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Topic Subject: TEAM STRATEGY: Russian + Spanish Missionary Sling
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posted 08-10-07 07:53 PM EDT (US)   
The title sounds like something you would find in a dirty magazine, but it is not what you’re thinking...

I am a big team player and have an assortment of different strategies I use with different civilizations but this is one I came up with that is truly unique. This is not the strategy to end all strategies; rather it is an alternate rush you can perform to have fun. It is harder to pull off than a standard rush and requires more team work, but every time I have tried it, it has been a blast. And isn’t that what the game is about?

Even if you do not like the rush idea, this team card selection choice is very powerful in Fortress (combined with a Spanish FF) when expensive high hit point units that are cost effective to be healed become available, Missionaries can be replaced in 10 seconds, and +63% damage to artillery is sweet! In other words, a rush is not required to make this team civilization and deck selection useful. It can be a powerful boost late game as well.

Interested? Read on…

The Spanish have the best priests in the game. Yea Aztec’s are great but they are never used for healing due to their usefulness at the fire pit. Mayan are cheap who knows if you will get them on your map. Surgeons require a shipment, etc., etc. The reason Missionaries are so good is because of their speed, they can get in and out and never slow the army down when moved together (unlike priests with a speed of 4).

Hell with the Age 2 Mission Fervor church technology (200 gold + 200 wood), these guy have a speed of 8.05 and an amazing 405 hit points (450 EHP at range). That’s right, those donkeys can just about keep up with the Sioux WC (speed 8.1) and they can tank. Before they die, they can run away and heal each other.

So what am I getting at? Well, the Russians have an Age 2 shipment called “Team Cheap Priests.” This brings the cost of the Missionaries from 100 gold + 100 wood with a 40 second train time to 50 gold + 50 wood with a 10 second train time! This makes the Missionaries affordable in Colonial and a 10 second train time is a huge boost early and late game!

Now, why would I want a lot of Missionaries? To help spread the word of course. There is another Age 2 shipment for the Spanish called Unction. This grants the Missionaries an aura that boosts the attack of nearby soldiers by 5% within a Range 24. 5% is not much, but what is little known is that the aura is stackable in a non-linear function (does not simply stack 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, etc.). George_uk helped develop the relationship with in-game testing based on his knowledge of teepee aura stacking using the game's editor. The relationship is 100%*(1.05^N - 1) = + % damage output. Here is a table showing the effects for Missionaries 1 thru 10:

# Missionaries.....Aura Effect (+ % Damage)

Since Missionaries have a build limit of 10, you could potentially have an amazing 63% damage bonus on top of other bonuses! Even with 25 dancers on the fire pit, the War Dance only grants +30% to damage, and we all know how effective that can be. And a 24 radius is large, the same size as the Native War Chiefs auras.



Age 1:
3 Villagers

Age 2:
700 Wood

Age 1:
TEAM Archaic Soldier Training
Economic Theory

Age 2:
5 Villagers
600 Wood
700 Gold
8 Pikemen
7 Rodeleros
6 Rodeleros
TEAM Hand Infantry Damage
Hand Infantry Hit points

Age 3:
1000 Food
1000 Wood
Hand Infantry Combat
2 Falconets
5 Lancers
4 Lancers
Hand Cavalry Combat
Royal Mint
6 Stradiots

Age 4:
Industrial Revolution

All vills on food (standard)
First card 3 villagers
Age with 500 food at 15 vills (can use 200 gold + tower at lower levels but will be much harder to pull off)

1.) Move 1 villager to forward base location (close to Blockhouse for protection) and chop wood when get there.
2.) 4 to gold (~216 gold)
3.) 4 stay of food (~300 food)
4.) 6 to wood (~300 wood)

1.) Second Card 700 wood, click this immediately in Colonial
2.) Keep constant villager production with all new villagers going to food.
3.) Build a barracks and another house immediately.
4.) Collect 700 wood and Build a Church at the forward base under protection of Blockhouse but in the rear and as hidden as possible.
5.) At this point, the Team Cheap Priests card should have arrived. The remaining 500 wood will be used to spawn pikemen and Missionaries. Do not go crazy on the Missionaries, make only enough as you have gold (and will only need 500 gold before you can change the 4 on gold to wood). You goal is to have 15 pikemen* and 10 Missionaries before 1st attack with more pikemen being added.
6.) Send Unction as 3rd card
7.) 4th card can be 8 pikemen, 7 Rodeleros, 600 wood, or Hand Infantry Hit points depending on the needs. Definitely send Hand Infantry Hit points before TEAM Hand Infantry Damage (need them to stay alive longer, they will do plenty of damage with the Missionaries)

