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Topic Subject: BWKiC - A British Fast Fortress Strategy
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posted 04-11-06 03:07 AM EDT (US)   
BWKiC - The "Black Watch Kick in the Crotch"

This is an article describing a British Fast Fortress strategy. It includes a build order and 5 4 recorded games. (And yes, it works great in 1.06. Edit: nerfed in 1.08!)

Patch 1.08 \ Warchiefs update Beware the rush! With the FF nerfed and out of favor and the rush much more common, a straight FF is risky and requires careful planning. You may now find the strategy better to pull off in team games or in situations where you must counter an opponent's FF. For the time being, the FF is quite out of fashion, so be careful -- most games you'll get rushed. But hey, who knows? Maybe the FF will be back in business next patch!

Patch 1.06 update (with 1 recording!): Oh, it is on! 1.06 brought several British bonuses \ enemy civ nerfs that should improve this strat even further! I certainly won't start shouting "OP" just yet, but let's just say that this patch fills me with a sense of well-being. My belief is that aggressive BWKiC may now be correct in many situations. I believe Britain can now be played extremely aggressively. I think our patience as British players has at last paid off!

1.06 Single-Player Recording
Here's a recorded game from 1.06! This is against the Sandbox AI to demonstrate BWKiC v2.0. It features:

  • 6:57 Fortress time
  • 8 Black Watch + 2 Falconets at 7:41 (faster than 1.05!!)
  • 17 Black Watch + 2 Falconets at 9:47 (*)
  • Me managing to lose 1 Highlander to the Sandbox AI. It's worth watching just to see this n00bidity in action. It's so bad it almost takes skill.
    (*) - It would have been 17 Black Watch if the AI hadn't killed one. So in reality it was 16. But 1 was with us in spirit.

    I'll try to post the build order for this soon, but I will mention that I went with 1 less villager and used Ossian's enhancement of producing vills during colonial.

    Main Article:
    Having trouble with the British? Eaten alive by that Spanish fast fortress? Wondering what keeps you coming back time and time again to such an underpowered civ as the Brits? Maybe it's time for a little help from the Black Watch!

    I've tried colonial warfare, I've tried to boom... but both approaches seem doomed in the current FF and shipment-dominated gameplay. Playing with Brits was destroying my record and there seemed to be no way to make the wood-heavy, sluggish Brits get off the ground. What was wrong with them? What was wrong with me?

    But giving up is for people who actually care about their record. Not I! To paraphrase Mokon, you get a lot further if you blame yourself than if you blame the civ.

    So I sat down and I studied the Brits, wondering what could make their Fast Fortress competitive. I noticed that they had the following things going for them:

  • The 2 falconet card, an excellent card indeed.
  • The opportunity to create 8 Black Watch highlanders from the church VERY quickly. Highlanders are great anti-cav units and all-around bruisers.
  • The Black Watch will always be delivered, even when you don't have enough houses. (This is critical!)
  • The Black Watch are delivered in seconds, unlike conventional merc shipments, which take 1 full minute.
  • The Thin Red Line is also available from the church.
  • Excellent economic recovery due to the manor boom.

    It is this combination of highlanders and falconets that is the basis of BWKiC. With good luck and a good map, you can get this lethal combination out anywhere from 7:20 (on Carolina), but typically around 7:45-8:15 in the heat of battle.

    To pull this off, you MUST get a trading post ASAP, and you must perform a solid fast fortress. The advanced church must be shipped during the age to fortress, and the falconet card must be shipped as soon as you hit fortress. Even though you will not have sufficient housing, you can still research the Black Watch, and miracle of miracles, they still show up (presumably to sleep in boxes under an overpass.)

    That's it -- the rest is all based off of that. There are 2 styles of BWKiC -- the aggressive style and the defensive style. In the aggressive style, we will sneak a forward tower to the enemy base and attempt to bring this highlander + falc combo right to the enemy's door as close to pre-8:00 as possible.

    First some warnings: this aggressive approach is not always effective against Spain or Germany -- you may sometimes prefer the defensive BWKiC. And above all, never attempt this strat on a map without trading posts (i.e. bayou.)

    Without further ado, here is my typical build order for the aggressive BWKiC: Note: Will be updated for 1.06 as soon as I can.

