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Topic Subject:Ronin spam?
posted 05-15-09 08:02 PM EDT (US)         
I don't know if other civs have Ronin, I play as British, but spamming ronin works pretty well. They only require two upgrades, I think- 1 from arsenal and one from the church. (these upgrades aren't unit specific though). You can start spamming them and getting the upgrades at age 3. They cost *only* 400 gold, so you can have all your vills on gold, and factories if you get to age 4. The only downside to Ronin spam is that they cost 4 pop, so you can only have 50 at a time, and they train slowly, which is bad since you can only make one saloon. The only unit that can counter them is spies (If ninjas happen to be available, then this strategy doesn't work), but if my enemy makes lots of spies, I just make a few cannons and kill them all off. Spies are really terrible now, they lessened their attack against everything but mercs and heroes to 5. 5! That is such a joke...
Anyway, has anyone else tried this strategy?
posted 05-15-09 08:32 PM EDT (US)     1 / 5       
Well theres the fact that this strategy doesnt work.

So no, i have not tried this.

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posted 05-15-09 09:08 PM EDT (US)     2 / 5       
Allow me to soften the blow a bit...This is not a stratagy per se, a strategy would consist of 'follow this general build order, now you have these options; player 2 does this, you can react this way, watch for this counter, etc'. Most players on this forum play supremacy, so you need to qualify this by letting us know its for treaty ( I'm assuming it is, because it is not economicly viable in a sup game). Yes, ronin are good for hand infantry, but their cost and pop space imply that they are not intended for massing. Yes, they can be countered by units other than ninjas. 50 ronin would take up the same pop as 200 skirmishers! Mercs are not generally cost effective unless sent from the HC. Try building a ballanced, pop effective and quickly replacable army, like 30 skirm/lonbgow, 20 musk, 15 hussar and some canon. Note that this leaves you room for the most important unit in the game, villagers.

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posted 05-15-09 09:17 PM EDT (US)     3 / 5       
You forgot to mention that you need to send a card just to be able to make ronins at the saloon.

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posted 05-15-09 10:05 PM EDT (US)     4 / 5       
"You forgot to mention that you need to send a card just to be able to make ronins at the saloon."

Yeah... but when you create your first home city, it's level 10, so you can get this card... I don't understand. So what if you need a card?
posted 05-15-09 10:34 PM EDT (US)     5 / 5       
So what if you need a card?
This entire thing isn't viable without that card.
And there's no way in hell I'd ever have 50 ronin. 25 maybe, if I was being really stupid. Imo they aren't worth it to spam.
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