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Topic Subject: BWKiC - A British Fast Fortress Strategy
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posted 04-11-06 03:07 AM EDT (US)   
BWKiC - The "Black Watch Kick in the Crotch"

This is an article describing a British Fast Fortress strategy. It includes a build order and 5 4 recorded games. (And yes, it works great in 1.06. Edit: nerfed in 1.08!)

Patch 1.08 \ Warchiefs update Beware the rush! With the FF nerfed and out of favor and the rush much more common, a straight FF is risky and requires careful planning. You may now find the strategy better to pull off in team games or in situations where you must counter an opponent's FF. For the time being, the FF is quite out of fashion, so be careful -- most games you'll get rushed. But hey, who knows? Maybe the FF will be back in business next patch!

Patch 1.06 update (with 1 recording!): Oh, it is on! 1.06 brought several British bonuses \ enemy civ nerfs that should improve this strat even further! I certainly won't start shouting "OP" just yet, but let's just say that this patch fills me with a sense of well-being. My belief is that aggressive BWKiC may now be correct in many situations. I believe Britain can now be played extremely aggressively. I think our patience as British players has at last paid off!

1.06 Single-Player Recording
Here's a recorded game from 1.06! This is against the Sandbox AI to demonstrate BWKiC v2.0. It features:

  • 6:57 Fortress time
  • 8 Black Watch + 2 Falconets at 7:41 (faster than 1.05!!)
  • 17 Black Watch + 2 Falconets at 9:47 (*)
  • Me managing to lose 1 Highlander to the Sandbox AI. It's worth watching just to see this n00bidity in action. It's so bad it almost takes skill.
    (*) - It would have been 17 Black Watch if the AI hadn't killed one. So in reality it was 16. But 1 was with us in spirit.

    I'll try to post the build order for this soon, but I will mention that I went with 1 less villager and used Ossian's enhancement of producing vills during colonial.

    Main Article:
    Having trouble with the British? Eaten alive by that Spanish fast fortress? Wondering what keeps you coming back time and time again to such an underpowered civ as the Brits? Maybe it's time for a little help from the Black Watch!

    I've tried colonial warfare, I've tried to boom... but both approaches seem doomed in the current FF and shipment-dominated gameplay. Playing with Brits was destroying my record and there seemed to be no way to make the wood-heavy, sluggish Brits get off the ground. What was wrong with them? What was wrong with me?

    But giving up is for people who actually care about their record. Not I! To paraphrase Mokon, you get a lot further if you blame yourself than if you blame the civ.

    So I sat down and I studied the Brits, wondering what could make their Fast Fortress competitive. I noticed that they had the following things going for them:

  • The 2 falconet card, an excellent card indeed.
  • The opportunity to create 8 Black Watch highlanders from the church VERY quickly. Highlanders are great anti-cav units and all-around bruisers.
  • The Black Watch will always be delivered, even when you don't have enough houses. (This is critical!)
  • The Black Watch are delivered in seconds, unlike conventional merc shipments, which take 1 full minute.
  • The Thin Red Line is also available from the church.
  • Excellent economic recovery due to the manor boom.

    It is this combination of highlanders and falconets that is the basis of BWKiC. With good luck and a good map, you can get this lethal combination out anywhere from 7:20 (on Carolina), but typically around 7:45-8:15 in the heat of battle.

    To pull this off, you MUST get a trading post ASAP, and you must perform a solid fast fortress. The advanced church must be shipped during the age to fortress, and the falconet card must be shipped as soon as you hit fortress. Even though you will not have sufficient housing, you can still research the Black Watch, and miracle of miracles, they still show up (presumably to sleep in boxes under an overpass.)

    That's it -- the rest is all based off of that. There are 2 styles of BWKiC -- the aggressive style and the defensive style. In the aggressive style, we will sneak a forward tower to the enemy base and attempt to bring this highlander + falc combo right to the enemy's door as close to pre-8:00 as possible.

    First some warnings: this aggressive approach is not always effective against Spain or Germany -- you may sometimes prefer the defensive BWKiC. And above all, never attempt this strat on a map without trading posts (i.e. bayou.)

    Without further ado, here is my typical build order for the aggressive BWKiC: Note: Will be updated for 1.06 as soon as I can.