    1. 3 vills to hunts and 3 to food crates. Note that if animals are close enough, you do not need to herd on your first shot. Queue villagers!
    2. Collect wood crates once food crates exhausted. Once done, move 1 crate collector to hunts. You now have 4 hunters total. (down from the 5 recommended in patch 1.05, due to extra food crate.)
    3. Remaining crate collector must build a house. Set your TC gather point to wood. You will now begin gathering wood for a trading post.
    4. All new vills go to wood until you have the 250 necessary for a trading post. Build the trading post ASAP with your explorer (as he is fastest at this.) EVERYONE now moves to food, including TC gather point.
    5. First card: 3 villagers
    6. Stop producing villagers at 16 (down from 17 in patch 1.05) (including the ones from your card.) Eat, eat, eat. Strongly consider eating some livestock (i.e. sheep and cattle) if you feel it will speed you up here.
    7. Age up as soon as you have 800 food with your chosen politician. For aggressive BWKiC, we will choose The Governor for 1 tower + 200 gold.
    8. Make sure you have 100 gold before reaching colonial. If you do not, task 3-4 villagers to it until you do, then have them go back to food.
    9. Queue 2 more villagers during the transition to colonial (for a total of 18.) Many thanks to Ossian for this great suggestion!
    10. As soon as you hit colonial, play your 2nd card: 700 gold. Gather this gold, along with the 200 gold from aging up ASAP. Place your aggressive tower near the enemy base in a hidden spot.
    11. Go to fortress. I prefer to age up with The Admiral of the Ocean Sea, who gives you 400 wood and a caravel. Queue one and only one villager to the town center. (We don't want to max our pop -- we still need to ship falconets.)
    12. During the transition to fortress, place roughly 10 on food and 8 on wood, depending on your needs. Your goal: 250 wood a bit before fortress, and 1000 food shortly after that.
    13. As soon as you are able, play your 3rd card: The Glorious Revolution (advanced church card.) As soon as you have 250 wood, build a church (before you hit fortress.)
    14. You have now hit fortress age. You should have another shipment ready (thanks to your trading post.) Ship your 4th card: 2 Falconets.
    15. Call the Black Watch from your church. Do NOT do this before you have shipped falconets. You will be over pop limit, but you can still call the Black Watch (it's magic!) Set the shipment arrival point to your aggressive tower. Also, try to get your caravel either fishing, whaling, or perhaps even harrassing for an econ boost.
    16. Attack with 8 highlanders + 2 falconets (if performing aggressive BWKiC.) Optional: Research The Thin Red Line at the church for extra hitpoints at the cost of speed. Great for a defensive BWKiC, a toss-up for an aggressive BWKiC.
    17. Begin pouring on military shipments of your choice while house booming at home. Keep 5 villagers on food to constantly produce from TC and build houses quick as you can! All new vills go to wood until you no longer wish to house boom. Quick production of houses will generate XP and drive your future military shipments. Build those houses! Tune your shipments to your enemy -- 5 hussars, 11 longbowmen, 11 musketeers, and 6 grenadiers are your main choices. Research wood upgrades when you have the time.
    18. From there, it's up to you! You should have a jumping economy at this point.

    When attacking, you must use the highlanders to protect your falconets! They are great anti-cavalry. You will often see me goofing this in the recorded games, but do as I say, not as I do!

    The BWKiC can also be used defensively (the preferred play against Spanish.) This involves choosing the 500 food politican (The Philosopher Prince) instead of the tower politician, shipping everything to your TC, and laying your fort as soon as you can. The 2 falconets and 8 highlanders work to protect your home base until the fort goes up. I especially like to use Thin Red Line here to get uber-Highlanders. From there, shipping 1000 gold for culverins is a good option, but there are many others that will work.

    Thanks to Ender_Ward for (unwittingly) prodding me to release this article. You should also check out his thread Experimenting with British FF, which inspired me to get off my tuckus and finally publish this thing.

    Here are all the recorded games I could gather of this strategy in action. Be forewarned that I am not the world's best player by any stretch. Watching me manage my econ and my explorer may even horrify you. If so, please enjoy a laugh at my expense -- I don't mind! Rejoice in the knowledge that you are better than me!

    (Note: These games are currently from 1.05. I'll try to get some updated ones.)

    Game #1: Aggressive BWKiC vs. French on Texas -- Ownage, but useful to see the build. It also shows the power of placing your highlanders \ falconets between straggler villagers and the town center.

    Game #2: Aggressive BWKiC vs. French on Rockies -- Ownage, good for a clear view of the strat.

