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Topic Subject:Map Ideas and Code Scripts
posted 11-28-17 01:27 PM EDT (US)         
Basically, in all map scripts, you need to copy and paste the file, and rename it, by opening and removing ID from displaynameID and replace with discplayname=.

The file is doable from there, and you can add new units by copying starting units and adding startingunits2, and afterwards place it in map placement, place starting units2.

Thus you can add units with spread radius from 5.0 to 10.0, or from 10.0 to 20.0, and 15.0 or 20.0 for individual spawn for units.

Such as:

(Lancer, 20, 20.0)


(MercSwissPikeman, 20, 20.0)

(MercLandsknecht, 20, 20.0)


(Cannon, 10, 15.0)

(Culverin, 10, 15.0)

(Mortar, 10, 15.0)

(Falconet, 20, 20.0)

Thus you can place units at will and make the map more curious to play on. Important: you have to have the exact name to have units spawn on the field, no misspellings!

I hope this guide will encourage map making and adding units to maps starts.

This concludes the minor guide on Map Ideas and Code Scripts.

Startingunits2 works on all maps except Sonora.

best of regards,

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