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Topic Subject: Sioux Survival Guide: The Last Stand
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posted 02-12-07 10:54 PM EDT (US)   
Sioux Survival Guide
By Smear

Everyone Thinks the Sioux canít match up to Civís like France or Spain. France can just Fast fortress and bring cuirs and cannon up your ass. Spain will fast fortress too and just spam shipments at you until you run out of resources. Correct? What about iro? It seems nobody can beat there Fast fortress. And letís not forget about Dutch, Russia, and British who all need to be dealt with at some time or another. Well I am going to teach you how to beat this, along with some more strats to beat other civs. Letís start with the basics of the Sioux.

Basics of Sioux

This guy is OP. He has a speed of 8.10 and can convert treasure guardians. With him you can scout the map for very good treasures in less then a minute depending on the map. Not to mention you can raid with him and nobody can catch you in age 2 and even age 3. And why stop with raiding? Put him behind some wakina or cetan and they can hit and run like no other. ALWAYS Use your Warchief even if you donít think he will help. He probably will.

~No houses:
Having no houses is one of the best advantages in this game. You can make units whenever you want. You donít have to spend as much time chopping wood and you can ship shipments that take up 60 pop room! And not have to worry.

Sioux cavalry is some of the best in the game.
-Dog soldier shipments, though small, can really turn the tide of the game in age 2 or 3.
-Axe riders can cost a lot but hey youíre Sioux you donít need food right? They are stronger then normal hussar too and are a raiding machine when combined with your warchief.
-And lets not forget Rifle Riders. These guys with proper hit and running techniques can stop any rod spam/jan spam/musket/cav spams. Donít forget to always hit and run with them.

We all know that Sioux are supposed to be a cavalry civ. But somewhere along the line ES decided to hand them some pretty good infantry. Letís take a look at them.
-Cetan. These guys can be easily spammed in age 2 and can take out most other LI with proper micro. And when supported by axe and bears they are a force to be reckoned with.
-Clubman. IMO these guys arenít that great. But if you need some extra siege then the shipment of them isnít that bad. But only make them if youíre trying to take down some buildings. More on this later when we get to the club rush.
-Wakina. Let me let you in on a little secret I learned from _sephiroth_. These little guys are OP and nobody knows. Theyíre dirt cheap, 60 food and 30 gold for a unit that almost matches a forest prowler? Are you serious? Lets take a look at there stats:

60 food 30 gold, 85 hit points, 29 seconds to build, 121 villa time, 16 damage with bonus

Forest prowlers
50 food 65 gold, 110 hit points, 33 seconds to build, 167 villa time, 18 damage with bonus

The Wakina Rifle Costs less, only has 25 less hitpoints, takes less time to build and less time to gather for and only has 2 less damage then a forest prowler. Not that bad for a civ thatís supposed to use OP cavalry.

Ok now lets move on to some strats.

Sioux Fast Fortress Spam

Everyone knows that Sioux are famous for there cetan spam *laming* But what if your up against a French or spain player. Or even another Sioux player? Are you going to rely on your micro vs the Sioux? Are you going to hope that the French player doesnít FF and get cuirs? Or are you going to just sit back and let the spain player spam shipments at you all night long? NO of course not! This is how to beat them. MATCH their FF with one of your own! Hereís how you do it.

Discovery Age
-2 villaís to hunt
-3 to crates
-First card 3 villagers
-Try to scout for some good treasure with your warchief. Try to get all the gold treasures you can.
-Start to herd a second huntable toward your tc.
-Age with 15 villagers around 3:20 with the 400 wood chief.

Transition: Discovery/Colonial
-Now you need to collect 300 gold somehow. Whether through treasures or mining. Here is how I do it depending on how much gold you have at this point
100g = 5 villagers on mine
200g = 4 villagers on mine

Colonial Age
-Once you age and have 300 gold send the gold miners to collect the 400 wood and make a warhut, If your enemy is going to rush you within the next couple minutes, IE Sioux mirror, then I would suggest putting the rax behind your tc, Since the Sioux doesnít have that good of siege you can use your tc to pick off there units, Just make sure you can still Hunt during this time.
-As soon as you age send 700 gold. When it arrives have your gold miners, which are now warhut builders, collect it ASAP.
-When you have enough to age, age with the messenger, Now hereís the thing though. In SOME instances it is ok to age with the 4 axe rider chief, but only when you know you wonít be attacked and that your opponent wont get to fort before you do. You will have to be the judge of that though. You should age around 6 minutes if done right

Transition: Colonial/Fortress
-Put 5 villagers back on gold, 11 on food.