    Game #3: Aggressive BWKiC vs. Russians -- Note that I do not do a proper job of protecting my falconets AND forget to send out shipments in a timely fashion. In spite of all this n00bness on my part, it's still a comfortable (if embarrassing) win.

    Game #4: Aggressive BWKiC vs. Germany -- Bad protection of falconets and sub-optimal raid protection, but a win is a win.

    Game #5: (removed) This was the wrong recording... sorry!

    Pretty neat, huh? Now imagine what a good player could do with this. Good luck and have fun! If you have some success with this strat, I'd love to see any feedback or a recorded game.

    Thanks to stalwart British experts like PresSure, eskudero, and gl0rious for sticking with a tough civ and providing great recordings for the rest of us. It is appreciated!

    - BWKiC - A British Fast Fortress strategy
    - The Aztec Scout Slam- An Envoy Rush, Native-Style

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  • Replies:
    posted 04-15-06 11:55 AM EDT (US)     101 / 219  
    yeah joe I want to speak to your on ESO soon got a proposition for you.

    hm I managed to hit fort at 7:50 today but with a 200 wood start, if I can do that why aren't I hitting early enough with 300 wood starts even when I have 300 food argh. I need to get my time right for this tournament otherwise my rating and hopes for a brit win award will be gone.

    posted 04-15-06 01:09 PM EDT (US)     102 / 219  
    another minor problem, when you send your forward outpost wagon to build near his base and he sees it and kills it with his explorer team. the aggresive strat is pretty much screwed. without the outpost, it adds 30 sec to your attack time. i tried to build another, but i needed the 250 wood for church. so i think i should just send my explorer first and have the wagon behind him. i lost two times when he killed my tower.
    posted 04-15-06 01:25 PM EDT (US)     103 / 219  
    Hey guys, how about using the first outpost for defense, and possibly sending the 2 outpost shipments as a forward base, the 2 outpost cover each other and hey are harder to take down. Also you could surround him, cutting him off from resources.

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    posted 04-15-06 01:34 PM EDT (US)     104 / 219  
    I'm having some trouble downloading from In Firefox, when I click the big orange download button, it links to a page where it has a link "Download this file now". Clicking this link causes the site to go back to the page with the big orange button. On I.E i get a page cannot be displayed message.

    In short, I can't download the recorded games from that site.

    Thanks to all those that signed the petition to get me unbanned here.
    And special thanks to smashnbash for making it.
    posted 04-15-06 02:06 PM EDT (US)     105 / 219  
    Try this one :
    It's the Texas example vs a French

    Edit: oops, nevermind the same thing happens.

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    posted 04-15-06 02:09 PM EDT (US)     106 / 219  
    I got the rec fine in the end. and joe how come your never on eso I checked your last online date its last year xD
    posted 04-15-06 03:31 PM EDT (US)     107 / 219  
    Thanks King_Ali_Skahir that rec downloaded right. I guess it must be the other link thats the problem, for me at least. I don't know why. I have a feeling this was done in the previous patch so it might go out of sync at some point?

    EDIT: Nevermind it must have been the site... the other link works now.

    Thanks to all those that signed the petition to get me unbanned here.
    And special thanks to smashnbash for making it.

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    posted 04-15-06 07:27 PM EDT (US)     108 / 219  
    Thanks a lot Yid, I appreciate it! Glad that you are having some great successes out there.

    Destiny, interesting idea about explorer card. I've pretty much never paid attention to that card since it's colonial, isn't it? Oh and LOL, I've definitely been on ESO this year. Played a couple today and hope to get some more in if I can. Hopefully I will catch you on there. Glad to hear your times are going well!

    lrd_dmsdy666, you haven't been annoying in the least, quite the opposite... the feedback's very helpful to me! It gives me some idea of what people are doing with the strategy and what they want to do with it. I hope aggressive suits your style, but if it does not, you can stick that tower at home and keep your troops right at your own front door.

    steve09, glad you brought up outpost placement. First of all, always scout ahead for your placement spot. Prefer to skirt the edges of the map or take a route your opponent is unlikely to use. You should be hitting colonial times that are below 5 minutes, and if you are you're unlikely to face a lot of troops. The civ to worry about is the Germans. Their Uhlans can be out very quickly, but if you keep to odd spots of the map you are far less likely to be discovered. Never travel along the route directly between your town and his -- Uhlans will almost certainly be cruising around in this area. Make a clean, roundabout trip there and then lay the tower fast.

