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Topic Subject: Argentine Rush
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posted 12-02-06 07:24 AM EDT (US)   
The Argentine Rush is definitely the most powerful rush in the game. You can be at the enemy base within less than a minute with an impressive force of artillery and ranged infantry. The only problem is you have to survive almost 12 minutes playing Germany before you even get to play Argentina...

This is a non-too-serious strategy I came up with after I declared the revolution feature in TWC to be completely useless. I've used it a few times on the LAN, winning some games gloriously and losing others horribly. It's a complete gamble; I don't recommend it for people who care about their ratings. You have been warned!

The idea of this strategy is to advance to industrial as quickly as possible, revolt immediately, and go after the enemy base at with an army of

- about 25 Colonial Militia
- up to 14 Veteran Skirmishers
- 2 Falconets
- 6 Imperial Howitzers

I can do that in less than 12 minutes, better players would probably be quicker. Though I think, provided they would also face better opponents than I do, they wouldn't be able to get there under normal circumstances, as TWC seems to be all about colonial warfare these days. I devised this strategy as a little surprise for an opponent I knew I could expect to turtle. That's one of the reasons I prefer LAN games you get to know your opponents better, learn about their style and try to adapt, bringing a new "meta-counter" concept into the game. But I digress.

Anyway, here's what I do:

- start out with the usual stuff, collecting food, creating settlers, gathering treasures
- age up with the Quartermaster (400 wood)
- build houses as necessary, nothing else
- age up with the Marksman (6 Veteran Skirmishers)
- age up immediately afterwards with the Engineer (2 Falconets)
- revolt immediately with San Martin (6 Imperial Howitzers)
- go after the enemy base
- win quickly, or lose just a little bit later

The only cards I play are

- 2 Settler Wagons (Age 1)
- 3 Settler Wagons (Age 2)
- 2 Settler Wagons (Age 2)
- 8 Skirmishers (Age 3)

The Skirmishers can be replaced by any other Age 3 military card, depending on what kind of opposition I expect. One of the fun things about this strategy is that the cards are completely nondescript, so I can "hide" them in any deck, luring my opponent into expecting something completely different. This also means that in principle I can switch to another strategy if I think I won't be able to make it in time. Chances are though that my weak economy will lose me the game in this case, so I'd sooner stick to the plan.

I don't build anything except houses, I don't research any upgrades either. All I'm interested in is gathering the necessary resources I need to revolt as quickly as possible (some 6500 food, 1500 wood and 3200 coin). Depending on what the opponent is doing I use the few Uhlans I get as raiders, for protection against enemy raids or as support for my explorer on a treasure-rich map.

If, by some kind of miracle, I make it far enough to actually get to play Argentina, the idea is to strike hard and fast. The Imperial Howitzers are the key, their long range and line of sight being superior to just about anything the opponent can field at this point. With appropriate protection from infantry plus falconets they can hammer any building into dust within seconds, including forts or town centers. Destroying enemy buildings at a high rate grants a lot of XP I can use to send reinforcements. As I have only used four shipments up to this point, I can quickly get more troops shipped in Gatling Guns if I'm dealing with lots of infantry, Colonial Militia for everything else. And of course, Ironclads if I can drop them close enough to the enemy base for some offshore support. The revolutionary units are not great, especially completely unupgraded, so the key is to throw them at the enemy faster than he can kill them. Either way, the game will be over very quickly.

Try it, and have fun! Or at least enjoy that warm holiday season feeling inside you get for giving your opponent an easy win...

posted 04-12-07 03:05 AM EDT (US)     26 / 29  
drop a few settler cards and you can get +10 of strong units rather than 3~ colonial milita.

The problem is, from my experience, that the longer you wait with your attack, the weaker this strategy becomes. As I've said in the main post, I devised it as a little surprise for an opponent I knew I could expect to turtle. He was "wasting" resources, shipments and villager seconds on things like outposts, walls or building upgrades, things which didn't even slow my army down, and he had not enough troops to engage me effectively. If I had waited for another three or four minutes to get in a few more units I would have faced a much stronger army. Once his defences were set he would have started to build up his troops, and he could have done so much faster than I because of his much better economy.
But as Suleiman notes, every man has his own way of eating yoghurt!

Drop a note once you've uploaded your recordings, I'd really like to see those!

posted 04-13-07 10:31 AM EDT (US)     27 / 29  
AOE3TWC Didn't want to record some so I'll upload some the next time I'm on AOE3TWC. (Probably later today).

I did have another game just now(I swear it was recorded but it didn't save! :'( ) where it was against ottos, he made 30~ jans and was treasure hunting so I aged up with the exiled prince, shipped 8 skirms and made like 20 more, carried on with the plan, as soon as I got to age 4 he attacked me and I lost the falcs, I still revolted and won in the end.

Quoted from Mokon:

Hmmm, I feel like a n00b for asking this but what is a female?

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posted 04-16-07 03:13 AM EDT (US)     28 / 29  
I did a little check this weekend (just against the AI) to see how it might work with Polish Hussars added. I found that in the best case, that is, against a turtler leaving me alone, I could be at his base at a little over the 13 minute mark with

- some 25 Colonial Militia
- 14 Veteran Skirmishers
- 2 Falconets
- 6 Imperial Howitzers

as described above, plus

- 10 Winged (Guard) Hussars

and, for reasons of completeness,

- 7 Uhlans
- 1 crackshot-enabled Explorer

I think I'd like that, though I might have found something I like even better!

posted 04-17-07 07:23 PM EDT (US)     29 / 29  
I like these fast revolts, they're really interesting.

I suppose any European civ that has good age 4/3 shipments can do this good. Good work on these though! I couldn't get any good recordings, but what I found works wonders is making a barracks and training some skirmishers(in case of a late rush), only about 20, it delays you by around a minute and a half, but by then you'll have 34 skirmishers with a possibility of 16 ulhans.

Quoted from Mokon:

Hmmm, I feel like a n00b for asking this but what is a female?

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