*NOTE: You do not have to make pikemen. Depending on the opponent, super crossbows, or super raiding hussars may be a better selection! Of course if you choose Hussars, the deck and build order will change but it is very fun as well. Play your game, this is only a guide…


Russia is a support civilization for the most part making either strelets or Cossacks to support the rush of whatever the Spanish player’s main unit selection (maybe even Grenadiers if the Spanish goes Hussars). Their deck can be composed or water or land based cards and the only real difference is the inclusion of 1 card. The rest is optional based on your preference.

If the Spanish goes pike men, I suggest massing stelets initially.

Age 2:
Team Cheap Priests

All of your standard Russian cards, only 1 shipment is required of Russia to make this happen so only slows them down slightly (but can benefit from free healing the entire game).

Standard age-up

Move 1 villager to forward base location and create a Blockhouse or stable depending on the supporting unit you will make (Spain will typically go pikes or crossbows but hussars are also possible).

First Colonial Card should be Team Cheap Priests so your Spanish ally can start the Missionary production quickly. Although it is possible, but requires teamwork, to amass an army first, then work on the Missionaries once a counter rush is determined not to be happening


1.) Unction is stackable up to the build limit of 10 Missionaries. Since every Missionary available grants 5% to damage, a total bonus of 63% will be granted to all of the Spanish units (non-linear function). With the Team Cheap Priests Russian HC shipment, they can be quickly and cheaply replaced. The card allows them to be spawned in 10 seconds (opposed to 40) at 50 wood and 50 gold (opposed to 100 wood and 100 gold).

2.) Can heal ally’s units quickly with 10 Missionaries running around. Although strelets typically are not the ideal unit to heal, this will change as the game progresses and artillery and cavalry can be easily repaired.

3.) Sending in Missionaries with a raiding force can be very helpful, not only for the bonus damage (very useful when raiding), but to heal when damaged, and strike again with the same units… And don’t forget, they are faster than hussars (with or without Mission Fervor) and make excellent scouts.

4.) Mission Fervor is available in Age 2 but I do not think it is necessary since Missionaries have a lot of hit points and the enemy will be firing on the siege. The Unction area of effect is 24 so it is easy to move the priests to safety if being fired on but still receive the aura. Late game, definitely use this upgrade as it makes them extremely fast and even stronger.

5.) Lets look at some Colonial statistics:

Crossbow +63%:
29 Range damage (6 can 1 shot kill a villager)
13 Siege damage

Musketeer +63%:
37 Range damage
21 Melee damage (63 to cavalry)
32 Siege damage

Pikeman +63%:
13 Melee damage (65 to cavalry)
52 Siege damage
*15 of these guys can take down a TC in less than 30 seconds.

1.4 Rodelero +63%:
16 Melee damage (56 to cavalry)
16 Siege damage

War Dogs +63%:
27 Melee damage (wow!)

Hussar +63% (Missionaries are faster than Hussars so they can keep up):
48 Melee damage (4 can 1 shot kill a villager)
32 Siege damage

That may not sound like a whole lot, but this is in Colonial and a lot of damage can be done with Spain’s ultra fast shipments. Also, the aura stacks after other upgrade cards have been played (same as Iroquois WC). Mathematically that is equivalent to the upgrade bonuses multiplying a higher base damage so you get more for your buck.

6.) A few Fortress units:

326 to buildings
489 to infantry

96 damage to infantry (without the Caballeros card)

Etc. etc.

1.) A slow but powerful rush with anti cavalry, anti building, and anti HI and a soft counter to light infantry but is susceptible to strong Age 2 skirmisher units.

2.) If the opponent goes full crossbows and hussars, then you will probably lose. Once the pikemen die, the hussars can wipe out the strelets. Of course Cossacks will help take out crossbows and pike men can kill the hussars, this is a battle of micro and how fast you can take down a TC.


1.) Always heal the most expensive units after each battle.