Fortress Age
-Arive in fort around 7 minutes if you aged with the fast chief, As soon as you age, queue one villager, as many wakina as you can and send 3 dog soilders if facing Sioux. If you are facing spain send 5 rifle riders to take care of there heavy infantry spamming and lancer spamming, Also send 5 rifle riders if you know your French enemy Fast fortressed, If he was dumb and thought you were going to colonial fight then send 3 dog soldiers.
-Keep spamming wakina. They are very cheap and you should be able to get 5 coming out each time while spamming villagers.
-When your shipment arrives you can choose to attack or defend or wait for more units
-My advice. If your going vs a French wait til you have your second shipment and send 5 axe or 3 dog soldier, then attack with 15 or so wakina 5 rifle and 5 axe riders, he will only have skirm and if heís smart the 3 cuir card. Micro him to death sil vous plait.
-If youíre going vs. a Spain then a slightly hard road follows you. You will have to micro your cav to keep out of the rods way while still defending your wakina from lancers or cannon. My advice is to go heavy on the rifle rider shipments and keep them alive! Once those shipments run out send the wakina one or 5 axe riders depending on whatís going on.
-If your going vs Sioux and he was dumb enough to try and rush you with cetan then keep the cav shipments coming, 3 dog soldiers followed by 5 axe riders, even if he sent his cav shipments the dog soldiers themselves will be able to keep him at bay with wakina backup and proper micro.

This strat also works well vs brit, Russia and the occasional germany. Russia just fast fortress and get dog soilders and cav. They cant do anything vs them in age 2. The british player will be to busy booming to realize that axe riders and dog soldiers kick there lbs ass and if they go for musket or pike you have wakina.

And germany.. lets just say.. if you cant beat germany.. I pity you.

Some tips:
~Lets remember that the basic principle of this strat is to keep your wakina alive while spamming shipments, If you lose your wakina then your basically done for.
~Another idea would be to put some villagers on a firepit during age to fortress and use the gift dance to get your shipments faster.
~I would also think about adding the 10 renegado allies to your fast fortress deck. if your rush needs some extra umpf or some siege 500 gold for these guys aint so bad. they also count as some excelent anti infantry.
-This strat also works vs Aztec, all you have to do is collect your age up material while building a warhut in a secret place incase he attacks your tc. Once u age send wakina and rifle riders to kill his bb rush. Then its gg.

-Here is one vs Sioux
-Here is one vs Spain
-Here is one vs French

Ottoman Strangle

Now what to do vs those pesky ottomans who spam you with OP abuse guns and Janz. Quite simple really. Rush them before they can mass enough units! And while your at it, strangle there economy! Heres how:

Discovery Age
-Basic Sioux colonial.
-Age with 15, 500 food poli.

-As you age put either 3 or 5 villagers on wood depending on how much wood you started with. Make a rax a soon as you can

-As soon as you age send 4 axeís
-queue as many cetan as you can
-collect 500 food and queue a few villagers
-You should have about 7 villagers on wood and the rest on food
-Next shipment is 2 dog soldiers
-As soon as your 4 axeís arrive GO RAID take out as many villagers as you can without losing any axe. If you happen upon a few abus coming out of an artillery range and there are no janz in sight then by all meens destroy them. Just DONíT lose any of your axeís or your warchief.
-When you have 10 cetan go attack his 5-10 janz that he should have made. Pick them off, you are not going for the win just yet, your are hitting and running his Lame Op abusing ass to death! If he starts to go abus and you cant hit and run anymore then act like your hitting and running and draw his janz off his abus. Then rush in with your 4 axe 2 dogs and wc and destroy the abus, then get the hell out of there. Use cetan on janz always!
-Next shipment is 700 gold
-Chop 200 wood and make a stable
-Mass axe and if you have enough food keep making cetan.
-The second battle should take place soon as your ottoman enemy thinks that he can take you on. If he attacks then micro him to death. I cant give any details on hints on how to beat him here, it all depends on YOUR MICRO. Axe on abus always and Cetan on janz always. Never let up.
-At this Point the ottoman is either going for a silk road to keep his eco stable or his shipments are starting to run out. If he has tps try and take them out without losing any units, If he doesnít have tps then try to raid with your wc and pick off some janz.

