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Topic Subject: Age of Empires
posted 07-09-06 07:24 PM EDT (US)   
Age of Empires X: The Age of Wars


  • I'm calling this AgeX, because I have no idea on what Age4 or 5 will be. Maybe ES decides to make the next games to be remakes of the old ones, or new ones about World Colonization.
  • This game I'm proposing is about a lot of things, mainly the 20th century in general. I'll talk about World (well, only Africa, Asia and Oceania) Descolonization, both World Wars, some revolutions and the Cold war time. An X-pack would be about the 21st century in general.


Well, to begin with, I need to say that, if the game is about the 20th century, it's impossible to have more than one civilization for the same nation. I mean, there would be no sense in putting the Kaiserreich, the Weimar Republic, the Nazis and the newest German Republic all in the same game.

My proposal to solve this problem, is by adding technology levels to the civs. I'll talk about this later, though.
Well, first, let's say that there would have to be four (4) different kinds of maps, each one would have its own function in the game. I'll present it to you:

  1. The Capital Territory (CT) - more or less like the Age3 Home Cities, but it would be like the main game maps and you would be able to build anything you'd like on it, although you wouldn't be able to control the builders or any other unit.
  2. The State Area (SA) - well, every nationstate, or at least most of them, controls other areas besides its capital, right?? In this map, you wouldn't be able to control each city or any units, but this would be one of the most important maps for your game. The only thing you'd be able to build is cities. Each city has its own population that grows gradually. By building a new city, you'd be sending part of other cities' pops to increase your own. Your population wouldn't grow like in other past Age games, where you built houses to do so (Can you imagine the US invading Germany in WW2 and building houses there to increase their population??). It would be proportional to your total population, in -your- country. For example, you have a number X of inhabitants, so you'd be able to train Y% (10 or 20 percent) of units in camp. It's important to note that your enemies would be able to invade your SA, and you'd be in control of troops (not units) in your enemy ones.
  3. The Main Battle Map (BM) - Well, the enemy territory (of course this implies that you are invading your enemy's territory, if you are protecting your areas, it would, at least in theory, be part of your nation). That would be exactly like the current Random Maps. With the exception that there would be NPC cities (something like the Age3 tribes, but not exactly the same), which could be either enemy or ally. And the Political Center (like a BM capital), which would be just a bigger city in this map.
  4. The Political Center (PC) - Well, as i mentioned in the last topic, it would just be a bigger city in the BM, but if you conquer it (yea, you'll be able to conquer NPC cities, and that would give you wealth, which would be the most important resource in the game), your wealth would increase faster than other players'. If you conquer it, you'll be able to "control" it, like you "control" your CT.

You'd be able to keep both the CT and SA and its stats after a game is finished (like you can keep your Home Cities in Age3) and, also, all the resources you acquired and didn't expend until now.
Now about the Civs. As I already said, I don't think there should be different civs for Nazis and Kaiserreich germans, so, instead of having civs, we should call them Nations. There are two kinds of nation, the playable ones (PN) and the non-playable ones (NPN). Lets begin with the PN.

There could be many nations at all, but there wouldn't be unique units or different architetural styles. There should be, at least, the main Entente and Alliance Powers of WW1, the main Allies and Axis members of WW2 and the main members of NATO and the Warsaw Pact in it. Also, if World Descolonization is a theme, there should be, at least, one African and/or one Asian civ inthe game. To mention some, I'd say:

  • Americans (US);
  • British (first the whole empire, than only the UK);
  • French (as Free French Forces, not Vichy France, during WWII);
  • Italians;
  • Germans (all, pre-WW1, nazi, etc);
  • Austrians (together with Hungarians in the beginning, then separated);
  • Serbians/Ioguslav (well, it could be both);
  • Turks (as Ottomans in the beginning, than as Turkey)
  • Russians (Imperial, Socialist and Modern);
  • Arabs (well, all of them; more specifically egyptians);
  • Angolans (for the African part);
  • India (for the asian part);
  • China (Imperial, RoC and PRC);
  • Japanese;
  • Vietnamites;
  • Cubans (or Peruvians, or any other Latin American nation);
  • Brasilians.

For the NPN, there could be lots of, since they wouldn't have units at all, only cities. there could be israeli, arabs, koreans, latin americans, africans, asians, indians, etc.
There would be four kinds of resources. I'll list them:

  1. Population - as I mentioned before, your capacity in camp would be counted as a percent of your population in your country. You can create more by building new cities (-not- by capturing NPN ones).
  2. Wealth - the most important resource. You'd need it to build anything (including your cities), train any unit, etc. Your wealth grows normally (1%/min) if you don't interfere. For every city capital/political center building you -build- or conquer (only NPN or enemy SA cities), that % would grow. A maximum could be 50% of the total, I guess.
  3. Water - You'd need this to build new cities and train human units (i.e. if you train a tank, which would have more humans in it than a single soldier, you'd need more water). You'll also need it to have it to train/build Naval units. The only way to get this is by building wells (or something like that) in your CT or building new cities or conquering NPN cities.
  4. Oil - You can get oil by conquering NPN cities or building plataforms in your SA or CT. I'ts important to build vehicle units (cars, tanks, air planes, etc.), and only for that.

You'd be able to sell/buy all resources with the exception of population, of course; in exchange for wealth.
You'd only be able to build military buildings in the BM. All civil ones would be in your cities (both captured and built). Some buildings would include:

  • The Local Headquarters, or the newest version of your Town Center (it doesn't make sense to build tc's in the middle of a war, it's not colonisation, after all);
  • The Military Bases (new version of Age2 castles and Age3 forts), they'd be very strong, and you'd be able to build any infantry, artillery (not tanks) or cavalry unit in it;
  • The Wells, where you'd be able to get a -small- quantity of water (you'd get more if you buit wells in your SA or CT);
  • The Military Camps, or the new version of the Age2 barracks (to train infantry and cavalry);
  • The Air Bases, to build planes and copters, of course;
  • The Docks, to build naval units (ships and boats);
  • The Outposts, or new versions of past towers;
  • The Barbed Wire fences that would evolve into Walls later, to protect your camp; and
  • The Military Tent, which would serve as portable train camps.