2.) Yes it is easier to make more pikemen than a church and missionaries but the missionaries will benefit the game indefinitely. While no strategy is full proof, it is a fun strategy and something out of the ordinary to try with a different set of benefits.

I had a few games using this strategy with success but against lower ranked opponents. Now my Russian ally that is also my rank is back to school and I haven’t seen him in a long time. Moreover, I started playing Aztecs but thought I would share this strategy in the hopes of acquiring a Russian player to play with that is also around my rank (1st Lieutenant / Captain). As soon as I can an equally ranked Russian ally, I will post some records.

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posted 08-13-07 12:55 PM EDT (US)     26 / 47  
I am not sure if this is the place to ask it but I have been wondering...

Are Spainish Priests Pop effective?

I.E. If I have 10 Priests = 10 Pop

(X # of Units) + 10 = (X # of Units)(Attack Bonus)

Is it always better to have the extra 10 units?

Oh and do Priests affect Culv as well?
I will answer your question from an Aztec perspective as I play them almost exclusively. Having 10 Warrior Priests on the fire pit is effective. This gives the Aztecs a 91 population army end game but you can quickly switch the dance to the War Dance which only grants 24% damage with 10 warrior priests dancing (or +43% with 10 WP and 15 villagers dancing). This is highly effective and definitely worth it.

So is 10 population worth +63%? Absolutely! Sure the range is less than the fire pit that affects the world, but it allows you to take the battle to the enemy and since these guys are on the battle field, they can also heal units.

Now do you want 1 hussar and 10 missionaries, no. You have to balance you army with supporting troops. Also keep in mind that the units you make with priests are actually more cost effective since you can run away and heal them, keeping them alive longer. 50 wood 50 coin missionaries are ~183 villager seconds to produce (with berries and standard gold mines). 120 Food 80 Coin Hussars are 312 VS each.

Early game, there is a balance and this is the main weakness of this strategy. If you are attacked while building supporting troops and no army (and had to use 2 shipments and build a church to make it work), then you will lose because Missionaries have hit points, but no attack. That is why I suggest you build the barracks (or stable) first, start queuing units, and add Missionaries as it is safe. Safety is determined differently in each game and why this strategy has more risk than a standard rush. The Russian can send a Colonial military shipment first and then send the Team Cheap Priests later. Stay flexible because once those Royal Guard damage units start appearing on the battlefield, watch out! You should also build close to the Russian blockhouse and may have to defend until these monsters can come out. A standard double rush will defeat this strategy unless you defend and scout effectively.

And yes, Missionaries affect all units (no buildings), including culverins.

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posted 08-13-07 07:06 PM EDT (US)     27 / 47  
Are you saying for teepees the attack aura is 24 while the hit point aura is 10? I thought the attack and hit point aura was 10 for both! ES should really clear this up in the HC card text since this makes teepees much more useful! I wonder if it is a bug or they way it was planned.
I do not think it is a bug, it is a level 40 card after all. I am sure of it, I have screenshots to prove it (the white dotted line around units away from teepee by approximately 24 range). It is also in teepee tactics file, but I am not sure how to find it or open it. Someone posted proof that it was 24 range in my teepee thread a while back.

This game I think is the one I've played that mostly demonstrates the power increase by teepees, I was beating armies much larger than mine with ease. It was also fun to watch tashunke area damage under the influence of teepees.
Can you verify that the damage the aura applies is applied to the new total after other increases (rather than the base amount)?
Done. I have tested it out in the editor and it works in the same way the Iroq HP aura does.

I might level up a Spanish HC purely because of this card xD

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posted 08-17-07 01:45 AM EDT (US)     28 / 47  
I'm scared of facing this strat now.

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posted 08-17-07 10:28 AM EDT (US)     29 / 47  
Cyclohexane what is your ESO and ill play some games with you soon after my new strat is finished. Mine is bacon btw.

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posted 08-19-07 02:19 PM EDT (US)     30 / 47  
I did my own test to see if it really does stack and this is what i found.
started a game vs. easy comp. post imperial. no cards sent for artillery, and did not send AA, so only LOS was effectected.

i took one imperial mortar and fired a shot into enemy towncenter. it did 919 damage. tc now with 5581/6500 hitpoints.

moved mortar in range of second enemy tc and fired one shot, while surrounded by 10 unctioned missionaries. shot did 1426 damage. tc had 5074/6500 hit points.

so 919 divided by 1425 comes out to .64446 and gives up a percentage of 64.44% increased damage between w/o and w/ unctioned missionaries. i am satisfied.
posted 08-19-07 04:58 PM EDT (US)     31 / 47  
Weird, thats only a 55% increase in attack. I'll test it out and see what I get.