Some tips
-At some point I advise making a firepit and boom some villagers, The basic principle of this strat is to always keep him on the defensive and if he does go offensive you are able to stop him and not die. Also the point is to wear the ottoman out til his eco is in shambles and you can just walk into his base and he has little or no army.
-KEEP RAIDING, if there is a lul in the battle and you have some axes and your wc then go raid! Just donít lose any horses. Even taking out 1 of your opponents villagers will set him back a bit. After his shipments run out of course
-There isnít much I can tell you about finishing him off, Each game vs an ottoman is different and I mostly play it by ear, If your opponent does get to fortress u will need some rifle riders to fight off spahi.

-Here is one on texas, donít worry the map didnít play a part in the outcome, or at least. IMO it didnít haha.

Ottoman Strangle, Variation 2

After an intelligent post by some forumers on HG I decided to test our the evening star card vs Ottomans, Surprisingly it completely murdered ottomans everywhere and most were like ďwtf Iíve never seen that beforeĒ or ďThat completely caught me off guardĒ
So how do you use this card to the Siouxís advantage? Heres how..

-Regular Sioux age
-Age with 500 food poli

-Move villagers to wood
-Once you have 200 wood all villagers back on food
-Put about 4 villagers on gold

-Collect 500 food
-Queue villager
-Make a stable
-Send 4 Axe
-Once stable is complete Queue 5 axe
-When you get your 9 axe and your warchief go raid the ottoman, Just piss him off for awhile while you continue to mass axe riders, If hes going for the IOR then kill his explorer ASAP
-Send 2 dog soldiers
-By now the ottoman should think your going all axe, So he will mass janz like a mofo, This is where the evening star comes in.
-Once you get around 17 axe riders send your evening star card, If your opponent attacks with his janz then run your cav away and keep them alive
-Once the evening star card is about to arrive run your cav at him, Whether he is attacking your base or just sitting in his own. If you have a clear shot at his villagers then go kill like 2-3 of them before you switch to rifle riders. He will run his janz in thinking your on a raid and then BAM rifle rider shot to the face bitch! I have literally taken out 30 jan armies with this. And thatís 3k food down the drain right there.
-At this point keep massing axe and keep your rifle riders alive. Once you take out his army then keep raiding his base and taking out villagers. He will either quit out of Anger or keep on fighting hoping he can mass enough units to fight you. He might switch to abus to counter rifle riders and if he does then its GG, If he doesnít.. well.. Its GG still cuz rifle riders still pwn him.

Some Tips
-Send your club cards to take out some houses, You wont belive how pissed he will become when he has no army, his villas cant gather AND he is popped.
-I have found that this strat beats anything the ottoman can do if its done correctly. I love it
-I would recommend to ALWAYS use this strat vs an ottoman.. although if u cant for some reason or just wish to win without being OP then use my first variation.

Heres a couple recís enjoy:
This one I was testing out the strat vs a friend, Watch the ending to find out a secret word!

Enjoy mates

2 TP FF Spam

So now we have strats vs Otto/ Sioux/ French/ Spain/ Russia. Now what about British? They will just outboom you if you donít rush right?! Omg what do we do, you say to me. Well what else would you do. Fast fortress vs them. Lol no Iím not joking were going to fast fortress vs a booming civ. They will make the wrong units like LB and you will easily be able to counter them in fortress. Heres how you do it:

-Regular Sioux discovery
-15 villa age
-Age with the messenger, THATíS RIGHT the messenger!

-3 villagers to gold or 4 depending on how much gold you started with
-Try to get another herd near you

-Send 700 gold as soon as you age
-Collect with 4 villaís that were on gold, rest are still on hunts
-Age with 800 wood ASAP

-4 villa on gold, rest on food

-Send 5 axe shipment
-Collect 800 wood
-Make 2 tps
-Send axeís to go raid if you can without your warchief because he is making tps. If you cannot do it safely then do not bother.
-Make a warhut
-Spam wakina
-Keep up villager production
-Make a fire pit
-These steps should all take place relatively quickly upon entering fortress age
-Next shipment is 3 dog soldiers
-As soon as you get around 10 wakina start to pick off his villagers or soldiers that he has made. Considering they are british and dutch they will most likely have longbow or skirm. Maybe even musket if they think you will go all cav. Either way we are in the advantage here. Lure them out a bit from there base then run in with cavalry and wakina and destroy there army. If they happened to make pikes then run your cav around a bit while picking off the pike with wakina. If they have no pikes then this should be pretty easy.
-Next shipments are 4 axe, 9 wakina, clubman shipments

