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Topic Subject:India Sepoy/Ghurka Rush
posted 01-26-16 11:12 PM EDT (US)         
My username: psychoticdorito
Very low rank (16-17) because lost old account .

So I know that there are other sepoy rushes out there, but I think I might as well add another version. Keep in mind this is my first post and I am doing it from phone...

Ok, so as you may know, the sepoy, other than ashi and Jan is the best musk type unit in the game. As a person playing against india, people will usually prepare for an onslaught of 15-25 of these in the 6:30-8:00 mark. Adding in 10 ghurka instead of an extra 10 sepoy can not only throw them off, but increase your ability to micro their units drastically. I suggest using the ghurka to kill LI and HI while the sepoy go for settlers, sending the soar shipment into battle rather than raiding if your decide to ship it...
Keep In mind that it is almost NEVER in your interest to age as india, as you get age units in age 2. If you can keep both yourself and your opponent in age 2 you will have a massive advantage!

Cards/Key cards
5 sepoy
4 sowar
Age 2 wood trickle card ...
At least one Fur trade card (age 1/2)
600 wood

Optionql but recommended
300 export card (slips my mind at the moment)
Merc type shipments (3 mahout...)

There are many other great cards like 2 seize elephants (team: only use in team game)

This is for more advanced players, so this is obviously subject to change based on which civilization, or map you are playing on. (meant for advanced players who don't know how to play india )

Discovery age
-Let all villagers go to the automatic wood crates
-Set one explorer (or two if big enough) to collect nearby treasures, the other one to explore...
-Once villies are almost done collecting the first wood crate, select all but one, and create a control group
-Once the 100 wood is collected, make one villager ASAP, send the control grouped villagers to the nearest huntables
- The one villager collecting wood collects one more wood crate, then all food crates, then all remaining wood crates, then moves with the others to hunt. (send distributivism at some point)
-All new villies to food (max out villagers if possible.)
- Once at 785-90 food, send 2 villagers just ahead of your base, and begin the agra-fort construction ASAP
-The second you build the agrafort, select all villagers collecting food (minus 1 or 2 to preserve the bodies of the dead animals), and one villager to collect coin crates (if any) then to a mine.
- Make 1 villager to max out villagers BEFORE distributivism arrives, or else you will not be able to que first villie. Then build house, and then begin making villies constantly. (if you are already at 10 villagers then make house first)
- Leave about 3-4 villagers on wood, all the rest on hunts, except for 2 on coin. All new people go to food.
- once you are about 10 seconds away from aging, switch 1 from hunts over to coin. Now you should have 3 on coin, 4 on wood, and the rest on food.

Colonial Age

-After aging que up 6 sepoys and send the age 2 wood card, once it arrives you send the one villager to wood as well.
-Once you have the 5 sepoys made, send the 7 sepoys (5+2 from aging) to raid his villagers, (try not to lose more than 2), que as many sepoy as possible (up to 5) then que one ghurka. Move 3-4 from hunts to coin, and ASAP build a consulate. Once it is built, ally with the british. By this time you should have (constantly making villagers, periodic tc idle time is ok), 10-12 sepoys, 8-12 ghurka, and have shipped 4 sowar. If you have another shipment after this, you have a choice between intervention, and 600 wood, to boost your production, and possibly add in a stable (carneverserai). Attack with 8-12 sepoy, 4 sowar, 10 at least ghurka. During your attack, you should have shipped intervention, or built a stable, and began building either sowar or zambs, and should have made at least 10 ghurka,10 sepoy, and shipped intervention (6 redcoats). Unless somehow he has a large, age 3 army by this point (at the point of attack about 7:30), then you will have a breeze.

Things to remember

- as soon as you have the 7 sepoys, constantly raid their villagers, micro, and possibly take some of their troops out as well.

-With idle military attack bigger treasures

-Use explorers to harrass their villagers
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