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Topic Subject:Guide To All Guides
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posted 10-22-09 09:13 PM EDT (US)         
The Guide to all Guides

As my 1000th post, I know decide that I will hopefully change advance the community for good (AKA earn a sticky).
I donít know about all of the forummers, but I know that I certainly have not tried out every civilization in the game to a high degree, know many complex strategies with these civilizations, or even know what civilizations are weak or strong against some others. Knowing the play styles and strategies of all the civilizations is essential to becoming better at this game, since it is all about prediction and countering appropriately.

With that said, people like me, who do not know what each civilization is capable of to the most precise degree, are at somewhat of a disadvantage. Now what I knew exactly what my opponent will do and exactly what I should do to counter it? I would most likely win the match. This is where this guide comes into play.
What exactly is this guide? It will be a collection of the most popular and effective strategies for each civilization, each with its appropriate counters and strengths. This way, anybody using or playing against these strategies will know generally what the most efficient way to defeat it is, even if they are supposedly at a disadvantage by it. Thatís some pretty valuable information.

But thereís one problem. I obviously do not have all of the information necessary to complete this guide. So this is why I call on you, the forummers, to help me complete this guide, for the good of all the other forummers.

Hereís the Basic Setup.

Civ Name & Abbreviation (Civ Abrrev. this civ is good against) (Civ Abbrev. this civ is bad against)
Strat Link Type of Strategy(most useful against these civs/strats) (least useful against these civs/strats)
Helpful hints for strategy above that are otherwise not provided, or a concise write up for the strategy if is a recording, not a write up
Same as above, et cetera, et cetera.
Short strategies that are particularly effective against civs that this civ has trouble with.

So, to start, there will be no strategies on here other that Cookieís and Parfaitís Crossbow Contain VODs, since these are the only two sources I have really very useful. Anyways, to submit a strategy, just link it to the thread. I would like to limit off-topic posting as much as possible. Links and anything regarding the strategies is fine. Iíll also need you to tell me what civilizations are at an advantage or disadvantage to others, since I am fairly uninformed on the matter.
So to start us off...

Aztec (AZ) (CH)(DU)(RU)(SX)
Aztec Colonial Guide - [Rush] - A guide discussing the several options for the Aztecs in colonial. (FF) (BOOM)
Aztec Rush Bluff Semi-FF - [InfSemi] - This strategy takes advantage of the 'Aztec Rush' concept by furthering it to a quick age-up.

British (BR) (DU)(JA)
Rise to the British Empire - General and very thorough guide to the British

The British Hussar Musket Combo - Well written guide to an early Hussar/Musket Combo
21 Musket Rush - [Rush] - Very hard musket rush utilizing very early 2 barracks
The British Musket Sting - Similar to 21 musket rush with only 1 barracks
Brit Native Rush A Nilla strat which takes advantage of the wood cost of natives, the natives treaty card, and the british longbow, for a versatile unit combination.

China (CH)(AZ)(IQ)
Basics of China An almost all-encompassing China guide, with details on the consolate, banner armies, cards, and more.

Basic China Colonial - By the modest 1x1
Basic China FF - [FF] - By the modest 1x1

Dutch (DU)(PO) (JA) (SX) (IQ) (IN) (BR) (AZ)
The Rise of Amsterdam V2 - A good overview of the dutch civ with some nice strats.

Mrmilo Dutch FF! - [EcoSemi] - The classic 3 bank ff, great strat! (FF) (BOOM)
2 Dutch Semi-FF's Very strong semi-ff strats (FF) (BOOM)
Dutch Defensive Skirms The basics of a Dutch Rush Defense, based on using you buildings as a sheild for your skirmishers. (INF)

French (FR) (PO)(SP)(JA)
A Guide to the French by __Sephiroth__ - General guide, containing many French strats contained in the other guides as well as some general French strategy tips
Crazymoose's Guide de la France - General guide, containing many French strats contained in the other guides as well as some general French strategy tips