Some tips
-Make sure you take full advantage of the siege dance at the firepit. Once you take out there armies you should switch to siege dance and start to rip down there tc/outposts that they have made.
-Always go for villagers, If your attack does happen to fail any villagers that you do kill will equalize the economic advantage that these boom civs have on you.
-This strat can be used vs many other civs too. But it depends on the situation

-Here is one vs british

Classical Club Rush

Now we need a strat vs Port/Dutch. This Pesky UP civ can cause a lot of problems for Sioux believe it or not. If they get there 3 tcís up and are able to get to fortress then your dead, cassadores and goons counter everything you can throw at them, belive me if they get to fortress itís a NIGHTMARE for a Sioux player. And then dutch, what are you going to let them ff and get cannon/halbs? Hell no. So the only way to stop this is an all or nothing club rush. Heres how:

-Regular Sioux age
-Age with 15, 400 wood poli
-Here is where the discovery age changes a bit. Try to find some good treasure guardians that can siege and convert them before the port ages. Get 1 or 2 depending. Once the Port ages rush those guardians in and Attack his tc cart. He will most likely get the tc foundation going unless he is a complete noob. Siege the foundation

-All villas stay on food
-3 forward near ports base

-As soon as you age send the 6 clubman card
-Collect 400 wood
-Make warhut with forward villaís
-5 villagers to wood
-When you get your first clubs attack the town center that your warchief has been attacking
-Spam clubman from wh
-Next shipment is 6 cetan
-Keep up the attack on the town center until it is finished. If he sends for minute men then retreat for a couple seconds (wait for another batch of units for example) then continue your attack
-4 axe is next shipment
-If your opponent chose to not FF and is spamming a certain type of unit then stop making clubs and make cetan, most likely though you should take out his 2nd tc before you switch to cetan.

Some tips
-Playing vs a Port is another strat where your going to have to play it by ear. It depends a lot on what your opponent does. If he fights it out in colonial then go heavy on cetan and axe shipments. If he chooses to FF then go heavy on clubman with axe shipments.

-Here is one vs Port

Sioux Fast Fortress SLAP!

And Now we have a strat vs All the Civs except for the lamest of them all. Iroquois Confederation.. They will Fast fortress and most likely get forest prowler/musket riders. So what do you do?! You Slap that bitch! SLAP! An Axe to the face! SLAP Wakina bullet to the head! Heres how:

Normal Discovery
Age with 400 wood

Build a trading post if you have the wood, if you donít wait til you gather the 400 wood and build one.
Switch some villagers to gold so you have 300 when u age.

Collect wood
Make tp if you havnt
Build a blockhouse
Send 700 gold

Once it arrives collect it and Age with the 4 axe rider chief.


During age put some villagers on wood if you can get another tp up. If you are currently at 0 wood then just put the villagers on gold, doesnít matter that much.

During age up send 4 axe rider shipment too

Spam wakina
Send 5 axe
Send 3 dog soldiers

By now your opponent is probably attacking you with forest prowlers. Precede to Slap him in the face with your cavalry/wakina combo. If he has some musket riders with him then micro them to death with your wakina.
Once you completely outmicro and OUTLAME his army precede to completely destroy any forward base that he might have made.

Send 9 wakina for backup
If you can raid safely now is the time to do it while you are building up your siege force.
Send 1k food
Get dog soldier big button to add that extra umpf to your siege force.

If you have not won the game by now because he hasnít resigned out of frustration because his laming didnít work, Then you may proceed to completely Slap this lamer in the face.

Some Tips:
~If the iro decides to fast rush then put the warhut behind your base where he cant see it and plop out 5 cetan, that is more then enough to take out his rush. if you have to send the 2 dog soldier and micro his units to death, he will probly resign after that since his rush FAILED. But if he doesnt, then go fortress and get wakina
-If you look at the iroís deck early and see hes going to turtle with great house then do the classical club rush. Otherwise use this.


Happy Hunting

So that is my guide so far. If you have any suggestions please do tell and I will be uploading some recordings for them in a second.

