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Topic Subject: French Grenadier FF
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posted 06-01-06 09:00 AM EDT (US)   

Right this is my new French strategy I came up when looking over the French cards to see if I wanted to play them, Since I've been testing the strategy in single player and must say thanks to Flammifer for giving me some advice on how to improve the strategy, and Stophon4 and Mono Ager for helping me with the strategy in the thread.

The purpose of this strategy is to pump and ship powerful units to defeat the enemy army whilst using the French’s church card to get 12 veteran grenadiers for a mere 1500 food for siege along with 2 falconets for siege and defeating enemy armies.

Here are some example decks

The Build Order

- Send 2 coir des bours to hunt 1 to herd and the other 2 to collect only the food crates then all coir des bours go onto food
- Make 4 coir des bours and then ship 3 so you do not have to build a house yet
- age up with the 400 wood Politian and use it to build a trade post and housing
- While aging put a few coir des bours on gold to get 300 gold including the starting crates, then all coir des bours go to food
- queue 2 coir des bours to build in 2nd age
- send 700 gold
- Whilst aging to fortress age leave 10 villagers on food and put the rest on wood, use the wood they bring in to build a church and then just build as many houses as possible, as getting housed is a rather big problem with this strategy, avoiding being housed and ordering the right units it the key to this strategy
- then proceed to the fortress age, the Politian you use depends on the effect you want, you could do a really fast ff and try and catch the enemy off guard with your grenadiers or you could do the more defensive version (which this is the build order for) and then take your enemy out after you defend his attacks.
- While aging send the edict of Nantes card
- Send an Anti Cavalry Shipment to protect your skirmishers and Grenadiers, 10 pikes or 5 goons.
- After researching the two grenadier techs start producing coir des bours and put them on whatever resource is necessary
- about now your enemy will attack if its an ff but you have the advantage as its in your base so just defend well and your army should be well intact, make sure you keep your grenadiers alive as they are your siege power.
- You should attack no matter what your enemies’ strategy was as this attack should now demolish your enemy, but be cautious if his strategy was a fast industrial as he will be rather defensive
-When you Attack be sure to damage his eco as much as possible and when he has his eco protected kill his outposts if he has any, then go for military buildings and houses and then for the town centre, while doing all this use your scout and explorer effectively to make sure no villagers sneak out and if they do use your scout to follow them

One thing I will mention is that you should not fall into the trap of following a set build order every game a build order is really just a general guideline past early colonial as from there it could all change for example you get rushed, that is one of the reasons people loss to rushes easily they just follow their build order and their town centre goes down before the reach fort and they wonder why they lost. A prime example is in the first recording, I like the skirmisher unit so favoured sending a skirmisher card upon reaching fortress even though I knew German + no raiding = uhlan army and look what happens.

Here’s Two Recordings of my performing this strategy against the hard computer:

And a 3rd one taken from a quicksearch game

My Cuetech is 1782 overall and 1764 1 vs. 1 at this moment.

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posted 06-04-06 01:06 PM EDT (US)     51 / 161  
5 lancers vs 10 pikes should be even but pikemen should win with no micro because of lancer pathing so he outmicroed really. anyway 5 goons would be better against spanish and french really, but you need good micro to prevent your grenadiers and skirms from getting hurt.
posted 06-04-06 01:08 PM EDT (US)     52 / 161  
Yeh true, with goons its much harder to micro because they don't keep the lancers occupied.

posted 06-04-06 01:10 PM EDT (US)     53 / 161  
Yep but they will beat lancers completely 5 lancers vs goons there should be 5 goons left and thats it really.
posted 06-04-06 01:24 PM EDT (US)     54 / 161  
oh and the 2 falc card is completely useless against the naders. I love it

I also like it when they got a few pikes arrive at your base and then they quickly turn around and by the time they get there, their whole base is down.

posted 06-04-06 01:50 PM EDT (US)     55 / 161  
Actually vs spain, its interesting. With the 4 hussar card you can hold off 5 lancers easy, but witht heir age up pikes/hussars your screwed

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tEk Clan #1 US Clan
posted 06-04-06 02:15 PM EDT (US)     56 / 161  
I just beat Mio who is a 1900 with this strat while I'm a 1700 (13 more points than me on PR, I'm a 2nd lt and He was a colonal I think or a lt colonal)

He was British. The brits have no chance with this unless they send for hussers. He poured out when he saw me 10 lbows from barracks then an lbow and pike shipment with 2 outposts and managed to kill just 1 nader, did a good job on the skirms though. Went for the wrong thing. I destroyed his houses, his towers, his TC with the 2 falcs card too (TC was the first thing I destroyed) and he was uber impressed. Killed quite a few settlers too, then he snuck off with about 20 lbows (dnno where from) and a few settlers, I then sent 1000w and boomed, went industrial got my factories out, everything maxed out. Then he went industrial. He tried raiding with about 15 hussers but I had secured all my vills backwards so he went and found an empty TC. Think he managed to kill just 1 CdB which had just been made from that TC. He then went industrial but I had everything maxed out and went off with about 5 HCs, lots of cuirs and goons and 3 mortars to get rid of the fort. Then it was GG.