Cuirs are cool, the French Cavalry Semi-FF - [CavSemi]- Incognoto's semi- ff with hussars (CH)(RU) (FF) (BOOM)
French Hussar Semi-FF - [CavSemi] - iTech64's semi- ff with hussars, slightly different from Incy's (CH) (RU) (FF) (BOOM)
French 2x Muskets - [Inf] - iTech64's musket rush, especially good on vanilla since not many civs have anything that counters muskets without micro in colonial (CAV)
French 2x Xbow Rush - [Inf] - iTech64's xbow rush. A good general BO, but I would put ~10 cdb on wood in transition instead of the 7 he advises. (IQ)(IN)(OT)(INF)
The PHAT or Hussar Start starts you off with in colonial with hussars instead of infantry, which can be eaqsily added later.
10 Musket Semi- FF - [InfSemi] - My 10 musket semi- ff, good against civs that are going to rush with xbows (vanilla), hussars/musket, hussar semi-ff, pure musket/pure hussar rush and booming strategies. (BOOM) (CAV) (CAVSEMI)
Demonstrating 3 French BOs. 3 very good strats to start out with france. A full hussar start which add bows later, a start in which u get pikes + hussar out real quick to counter all 5 hussar semi's and a strat for a 5 hussar semi with dual stable and 2nd hunt upgrade.

German (GM)(SP)(PO)
Cookie's Xbow Contain VOD [Inf] (INF)
Parfait's Xbow Contain VOD [Inf] (INF)

India (IN)(DU)(JA)
India Guide featuring a few strategies, such as the ones below along with a FF and KarniColonial
10/10 - [Inf] - One of the RE patch top strats; a very fast, hard hitting rush. (SEMI) (FF)(BOOM)(CAV)
The Indian Tower of Doom An Indian strategy created to aide the India non-lameness of the FP.

Iroquois (IQ) (SP)(DU)(JA)(RU)
Iroquois BB Rush - [Inf] - James146's guide to the lame Iro BB rush, the premier lame Iro strategy. (SEMI)(BOOM)(FF)(CAV)
Iroquois SemiFF Discussion - The dawn of the FanPatch and higher-tier players prove the BB rush obselete: an alternative SemiFF gives some strategy variety (BOOM)(RUSH)

Japan (JA) (PO) (BR) (RU) (OT) (IQ) (IN) (FR) (DU)
Japanese Colonial Guide A guide brought to you be Bart which shows this civ's strengths, weaknesses, and what-to-do's

Japanese Shrine Boom - [Boom] - The ultimate lame 1.01a strat, strong vs civs who FF or Boom. (FF)(BOOM)
Japanese Consulate Strat Strong strat for defending rushes, or to rush. Can be done with yumi/clubs or ashi/shinobi
Japanese FI NOT A GIMMICK STRAT. Very popular in the Asian community. And you know how those Asians are...

Ottoman Empire (OT) (JA) (PO) (SX)
Rise of Istanbul: A Guide to the Ottomans Sepiroth's general guide to the Ottomans. Outdated, but full of general concepts for the Ottomans.
An Ottoman Winter - A beginners Guide to the Ottomans Voodoo Boss' general guide to the Ottomans. Outdated, but full of general concepts for the Ottomans.

Spahi Fast Fortress - [FF] - Appreciate the true power of Ottoman cavalry with this FF. Crippling to some rushes. (RU)
Ottoman Jan/Abus Rush - [Inf] - Fairly recent strong rush with very early Jan/Abus combo (INF)
8 Hussar Start - [Cav] - An effective way to stray away from Jan Rushing, meant for early large raids and fending of RI defense.
Otto Semi FI - A strategy mainly used for when you don't plan to be attacked hard early on, so that you get extremely strong Spahi/Great Bombards out with shipments.

Portugal (PO) (OT)(SP) (DU) (FR) (GM) (JA)
Micky Tee's Guide to Portugal A great guide to learn the basics and the advanced strategies of Portugal gameplay

Husky's Port Strat - [Cav] A full hussar start for ports
Sami's Strat - Straight FF (VOD)

Russia (RU) (JA) (SX) (AZ) (IQ)
The Russian complete Guide General Guide to Russia with unit stats and card comparison. Includes 3 strats aswell.
Settler Correlation - Russia My own "spreadsheet" to help you build an economy to fit your needs rather specifically, reegardless of villager count.

The RUMM Rush - [Inf] - A musket heavy rush for Russia. Can work well vs cavalry starts (VAN) (SX)(GR(FR)(CAV)(CAVSEMI)
Musket Cossack Rush - [Inf] - My own concoction; exactly as it sounds. A rush with Muskets and Cossacks in the begining.(SX)(GR(FR)(CAV)(CAVSEMI)
The Russian WAR - [Cav] - Another of my own strategies, which uses Russia's cavalry to start. (CH)(RU)(AZ)(SP)(FR)(INF)
Russian Strelet+Cossack Rush - [Inf] - Solid Russian old school rush going for an early blockhouse+stable
Manchu FF - [FF] - Tired of pesky fortress cavalry and cannons stomping your colonial army? This FF is the answer!

