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Scenario Design
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Topic Subject:The Downloads Section: News, Reviews, Requests
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posted 02-05-06 12:12 PM EDT (US)         

The Downloads Section: News, Reviews, Requests


10/5/06 - a new RMS script for y'all by RF_Gandalf, Gandalf's Random Land Map. A step ahead of ES!
19/5/06 - CaveTown releases the sequel to his campaign Roanoke, Roanoke 2: Mysteries of the Ones
14/6/06 - Botolf releases a nice FF scenario, Seige of Fort Niagara.
16/6/06 - a nice no rush RMS from schildpad, here.
17/6/06 - an awesome set of maps with observer mode enabled, from pftq.
06/2/07 - A very nice Advanced Triggers Set by pftq.
06/4/04 - A great New Editor2 Expansion Patch by kjn, and PureAlbino.
19/4/07 - HTML and BBCode are now enabled in the Download Section for “Description”.

Review Requests!

This thread has been created to help both designers and reviewers. This is mainly aimed for requesting reviews for random map scripts and single player scenarios. Requesting reviews here gives reviewers a base to work from and it prevents the downloads from being too clogged up with people requesting for reviews there.

Before you review a map please do read the Review Guide!

If you would like your map reviewed add a post to this thread, stating the title of the map, it's type and a link to it in the download section. Forummers can then take note and review your submission in the download section. Thanks!

Current Review Requests:
Cinematic: smilie - The wrong path

Reporting Reviews

AoE III Heaven is proud to be the home for many designers and fans in the community. Therefore, in hopes of maintaining a positive environment for all fans including the map makers, reviewers, and just the playing fans, this thread has been created.

This thread can also be used to report comments and/or reviews in the AoE III Downloads that you believe should be looked at and possibly removed. All that I really need are names and a URLs. This will be very helpful in aiding me to keep the downloads clean and tidy.

I have written out an updated version of the review guidelines first written by Angel Spineman. These are only guidelines for reviewing but it is assumed that when you write a review you have read through this article.

I'll also try to keep track of removed/changed reviews.

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(id: Luke_Feanor)
posted 06-26-06 08:41 AM EDT (US)     26 / 147       
Cheers for the heads up; it's been dealt with now.

Lucas is boss.
dr nefarious
posted 06-27-06 07:09 AM EDT (US)     27 / 147       
Here a 1.0 rating was deleted because "you're not rating the no-rush gamestyle". Under this premise, at least the second and third 5.0 ratings should be deleted as well. It's simply the other extreme - just as mr 1.0 hates no-rush, these 5.0 guys love it.
(id: Luke_Feanor)
posted 06-27-06 11:18 AM EDT (US)     28 / 147       
The second 5.0 review, although really short, does actually rate the quality of the solution to the problem, but it's on my list to remove at the end of the week because of its length. The third 5.0 is the opposite of the 1.0 I removed as you say.

Thanks for the heads-up!

Lucas is boss.
Scenario Contest Winner
posted 06-29-06 10:32 AM EDT (US)     29 / 147       
Dear moderators,

I would like to suggest that the "No Rush Mapset (v2.0)" made by Furby_killer and pftq will be mentioned in the main news section (the main site).

These No Rush maps are an amazing solution to No Rush games.
Even Ensemble was unsuccessful coming up with a solution for no rush games (they admitted that).

This invisible wall works perfectly and there is no delay when the timer expires.

Many No Rush players would be very happy to play with these maps, as myself and anyone else who played them with me online.

These No Rush maps would eliminate some of the animosity between NR players and normal players (that is created as a result of cheating - not complying with the no rush rules), making the game better for everyone.

Thank you for your help.

Moshe Levi

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posted 07-05-06 05:25 PM EDT (US)     30 / 147       
I have a map request: a remake of black forest from AoE2. while most of the other map types from AoE2 can be found in AoE3, the closest thing to black forest is New England or maybe Carolina, but the forest isn't nearly dense enough in either of those 2 maps to match black forest. So if somebody could remake black forest (either from scratch, or just modifying a differnt map such as New England to make it very heavily wooded and removing the water and replacing with small lakes) I am certain that many AoE2 fans would appreciate to play that maap again. Thanks

ps: I'd rather not attempt to do this myself, because the last--and only other--RMS I've tried to make syncs every time I try to play it online.

- SchighSchagh
posted 07-06-06 08:06 AM EDT (US)     31 / 147       
[QUOTE] I have a map request: a remake of black forest from AoE2. [\QUOTE]

The problem with this is that units are able to walk through forest in AOE3. Since this was a key feature of AOC Black Forest (Rush impossible most of the times) I doubt an AOE3 Black Forest Map would be as popular as in AOC.
I will give it a try anyway since it looks like this would be rather easy to make.

posted 07-06-06 12:35 PM EDT (US)     32 / 147       
Yes, I have thought of that as well, actually. One possible fix that comes to mind is the invisible wall they use in NR maps. Now I don't really know anything about it, except it's name and that it is an accurate, descriptive name. Also, I'm fairly certain it is controlled by triggers since the game removes it after a certain period of time, so here is what I'm thinking: place such a wall that dynamically adapts to the shape of the forest as it gets cut down and shrinks. So maybe divide the forest into small patches, and use Quest Vars or something to keep track of which patches have been cut down (Objects in Area condition), which patches remain on the outskirts of the forest (units should be allowed to go through these trees so that vils can cut them), and the inner patches could be walled off. It's a far shot, I know.

