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Topic Subject:mercenaries training
posted 03-26-21 08:59 AM EDT (US)         

I want to force AI players to train mercenaries, I tried a lot of things (modification of AImain), but without effect. in fact, mercenaries are trained until age 4 and but at age 5, mercenaries are never used.
I have added in game 3 new units + 1 special building for the training of these units. The building is built, 1 unit is used but not the others and the training like for the other mercenaries stop at age 4.

btw I use these lines to force the use of units:

if (kbGetCiv() == cCivFrench)
kbUnitPickSetPreferenceFactor(gLandUnitPicker, cUnitTypeMusketeer, 0.5 + (btBiasInf / 2.0));
kbUnitPickSetPreferenceFactor(gLandUnitPicker, cUnitTypeSkirmisher, 0.5 + (btBiasInf / 2.0));
kbUnitPickSetPreferenceFactor(gLandUnitPicker, cUnitTypeMercDalmatianFusilier, 0.5 + (btBiasInf / 2.0));
etc ...
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