Spanish (SP)(PO)(FR)(GM)(IQ)
Spain ATP Semi FF on Mongolia Semi FF guide designed for Mongolia, but works on any TP heavy map really.
Spanish FF BO - [FF] - Basic FF by Droideka. Not as strong as in Vanilla, but still one their best strategies.
SpaColi! - [Boom] - Named and created by Incogonoto, this strategy bypasses the usual FF for an upgraded economy with harassment and/or defense.
Spain Rodelero 2v2 Though weak on their own, Rodeleroes are a great with sturdy RI company.
Spain Eco Semi The 331 dutchies give us an eco-strong start with a varied finish!

Sioux (SX) (OT) (RU) (DU)(AZ)
Sioux Survival Guide: The Last Stand An overall guide to sioux with the generic strategies written for each, including FF, Club rush, ottoman strangle, etc.
A European Invasion: Beginners guide to the Sioux Another overall guide, with Cetan rushes and Fast Fortresses.

Sioux Power Fortress - [EcoSemi] - A strategy that gets you to fortress early with a great economy and many shipments
The SPAR - [Inf] - Asko's Sioux Pistolerro rush can be used in mirrors, orr against brits, ottos, russians, for major success at any level. (BR)(RU)(OT)(SX)
The Sioux SAFF - [CavSemi] - A semi Fast Fortress that has you raiding with 9 axe and getting to fort soon afterward.
The Sioux Cavalry Cavalcade Has you fighting in colonial with bow riders and axes, then in fortress with Rifle Riders and Wakinas

Francisco Franco Surprise - [Inf] - Don't doubt it. Despite its appearance as a nooby 2v2 pike rush, it wrecks.

Closing Notes
This is also a great time to write up any strategies you have been writing up or write up commonly used build orders that don't have a write-up yet. I will be trying stuff too with civilizations I can play well.

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posted 01-10-10 09:39 PM EDT (US)     126 / 151       
I'm not so sure about the France one but I'm surprised nobody thought of the whole evening star rape against ottos.

Ottos lose to dutch too right?

1st Leiut. with Russia , Master Sergeant with everything else.
My skill level is incalculable!!! Its been forever since I played seriously...
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Veteran Musketeer (Content Contributor)
posted 01-10-10 10:11 PM EDT (US)     127 / 151       
It's a bit outdated but I guess that it would be worthwhile to add this:,36693,,all

It's the strategy that gives me a 95% win rate against wonk.
(id: micky_t)
posted 01-11-10 05:59 PM EDT (US)     128 / 151       
Portugal (PO) (OT)(SP) (DU) (FR) (GM) (JA)
Micky Tee's Guide to Portugal A great guide to learn the basic idea's of ports gameplay
I would've said it works especially well verse dutch and mediocre against France.

And basic? I thought it was pretty in depth with advanced strategies! Damn you

armyballer - Another 3v3, this time my team is winning, (about an hour into it). One of the other team players admits defeat and resigns, then out of no where I get OOS message. I'm pissed, I again log onto agecommunity and see I have been given a LOSE. How did this happen?

AceOfKings - ender_ward hacked into your game and made it go OOS

Unban JamesLock
posted 01-11-10 06:27 PM EDT (US)     129 / 151       
In my experience otto FI handles dutch pretty well, but that thing is so lame there's really nothing you can stop it...

I'm not really sure about the french thing for sioux. But it seems like Sioux is pretty bad against Aztec. The rushes with skull knights are pretty dangerous.

Edit: And let it be known that in order for duck to obtain a 95 win percentage against me with otto FI he must have lamed it greater than or equal to 20 times.

ESO name: wonkwink

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posted 01-11-10 06:52 PM EDT (US)     130 / 151       
Haha sorry, maybe I'll change that. Tbh its really the only thing there but still a very nice guide. I still question the 300 wood though. wouldnt it just be better to wait a few minutes and get 400 more?

I havent gotten a chance to try that Mameluke FF of your so I wouldnt be able to tell you.

French seems like it can't really do terrible against everything since it has nice rush defense with 8xbows and can do practically anything. As ports if you semi with more hussars you should be fine though tbh.

Not to mention their cuirs are stonger against the OP raiders know as bowriders, so I dont see them as being especially vulnerable against sioux, providing you can protect from physical raids.

