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Topic Subject: Desperately searching AI-mod testers for AoE3 DEMO/Full
posted 10-23-05 01:19 AM EDT (US)   
What is this about?

We (2 computer science students from Vienna) wrote an AI-script for AoE3. We specialized the AI for playing 1 vs 1 on Texas as British, although there is *not* a lot map/civ dependent code - we just didnt have the time to test more than one setup. The AI is by no means "complete", and there is still huge room for improvements. The AI script runs fine on the demo version of the game, as well as on the release version (well, at least we hope so, its not yet released in Austria and we didnt have a chance to test the script on the release version of the game).

This is pretty much a full rewrite of the default AI (we r using less than 1% of the original code). Its including a math library, and an implementation of loads of "standard" data structures like AVL-balanced trees implementing maps/sets, etc. Maybe some of you find those usefull - we ll put documentation of these libs online asap.

What is psychoAI's playing strength?

Well, its beating the default AI fast and consistently. But without cheating (difficulty hard or lower) it cant really compete with any skilled human player - but it should be quite challenging for beginners. We are using the same handicap system as the default AI, and with the "cheat bonus" from expert setting its usually quite hard to beat psychoAI. (Well, at least for me it is, but im not very skilled in AoE3 - and i didnt try doing anything "mean" to the AI ).

What we would like to ask you for:

Part of our project assignment is to run an online test where gamers play against our AI script and report their experience by filling out a short form. So, we would like to ask you to download the psychoAI installer here - and after your first game please report us how you like the script.

About selecting the right difficulty for your first "testgame":

Please choose a difficulty that you feel comfortable against the default AI. For most people this should be "hard" difficulty - if you are looking for some challenge you can try expert setting - but i wouldnt recommend it for the testgame unless you are already quite skilled in AoE3. The AI can only play British / Texas at the moment - please dont forget this when selecting the game settings. When installing the script it will replace the Queen Elizabeth personality, so all you need to do to play against it is selecting a British opponent on Texas - at the difficulty you prefer. (An automated uninstaller to revert the changes is included - dont worry )

After you finished the testgame:

There will be a link installed in your startmenu, which takes you to the reporting form. Please report only once, after the first game you played.

Pleeeease: dont forget to fill out the form, we really need this, thanks!

We are providing several different versions of the script for testing. We would appreciate honest feedback, so we can figure out which versions of the script "suck", and which ones dont.


Link to our site: click

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posted 10-23-05 04:09 PM EDT (US)     1 / 6  
This ai works really good, even for custom scenarios which I tried it on, it worked alot better then the junky ai that comes with the game.

Former level designer at Reverie World Studios.
I still do some levels for fun, though!
posted 10-23-05 05:17 PM EDT (US)     2 / 6  
The installer doesn't recognize that AoE3 is installed. Where should I point it to?

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires III

That is the folder that the game is installed to.

posted 10-23-05 05:20 PM EDT (US)     3 / 6  
Hello i have download it, but i did not install it yet, I just want to know is it easy to uninstall? it is setup file after all.

Thank you

posted 10-23-05 06:45 PM EDT (US)     4 / 6  
That actually seemed easier then what the normal AI is. I played on moderate (this is what I play as normally), and easily beat the AI on 1v1. I started as I do in every game in the post-imperial age. I just don't like the hassal of going through the ages one at a time.

They launched a total of 2 small attacks, and could not even breach my wall. I then immediatly launched an attack with a group of infantry, and two medics along with 5 cannons. Most of the infantry died, but I sent down about 30-35 calvary as reinforcements and cleaned up the place.

Although the new AI did try to rebuild, and didn't give up as easy. This is something that the normal AI never seemed to do well.

I was playing the ottoman empire if that matters.

posted 10-23-05 08:55 PM EDT (US)     5 / 6  
Hey plexiq_ can I use this ai for my campaign I'm making? I will give you credit for making the ai.

Former level designer at Reverie World Studios.
I still do some levels for fun, though!
posted 10-24-05 02:34 AM EDT (US)     6 / 6  
About the varying expierience that testers have: I want to point out again, that we are using different versions for the test - you get one asigned randomly when downloading. By filling out the question form after the game you show us which settings work, and which dont. This is part of our project asignment - we really need to get this done (we need about 50 feedbacks)

@Strelets: There is an uninstaller included that will revert all the changes made to your game. Its really easy remove it from your system again.

@Cavetown: After this test is finished we'll put a better documented, and easily customizable version of the script online. Once this is online, feel free to use it

The script has - for the moment - a hardcoded buildup to age2. I think it wont work any good if you start at post-imperial. Sorry i didnt mention this in my initial post. Its intended for Age1-starts *only*. (Thats just for now anyway.)

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