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Topic Subject:Question & Answer
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posted 10-15-08 01:33 PM EDT (US)         
For my 500th post, I decided to post this sticky for forumers with very quick AOE3 questions that they'd almost be ashamed to post as threads. Anyone able to answer a question, please do so. Example:

Forumer 1: What do TAD and AFAIK mean?

Forumer 2: The Asian Dynasties (AOE3 Expansion pack) and As Far As I Know.

Please post tech help questions and so on in the appropriate forums first but if you get no response feel free to ask them here.

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posted 04-10-11 11:34 PM EDT (US)     801 / 828       
iro town destroyer BB rush is by far the best and the most fun. distract him with BB army, but ship the "town destoyer"card. ur warchief get x1300% siege and destroys the enemy TC


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posted 04-25-11 07:19 AM EDT (US)     802 / 828       
Check this out for a nice guide to the Iroquois:
the link doesnt work
iro town destroyer BB rush is by far the best and the most fun. distract him with BB army, but ship the "town destoyer"card. ur warchief get x1300% siege and destroys the enemy TC
Sounds as funny as deadly, ill try it
posted 04-25-11 07:27 PM EDT (US)     803 / 828       
The link works for me, maybe try copying and pasting or using a different browser? (I'm on firefox 4)
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(id: fred_ernie)
posted 04-26-11 02:49 PM EDT (US)     804 / 828       
Fine for me too.

This month I have mostly been playing Dishonored Death of the Outsider and Darkest Dungeon
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posted 07-09-11 00:18 AM EDT (US)     805 / 828       
This question might have already been asked, but after 16 pages of reading my eyes started bugging out. ><

Is there any time that's best for online play? Like, a particular time where you don't have to wait forever to find someone your level? Or does the fact that I waited until now to try playing online mean that I'm probably not going to find another noob out there?

Just wondering. Thanks in advance
posted 07-26-11 02:21 AM EDT (US)     806 / 828       
i find the later you play the more people are online.

I used to play quite often online but took a year long break for some reason. when i came back my number of games stat was gone. it said that i hadn't played any games but my rank was sergeant. why is this? is it a patch thing or something?

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posted 07-26-11 10:12 PM EDT (US)     807 / 828       
I believe if you don't play for awhile your stats get erased

I am just wondering why do sooo many people play Japan
posted 07-29-11 01:40 PM EDT (US)     808 / 828       
i find that japan is like the new french. their units are super strong, and they are easy to use.

"Top 3 Convo disruptors

3 Me and meh Lancers
2 Ottos
1 Mr Blablabla"
- GodofSquishy
(id: If_Was_A_Ville)
posted 07-30-11 12:44 PM EDT (US)     809 / 828       
Jap's have HI that can catch up to Scrims so you can't run and hit them. Ash's are super Lame unless you have some kind of Arty to take them out. But If he's rushing you in Age 2 like Japs love to...You might be screwed.

Veteran Musketeer
posted 07-30-11 01:58 PM EDT (US)     810 / 828       
I think evenings gmt generally has the most people on although I have not gone on in a while so do not know if it has changed

posted 08-05-11 07:20 PM EDT (US)     811 / 828       
I (have found) the most people are online at around 11am-10:30 or so pm in -6 GMT (central time U.S.)

It kind of peaks daily, in nilla, at 2k or so people, then dies down to around 900 or so late(r) at night.
posted 10-30-11 08:21 AM EDT (US)     812 / 828       
since you guys archived the history section, where should i post such topics?

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posted 01-10-12 05:30 PM EDT (US)     813 / 828       
How do i know ingame if a unit attacking me is a light or heavy infantry/cav ?
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posted 01-10-12 05:45 PM EDT (US)     814 / 828       
Heavy cav is melee cav.
Light cav is ranged cav.

Heavy infantry is infantry with a bonus vs cav in melee.
Light Infantry is ranged infantry with a bonus vs Heavy infantry (note, they are not officially light infantry, they are actually non heavy infantry. Examples Skirmishers and Longbows).

If you hold your mouse over the unit icon when you select it you can see which unit tags they have.

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posted 01-13-12 08:27 AM EDT (US)     815 / 828       
when going with the mousecursor over an ottoman flag it sais best unit gren and husar but i think it is the same husar as everyoone else have too .

how is that meant ?
posted 01-13-12 08:55 AM EDT (US)     816 / 828       
Best units means their unit is "royal guard". This means that the age IV guard upgrade gives an additional 10% bonus (I think its 40% bonus then instead of 30%). It actually says its a mere 10% bonus but that is just a bug. The hussars of the ottoman are royal guard and therefor get a 10% bonus (plus a nice change of name to gardener). They arent like much better, because the ottoman lack cavalry upgrades that they can ship from their homecity.
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posted 01-14-12 03:13 AM EDT (US)     817 / 828       
Actually Ottos get Cavalry Combat shipment.