    King Ali, I can't think of a way to get the 2-tower shipment out without delaying the Black Watch + falconet shipments. Is there a way to accomplish this? If so it would provide some great cover.

    posted 04-15-06 08:11 PM EDT (US)     109 / 219  
    Hello, Beatnik!

    Let me make some contributions about this strategy, Its definitely an interesting one, great choice for the british lovers out there that want to compete at their own skill. It has to be noted that this strategy is not OP in any way and it will not garantee you an easy win like a Ottoman Rush in 1.03 or a Spanish FF in 1.05 but it will put you in a place where you can play british withouth being handicapped, but that is, my opinion.

    1st Thing: Politians
    I've found that the archaic infantry is pretty useless, maybe if it were 8 longbows, but its not honestly worth it, it gives a nice boost to your atack but the thing is that this option will give you a problem since its 7 pop you cant afford. The mantlets and scouts are also useless, Why?, Well simply because you dont need siege in the first wave and what the mantlets provide is seriously minimal.

    Now I really like the 400 wood, because it will let you get another trade post which will be helpful to have a constant supply of shipments during the whole game, and give you enough for a house which you need since you got 30 cap to get. Plus the caravel is good enough to fight in some maps and transport(remember traveling by sea is much MUCH faster than traveling by land, but then again you got a fwd outpost.

    2nd Thing: The strategy itself
    I think what confuses people is the fact they beleive that what you do with this strategy is going straight for the town center and win, well its not. 2 falconets and 8 highlanders have not enough siege to take down a TC, however 8 highlanders and 2 falconets so early will really be able to hit your oponent bad.

    The good thing is that we are using the British and since we have 2 trade posts we are gonna rely in our shipments to fight the enemy while we are booming. We have around 20 villagers, right? well putting 5 on food and 15 in wood will let us boom faster than any other civilization, if we do manage to get here, we can either go for a full manor boom until the enemy can stand up then we switch acordingly or get map control by spamming town center in critical positions in the map, which is nice since that means your oponent must use the resources he has at his base and wont be able to expand since we have done that alredy, anyways, make up your mind acordingly, you can even make fwd barracks and suport your army with muskets or longbows withouth booming, its up to you.

    Now, people think that this is gonna be a Spanish FF where your so fast that your enemy wont be able to prepare for it, but unfortunateley, its not. Unless your playing a complete noob your oponent will be ready to repel your atack, is that bad? not nesesairly, the thing about this strategy is that its ultra fast, trust me, having mercenaries and artillery before 7.45 its something noone can ignore, but by that time your oponent will have a shipment and his age up troops, but no mercenaries, which is good. Ok so what if he has light infantry you slaughter it with your falconets, and with 64 damage to everything, highlanders do good against them too, if he has cavalry then you smash it with your heavy infantry and if he has artillery so early then its probable that he wont be able to defend it well and if you can hit him before he hits you with your falconets then you should be fine. Now if you hit him so early with that you will kill his atack to you, giving you the liberty to fully boom, but can you finish him off? probably not, what you can do is slow him and his atack down while your shiping your next military shipment and then finish him, after you have defeated all his military then take down villagers, make him garrison, when he does, take down any building other than the town center and retreat, keep your explorer around to spy on him. Meanwhile your shiping muskets if you feel there are black rider coming, ur falcs can deal with jaegers or highlanders. Or you can go for 5 granadiers, now that, plus falconets, plus highlanders are enough siege to take down buildings quickly. This is all gonna be happening so quickly and if you cant maintain the pressure and do everything right withouth making mistakes then its most certain that you will lose. You should have another shipment coming very soon, you can get more granaders but granaders suck against anything thats not a building anyways, 10 longbows are as good as 10 skirmishers, I like them, use them. If your good enough, then you will destroy your enemy fortress atack, slow him down by killing villagers, building etc and if you did everything good then you can take down the TC and finish him off right there. But I think Im making it sound too easy, it may be posible and probable that if your enemy is any good then he will survive this but again, you can ship some nice military and fight him and trust me, it will be assured your economy is sky high right now. GG.

    Also, I saw you were using 9 Highlanders as your 5th shipment, well I really dont recomend that since the thing about this strat is that its fast and mercenaries are way to slow, powerful, yes, fast, no, well only black watch .