It's (1426-919) / 919 to get increase (0.55)

Ok I don't know what happened with you, my mortar caused 500 damage with no missionaries, but 815 with 10 missionaries which is exactly 63% increase in attack.

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posted 08-20-07 01:35 AM EDT (US)     32 / 47  
I know where to look in the game's files for the info you are looking for. Hold on, I'll get it.

EDIT: here it is.
<name stringid="48958">ExtraDamage</name>
<modelattachmentbone>bonethatdoesntexist</modelatta chmentbone>
I'll break it down best I can.
Name is the reference to Strings.xmb
Active is whether it is on, 1, or off, 0, by default, in this case it is off by default, unction turns it on.
Max Range is the Aura Range of the action
Modifytype defines the stat boost of the effect, this case it is damage
Modifymuliplier is the boost percentage. It is 5%.
<Effect type ='Data' action ='ExtraDamage' amount ='1.00' subtype ='ActionEnable' relativity ='Absolute'>
<Target type ='ProtoUnit'>Missionary</Target></Effect>
The unction tech defines the action extradamage as on. It also defines the action as Absolute meaning it stacks on current percent rather than base percent.

So george UK is right on his data.

And the Teepee data you wanted.
For HP Aura.
<modelattachmentbone>bonethatdoesntexist</modelatta chmentbone>
For Damage Aura.
<name stringid="48958">ExtraDamage</name>
<modelattachmentbone>bonethatdoesntexist</modelatta chmentbone>
And the Teepee tech, HCXPFriendlyTerritory, for the damage boost
<Effect type ='Data' action ='ExtraDamage' amount ='1.00' subtype ='ActionEnable' relativity ='Absolute'>
<Target type ='ProtoUnit'>Teepee</Target></Effect>
Same thing as the Unction tech, the action is based on the current or absolute percentage instead of the base percentage.

Hope this helps.

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posted 08-20-07 02:18 PM EDT (US)     33 / 47  
Thanks for the info!

Where did you get this data from? I always thought the HP teepee range was 10 but turns out its 12

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posted 08-20-07 04:34 PM EDT (US)     34 / 47  
You guys are awesome. Thanks for the data and in-game testing. I haven’t been able to get on-line for a game going on 2 weeks now so it would have taken me awhile to figure it out all myself.

I'm going to have a sit down binge playing session this weekend! I’ll try to post some records in the meantime.

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posted 08-20-07 06:37 PM EDT (US)     35 / 47  
Where did you get this data from? I always thought the HP teepee range was 10 but turns out its 12
Heh. You need to Download AoE3ed and extract the files teepee.tactics.xmb and healers.tactics.xmb from Then use the file converter on both files, from there the converter makes them .tactics files. You simply need to add .xml to both to make them teepee.tactics.xml and healers.tactics.xml. Then just simply open them up in notepad. The other two examples for the techs are from techtreex.xml.

Note to George, I currently have not updated my game to 1.03 since aoe3:twc was installed. ES may have changed it to 10 in a patch, I'll update and see.

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posted 08-22-07 00:56 AM EDT (US)     36 / 47  
First... WELL DONE!! As a reitred MTG player, I love a great combo, and this one is about as fun as Donate + Illusions of Grandeur.

Second... I don't think this is the best build for the strategy, and a better one can be even more fun. Let me explain.

Spain is the meat of this army. Since strelets do not get the attack bonus, they are really only good at taking hits away from your uber XBows. In order to maximize the effectiveness of the spanish force we need MORE spanish units and LESS russian units. How? Here's where it gets fun; the russian ally SLINGS the spanish player (just like in the title of the strat) to an insane early archaic spam. This is enough to protect the spain guy long enough to get the missionaries out WHILE giving him a mean force to be pumped up when they arrive.

Here is the build me and my russian partner have been using.