    1. 3 vills to hunts and 3 to food crates. Note that if animals are close enough, you do not need to herd on your first shot. Queue villagers!
    2. Collect wood crates once food crates exhausted. Once done, move 1 crate collector to hunts. You now have 4 hunters total. (down from the 5 recommended in patch 1.05, due to extra food crate.)
    3. Remaining crate collector must build a house. Set your TC gather point to wood. You will now begin gathering wood for a trading post.
    4. All new vills go to wood until you have the 250 necessary for a trading post. Build the trading post ASAP with your explorer (as he is fastest at this.) EVERYONE now moves to food, including TC gather point.
    5. First card: 3 villagers
    6. Stop producing villagers at 16 (down from 17 in patch 1.05) (including the ones from your card.) Eat, eat, eat. Strongly consider eating some livestock (i.e. sheep and cattle) if you feel it will speed you up here.
    7. Age up as soon as you have 800 food with your chosen politician. For aggressive BWKiC, we will choose The Governor for 1 tower + 200 gold.
    8. Make sure you have 100 gold before reaching colonial. If you do not, task 3-4 villagers to it until you do, then have them go back to food.
    9. Queue 2 more villagers during the transition to colonial (for a total of 18.) Many thanks to Ossian for this great suggestion!
    10. As soon as you hit colonial, play your 2nd card: 700 gold. Gather this gold, along with the 200 gold from aging up ASAP. Place your aggressive tower near the enemy base in a hidden spot.
    11. Go to fortress. I prefer to age up with The Admiral of the Ocean Sea, who gives you 400 wood and a caravel. Queue one and only one villager to the town center. (We don't want to max our pop -- we still need to ship falconets.)
    12. During the transition to fortress, place roughly 10 on food and 8 on wood, depending on your needs. Your goal: 250 wood a bit before fortress, and 1000 food shortly after that.
    13. As soon as you are able, play your 3rd card: The Glorious Revolution (advanced church card.) As soon as you have 250 wood, build a church (before you hit fortress.)
    14. You have now hit fortress age. You should have another shipment ready (thanks to your trading post.) Ship your 4th card: 2 Falconets.
    15. Call the Black Watch from your church. Do NOT do this before you have shipped falconets. You will be over pop limit, but you can still call the Black Watch (it's magic!) Set the shipment arrival point to your aggressive tower. Also, try to get your caravel either fishing, whaling, or perhaps even harrassing for an econ boost.
    16. Attack with 8 highlanders + 2 falconets (if performing aggressive BWKiC.) Optional: Research The Thin Red Line at the church for extra hitpoints at the cost of speed. Great for a defensive BWKiC, a toss-up for an aggressive BWKiC.
    17. Begin pouring on military shipments of your choice while house booming at home. Keep 5 villagers on food to constantly produce from TC and build houses quick as you can! All new vills go to wood until you no longer wish to house boom. Quick production of houses will generate XP and drive your future military shipments. Build those houses! Tune your shipments to your enemy -- 5 hussars, 11 longbowmen, 11 musketeers, and 6 grenadiers are your main choices. Research wood upgrades when you have the time.
    18. From there, it's up to you! You should have a jumping economy at this point.

    When attacking, you must use the highlanders to protect your falconets! They are great anti-cavalry. You will often see me goofing this in the recorded games, but do as I say, not as I do!

    The BWKiC can also be used defensively (the preferred play against Spanish.) This involves choosing the 500 food politican (The Philosopher Prince) instead of the tower politician, shipping everything to your TC, and laying your fort as soon as you can. The 2 falconets and 8 highlanders work to protect your home base until the fort goes up. I especially like to use Thin Red Line here to get uber-Highlanders. From there, shipping 1000 gold for culverins is a good option, but there are many others that will work.

    Thanks to Ender_Ward for (unwittingly) prodding me to release this article. You should also check out his thread Experimenting with British FF, which inspired me to get off my tuckus and finally publish this thing.

    Here are all the recorded games I could gather of this strategy in action. Be forewarned that I am not the world's best player by any stretch. Watching me manage my econ and my explorer may even horrify you. If so, please enjoy a laugh at my expense -- I don't mind! Rejoice in the knowledge that you are better than me!