    Also remember, its all about adapting your shipments, economy, etc acordingly to how things are going.

    3rd Thing: The Rush
    Of course there is people who will stay in colonial and try to take you down before you get those nice fortress shipments which represent a problem as to any FF strategy, If you locate a rush then I like colonial militia, its really nice since you can one hit most colonial units except janisaries and 16 minutemen will destroy any rush, but remember those 16 minutemen cost around 800 resources so dont waste them, if your enemy is rushing its most likely he will be spending more than 800 resources in that rush but remember minuteman can be outrunned, set your tc waypoint to the same direction the enemy can escape and divide your MM in 2 groups and kill off as many units as you can then quickly get those 800 resources back and get to fortress, if you have spoted a rush after you clicked fortress(which is when most rushers will launch a strong atack then you must get 400 gold asap, even though you are slowed down, it also means that if you killed his rush he has a economy similar to your but he is in colonial and we are in fortress ready to get 8 highlanders and 2 falconets to own him.

    posted 04-15-06 08:33 PM EDT (US)     110 / 219  
    Today on ESO I met with someone that had heard of this strat before, the funny thing is that he knew i was gonna do it, and he tried to rush me to stop it, but I survived through it with a shipment of musketeers and minutemen. I got the highlanders out just in time, soon followed seconds later by my 2 falcs. I still won, lol. Altough I must admit he did manage to slow down my time, I was later than i was supposed to be.

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    posted 04-16-06 02:02 AM EDT (US)     111 / 219  
    Maybe I've been playing ottomans too much lately, or maybe I just suck. I've tried this strat ~10 times in the past 24 hours. My take? It's GREAT against players of significantly less skill than myself. It's VERY weak against superior players using germany/dutch. The Love_ Dutch strat has 8 halberdiers + 10 musketeers + falconet spam by 8:30, just when this strat is staring to move. That's bad for this strat. Plus, it's pretty hard to outboom the dutch once they get to fortress, too.

    So many german players are doing the winged hussar semi-FI now, they can defend themselves pretty well against this with free hussars. If the falconets fall, then the free skirms from going to fortress can defeat the highlanders. In any case, the highlanders can't keep the german from going to industrial.

    So far, I've beaten some ~25 spanish players, some decent russians, and bad players with any civ. I just can't make it competitive with any good player/good civ combo. I even lost to TWO 1st lieuts using spain/germany. That hurt my feelings, pretty badly.

    Currently Lt Colonel at ~32 Power Rating (hopefully back on the rise)
    My AoE3 ELO-1600 Rating
    -All 8 civs at lvl 30+, non above 60. Hurts my rating, but gives me a strong understanding of my enemies.
    posted 04-16-06 03:42 AM EDT (US)     112 / 219  
    Zhadow, some good stuff! I'd definitely recommend that anyone take a look at the above post. Lots of useful tidbits there. I decided on the caravel for the same reasons that you did. I like your idea of a 2nd trading post, though I've never done this -- always the houses for me. Do you have any recorded games of this 2nd trading post approach?

    The thing that I'm struggling with now is somehow choosing between sending conventional shipments and my newer approach of throwing in that 2nd pack of highlanders. So far, that 2nd shipment of highlanders has just made for a devastating knock-out punch. But the original post (calling for a manor boom to a big flood of fast conventional shipments) is still very effective. By slow, do you mean the +20 seconds required to ship the next set of highlanders? That's true, but I guess I just love the power that they offer. 17 highlanders is so hard to stop.

    Ali, that's pretty funny... good job holding off the rush even though your mind had been read in advance. I guess the word is getting out to the non-British players!

    Techno, that's interesting because I have not yet found Dutch to be any kind problem. I faced off with a couple of decent Dutch players (one at least Lieutenant Colonel, I believe) today and there just didn't seem to be anything he could put together to really stop this combo. I killed everything and only lost 3 units throughout the entire combat, so it's hard for me to imagine Dutch being a threat. If you execute fast, the Highlanders can draw blood by 7:30-7:45, and the falconets are usually 15-25 seconds behind. This should push the Dutchman off of his gold mine. His best cards (i.e. 10 Ruyters) are just erased by Highlanders, though you must protect the falconets from them. I've also found that killing a bank is a fantastic source of XP... +280! This drives rapid shipments.

