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Topic Subject:Most Underrated Units
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posted 05-23-08 07:56 PM EDT (US)         
So, what do you guys think is the most underrated unit in the game?

For me, I'm going to go with Steppe Riders. Those guys really are fierce. After all, they deal double the damage to Ranged Infantry pop-wise as Hussars too and can siege very well right off the bat. Not to mention, add just one card, and you've basically got Colonial Oprichniks. I think what is underrated most about these dudes is their *LI killing ability, which is excellent contrary to popular belief.

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posted 06-09-08 12:23 PM EDT (US)     76 / 81       
Organ guns also have less HP, which is fine for their lower cost and pop but early fortress when you only get them from shipments that advantage you would have from 2 falcs would be important.

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posted 06-09-08 03:21 PM EDT (US)     77 / 81       
Alot of rushes are purely infantry. I like to boom to fortress then pull out the organ card to protect against any early attacks while I focus more on the economy. Organs are also good against the russian strelet spam, redcoats, and any other LI spam.

Falconets don't have the splash damage like organs and they are cheaper. Not to mention ports don't have falcs anyways.
posted 06-09-08 04:08 PM EDT (US)     78 / 81       
With all this talk about Grenadiers actually being a decent unit, I'm starting to think that grens AREN'T an underrated unit. I think the really underrated units are the lower-tier mercs like fusiliers and manchu. Also hackapells can be useful if mixed in with hussars. But most people just use units like mamelukes and lil bombards.

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posted 06-09-08 04:49 PM EDT (US)     79 / 81       
It's probably because hackapells have such low relative HP. Mamelukes have better resistance and last a bit longer, and that's a lot of gold to spend on a purely raiding unit, so I'd rather have something that lasts longer or can be used in a battle.

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posted 06-09-08 06:51 PM EDT (US)     80 / 81       
I agree that Organ Guns aren't too bad, but they're definitely not as good as falconets. If you want to know an underrated artillery piece, look no farther than the flying crow. ;D

I agree with CunniJA that steppe riders are awesome, especially as an age 2 unit (the 7 steppe rider shipment is always useful in age 2), but I see a lot of people saying they're good, so I wouldn't call them underrated.

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posted 06-09-08 11:39 PM EDT (US)     81 / 81       
to kill the fun :P i think that the imperial gendarme are the most underated unit in the game.... lol
i mean even longbows beat them... lol
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