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Topic Subject:TWC Guide/Strategy Reference
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Angel Walker
(id: Just a player)
posted 01-15-07 11:33 AM EDT (US)         

Thread design by Lord Tahattus

  • Although I don't want to judge anyone, I am only posting multiplayer strategies which had a nice feedback.
  • If you feel I've missed a guide or strategy, link me to it!
  • I'm not placing the links in any specific order besides the patch one, although I do give preference to complete civilization guides and strategies which had a large feedback.
  • Remember checking our Recorded Games and Strategy sections regularly.

    Chilean Rush - Spanish Fast Revolution - dr nefarious 1.03

    British Musketeer Rush - SmashNBash 1.03
    The BAM strategy - Ranger General 1.02
    British Anti-FF Explosion - ultimitsu 1.02

    Economic French FF - Brtnboarder495 1.02
    A Guide to the French - xMatt the Greatx

    Dutch SSS - SupremeOverlord 1.04
    Dutch Church FI - Time4Victory 1.03
    Dutch Anti-Spain Semi-FF - F1RE_FLY
    The Bank Rush - jaafit
    30 Pikes @ 5:30 - mentork
    Explosive Surprise - somme

    Portuguese Azure Tower Defence - Turk Janissary 1.04
    The Portuguese Fast-Industrial - LordPatrick18 1.02
    Portuguese Land Grab Turtle - MNBob 1.02
    Portuguese Musketeer Rush - hellblazer970 1.02
    Anti-Aztec Mesmerizing Maze - LordPatrick18 1.02

    Guns and Biers - ultimitsu 1.03
    Rise of Berlin: a guide to Germany - Mediolanus 1.02
    The German Outlaw Defense - Mediolanus 1.02
    Argentine Rush - dr nefarious

    Russian Sevastapol Boom - (strategy direct link) - L_Clan_Socrates 1.03
    The Strelet Throttle - agape3 1.03
    Russian Raid Squad - Zongo 1.03
    Russian Gambit - LordPatrick18 1.02

    TOB - The Ottoman Boom - Malavir 1.03
    Rise of Istanbul: A Guide to the Ottomans - xMatt the Greatx 1.02
    Ottoman NWNT Fast Fortress - ultimitsu 1.02
    Caughnawhat? The Ottoman Iroquois Destroyer - xMatt the Greatx 1.02
    TWC Ottoman Deporter - VooDoo O_o 1.02
    Santander's Ironclad Fist - dr nefarious 1.02
    The New Ottoman Way - Ender_Ward
    The Naked Otto FI - IvIoIzT
    Otto Petard Rush - RedStripe
    Otto Discovery Rush - Spectruz
    The Ottoman Fast Fortress - James426

    Unifying Nations - Destiny_Devil 1.02
    Iroquois Feint Rush/Semi-FF - donkee 1.02
    Iroquois War Party! - hellblazer970

    The Buffalo Bonanza - DrWho42 1.03
    Sioux Survival Guide: The Last Stand - Smear 1.02
    The Tashunke Shank: A New Hope - Smear 1.02
    A European Invasion: Beginners guide to the Sioux - VooDoo O_o
    Sioux Power Fortress - George_uk
    The SPAR - Asko 1.03
    The Sioux SAFF - CookieCrisp13
    The Sioux Cavalry Cavalcade - Mune84

    Aztec ZAP! Rush - F1RE_FLY 1.02
    The Aztec Scout Slam -- an Envoy Rush, Native Style - Beatnik Joe
    Aztec Unit Guide - poita
    Aztec Colonial Conundrum - Flammifer
    Big Button Rush - radradrobotanks
    the TAPE - Flair
    Aztec Rush - DanishCasanova


    Placeholder title until someone photoshops it!

    Missionary Sling - Cyclohexane 1.03
    (2 Players: Russia + Spain)
    The Francisco Franco Surprise - LordKivlov 1.03
    (2 Players: France + Spain)

    Unit/Building Guides
    The War Chiefs Unit Chart - MNBob

    Technology/Home City Card Guides
    The War Chiefs Cards - MNBob
    Native Big Buttons - MrHumphries
    Church Technologies - Scot_free

    Fire Pit: Some Initial Numbers - Flammifer
    Comprehensive Guide - The Basics of Age of Empires III - OpenWar

    I'm not perfect, thus I've probably missed some good ones (or thought they weren't TWC strategies) - so help me! Quality criticism is also welcome.

    ESO - Walker

    >> Napoleonic Era --> Visit their Homepage!
    "Holy *****" > Thunder (Ensemble Studios)

    Retired from AoE3. But I do play AoK HD in Steam now and then.

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  • AuthorReplies:
    posted 09-15-09 05:17 PM EDT (US)     76 / 79       
    I think you should just totally destroy this thread and incorporate the ones that are still viable into TAD guide/strategy referene.
    Veteran Musketeer
    posted 09-15-09 07:00 PM EDT (US)     77 / 79       
    I think you should just totally destroy this thread and incorporate the ones that are still viable into TAD guide/strategy referene.
    agreed, twc is pretty much dead so...

    posted 09-15-09 07:45 PM EDT (US)     78 / 79       
    imo it is best to update the tad strategy section with all the good strategies around here. I think it has became a mess to find all topics, and if we make 1 good database for strats for all civs (so also euro and native) we can be much more helpfull for new players who want to know a civ or how to perform a certain strat. I am willing to help looking for the good strats that are in those numerous topics.

    I knew from when i just started (first as compstomp nub ^^) the aoe3 strategy section was really helpfull, later on when i played online it was even more helpfull. With the current state of the strategy sections (outdated, tad with only asian civs) we are not helping out new players imo. If you look at the numerous topics of new players who are asking for good strats of a certain civ you can conclude our database isnt working.

    SUNIL IS NUB!!! (227)
    posted 09-16-09 10:59 AM EDT (US)     79 / 79       
    Or atleast could we have this thread updated.

    Look under the French header only 2 strats yet there are loads more strats out there that are great (itech)

    But Barto is right

    eso name: oliandsam
    rank: 1st luit
    clan: some silly dutch one
    "A single death is a tragedy. A million deaths is a statistic."
    Sometimes I think war is God's way of teaching us geography. - Paul Rodriguez
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