    What's the strat from Love that you mentioned? I'm confused, since Dutch don't have musketeers as far as I know... ? As for Germany, things have been fine for me so far, but I haven't faced the semi-FI yet. I've found that it's important to put the black watch in defense mode right on top of the falconets. I'd suggest pushing him off his gold, knock out houses, then get that next batch of highlanders or jaegers, along with some longbows. Still, I do see Germany as a threat, but not Dutch so far.

    posted 04-16-06 08:09 AM EDT (US)     113 / 219  
    Used the old kick in the crotch in a team game with clan mates yesterday.

    Basically, 2 of us would combine our forces, comprising in total 16 Hi landers, 10 LBows, 4 pikes and 4 falcs and hit the nearest enemy base.

    Pretty devastasting. While it didn't totally defeat the enemies, we hurt one real bad and forced the others to abandon any other plans in order to defend their ally.

    This allowed our 2 other teammates to boom like crazy (we did a fair bit ourselves with manors etc.).

    Once the initial attack ran into the ground, the enemy was cornered by us dropping forts and bldg fwd rax, gaining map control.

    We are by no means experts or anything, but against opponents of ~equal skill, this works.

    I'll get a game rec next time we try this.

    posted 04-16-06 09:52 AM EDT (US)     114 / 219  
    Is this strategy any good against Ottoman rush? It seems that by the time you get to fortress the ottoman player has a huge load of units, this is assuming you make it there!

    I also seem to have trouble against germans, who always fast fortress aswell. They always seem to get there before me and their mercenaries are tough...

    Thanks to all those that signed the petition to get me unbanned here.
    And special thanks to smashnbash for making it.
    posted 04-16-06 10:47 AM EDT (US)     115 / 219  
    1. one thing I dont understand is how people can use colonial militia or a musk shipment and still get to fortress fast enough with falcs.

    2.Dutch are actually the worst booming civ its been proved with alot of math xD the banks just dont add up to the settlers they're missing especially with the expense of cards. I beta a major duthc player with this the other day, whilst I'm only a captain

    3. Love_ Took a leaf out of our book and used the church tech.

    posted 04-16-06 03:01 PM EDT (US)     116 / 219  
    Thanks beatnik, could you please give me your average timing and villagers by:
    1.- Colonial age
    2.- Fortress age
    3.- Falcs and HL at enemy base
    posted 04-16-06 04:44 PM EDT (US)     117 / 219  
    Sorry, jsut got around to reading this.

    Me myself am normally a 2.1k+ player, but after patch I switched to brits rushing in colonial, and now am barely maintaning 2050. I have been harrassing in colonial with a gl0rious strat somewhat, but this looks good.

    My thing is, why get 17 highs? Thats unnecesary, you dont need that much. If he ships jags your screwed, IMO your best optino is to go with like 8 highs and 2 falcs early on with agressive, taking out his houses (dont go for tc, obviously). Then I think it would be wise to put up a rax or two (ship in 1k wood) and pump vet lbows and also ship in 9 more muskets.

    Sounds good though, I'll ahve to give it a try.

    "Dutch are OP!"
    "Iriquois are OP!"
    "Stophon is OP!"

    tEk Clan #1 US Clan
    posted 04-16-06 04:50 PM EDT (US)     118 / 219  


    Me myself am normally a 2.1k+ player, but after patch I switched to brits rushing in colonial, and now am barely maintaning 2050.


    and yet you think i am 1550 for i said long time ago : brit do quite badly in colonial rush, and that was back in 1.04 where french and ottoman were way stronger, and dutch didnt completely suck.

    posted 04-16-06 05:20 PM EDT (US)     119 / 219  
    Yid, congratulations on your wins! Great job! I'd definitely love to see a 2v2 recording... that's something I've not tried.

    James, an Otto rush can indeed be quite powerful (due to their fast colonial time.) Definitely keep an eye out for it and keep 2 of the 3 following cards always in your deck: 6 muskets, 6 longbows, and colonial militia. You never know when you might need them. If the rush is coming, get the gold you will need for minutemen and get ready to play one of those cards. This can slow you down just a bit, but so long as you can make it hurt your opponent more than you, you can be okay. Defending a rush can be tough, though... you never want to underestimate it.

    Zhadow, it's highly map-dependent, but if I don't get rushed, my times are usually 7:05-7:25 to fortress, Highlanders at 7:25-7:45, cannons at 7:50-8:05. If I'm rushed, it can be radically different, since I may find myself needing to play an anti-rush card.

