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Topic Subject:rotate Walls rms
posted 06-18-20 10:55 AM EDT (US)         
HI there,

i hope someone can help me, i try to create a random map in aoe 3, i want to make Wall around every Towncenter. This is my current status:

//create Wall
int Wall_normal = rmCreateObjectDef("wall");

for(i=1; <cNumberPlayers){

rmPlaceObjectDefAtLoc(TCID, i, rmPlayerLocXFraction(i), rmPlayerLocZFraction(i));
vector TCLocation = rmGetUnitPosition(rmGetUnitPlacedOfPlayer(TCID, i));

for(v=1; <=12) {

rmPlaceObjectDefAtLoc(Wall_normal, i, rmXMetersToFraction(xsVectorGetX(TCLocation))-0.06+(0.012*v), rmZMetersToFraction(xsVectorGetZ(TCLocation))+0.06);

rmPlaceObjectDefAtLoc(Wall_normal, i, rmXMetersToFraction(xsVectorGetX(TCLocation))-0.06, rmZMetersToFraction(xsVectorGetZ(TCLocation))-0.06+(0.012*v));

i want the Walls on Leftside of TownCenter rotated 90 but i cant find any Command to can do that.

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posted 07-07-20 05:13 AM EDT (US)     1 / 1       
I believe you need to make a grouping and have the map load that grouping, such as the Llama Pen on Araucania.

The Regicide Maps, Honshu or Age Sanctuary Fan Patch Maps also spawn walls and a Castle so look at them.

I have the regicide maps included in N3O Fan Patch Download if you want to look at that.

I think this is the best place to start. This may limit your random map to single player and the files may need to be transferred manually from computer to computer.
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