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posted 06-04-06 03:04 PM EDT (US)     57 / 161  
Naders own lbows

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tEk Clan #1 US Clan
posted 06-04-06 03:06 PM EDT (US)     58 / 161  

posted 06-04-06 03:37 PM EDT (US)     59 / 161  
god I wish I had a high lv french civ, it looks like I've made an awesome strat. *runs to lv up french hc* (really lol)
posted 06-04-06 05:00 PM EDT (US)     60 / 161  
Here's a rec of me agaisnt Expert AI Brit.

It's quite different from yours destiny...

This is basically exactly what happened with Mio the Colonel, except the AI didn't try to save itself and rebuild. But from myside, same.


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posted 06-05-06 04:46 AM EDT (US)     61 / 161  
posted 06-05-06 11:13 AM EDT (US)     62 / 161  
K thanks, hope you like it.

posted 06-05-06 11:49 AM EDT (US)     63 / 161  
Damn forgot to watch it, guess I'll do it now. Also I finally got my french civ to lv 10 here we go nadiers

Edit: P.S Stophon do you have msn or x fire or anything cos you said you wanted to help improve the strat before I submit it to mokon and were not gonna get much done here fast anyway.

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posted 06-05-06 01:12 PM EDT (US)     64 / 161  
You can check this ingame when the extended UI is on, it will have the 2x horse multiplier if it is, but from memory, I don't believe they have the multiplier in ranged.

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posted 06-05-06 02:05 PM EDT (US)     65 / 161  
posted 06-05-06 04:41 PM EDT (US)     66 / 161  
He was answering my question:


AND this is unrelated: I've noticed in muskets the cav bonus is only next to melee mode attack. Do muskets only get the bonus in melee mode?

a few posts back

posted 06-05-06 05:19 PM EDT (US)     67 / 161  
posted 06-06-06 04:39 AM EDT (US)     68 / 161  
Thats stupid about muskets though, only getting the bonus in melee.

posted 06-06-06 06:11 AM EDT (US)     69 / 161  
They get a bonus in mellee because they have huge bayonets. They don't shoot bayonets out of the end of their rifles (lol ), so they don't get a 2x ranged bonus.
posted 06-06-06 07:50 AM EDT (US)     70 / 161  
No MSN, sorry.

You could submit it by just incorperating what people said, most likely.

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tEk Clan #1 US Clan
posted 06-06-06 08:15 AM EDT (US)     71 / 161  
It might be useful to add in the strat to stay in stagger with you're naders, just in case of the enemy getting a falconet, or cav attacking, so you're naders don't melee the cav.

Oh and I got a few French lvls to spare (throws 10 worthless lvls at destiny) I'm past Skill point usefulness

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posted 06-06-06 11:00 AM EDT (US)     72 / 161  
posted 06-07-06 08:25 AM EDT (US)     73 / 161  
So what are you going to add to it to submit it to strat central?

posted 06-07-06 02:57 PM EDT (US)     74 / 161  
I have no idea lmao, I was hoping stophon had something as he was the one who told me to hang on.
posted 06-07-06 03:18 PM EDT (US)     75 / 161  
There are 2 concerns for me in the BO you wrote, you said to use the 400 wood for a TP and housing but then said build a church when aging which is impossible. I have found that at the very start if I start with 200 wood, I put 3 CdBs on wood until I have 250 and build a TP, then keep them there until I have a 100 and build a house. Have 2 on food to keep a constant flow of vills. All newly built CdBs go to food. After the 3 wood have finished all go food. I usually build till I have 15 CdBs (along with the 3 CdB shipment). Then its the same from there on, build a church 2 houses with the 400w. But instead of attacking straight away, wait for the pike shipment (10). I use this against spanish and german. Against all other civs I use the fast one.

And I personally find the 1000w much more useful than 1000g. Better booming with 3 TCs, up to you though.

I think you just need to go to slightly more detail about the micro as well of when you get there. I personally find it better to just finish off any military they have then go for the TC as the first building you attack. But I'm not too fantastic on micro, ask Stophon about that one.

What buildings should you attack when you get there?

Is there a variation to deal with spanish cav (read above)?

Also I think the 700w and 700f can be traded for better cards, such as a fort. I find that putting a fort in a forward position really secures the game from your end.


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