Russian does a 17 pop colonial. He queues up 1 set of vills to make 20 pop, and sends EVERYTHING else to the spanish player. No more vills, no more houses till much later. Spain guy gets all the treasures. Russian sends 100 food to Spain early in discovery to enable the spain guy to do a 15 pop colonial (~4:10) with no idle time. Russia can afford this while still doing a 17 pop colonial with no idle time.

While aging, both have about half vills on food, half on wood. Spain ships Archaic Infantry while aging. Both ship 700 wood as first card. Spain should put down two raxes immediately in between their bases or where you know the rush is coming to, and start housing (spain needs LOTS). Also get a market for the wood up and food up. While being fed, he pumps out as many xbows as he can.

Spain's second colonial card is either 7 rods or 600 wood depending on what is needed. Russia's second card is team cheap priests. About this time (7:30) you should put down the church, move as many vills to gold as you'll need, and send unction with the third colonial card.

As soon as unction is shipped (before it even arrives), spit out as many missionaries as you can. If you got a couple treasures for gold (even beaver pelts) this can be very easy.

The role of your early army is DEFENSE. The point of the sling/archaic spam is to be able to keep up with early army 2v1. Don't throw away these units, just fend off attacks with them. Shipped rods are useful against cav raids, and you can add some pikes to your army very quickly and easily if one opponent is going cav.

As soon as the missionaries hit the army, push HARD. You will literally walk over them, the xbow masses do so much damage. As soon as you have the missionaries the russian stops feeding and drops a blockhouse for strelets. Proceed as normal, keeping the missionaries on the field.

NOTE: This strategy improves even more in a 3v3. Add an otto to the mix and you have a GREAT slinger and russian support who is there just for the strelet shield and the priest card. Otto can send literally thousands of res to spain in the first 7 min of fighting. His card order is 700 wood, 700 food, 700 gold (to begin abus spam at 8-9 min). Russian will go 13 strelets, team cheap priests, 5 cossacks, etc while spamming strelets with a 14 vill colonial (typical). It's easier because you are 3v2 instead of 2v1 with the sling. You have far better odds at getting those missionaries out and pwning.

Second NOTE: Your spain player had better have adequate micro and macro. He has to play for two players basically, and the housing issues alone can kill you. Vent is almost a requirement, because you need to constantly yell "FOOD!" or "WOOD!" depending on what you need so your ally knows how to balance his vills. In order to get the archaic spam as productive as possible, your eco needs to be reallllly fine tuned.

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posted 08-22-07 09:33 AM EDT (US)     37 / 47  
ooh, good idea, but what if the rushian gets rushed. Do you send your army over? Until the priests plop out, you will be weaker than the other team combined because tributing 100 costs more than 100. Also, why not go for a hyper-fast FF, then have super fortress units? you could get there incredibly fast if you do a semi-pure sling all the way to fortress, should arrive pretty darn fast (especially since rushian gets extra food crates) If imped xbows pwn everything, what do imped falcs/lancers/skirms do?
posted 08-22-07 09:43 AM EDT (US)     38 / 47  
You could to an FF if you know your opponents would sit back, but this is safer against a faster rush. The point of this is not the same as a typical sling where the russia feeds from discovery. We want him to have a good eco afterwards to be able to help right about 9 min when it's needed. He also needs to age up in order to have the priests card AND 700 wood, so the slinging really doesn't start until 4:40 (14pop) or in our case it kicks in hard at 5:30 when the quartermaster arrives.

This is too late to do a very profitable FF sling, as any type of early attack will cripple you.

You will actually NOT be weaker than your opponents. You will have a weaker combined eco, but the archaic card and 1800 wood (700+700+QM) in addition to the gathered food will let you keep up with their armies. In each game I've checked the military timeline afterward and set it to team stats and my one army ALYWAYS exceeds or matches theirs, except maybe aztec/russian, which you can still defend if they come at you. It is definitely enough to defend whichever side they rush (they will usually come right at your military buildings though).

The market penalty won't hurt you as much as you think, because you are giving up those res for a singularly microed army, whereas they will come with two armies that are more uncoordinated. Plus you are defending, so will naturally have more troops (and the reinforcements arrive lightning fast)

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posted 08-23-07 03:15 AM EDT (US)     39 / 47  
First... WELL DONE!! As a reitred MTG player, I love a great combo, and this one is about as fun as Donate + Illusions of Grandeur.
man, that combo was awesome... good ol' days

nice sling strat as well

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posted 08-23-07 01:41 PM EDT (US)     40 / 47  
Well I played 3 games with this today. First game my new russian partner chose the wrong deck (no cheap priests) so we resigned (after realizing it at the 7 min mark lol) and rematched the same guys, who now knew what was coming.

