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Topic Subject:Nation of Warriors (NofW) is Recruiting. Teamspeak 3 Clan
posted 10-25-11 11:41 AM EDT (US)         

Nation of Warriors tag name NofW established back in 1999 on the famous MSN Gaming Zone in the still famous but not forgotten Age of Empires 2 The Age of Kings and of course Age of Empires: Rise of Rome that any Age player will know of course.

Nation of Warriors throughout the years has had its ups and downs just like any other clan but of course has continued to thrive with members and establish long lasting friendships within the clan and on occasion outside of the clan too.

Rank does not and cannot judge who a person is, its possible you could be the best Age player of all time but doesn't mean your the most down to earth and nicest member of the team and in some cases despite being the best you may also not be wanted in a team. Conscript to Major and beyond, it does not matter but who you are matters. Nation of Warriors do not judge a potential member on rank so if you feel you might be who we're looking for get in contact.

We do require all our members to have a headset microphone or willing to purchase one from Amazon, Ebay, local electronic store as Nation of Warriors are based within Teamspeak 3 largely and all our members are required to be on Teamspeak 3 whilst playing Age of Empires 3. Communication is the key and we believe the reason Nation of Warriors has been going for over 10 years is simply down to good communication.

Clan base is in the United Kingdom but we also have a large USA group as well as expanding to South Africa, Australia and so on. To be able to speak the English language well and to be open to discussion and be involved is a massive requirement.

So if you think you got what it takes and maybe you might be interested get in touch with us through our forums or website at.
or e-mail at

We look forward to hearing from you!
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