"Smear's WarChief tumbles through the stage, leaps off of it right onto Mokon's car in front of the stage."
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posted 02-18-07 12:59 PM EDT (US)     51 / 96  
What would you do against an Iroquois tomahawk rush?
posted 02-18-07 01:02 PM EDT (US)     52 / 96  
posted 02-18-07 01:11 PM EDT (US)     53 / 96  


the damn problem with Soiux is that i rush and get the guy in a box and he stays defensive. i try to get in there, I kill tons of vills but i can't kill the army. They are too powerful with all the techs and upgrades. There is no siege as sioux, so that annoys me. I can't pack alot of punch at a distance when it comes to destroying buildings.
Can somebody help?

What civ are you playing against? If they play defencive you should be Fast fortressing not rushing.


I tried this and it works very well, but outposts always screw me up if I wait for 9 ARs.

Raid them so much that they wont have time to get outposts up Check my game vs seph to see how that works.


What would you do against an Iroquois tomahawk rush?

Age with 14, ship 2 lakota, build rax behind tc so they dont see, make 5 cetan. Proceed to micro him to death. I won a game vs a hawk rusher like this. Made 5 cetan and had my 2 lakota, took out his whole army and then he resigned. *points and laughs at the lamer*

"Smear's WarChief tumbles through the stage, leaps off of it right onto Mokon's car in front of the stage."
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~Sioux Survival Guide: The Last Stand
~The Tashunke Shank: A New Hope
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~Sioux vs French: Napoleons Downfall
posted 02-18-07 03:35 PM EDT (US)     54 / 96  
i was playing against a noob french.
he had no staregty whatsoever.
but, i dont understand what is the aim of ff? what do u plan to get?
posted 02-18-07 04:07 PM EDT (US)     55 / 96  
You FF and get a bigger/better army that u can win with through micro and that counters your opponents army. Thats how i see it anyway.

"Smear's WarChief tumbles through the stage, leaps off of it right onto Mokon's car in front of the stage."
Full Guides:
~Sioux Survival Guide: The Last Stand
~The Tashunke Shank: A New Hope
Mini Guides:
~Sioux vs French: Napoleons Downfall
posted 02-18-07 04:39 PM EDT (US)     56 / 96  
Maybe (for people to understand it better) you could call them Dog Soldiers instead of Lakota (with Lakota I think of the Lakota Support card).
posted 02-18-07 06:17 PM EDT (US)     57 / 96  


I tried to build outposts, but those friggin 8.1 speed cav can easily come in and kill all my vills building it, ignore my jans, and then run away practically unscathed. Ouch.

And what do I do on a map that doesn't have cheyenne? Lose? That doesn't seem fair...

And just because warclubs have 6 less siege than a pike doesn't mean sioux are siegeless. Normal TP's drop like flies to any type of pressure.

you raise some interesting points, lets look at them.

1, One thing we need to stress is that SRATP is actually a small boom type of strat, the genral rule is rush > boom. even though your ottoman aged up over 1 minute faster, by the 6:30 you only had 10 jans to his 14 axe raiders, you'd lose some vils and that first battle regardless how you do it.

2, The ATP approach was a major contributor to above point, slowed your shipment down so much that it wasn't until 7:00 that you actually got the 4th shipment - the 700 wood.

3, you did not in fact try outpost until it was too late. it was at 10:30 that you attempted to build the outpost, at which point your 4 vils got raided by 7 RR, 6 Axe, and 7 warclub.

to conclude above, i'd say if you done normal TP IOR and send 700 wood as 3rd shipment, you'd got 10 jans by 5:30 and 2 towers by 6:30, it would have secured hunts a lot better.


about Sioux's siege.

i have been playing sioux quite a bit lately, their age2 siege is almost non-exsistant. 6 less siege is actually a lot when consider pikeman are pretty bad in terms of hp/res, warclubs are even worse, add in the fact that sioux's eco absolutely sucks, it is very hard to actually afford warclubs just to siege - if you want to break even on the battle field.


as to what to do on maps without cheyenne? good question, i think if you can get any native rifle LI, you should get it, cree, cherokee, or that new one.

if no natives avaliable at all, you may have to go with hussar over jans, hussars do as well as jans against axraider, although more expensive, you can use them to raid when there is no battle, something you jans cant. like mentioned before, Sioux eco really does suck, they are just as venerable to raiding as ottoman, except they dont even have SRTP helping out.

and that you can retreat batter when evening star kicks in.