Rematch was on Pampas and they were a Captain and a 1st lt playing Aztecs and French.

Click for Rec 1

Then we went back into the browser and found a major and a captain playing ottos and spanish, and we got orinoco as a map.

Click for Rec 2

Two fun games, two fun wins

ESO: Naevius
posted 08-23-07 02:30 PM EDT (US)     41 / 47  
Some quick edits to the strat:

-Spain should send 2 vills to Russian base to gather his ageup and shipped crates rather than tribbing. That way you don't lose the market penalty.

-Don't forget mission fervor, I always do lol.

-Can expirement with russia 14 vill up if you need the wood faster (like vs iro/aztec pet rush) but I haven't faced these strats so 17 has been safe.

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posted 08-23-07 02:45 PM EDT (US)     42 / 47  
Second... I don't think this is the best build for the strategy, and a better one can be even more fun. Let me explain.

Spain is the meat of this army. Since strelets do not get the attack bonus, they are really only good at taking hits away from your uber XBows.

I agree with you that the build order is not optimized and utilizing Spain more will be a more powerful military. There are many different ways to perform this strategy and work off the synergy of these two great cards, Unction and Team Cheap Priests. Yours is equally valid.

However, if you cannot find a Russian ally that is willing to play “Sim City” for the first part of the game, you are going to have trouble finding a partner. If you can, more power to you. Finding a reliable partner that is your rank, on when you are, and follows the strategy is the main problem with well thought out team strategies. My Russian ally that worked well with me (and used Skype) went back to college.

For me, I do not like the defensive style of playing. I started off with the British and hated that in order to win, I had to play defensively for the first part of the game and slowly buildup in order to overpower them economically. In your method, you must start off defensively, which may grant you more wins, is just not as fun a play style for me. I prefer building a stable first and raiding frequently until a more powerful force can be built or surprising from the back with some super pikes.

I am not criticizing you, thanks for the detailed comments, and I definitely think it will be fun for the Spanish player, but not so much for the Russian, at least in my opinion. I am sure some players will enjoy this style of playing as what is fun for me is not always fun for others (i.e. leveling up my HC’s: I’d prefer to start them off at level 60 which surprisingly is not a popular way of thought).

I will definitely try it but it seems the Russians interested in playing on this forum are not in my time zone because they are never on when I get on. I am trying to convert some of members in my clan (also my rank) to pick up Russia, but leveling a new city to a competitive level is always such a chore. I’ve been tied up for the last 2 weeks and lucky to even get one game in. I hope to change that this weekend with some all night binge playing (and add some records) but with 2 kids and a job, who knows…
Two fun games, two fun wins
Anyhow, great tips and a good addition to this thread! I haven’t had a chance to watch your records yet but do you mind if I post them in the original thread so they are easy to find? As I mentioned, I never recorded any of the games I played (still working out the optimal build order) and having trouble finding a Russian partner in my time zone and similar rank. Not to mention I am also having trouble finding time to play with my work, family, and other outdoor hobbies.

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posted 08-23-07 04:46 PM EDT (US)     43 / 47  
Sure you can add my recs. They don't show your build, but they definitely show how OP xbows become with missionaries in the army lol. In the second game my xbows + missionaries took out 35 rods and 20 abus

ESO: Naevius
posted 08-23-07 05:28 PM EDT (US)     44 / 47  
Didn't the French also have the team cheap priests card? If so, you might have some variation in this strat.
posted 08-23-07 05:48 PM EDT (US)     45 / 47  
No, the French have team cheap churches.

ESO: Naevius
posted 10-16-07 01:55 AM EDT (US)     46 / 47  
Does unction work on colonial militia in a revolt? Can you move through to the 4th age as quick as possible, send unction and revolt? If it works with militia and some army this might make a good combination.

i don't have a level 40 spanish city yet to test it?
posted 10-16-07 02:59 PM EDT (US)     47 / 47  
you dirty, dirty necrophiliac.

yes, it works on all military units.

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"with all the bling on a mandsabar you could win the game by paying the enemy to resign." IL
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