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Topic Subject: Unifying Nations
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posted 02-04-07 06:48 PM EDT (US)   
I R back: P

From the people who brought you the French grenadier ff, here comes the Iroquois unifying nationís ff, anyway lets just get on with it shall we.

This strategy focuses on (ab)using the power of the Iroquois version of mercenary loyalty, national unity, for those who do not know exactly what national unity does, it reduces the cost of the Iroquois' 6 support cards from 1000 gold to 250 gold. So the basic idea is to get to fortress as fast as possible send national unity then spam these cheap mercenary shipments.

Now I'm not a good strategy writer like blender_fjord or beatnikjoe so I have more blabber for all of you so onto the build order.

Discovery Age

Send 2 villagers to herd
Rest Gather food crates
Send another 2 villagers to herd once food crates our gathered
1st villager out builds a longhouse
hunt treasures, search for wood and exp specifically
Against aggressive civs use your travois to build a defensive war hut, against passive civs use it to build a longhouse and the 1st villager out to build a market
All vills go to food age once 800 food and such
Age up with the 2 travois politician
move 5 villagers to gold keep 10 on food and the last one goes to wood

Colonial Age
Build 2 defensive war huts with your travois
send 600 gold as first shipment then the 200 of every resource shipment as 2nd shipment
make a three villagers
build a market if you haven't already
age using the messenger

Hereís the irritating bit, so many variables in the economy so far but we have to have 500 of each resource as soon as possible to research our market big button upgrade. Anyway hereís how to best balance your economy for the age to fortress, so depending on the variables such as starting wood and whether you used your travois for a longhouse or a war hut. Have 6-7 Villagers on food, if you have herdables now is definitely the time to gather them 8-9 villagers on gold and have the rest on wood.

Fortress Age

Once you reach fortress age you will have/be about to get 500 of each resource, once you do research the market big button
Send National Unity
Put 10 villagers on gold, 8 villagers on food 1 on wood with all made villagers going to wood.
Now you can start sending your cheap mercenary shipments, usually the best one to send is forest prowlers since you get 2 travois with which to build more protective war huts or probably a better idea to build a corral and an arty foundry.
You could also send tomahawks and order the big buttons as your opponent will be expected forest prowlers seeing you are in fort and order the big buttons.
There is also the siege mercenary so that you can attack your opponents base after you defend his attack, then you could send the economy mercenary shipment and then you are well set to go to normal prowler spam if your ff fails.

some credit has to go to beatnikjoe for helping me refine the strategy and The_Garlic_King for finding info for me because I couldn't be bothered.

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posted 03-08-07 06:18 PM EDT (US)     26 / 37  
Haha this is like in 1.08 when someone would ask how to ff as spain...doesnt really need an explanation, it's so damn easy and effective to do

So therefore i understand the first reply.

Oh and by the way, Iro will be top civ in 1.03. Just FYI.

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posted 03-08-07 06:22 PM EDT (US)     27 / 37  
I know they will, its just you may have to wake up to win as them now.

and anyway, better players than me are using the non market version of this so this is worth posting.

posted 03-08-07 07:03 PM EDT (US)     28 / 37  
I can see this strat being really, really annoying.

You have travois built wh's all over the place, shooting you as you try to attack, the iro player can always ship gh and use uber TC's to kill your army, he can also always switch to a more standard fort with regular shipped prowlers if you can somehow keep him off gold.

oh and destiny, what about forward building your first wh on some of your enemies hunts or something? That way, you can keep him off one of his secondary herds, and it gives you a good fb to send your shipments to. Just a thought, i mean, you have 1trav to start, 2 from age up+ 1 from getting to fort, and even 2 with that support shipment.

Personally, I would use my travois's like this:
1) Builds forward wh-that way you get some mapcontrol, you have a free forward, and your opponent either has to live with the annoyance or waste res/shipments on units to take it down.
2)Builds second wh close to home
3)Can do whatever, a second close-in wh if your pressured, or can build a longhouse, market (saving you the 100 wood, which you need for the BB tech, or it can even build a firepit if you need to.
4)fourth trav can also do whatever is needed (probably a longhouse or wh)
You also get 9 prowlers + 2 travs as one of the support cards, so that enables you to build a corral and an art foundry.

I have very little experience with iro, and I'm not good at the game in general (as you well know) but, that's just my suggestion.

posted 03-21-07 07:01 PM EDT (US)     29 / 37  
So what's the story with this strat in 1.03? It seems like this would be completely viable now with the pop bugs for Iroquois mercs fixed. And with forest prowlers nerfed it might actually now be worth exploring other options. Is anyone trying it out? How's it looking?

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posted 03-22-07 12:10 PM EDT (US)     30 / 37  
posted 03-22-07 03:05 PM EDT (US)     31 / 37  
FS I told you my opinion on oyur idea on ESO so I wont bother to repeat it here.

@joe: I'm still not lv 40 with my iro civ yet myself as I haven't tried it out competivivley yet myself prefering french aztecs and brits to iro in all shapes and forms at the moment. but you should be right, done well it should be completley viable, as theres always the option of sending great house for protection if neccasary. If anyone is trying this some coments on how it went would be welcomed.

posted 03-22-07 09:44 PM EDT (US)     32 / 37  
I've been playing with this strategy for awhile but I take advantage of the Gift Dance instead of researching New Years Festival. If you can get a TP with a high wood start, go ahead but it is not needed. The Gift Dance is amazing, even in early Fortress. If you are not under pressure, a TC and extra 10 villagers is a sweet shipment for 250 gold and can boost your economy.

Here is my advice after doing this for some time. Do not be so aggressive with it. If you rush to age 3, send the NU shipment, a rusher or even a FF will take you out. You will not have a chance to send units.

Send Great House as the 2nd or 3rd card and plan to play defensive for awhile. This strategy is more like a defensive FF, rather than an all out FF. It can be extremely powerful but you need to play defense, then spawn a huge counter attack army in no time (25 vills on gift dance after saving a little gold) and then send in 10 more villagers to make up for it.

The problem with this strategy is that a standard FF is more powerful (due to how easy it is to perform). There are many different variations and options you can play with National Unity and send in the unit type you need (react instead of setting the pace, defense instead of offence). But that is part of the attractiveness of this civilization for me, it can be played in so many different methods they stay fun for a long time.

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posted 03-22-07 10:00 PM EDT (US)     33 / 37  
Sounds good and nice writing

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posted 03-23-07 01:29 AM EDT (US)     34 / 37  
sounds good, but most shipment-based strategies (german mercs, brit highlanders, etc.) aren't too powerful, with the exception of spahi ff.

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posted 03-24-07 08:41 AM EDT (US)     35 / 37  


FS I told you my opinion on oyur idea on ESO so I wont bother to repeat it here.

I know you did, I was asking about the viability of the strat in 1.03, thats all.
posted 05-30-07 04:11 PM EDT (US)     36 / 37  
posted 05-31-07 03:04 PM EDT (US)     37 / 37  
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