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Scenario Design
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Topic Subject: Recruiting Scenario Content Creators
posted 08-30-20 01:20 AM EDT (US)   
Hello there! If you have a passion for making any sort of Scenario(s) we are looking for talent like you. With 'Age of Empires III: DE' right around the corner we are coming together to provide quality scenarios to the community. So far we have influential figures that create Risk Scenarios and Wolo Scenarios in our team but we are seeking all talent.

We have a very good speculation that Scenarios won't be available to be imported to the 'Definitive Edition' as many certain civs/units have been changed in the way their civ/unit gathers/operates/etc. This set back will have many of us work around the clock to re-create some Scenarios for the community.

Our plan is to have all Scenario Content Creators come together under one community and brainstorm ideas, help each other, and provide feedback to produce quality content scenarios for the Age of Empires III community.

If you enjoy creating any type of Scenario we would like to for you to be a part of this community so we can work together to create top notch scenarios for 'Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition. Even if you're not actively creating scenario but you have a vast wisdom to share around, we welcome you as well.

We invite you to join our community discord server!

Discord link:

Best regards,

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posted 09-03-20 09:57 AM EDT (US)     1 / 1  
The Discord didn't work for me.

Are these the types you are looking for?

War of the Spanish Succession:

French Commerce Raiding:

American Russian War:

I try to make scenarios to be good single player stuff, using Custom AIs that I've made and Custom Homecity files. The first two are historic, the second a fantasy scenario in Yankee Lands (New England Patagonia).
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