    (Note: These games are currently from 1.05. I'll try to get some updated ones.)

    Game #1: Aggressive BWKiC vs. French on Texas -- Ownage, but useful to see the build. It also shows the power of placing your highlanders \ falconets between straggler villagers and the town center.

    Game #2: Aggressive BWKiC vs. French on Rockies -- Ownage, good for a clear view of the strat.

    Game #3: Aggressive BWKiC vs. Russians -- Note that I do not do a proper job of protecting my falconets AND forget to send out shipments in a timely fashion. In spite of all this n00bness on my part, it's still a comfortable (if embarrassing) win.

    Game #4: Aggressive BWKiC vs. Germany -- Bad protection of falconets and sub-optimal raid protection, but a win is a win.

    Game #5: (removed) This was the wrong recording... sorry!

    Pretty neat, huh? Now imagine what a good player could do with this. Good luck and have fun! If you have some success with this strat, I'd love to see any feedback or a recorded game.

    Thanks to stalwart British experts like PresSure, eskudero, and gl0rious for sticking with a tough civ and providing great recordings for the rest of us. It is appreciated!

    - BWKiC - A British Fast Fortress strategy
    - The Aztec Scout Slam- An Envoy Rush, Native-Style

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  • Replies:
    posted 04-11-06 03:18 AM EDT (US)     1 / 219  
    id beware attacking germans or dutch too.. if he is german and delivers 9 uhlan or something or sends 10 dutch ruyters will eliminate those falcs in time (while suffering losses too of course) leaving your 8 highlanders (most likely less) stranded in the middle of his base.

    i mean 8 units trying to prevent 9 uhlans or 10 ruyters from killing falcs is a hard task...

    posted 04-11-06 03:45 AM EDT (US)     2 / 219  
    Yes, a large shipment of Uhlans is a definite threat to your falconets. Highlanders in melee do incredible, almost unholy damage to cavalry, but you're likely to suffer some damage to your cannons if he is determined to kill them. I'm confident that the highlanders should not suffer losses from the Uhlans alone, and you should be able to keep at least one cannon alive with good (i.e. better than mine) micro. A real threat is the German 7-skirmisher politician combined with Uhlans.

    I'm afraid that it's been some time since I've faced a Dutch player. My own experiences with ruyters when performing artillery killing is that they were universally worse than hussars at this task. However, it'd be interesting to see how 10 ruyters did facing down 2 falconets and fire from 8 highlanders. I'm confident the highlanders would be fine. The cannons -- not as certain. Do the Dutch tend to FF these days?

    Also, don't forget that more shipments are on their way. Adding in 11 muskets or 5 hussars of your own goes a long way toward adding that extra layer of protection. In addition, your economy should be taking off at home. The more time you can buy, the better off you should be.

    Ultimately, if German Uhlans present too much of a threat, a defensive BWKiC is always a good option.

    posted 04-11-06 04:18 AM EDT (US)     3 / 219  
    I'll take a look at those recordings.

    I have a Lvl 75 Brits HC gathering dust.


    OK, I checked out the rec vs the Frenchie on TX and the job on the Russian on Pampas. With the first one, I was a bit sceptic as the opponent was clearly not very good and ranked well below you, as I found out. The second one was more impressive as that opponent's rating was actually ~ to yours, for whatever it's worth.

    Nice one, even if it doesn't kill off your opponent totally, it's sure to disrupt any plans he might have for doing nasty things to you, while you can boom away.

    He'll prolly be thirsty for revenge if he survives, lol.

    I think I might give this a try in a team game, but erh...don't tell anyone.

    An afterthought:

    You might expand the strat by sending a vil forward to build rax nearby your forward tower. That'd allow you to keep the pressure on and gain map control even if you don't kill him off totally with the BW and the falcs + other shipment units.

    [This message has been edited by YidArmy1885 (edited 04-11-2006 @ 05:15 AM).]

    posted 04-11-06 10:16 AM EDT (US)     4 / 219  
    Good work on the write-up. A defensive BWKiC with Highlanders and thin red line would be nasty to take down. Keep up the good work!
    posted 04-11-06 11:06 AM EDT (US)     5 / 219  
    Thanks, heystopthat! I agree about Highlanders + Thin Red Line. They're not super mobile, but they are great at taking punishment.