    Stophon, thanks, you and Zhadow have both suggested that I'm perhaps too in love with that 2nd shipment Highlanders. I think that you guys are almost certainly right. I think conventional shipments and a semi-boom with more longbows is probably a much better "closer." I should consider shipping the 2nd highlanders later. Also -- hats off to you for risking a very good Cuetech rating on one of the more... er, "challenging" civs, to say the least. I'd be interested to hear what "closer" works best for you.

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    posted 04-16-06 06:04 PM EDT (US)     120 / 219  
    What I do is go for the tc with falcs and get villies and houses with the black watch seems to work well for me, and I dont lose falcs as nadiers arrive just in time and if the nemey persists I get priests.
    posted 04-16-06 07:08 PM EDT (US)     121 / 219  
    Alright few pointers:

    You cant click age 2 after 3.00 exactly, if you do, you will get to age 2 at 4.30, getting 700 gold at 5.10, clicking age up at 5.20, getting to age 3 at 6.55, getting falconets and highlanders at enemy base at 7.45, so watch this timing, its critical

    Now whats so great about this? If your enemy is as optimal as you are, then it means that he is only gonna have age up troops and a shipment by the time u come in, or maybe even less, that means he will have 7 skirms or cassadors and a shipment which can be cannons, infantry, merc, whatever, well if your micro is good u can take 1 skirm with ur hl and 2 with your cannons before he can shoot at you, leaving him with 4 skirms which cant to anything, and his other shipment will be dust too unless its ryuters or goons which they die fast to hl but if u arent fast enuf they will eat ur cannons, but if ur playing port or dutch then that means u will prolly age up faster than them after his troops are dead u gotta asume he is shiping merc or troops that can own you so you better slow him down, take down houses, snipe villagers, kill every building he has except market(dont think he will have one anyways) and town center, the second he starts to garrison, change your artillery to horse position(forgot its name) and move out while ur BW are killing villagers, the rest is up to you.

    You can do it as stophon said and spam l bows, or if you feel confident bring granadiers and take down his tc and GG, its up to you but it gives you a nice agresive start.

    but its not so easy as I said cuz to get here you need to watch out for some things in order for the timing to go right:
    You cant have your HC idle after you got to age 3, you need a shipment, otherwise your timing is gonna be bad, when you click age up to colonial put a sick amount of villagers in wood and get that TP up ASAP(sometimes i even put 9 villagers there in order to get it quickly), you need to do whatever you can to get XP, Personally i never like to have your crackshot idle, use it, even if its not practical(unless ur in yukon or in yucatan) because that means an extra 40-50 xp by the time your in fortress, build those 2 vils in colonial(20 exp is nice), etc, etc, etc. DONT HAVE YOUR HC IDLE WHEN YOU GO TO FORTRESS OR U WILL GIVE YOUR ENEMY TOO MUCH BREATHING SPACE. Ok, another thing to keep in mind is that the BW take like 15 seconds so its not so important to have your church up before u hit fortress as you can quickly build it but remember the exp is nice.

    One important thing i keep forgeting is that the minute you get enough food for BW then switch like all your vils to wood only leave 2 at food and the caravel fishing, why? because u dont need food and because u need to house, ur gonna need to follow up the atack quickly and houses give 30 exp, you need to put 4 houses asap!

    Also, treasures are a great deal for this strat, try to get as many as posible, anything to speed you up!

    posted 04-16-06 07:42 PM EDT (US)     122 / 219  
    i also ran into another brit player that knew the strat. i beat him pretty easily, but he slowed me down with 4 hussars. he said he tried it and it doesnt work. i am now 13 and 3 with the bwkic. i think this is getting too polular. lol
    posted 04-16-06 09:12 PM EDT (US)     123 / 219  
    I still think your a bad player ultimitsu.

    "Dutch are OP!"
    "Iriquois are OP!"
    "Stophon is OP!"

    tEk Clan #1 US Clan
    posted 04-16-06 09:22 PM EDT (US)     124 / 219  
    why dont you find out
    posted 04-16-06 09:24 PM EDT (US)     125 / 219  
    I don't know... I seem to have too much trouble against the german fast fortress. In my last game they had pure uhlans and i had musketeers and black watch but his uhlans still got the falcs even though the bw were very close to them (surrounding them)

    The problem i have is they always get to fortress before me.

    Thanks to all those that signed the petition to get me unbanned here.
    And special thanks to smashnbash for making it.
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