If that's not doable (either because it's impossible or just much too complicated), then just make the forest extremely dense, because that will at least slow the units down as they have to zig-zag through. If they have to zig-zag their way through, then an attacker would not be able to launch a follow-up attack immediately because it would take a while to get there, giving the defender some time to get back on his feet.

Also, you must admit that it is much more realistic for units to be able to walk through a forest. It's only too bad that it takes away this aspect of the game.

Last thought as I was about to hit submit: I don't suppose there is such a thing as an impassable forest, that maybe hasn't been found yet? Wishful thinking, I know...

- SchighSchagh
posted 07-06-06 03:39 PM EDT (US)     33 / 147       
I think Trigger that adapt to the forest is impossible.
posted 07-07-06 00:56 AM EDT (US)     34 / 147       
Does anyone know if its possible to debug my random map scripts?
If so then I would appreciate some assistance in this matter, as so far i have found that the aplications require an executable.
posted 07-07-06 05:10 AM EDT (US)     35 / 147       

Go here :
describes how to use build in debugger.
The debugger kind of sux though
posted 07-07-06 11:28 AM EDT (US)     36 / 147       
i just thought of another solution to my black forest idea, and this one should be doable. use some for loops to individually place all the trees on the map so close to each other that units would not be able to pass through.

- SchighSchagh
posted 07-15-06 06:16 PM EDT (US)     37 / 147       

I tried some things to get impassable forest, I think its not possible. There are some other problems also, e.g. no good forest style for this available and I think so much Tree will cause hard lag in Teamgame.
I gave up on that one since those invisible wall thing seems much better to get long lasting games anyway than a BF style map.
posted 07-18-06 05:01 PM EDT (US)     38 / 147       
several of us tried in the first months the game was out to make a usable impenetrable forest, without success. I think there were problems getting the forest to be always impenetrable, and trouble with pathing issues by the AI.
posted 08-03-06 08:23 PM EDT (US)     39 / 147       
Are we gonna get an update to the mega proto (with HC objects) for patch 1.08? I can't use it now

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posted 08-04-06 00:37 AM EDT (US)     40 / 147       


Are we gonna get an update to the mega proto (with HC objects) for patch 1.08? I can't use it now

I just updated the Mega Proto to work with patch 1.08. I have uploaded the new proto here at HG and it should be ready for download soon.

Since I took the time to update, I went ahead and included some fixes for some of the things that did not show up before.

Special note for all that had Shaw's proto mod version 6.: The HC skyboxes did not work properly in playtest. Now they work just like the regular skyboxes.

EDIT: Now, ready for download. Download here

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posted 08-04-06 05:29 PM EDT (US)     41 / 147       
it doesn't work

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posted 08-04-06 05:54 PM EDT (US)     42 / 147       
OK, sorry guys, I'm not sure why it is failing. It is working fine for me atm. I will get it fixed tonight. Sorry for the inconvenience.
posted 08-26-06 02:47 PM EDT (US)     43 / 147       
AoEO Seraph
(id: Kastor)
posted 08-26-06 05:32 PM EDT (US)     44 / 147       
dr nefarious
posted 08-28-06 02:40 AM EDT (US)     45 / 147       
Bad "reviews" in the RMS section:

Dark Pegasus on Fort Wars

Weeda, superadamwo, Saden50 on Canyonlands

Deuce on Gandalf's Giant Land Map

I untouchable I, Churchbus on Island Continent

Kastor, nexa, FrankGorgenyi, Ikol on Appalachians

Hearsedrv, rickjames05 on Total War III

etivac on Alaska

itsmephil on Alied Tribes

cedron on King of the Valleys

lifereloaded on Greater Lakes

Splash_Z on River Crossings II

Splash_Z on Gandalfs Random Map Script

B-V war lord on Jungle 2.0

HunterKiller24 on No Rush Mapset

Btw, whatever happened to the AI section?

AoEO Seraph
(id: Kastor)
posted 09-01-06 08:05 PM EDT (US)     46 / 147       
The AI section was to small so we merged it with the misc section.

I removed most of these reviews above.

dr nefarious
posted 09-04-06 02:56 AM EDT (US)     47 / 147       
More bad reviews for RMSs:

metal_fan2 on

macaulish on
Glacier and River Crossings Plus

Can't you sort of review the reviews as they are coming in?

AoEO Seraph
(id: Kastor)
posted 09-04-06 06:11 AM EDT (US)     48 / 147       
I'm new to the Download Administration, and yup there's a way I just found out
posted 10-04-06 06:40 AM EDT (US)     49 / 147       
is it possible that someone make a review of scouring the amazon?
posted 11-29-06 10:10 AM EDT (US)     50 / 147       
The 3 rating from this RMS should be removed. The reviewer has played this multiplayer RMS on single player.

Getting credit for kjn's work: New Editor2 Expansion Patch
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