    Yid, you're quite right about the ratings. Hopefully even the ownage recs have some value. I've found it surprisingly hard to get recorded games. There's lots to like about AoE3, but the "sometimes I'll record, sometimes I won't" problem on ESO drives me nuts! I may have another rec or two on another machine... I'll do my best to find more if I can.

    posted 04-11-06 11:43 AM EDT (US)     6 / 219  
    Interesting, it's great to see a new strat for a mostly bad civilization. I hope you've found something to make the Brits at least fun to play against FF.

    I look forward to trying/tweaking it out.

    Currently Lt Colonel at ~32 Power Rating (hopefully back on the rise)
    My AoE3 ELO-1600 Rating
    -All 8 civs at lvl 30+, non above 60. Hurts my rating, but gives me a strong understanding of my enemies.
    posted 04-11-06 01:52 PM EDT (US)     7 / 219  
    This strategy is awesome, my clan is having a 2 vs 2 torney soon so I've taught my team mate my adapted version of it and were gonna use it in the torney. Thanks alot beatnik joe
    posted 04-11-06 02:07 PM EDT (US)     8 / 219  
    I'm gonna have to experiment with chopping the wood for the Tradepost before hitting the age up to colonial. On some maps you start with 300 wood, which should allow to build a tradepost ASAP and then shop 100 more wood for a house. Or build the house (get the 7th villager) and then chop 100 for the Trade Post, whichever turns out more benefitial.

    OMG I managed to forget how much Rockets suck (been using Great Bombards too long). Holy mother of god they're worse than bleeding unaupgraded FALCONETS!

    Please ES, fix them or give the British Heavy Cannons, 'cause these Rockets are a waste of pop space.

    "One wants to be loved, failing that admired, failing that feared, failing that hated and despised. One wants to instill in other people some form of emotion. The soul shudders before emptiness and wants contact, no matter the cost."
    posted 04-11-06 02:13 PM EDT (US)     9 / 219  
    Thanks guys... I wish you great success in your coming matches! Destiny, best of luck in your tournament match! If you get a recording of the match, it'd be cool to see it.

    Ender, I am afraid you are 100% correct about the rockets. They really do look bad when you stack them up against heavy cannons.

    posted 04-11-06 02:31 PM EDT (US)     10 / 219  
    So I tried this in a 2v2 with a clan mate and it sort of worked.

    Except i was a too slow getting the TP going. But combined with my teammate's pikes and cannons (He was Spanish) we had a pretty awesome force in one opponent's base not too long after Fortress.

    Combined with some forward building of rax, I reckon it worked pretty well. We demolished one opponent's base and the other team was squeezed into a small, albeit heavily fortified, area for the rest of the game, which we then slowly pounded to bits.

    Great fun.

    I'll definitely continue playing around with this one.

    PS: LOL, rockets! I fart in their general direction, pfff! They are the suckiest factory arty unit by a mile. don't bother with 'em. FU Redcoats are awesome, though.

    [This message has been edited by YidArmy1885 (edited 04-11-2006 @ 02:33 PM).]

    posted 04-11-06 02:38 PM EDT (US)     11 / 219  
    Is it me playing british too long I think rockets are awesome. and joe if you show me how to post recs I'll gladly post a rec of me and my teammate using your strat in the tournament
    posted 04-11-06 03:35 PM EDT (US)     12 / 219  
    Hi Yid, congratulations on the win. It's good to hear some war stories... anything in particular problematic with producing the trade post? Maps with low amounts of starting wood can be especially uncomfortable for the poor Brits.

    Destiny, I do know you could post recorded games here here, though I have not tried it. I've used so far.

    Also, in the other thread you were asking about whether an 8:00 time was acceptable. If this is for reaching fortress, it's reasonable, could maybe use a little tightening, but not bad at all. If you have highlanders and falcs out at 8:00, then you are doing great. Using the 500 food politician can also speed you up, though this means you must play defensively.

