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Topic Subject: French Grenadier FF
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posted 06-01-06 09:00 AM EDT (US)   

Right this is my new French strategy I came up when looking over the French cards to see if I wanted to play them, Since I've been testing the strategy in single player and must say thanks to Flammifer for giving me some advice on how to improve the strategy, and Stophon4 and Mono Ager for helping me with the strategy in the thread.

The purpose of this strategy is to pump and ship powerful units to defeat the enemy army whilst using the French’s church card to get 12 veteran grenadiers for a mere 1500 food for siege along with 2 falconets for siege and defeating enemy armies.

Here are some example decks

The Build Order

- Send 2 coir des bours to hunt 1 to herd and the other 2 to collect only the food crates then all coir des bours go onto food
- Make 4 coir des bours and then ship 3 so you do not have to build a house yet
- age up with the 400 wood Politian and use it to build a trade post and housing
- While aging put a few coir des bours on gold to get 300 gold including the starting crates, then all coir des bours go to food
- queue 2 coir des bours to build in 2nd age
- send 700 gold
- Whilst aging to fortress age leave 10 villagers on food and put the rest on wood, use the wood they bring in to build a church and then just build as many houses as possible, as getting housed is a rather big problem with this strategy, avoiding being housed and ordering the right units it the key to this strategy
- then proceed to the fortress age, the Politian you use depends on the effect you want, you could do a really fast ff and try and catch the enemy off guard with your grenadiers or you could do the more defensive version (which this is the build order for) and then take your enemy out after you defend his attacks.
- While aging send the edict of Nantes card
- Send an Anti Cavalry Shipment to protect your skirmishers and Grenadiers, 10 pikes or 5 goons.
- After researching the two grenadier techs start producing coir des bours and put them on whatever resource is necessary
- about now your enemy will attack if its an ff but you have the advantage as its in your base so just defend well and your army should be well intact, make sure you keep your grenadiers alive as they are your siege power.
- You should attack no matter what your enemies’ strategy was as this attack should now demolish your enemy, but be cautious if his strategy was a fast industrial as he will be rather defensive
-When you Attack be sure to damage his eco as much as possible and when he has his eco protected kill his outposts if he has any, then go for military buildings and houses and then for the town centre, while doing all this use your scout and explorer effectively to make sure no villagers sneak out and if they do use your scout to follow them

One thing I will mention is that you should not fall into the trap of following a set build order every game a build order is really just a general guideline past early colonial as from there it could all change for example you get rushed, that is one of the reasons people loss to rushes easily they just follow their build order and their town centre goes down before the reach fort and they wonder why they lost. A prime example is in the first recording, I like the skirmisher unit so favoured sending a skirmisher card upon reaching fortress even though I knew German + no raiding = uhlan army and look what happens.

Here’s Two Recordings of my performing this strategy against the hard computer:

And a 3rd one taken from a quicksearch game

My Cuetech is 1782 overall and 1764 1 vs. 1 at this moment.

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posted 06-17-06 08:47 AM EDT (US)     151 / 161  
Cool. If you could, would you get a rec against a rush?

posted 06-18-06 09:58 AM EDT (US)     152 / 161  
That rec that never worked was against a rush I think xD damn why did it have to not work.
posted 06-22-06 09:18 AM EDT (US)     153 / 161  
Hey guys.
First thing I'd like to say is that much of the time when someone writes a new strat somebody goes down the worlds longest rabbit trail about how certain units are going to make a strategy uneffective. To a point these objections are well written and make sense as in the first few pages of this strat and are discussed constructively. Almost always someone reads the first two posts and comes in with a comment that has allready been chewed over such as cav being a problem for this. As a frequent reader and seldom poster on this site I find it irritating for someone to come in and not even give so much as a nice strat to the guy taking the time to share it with you. Cause if he never did you would definately not know what to do cause it would be new to you regardless of what you think or say.

I have seen Destiny, Mono, Stophon, Beatnik, Mokon, etc. etc. post almost endless amounts of quality information and hope they continue to do so. It gives me a good laugh when someone posts something about how a strat isnt going to work or how x strat will beat it. Its different though when a strat is done unexpected in a real game. Some people comment that surprise is the only thing going for a strat. Well duh I am very new to this game and that looks like the whole point of a strat in the first place. Seeing that this thread has reached what 153 replies now, I believe this strat is winner and should be added to the strat thing. It is great that someone has finally written a competitive French strat. I would like to see more as I have really got into playing as the French. I am little below avg at this particular game...I think my cuetech is around 1600 and Im a master SGT. I loved using the BWKiC and telling people at the end that they were just beat by Beatnik Joes BWKiC and they always say whats that mean. I mean come on there is about 3k people at any given time on ESO most the majority of people would never have the idea or spend the time to look at a forum strategy site for ideas.

