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Topic Subject:Clan Exchange Forum Guidelines
posted 09-15-05 00:03 AM EDT (US)         
Welcome to the Age of Empires 3 Heaven Clan Exchange Forum!

Due to the competitive nature of online gaming, and especially clans, we ask that you abide by some basic rules while posting here. If you are unsure whether your post is appropriate, please refer to this thread to make sure you aren't doing something that will get you in trouble.

  • Be courteous: This should go without saying. Don't post in other clans' threads advertising for your own, don't spam other clans' threads to get them closed, etc. Failure to comply will result in moderator action.
  • Advertising: Due to the nature of this forum, the CoC advertising rules are bent a little. However, don't advertise for anything that isn't a clan, clan website, or clan-related.
  • Thread limit: Don't make more than one thread to advertise for your clan. This counts as spam, and it will be closed. If you're not sure whether your clan has a thread or not, use the search feature at the bottom of the page.
  • Discrimination: While there's no official rule against discrimination, it is highly frowned upon. While you may limit members based on skill in the game, we would very much prefer that you didn't discriminate against people based on race, gender, or sexual preference. If you do, please keep your comments off of our forums.

    Again, we realize that the ideology behind clans is to incite competition. Please, keep it friendly. As always, be sure to abide by the Code of Conduct, use your head when posting, and have fun!

    Edit- Also, I realize this is probably unfinished, but the above is all I could come up with at the moment.

    We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.

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