And if the ottoman does anythign like wat ultamisu said then i just go fortress make rifle riders and wakina and ship axe/lakota. GG then. also axe dont have that bad of siege i hope u know.. so towers can die pretty well..

by the time ottoman spends about 500~750 wood in towers - from a shipment that brought him 910 wood - and the buid XP of 3 outposts almost gives him half of his next shipment, meanwhile you have spent about 2k into Axe raiders (at 6:30 you had 10 axe made and 4 shipped), if anything you are more commited in colonial fighting than the ottoman.

if you hold back on colonial fighting and FF, while the otto does standard IOR, he will have unstopppable amount of abus and jans by the time you reach fortress.

posted 02-18-07 07:57 PM EDT (US)     58 / 96  
Okay today I played a Sioux player (I guess he was called TheGroovyGuy or something) and he tried that on my Ottomans.

The map was yucatan, and argueably I could simply have done an uber boat boom, but I tried to go normal silkroad rush just to test it out.

Granted, he wasnt *that* good, but the game was still nice.

I got 1 TP when the game started, then 1 more while aging (I had gotten some wood treasure+500 starting wood) and shipped SR as first shipment in age2 (age1 I shipped 3 vills, obviously). I built a rax behind my TC and made ~15 jans until 700W arrived after SR and I could get a foundry.

When I had 10 abus+25ish jans I attacked, took his 1 TP out and raided some vills.

He did some big mistakes like shipping evening star before my abus were dead so they could pwn his RRs but it was still a possibility for Ottos to beat Sioux.

Basically: do silkroad, ATP if its a map with 3+ tps, build rax+foundry in base and mass jan/abus about 2-1 or
3-1 (2/3 jans per abus) so that ARs and RRs both can be beaten.

And hope for a map with berries or close hunt... otherwise you'll have to put some towers next to your hunt+some jans.

posted 02-18-07 08:30 PM EDT (US)     59 / 96  
I think your all missing a point.. The TP's are outside his base, I can seige it anytime i want and if he leaves the protection of his tower/tc fire base then its bye bye abus/janz.

"Smear's WarChief tumbles through the stage, leaps off of it right onto Mokon's car in front of the stage."
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~Sioux Survival Guide: The Last Stand
~The Tashunke Shank: A New Hope
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posted 02-18-07 08:43 PM EDT (US)     60 / 96  
Well of course that is true, but Sioux need a loong time to siege ATPs (which also deal some damage btw) and 150W is cheap for the Ottoman.

While you are sieging his TPs, he masses army.

And although jans dont have *that* great anti-cav, they still own them if there are enough.

posted 02-18-07 08:55 PM EDT (US)     61 / 96  
You all talk great on paper.. But iv never lost to an otto using this.. and i beat seph which is good enough for me lol.

"Smear's WarChief tumbles through the stage, leaps off of it right onto Mokon's car in front of the stage."
Full Guides:
~Sioux Survival Guide: The Last Stand
~The Tashunke Shank: A New Hope
Mini Guides:
~Sioux vs French: Napoleons Downfall
posted 02-18-07 09:11 PM EDT (US)     62 / 96  
Surprisingly, I find sioux to be the most adaptable native civ. They can rush, FF, and actually hold off decently in industrial (I dunno about imperial though).

You're guide was a great read, and I get called the "OP SIOUX USER!" now.

haha, i love it.

-blake : )

Supporter of Gay Marriage.
posted 02-18-07 09:44 PM EDT (US)     63 / 96  
I played seph again, Brit vs Sioux. He totally pwnd me. His boom is what got me. i took out his army and everything but he gradually wore me down with towers and hussar, :S I think i need to rework my brit strat...

"Smear's WarChief tumbles through the stage, leaps off of it right onto Mokon's car in front of the stage."
Full Guides:
~Sioux Survival Guide: The Last Stand
~The Tashunke Shank: A New Hope
Mini Guides:
~Sioux vs French: Napoleons Downfall
posted 02-18-07 09:45 PM EDT (US)     64 / 96  


Okay today I played a Sioux player (I guess he was called TheGroovyGuy or something) and he tried that on my Ottomans.


Granted, he wasnt *that* good

Sending evening star too late and not raiding you enough probably did me in. I used evening star mostly against 1.01 rod rushes, so I guess I just wasn't thinking about taking out li before changing to rifle riders (because they never bother to get any, one guy sent muskets at them ). Also, unlike Sephiroth, you had berries so you could sit in your base without venturing outside your tc radius.

posted 02-18-07 10:27 PM EDT (US)     65 / 96  
Great stuff Smear! Thanks for you time and expertise. The replays really help too.