I know this is a long winded post and although I dont say much on the forums I will say that when I do I can back it up and mean what I say. The fact is it doesnt matter who can beat who with which strat when ur talking in a forum cause in reality you dont know exactly what ur opponent is going to do...Yes scouting helps alot, and looking in there deck but just becuase i have the church card doesnt mean im going to use this exact nader strategy heck anyone can sit here and say "if you do this ill just do that" but some of these players could have the shared view on, like in old Starcraft, and still win.

I do have a few comments/questions/ideas about how to make this better. When you wrote this Destiny, what kind of players are your target audience? If it is for lower skill lvl people u may want to be a little more clear about what u do in the beginning. Try not to use an acronym unless you have used it in un-acronym form. This an old computer science rule i.e If you were trying to learn what POP3 is and I kept referring to POP3 and you had no idea what POP3 was and I kept using it without defining it you would be lost right? So say Post Office Protocol the first time you use it. Then use it as an acronym. Now some of them are so obvious its probably ok but even then. If you are gonna write a good strat why not take the extra 2 seconds and type it out once. I know there are other places where these acronyms are all spelled out but hey if you want it to be good its the little things that help. I still cant figure out UU. I consider myself to be well read and I am educated. I hope this might help you some as well as get out some stuff I have been seeing over and over again on threads here. I know our moderators do a good job keeping the spam out but some of this stuff people say is just plain childish.


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posted 06-22-06 02:04 PM EDT (US)     154 / 161  
UU - unique unit

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posted 06-23-06 02:34 PM EDT (US)     155 / 161  
cav isn't that much of a problem. unless it's the 5 lancer shipment, that is. why?

-cav is expensive, so you won't see a lot of it.
-the scout politician provides excellent cover for your grens.

as long as i don't see more than, say, 3-4 horsies i don't sweat it.

good strat, devil. it's my favorite thing to do with the french.


posted 06-23-06 03:52 PM EDT (US)     156 / 161  
posted 07-03-06 10:42 AM EDT (US)     157 / 161  
I had someone try this basic strat against my ports the other day. I had sent the 6 age up cassadors and then 8 more and had them harassing his vills. Noticed the church and thought, hmm maybe I should have sent dragoons. The first four grens and his 6 skirms come running at my cass so I start the good old retreat and fire while putting them in staggared formation. A little micro and his gren get wtfpwned. I don't think I even lost a single cass in the first skirmish. Similar results when the middle guard shows up, but he is able to take down my foward rax. I'm guessing the results would be similar with skirmishers.

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posted 07-03-06 11:13 AM EDT (US)     158 / 161  
I had a guy do this to me on texas last night. He destroyed my TC, indeed my entire original base, but had way too many casualties in the process. He attacked with something like 10 Skirmishers and 12 Grenadiers. Adding 2 Falconets soon after. While he was busy razing my original base, I established a new one from my forward Outpost, including new TC and Fort. He tried taking down this new base, but unsuccessfully. From then on went to kill him.

We reached fortress at EXACTLY the same second (7:51), so if he had attacked earlier, he might have been more successful. Waiting for those extra Skirmishers set him back too much.

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posted 07-03-06 11:28 AM EDT (US)     159 / 161  
I've found the best way to do it is get an early tp then you'll be able to send pikes soon as you reach fort and then you can attack as soon as they arrive which will only be a few seconds after your second batch of nadiers.
posted 07-03-06 11:58 AM EDT (US)     160 / 161  
hey ive been going along with what stophon said, 15 cdb age 2, and making market for the hutnign techs. sometimes my timings not good enough to get both, but i always get huntign dogs, great coat, and the first wood upgrade.

i havent actually plasyed defensive with this. i usually attack them, everytime i scout i see an art foudnry which scares me, i know naders can beat falcs, but i dotn want to lose them.

an early tp is necessary for the 10 pikes, ive elarned that.

also, i havent had the 1k wood card till yesterday, so i have been gathering lots of wood and putting up a stable plus more houses to raid and deal with the cav that i know the enemy will make.

now i guess ill just chop like 200 and sue 1k wood for a tc stable and house.

nice strat btw.

posted 07-03-06 06:24 PM EDT (US)     161 / 161  
I've been having trouble with this lately, mainly cos I've been playing team games but I got some advice off ender and he advised me to send 1000 wood and build 2 more tcs after 10 pikes and maybe 2 falcs to boom incase it does fail I haven't seen how well this works yet cos I don't have the 1000 wood card yet :P
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