1st Leiut. with Russia , Master Sergeant with everything else.
My skill level is incalculable!!! Its been forever since I played seriously...
Mike Sass: Culverins are like Garrichistos, only theyre cannons.
Veteran Musketeer
posted 01-28-10 08:05 PM EDT (US)     131 / 151       
posted 03-01-10 07:20 PM EDT (US)     132 / 151       
It seems as though china is weak against aztec. According to the aztec colonial guide:,36654,,all where Marneus says that china loses badly to aztec due to a lack of anticoyote.

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posted 03-01-10 10:57 PM EDT (US)     133 / 151       
That was written in 2008, I'm not sure if that still applies with the updates and patches since then.
Mariomasta RJK
posted 03-01-10 11:06 PM EDT (US)     134 / 151       
Aztec, at least in RE, still handily beats China, especially in siege rush with coyote follow up. 1 village out, pop f***ed for china, then they cant do anything on the coyote outburst, if they are even needed at all. Especially with the late age, siege rushes are much better than most cav starts on China.

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posted 03-14-10 00:54 AM EDT (US)     135 / 151       
Actually Mario i think he was refering to the fact the chinese quiangs have a crazy UP bonus against coyotes compared to their bonus against cav, which leaves them very vulnerable to coyotes (even more so considering they are vulnerable to cav in general). if how true that still holds true though.

1st Leiut. with Russia , Master Sergeant with everything else.
My skill level is incalculable!!! Its been forever since I played seriously...
Mike Sass: Culverins are like Garrichistos, only theyre cannons.

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posted 10-11-10 12:28 PM EDT (US)     136 / 151       
Really helpful thanks!
posted 10-16-10 07:01 PM EDT (US)     137 / 151       
I haven't played TAD in a year. I used to play the Dutch and I had a near 60% winning percentage with them, ranked M.S.

I've forgotten now whether bank wagon is a good first shipment in colonial rather than 700 wood or another one. Anyone want to help? I'd appreciate some strategy tips so I can get back to owning noobs and being owned by pros )
Veteran Musketeer
posted 10-16-10 08:34 PM EDT (US)     138 / 151       
either one is a good choice

i think bank wagon is usually preferred first though if going for colonial play.

posted 03-16-11 09:06 PM EDT (US)     139 / 151       
I have some original strats to post, how would I do that?
AoE3H Seraph
(id: fred_ernie)
posted 03-17-11 03:23 PM EDT (US)     140 / 151       
Make a thread, post, await feedback.

If you have a recorded game where you use that strat upload it to our DL section and link it in the thread.

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posted 03-17-11 07:03 PM EDT (US)     141 / 151       
What if I would like my strat posted on this thread?

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posted 08-21-11 02:23 AM EDT (US)     142 / 151       
Hey, please add:,38533,,10
2 british Strategies there
1. LB/Pike for 1v1, good vs Otto rush and Dutch
2. Grenadier build order for team games
Both are from 'nilla

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posted 08-21-11 04:24 AM EDT (US)     143 / 151       
Musk huss is way better agaisnt dutch.
posted 09-12-11 02:30 PM EDT (US)     144 / 151
If you need guides, will have cheats section(obviously not for online, just skirmish and for your fun, not spoiling others fun) and new guides everyday!(There are more strats then you think for every civ!)
posted 10-12-11 08:19 PM EDT (US)     145 / 151       
it's nice to know you posted a broken link
posted 10-13-11 02:25 AM EDT (US)     146 / 151       
jerom, lbow/pike is also very strong vs dutch. Especially on nilla. Dutch doesnt have answer to massed lbow in colonial.

SUNIL IS NUB!!! (227)
posted 10-13-11 08:57 AM EDT (US)     147 / 151       
Well, imo musk huss allowsd for the faster Age 3. Longbow pike has imo a big weakness to Ruyter falc. Musk huss has no weaknesses against Dutch. You can pressure a little bit and then just age up get longbow musk huss and possibly falcs. Destroys everything dutch can throw at you.
posted 10-13-11 12:28 PM EDT (US)     148 / 151       
brit shouldnt be focussed on semi ff type of strats, their strong point is boom. Just go colonial, be aggressive and boom meanwhile.

It takes ages before cannons are out, all the time you need to win the game.

SUNIL IS NUB!!! (227)
posted 10-13-11 12:45 PM EDT (US)     149 / 151       
not semi ff, just a more fortress based play. That doesnt depend on rushing all out into the TC and if played right gives a 100% winrate. Brit crush dutch anyways.
posted 06-06-12 00:05 AM EDT (US)     150 / 151       
IRO Laminggggggggggggg
posted 11-06-14 06:13 AM EDT (US)     151 / 151       
This is a wicked resource - thanks!
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