    Ultimately your performance will be helped or hindered by the map. On Carolina, you should be able to unleash your highlanders and falcs not long after 7:30 (and fortress comfortably below 7.) Truly an amazing map for this strat. For non-supercharged maps, generally try to fortress a little before 8 if possible, and the cannons will be out at 8:30ish. The highlanders will be out very soon after aging up. That's a powerful property of that church tech.

    Just realize that your performance will vary map-to-map, depending especially on your starting wood.

    posted 04-11-06 04:07 PM EDT (US)     13 / 219  
    I play soley on my favourite map which is great lakes. and I just got owned by a german probably the onyl civ this cant take down because they're fortress time is fast pls their military is better french = counter pwned spanish = counter pwned german = too powerful so unfair.
    posted 04-11-06 04:15 PM EDT (US)     14 / 219  
    I love the name of this strat and I am feeling the urge to switch back to brits!! 2 falcs and 8 black watch at 8:00 is a formidable force. I think it would be great if you focus your econ on coin after aging up and go all out for more landers. Can the brits research roger's rangers in fortress age??? If so, that would be the best option.

    Just think... 19 landers + 2 falconets + 26 skirmishers by 9:15 ish. Wow. Too bad I'm pretty sure roger's rangers are age 4+ only. Oh well.

    Counter the attack, then Counter Attack!!!
    posted 04-11-06 04:26 PM EDT (US)     15 / 219  
    No, you can't get Roger's Rangers in Fortress. But you probably shouldn't even if you could. That's 2000 gold down the drain. You should be collecting gold for 11 more Highlanders, 15 more Jaegers and then another 12 Jaegers. If you play the cheaper mercs card, then you need to collect 2700 gold and have three shipments available. 11 Highlanders and 27 Jaegers, even at +700 gold, are way better than 26 Guard Skirmishers.

    Indeed, I believe British should try to take out their opponent in Fortress, not even bothering with Industrial.

    And speaking of which, British have pretty much THE best Mercenaries available in Fortress. It's just that they can't take advantage of them due to the horrible slow start and utterly crippling 150 wood manour cost.

    "One wants to be loved, failing that admired, failing that feared, failing that hated and despised. One wants to instill in other people some form of emotion. The soul shudders before emptiness and wants contact, no matter the cost."
    posted 04-11-06 04:45 PM EDT (US)     16 / 219  
    I found it to work out well for me if you follow up the 2 falc shipment with a shipment of 1000 gold. Make sure you have 500 gold right before collecting it, then switch vills to whatever you want. After collecting the gold, you'll have 1.5k, which means mercantilism. This will buy you 3 shipments. I like to send a fort, a mili shipment, and maybe resources or 8 vills. Brings your econ up to speed very quickly.
    posted 04-11-06 04:49 PM EDT (US)     17 / 219  


    No, you can't get Roger's Rangers in Fortress. But you probably shouldn't even if you could. That's 2000 gold down the drain. You should be collecting gold for 11 more Highlanders, 15 more Jaegers and then another 12 Jaegers. If you play the cheaper mercs card, then you need to collect 2700 gold and have three shipments available. 11 Highlanders and 27 Jaegers, even at +700 gold, are way better than 26 Guard Skirmishers.

    just me being picky....

    admittedly 900 for 15 jaeger is great, but your calculation is a bit wrong.

    2700 gold for 11 Highlanders and 27 Jaegers is 4 shipments + 2700.

    if R'R was available in age3. you could get UC then R'R + BW for 1000 food + 2000 gold, which is about 2700 gold worth.

    you have 3 spare shipments on top of that, you can get fort + 11 longbow + 2 falcs.

    that is 8 highlanders + 26 guard skirms + 2 falcs + 11 longbow + fort.

    i dont think that is bad at all compared 27 jaeger 11 highlanders.

    26 R'R for 2000 gold in fortress would definitely be OP

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    posted 04-11-06 05:37 PM EDT (US)     18 / 219  
    Could u post a DEFENSIVE BWKiC rec game on here? And could one of u clear up the bit with posting rec games i dont know either

    Stephen Harper's theme song is Domo Arigato, Mr Roboto!
    posted 04-11-06 05:52 PM EDT (US)     19 / 219  


    anything in particular problematic with producing the trade post?