Something I think is worthwhile is to get a pre-shipment XP treasure because it speeds the time for your 3 vils. This can reduce the Age 1 -> Age 2 time. Thoughts?

posted 02-18-07 10:47 PM EDT (US)     66 / 96  
Yes Treasure hunting is a major part of my game, I can usually get up a tp before even aging without choping any wood if the wood treasures are right.


Also Presenting the Sioux Fast Fortress SLAP! Whenever you need a strat vs Iroquois. Use this strat

Hope you guys Like it!

As Always

P.S. I will be doing a full blown edit of my guide soon, As i made the first edition after only 10 games with sioux, So now I'm more experienced and whatnot. Plus i have to add how to handle aztecs.

"Smear's WarChief tumbles through the stage, leaps off of it right onto Mokon's car in front of the stage."
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posted 02-19-07 05:50 AM EDT (US)     67 / 96  
I been playing around with your 2 TP Sioux strat and this is what I've got:

if you start with 200w:

Age 1:

collect 50w with 3 vills ASAP and build a TP. This only takes about 30 seconds to do. Build the TP.
Gather any food treasures you can.

Send 3 vills

Age at 3:20 with 15 vills (400 wood).

Transition: put 3 vills on gold to get 300g.

Age 2:
Leave the 400w for now, just make vills till you have 19.
First card: 3 TPs
Second card: 700g.

Age at 6:30 with the messenger. Collect your wood (and gather a bit) and make 2 warhuts. You will be in fortress at 7:10 with 3 traderoute TPs and 1 native. You will get shipments like crazy and 2warhuts (or 1 warhut and 1 corral) to spam wakinas.

Hope you don't mind me posting this.

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posted 02-19-07 08:05 AM EDT (US)     68 / 96  
What, you dont ship 3 vills in age1? Or do you?
posted 02-19-07 01:42 PM EDT (US)     69 / 96  
Thats not possible mate. Your age to fort would be much slower considering my normal age time isnt even 7:15 and your sending 2 cards before the 700 gold. Care to explain?

As for the starting with 200 wood and then chopping for 50.. Shh mate dont tell anyone about that hehe yea i do that all the time, if u check my records i usually have a tp before colonial.

"Smear's WarChief tumbles through the stage, leaps off of it right onto Mokon's car in front of the stage."
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~Sioux Survival Guide: The Last Stand
~The Tashunke Shank: A New Hope
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posted 02-19-07 02:35 PM EDT (US)     70 / 96  
Nice one!

I might try Sioux sometime. I haven't rearly had time.

posted 02-19-07 02:41 PM EDT (US)     71 / 96  
For all you people out there. I have to rework the dutch strategy. DO NOT FF VS A DUTCH. Instead do the Club rush for now until i can write up the real strat.

FF = Suicide

"Smear's WarChief tumbles through the stage, leaps off of it right onto Mokon's car in front of the stage."
Full Guides:
~Sioux Survival Guide: The Last Stand
~The Tashunke Shank: A New Hope
Mini Guides:
~Sioux vs French: Napoleons Downfall
posted 02-19-07 02:53 PM EDT (US)     72 / 96  
Are you sure? FFing is the only thing that works against Dutch as Germany, and Sioux FF > German FF.
posted 02-19-07 03:21 PM EDT (US)     73 / 96  
Well, I think that the club rush is a goode rush against dutch because it allows you both to duke it out in colonial (that way, he doesnt have upgraded skirms, ruyters, or halbs...) The club rush USUALLY keeps him in colonial...and fighting. Also to point out...your units are stronger than his, and you can also power them up @ the warpit...


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posted 02-19-07 03:34 PM EDT (US)     74 / 96  
German cant rush because since when do germans pikes rush and get shipments of axe and lakota that can wtf pwn skirms :-P also sioux get 7 club shipment and 6 club shipment. and sioux also have the uber warchief and gaurdians that they've convirted. not to mention u can back urself up with an uber boom if need be.

I beat helly's dutch with it. Try doing that with germany mate

"Smear's WarChief tumbles through the stage, leaps off of it right onto Mokon's car in front of the stage."
Full Guides:
~Sioux Survival Guide: The Last Stand
~The Tashunke Shank: A New Hope
Mini Guides:
~Sioux vs French: Napoleons Downfall
posted 02-19-07 04:07 PM EDT (US)     75 / 96  
Of course Sioux can rush approximately 657 times better than Germany, but why is FFing suicide?
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