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posted 01-14-12 12:39 PM EDT (US)     818 / 828       
but no Cav HP/ Cav Attack card.

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posted 01-14-12 01:47 PM EDT (US)     819 / 828       
otto imba

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posted 04-17-12 07:09 PM EDT (US)     820 / 828       
What is the best iroquois politicion to age up to colonial?
posted 07-30-12 06:18 AM EDT (US)     821 / 828       
If u do a BB Rush or almost any other kind of rush in colonial, the messenger is usually used. Iro don't really sacrifice their eco with him and still get an extremly fast colonial time.

what chat-box commands are there at ESO?
Is it possible to invite someone to your game with /invite or something like that?
I only know, ingame *text sends the message to all players
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posted 08-02-12 03:24 AM EDT (US)     822 / 828       
<b>your text here appears bold (ingame)

<font=largeingame 24>your text appears big

<color=x,y,z>your text will appear a particular colour (x, y and z are either 1 or 0, separated by commas. x controls the redness, and y and z control blue and greenness- I can't remenber which is which). You can also combine them for intermediate colours, for example <color=1,1,0>.

These only work in-game. On the other hand the number taunts work in both game lobbies and in-game (but not chat rooms). Also in lobbies or chat rooms you can go /w playername message to whisper someone without right-clicking their name.

Also if you ever play a cheat-enabled game (these are fun), try out "ya gotta make do with what ya got". It's hilarious seeing an army of tapir-shooting cannons blast away for hours at George Crushingtons. Then someone decides to end it by sending in the army of Tommynators they had sitting around.

StormComing (to me): "Seems like you're way under-ranked"

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posted 04-06-13 09:57 PM EDT (US)     823 / 828       
say guys what kind of tactics do you use ex. hit-and-run, pincer movements, etc. ? thanks

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posted 07-26-13 05:11 AM EDT (US)     824 / 828       
I generally find the group I can mass units then just try to over whelm the opponent ( IE Russian Heavy infantry, Spanish Archaic Infantry [ I used that to Great effect last night FFA vs a Brit and India the India was fighting the brit and I walked in and just ownwed before he could get any gurks out but then the brit came from behind and rocked me with like 40+ rockets
posted 11-06-14 06:12 AM EDT (US)     825 / 828       
I read the first few pages...and was blown away with the amount of...well, it was just insane. I skipped the 25+ pages in-between, but hope to go back and read it one day before I die.

p.s. - great idea too btw
posted 11-14-15 11:35 AM EDT (US)     826 / 828       
What is a Guardian Attack? Several units have it, but I have no idea what it IS.
posted 12-02-15 01:10 AM EDT (US)     827 / 828       
I bought AoE3 less than a week ago on a steam special.
I play with french and I'm Level 25

I want to try and master 40min treaty games.

This is my strategy so far.

o Collect crates
o Build a house
o All to food
o Send 3 Coureur des Bois
o Queue to 15
o Start to II (wood) @ (as soon as 15th CdB is done)
o Send 4 Coureur des Bois
o At 1200 food move all to gold
o At 1000 gold move all to wood
o Start to III
o Build 2 TCs (one with a shipment, other with explorer)
o Most CdB on food, some on gold
o Spam a ton of CdB and get all market upgrades
o when I hit 1200 gold, stop making CdB
o Start to IV @ (as soon as I have enough food)
o Send both factories

Then after that keep spliting villagers as needed and build plantations etc. and try and get to age V as soon as possible to get the capital upgrades

This has worked really well, but the people I have recently been going up against, just slaughter me. and I eventually run out of resources.

How can I smooth out this plan to get to Age V faster ? and have more resources (Note: I don't have the Fur trade card)

And what army compositions are best ? I learned spamming Imp. Gendarme is a bad idea, as the need a few Skirmishers and some canons as backup.

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posted 05-26-16 04:06 AM EDT (US)     828 / 828       
To, Legion 739:-
Dude perhaps your strategy is great but, that way you'll have around 30 - 40 settlers working just to get the resources right and you cannot spend 40 settlers just collecting resources. Here's a better alternative, build trading posts wherever you can in the colonial age and set them all to deliver wood.
Then, build the dock(if possible) and build 10 fishing boats.Task half of them to collecting food and half of them at gathering coin. If dock is not possible, use the two factories and set them to deliver coin and food respectively while giving them upgrades whenever possible. Finally, when you feel it the right moment, revolt from your colony and you'll have you 40 or 50 settlers or Courer-des-bois converted to colonial militia. THis ways you'll have a great army at the right moment to defeat your opponent and you'll not fall short on resources too as you have those trading posts and the two factories standing by your side. REMEMBER!!! :- build walls around your factories and posts as computer is always pretty pissed off about the trading posts.
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