    Lol, not really. I just sorta left it too late. Next time i'll get it right.

    posted 04-11-06 06:16 PM EDT (US)     20 / 219  
    If you think this is gonna do too good against spanish then ur overestimating this strat, But overall good, well writen up, will sure to see if I can put some of this into my own brit ff
    posted 04-11-06 06:26 PM EDT (US)     21 / 219  
    Nice guide
    I haven't seen many skilled British players lately. Hopefully this will help.

    posted 04-11-06 07:36 PM EDT (US)     22 / 219  
    Thanks for the kind words and all feedback...

    Regarding Spain, I'd have to strongly agree and reiterate that Spain is always going to be a fierce opponent. Anyone that underestimates the power of a Spanish FF does so at their own peril. I recommend a defensive BWKiC when playing against Spanish.

    Unfortunately, I don't currently have a recording of defensive BWKiC in action. I'm experiencing some network difficulties that I've lamented about on agecommunity. These currently have me sidelined from multi-player. Would a single-player demonstration of the defensive build order be of any value? I'd be happy to record one if it helps.

    I also like the suggestions about bringing out more mercs as quickly as possible. I'd definitely love to hear what people find that might work better than my recommendations. For me, adding some culverins is a solid choice in defensive BWKiC. While I wish it were possible, I don't currently think that 19 highlanders + 2 falcs can be done by 9:15 (due to both housing and gold gathering constraints.) But please -- prove me wrong and become my hero! I would love to be wrong about this.

    Destiny, did you hit the German at home or play it defensive? If he's level 50+ and you feel that his game is fast, a defensive BWKiC may not be a bad play (due to the power of the Germans' 7 skirmisher politician.)

    [This message has been edited by Beatnik Joe (edited 04-11-2006 @ 07:38 PM).]

    posted 04-11-06 09:10 PM EDT (US)     23 / 219  
    8 highlanders + 2 falconets are great armies for Fortress age and especially before 9 minutes.

    But as playing Biriths against Spanish, I think semi FF works better, which means having longbows, muskeeters, culverines and pikemen to defend your base or attack.

    Instead of getting 8 highlanders, I spend 1500 gold to get 2000 xps and ship 11 longbows, 11 muskeeters and 2 falconets. I don't really like the idea of using merces in Fortress as British since it can really hurt your economy since all vills should be put on gold mines to get merces as soon as possible.

    By keep producing normal armies from a rax, I can have about more than 20 longbows + 11 muskeeters + 10 pikemen + 2 culverines + 2 falconets at around 11 minutes. This can really defend Spanish fortress rush.

    one common mistake newbie British players make is that they don't distribute right amount of vills on each resources and tend to have excess amount of wood while running out of gold and food. And by doing FF and getting merces, they tend to forget to build a rax and some other military buildings. Wihtout constant supply of armies, infantry British merces can be owned by lancers or uhlans as soon as highlanders are all killed. Also cannons are big threat when you don't have a culverin.

    Since Birith can be considered a defensive civic, having decent economy while making normal armies is better than trying to FF and getting merces in Fortress.

    Ps. I used this strategy against Germans and it did not really work out well. My german opponent did FF and get 2 merces along with Uhlans and Skirms. He came to my base around 11 minutes and my longbows got killed by Hekapells. In this game, I later found out that I did not manage my food supply well and I did little outboom, having little too many vills. I think by shipping a fort as my first Fortress shipment, it might be possible to defend German's merce rush.

    And imo, Germans have too many free Uhlans.

    [This message has been edited by dpark2 (edited 04-11-2006 @ 09:17 PM).]

    posted 04-11-06 09:22 PM EDT (US)     24 / 219  
    seems powerful, i would go defensive however, and drop the fort, in a choke point securing mines, then boom, spanish FF can't beat ya unless he attacks right? after setting up this lander/2falc/fort maybe 8 ville? i don't play brits at all but 8 villes is instant econ in the spot you need it most at no cost.


    posted 04-11-06 09:54 PM EDT (US)     25 / 219  
    hmmm... hypothetical question- To start off, I can't watch the recs right now, but what would you do about a Russian opri raid in the defensive version? With Thin Red Line your highlanders are too slow to counter them, right? And I think the falcos would get owned. Or the opris could just stay out of range and raid around. Either way, how would you counter this?

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