to keep up constant villie production once your in colonial.

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posted 11-07-08 01:04 AM EDT (US)     30 / 34       
yeah guys I just want to get better so I can play better players, I am never going to noob bash again or point trade I just really want a fresh starts guys. I play all civs I really just need some good tips on booming after rushing and microing those are my weak points. I gueess ill go with help on russia because they are the civ I play most.
If I were you, I'd buy a new disk for a fresh start.
Well since you promise to get better I guess we should help you now. Read Arcane's RUMM rush and James' strelet+cossack rush (though not technically by him)If you really need help ask Kivlov, he'll turn your strelets into monster trucks.
What? How is it not technically by me??? It's 100% by me.
I think its been said that 17 villies is a good age up number for russians if you want to keep up constant villie production once your in colonial.
Yes. With Russia, you'll always wanting to be aging with 14, unless doing the MrMilo's No Villager Russia Rush.
posted 11-07-08 03:16 PM EDT (US)     31 / 34       
Thats a bit more like it guys. I know people do things.. but live and let die. Quit any flaming and just help him out .

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Eside Irish
posted 11-07-08 03:39 PM EDT (US)     32 / 34       
With Russia, you'll always wanting to be aging with 14
17 is good as well especially if your wanting to rush and boom.
posted 11-07-08 04:00 PM EDT (US)     33 / 34       
ok guys ill give 17 vills a go. the only thing is I dont want to give my friends too much time to ff or boom.
Arcane Ranger
posted 11-07-08 09:04 PM EDT (US)     34 / 34       
You won't. If done correctly, you should start producing military when the opponent does due your blockhouse. Only age with 14 if you're facing aztecs or indians (maybe another civ), or if you're doing a specific strategy.

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