There would be a different kind of resource, the Experience Points (XP). It would work much like the Age3 XP. With the difference that there would be the Technology Levels (which I already mentioned here) or Tech Levels to make it simpler. There would be something like 3 to 5 tech levels, each one reached when you get a different ammount of XP. That would be different to each nation or civ because each XP level would be a different Real Life age. So, each civ would get a different leader and, maybe, capital for each different ammount of XP you have. For example:

  1. if you had 0 to 140 000 XP (this is only an example), the era would be pre-WW1;
  2. if you had 140 000 to 500 000 XP, the era would be WW1;
  3. if you had 500 000 to 1 350 000 XP, the era would be between-wars (or something like that);
  4. if you had 1 350 000 to 1999 000 XP, the era would be WW2;
  5. if you had 1 999 000 to 3 000 000 XP, the era would be Cold War;
  6. if you had more than 3 000 000 XP, the era would be Post-Wars (or something like that).

The main difference between these "eras" or "ages" and the Tech levels is that the tech levels are different for each nation. For example, the germans would have 5 tech levels:

  • German Tech Level #01: In pre-WW1 and WW1, the Kaiserreich Germany.
  • German Tech Level #02: In the biggest part of between-war, the Weimar Republic.
  • German Tech Level #03: In part of between-wars and all WW2, the Nazi Germany.
  • German Tech Level #04: In Cold Era, the FRG, only, not the GDR.
  • German Tech Level #05: In Post-Wars, the modern Germany.

Although the capital of the Germans only changes once (for tech level #04), and then changes back in tech level #05; the leader would always change, from the kaisers to the leaders of the weimar republics, then Hitler and, then, the new chancellors.

These Tech Levels and XP levels (eras) would be kept even if a game is finished, different for the battle tech system, which could be like the past Age games ages system (i.e. discovery, colonial, etc etc.) that would be reseted for each new game and would only serve for the same functions of the current system.

Well, I think it's enough for today, I may post the units another day. Please say what you think of my proposals...

Please give your opinion about my new idea for an Age game:

Age of Empires X: The Age of Wars

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posted 07-13-06 08:22 PM EDT (US)     1 / 22  
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posted 07-15-06 02:09 PM EDT (US)     2 / 22  
OK ...but it doesnt feel like an Age game to me
posted 07-15-06 06:10 PM EDT (US)     3 / 22  
I don't think the Cubans should be a Civilization, instead a minor country sort of thing, that way you can add way more civs, but as minor countries.

And it's not like an Age game, it seems like a totally new RTS style game, since i have nothing to compare it to i don't know what to say. It looks cool.

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posted 07-17-06 01:25 AM EDT (US)     4 / 22  
The gameplay ideas remind me a lot of starcraft, which is still an amazing game. I like the ideas.
posted 07-18-06 06:03 PM EDT (US)     5 / 22  
I can't really imagine a 20th century AoE style RTS game. As I said before, there is no reason for the invader to build houses and town centers in enemy's territory. By this time, the "Empires" aren't political anymor, but economic.

The title of this thread was Age of Empires X: The Age of Wars. I wonder about why it didn't appear at all...

posted 07-30-06 06:04 PM EDT (US)     6 / 22  
I think this is the best idea yet so far for a 20th century Age of Empires game. I say not to expand it into the 20th century. I also think Poland should have a spot in there. Why not start thinking about units now?

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posted 07-30-06 10:31 PM EDT (US)     7 / 22  


There are two kinds of nation, the playable ones (PN) and the non-playable ones (NPN)

What will the NPN be?

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posted 07-31-06 12:10 PM EDT (US)     8 / 22  

I'm not letting this day. This is a great idea. Smertios, I'll help with units.

But I think it should end with the Cold War.

Here's a unit for India:

Gurkha (India): Anti-infantry Skirmisher Unit- Can switch between ranged and melee: ranged with a rifle, and melee with a kukri knife.

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posted 08-03-06 05:11 PM EDT (US)     9 / 22  
Well, somebody actually liked it!!!

Please give your opinion about my new idea for an Age game:

Age of Empires X: The Age of Wars

posted 08-03-06 06:29 PM EDT (US)     10 / 22  
Would the United Nations, League of Nations, or alliances (NATO, Warsaw, Axis, Allies, Central Powers, Arab League) come into play?
posted 08-24-06 06:44 AM EDT (US)     11 / 22  
@ Mythos Ruler
As Smertios mentioned some of the nations that made/make part of these leagues, I think that would be possible, specially in team games.
Maybe we could have back the feature of "team bonus" that was into AoK?

@ Smertios
I think these ideas are very creatives.
-> The concept of Territory and Capture of cities I already saw in Rise of Nations, and I have to say: I like that stuff, I think it turns the game much more real.
-> But I think it become a bit complicated about CTs & SAs, better would be have only CTs or only SAs.
What about have only SAs in the beggining and let a possibility of turn a SA into a CT level, to insert some stuff like a Revolution or Imperial Age to the game?
-> Oh, I've to say too: very interesting resources! Tottally new! Great ideas!

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posted 08-24-06 12:06 PM EDT (US)     12 / 22  
I could help with units, Smertios. Would you like if I helped?

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posted 08-24-06 08:12 PM EDT (US)     13 / 22  


Cubans (or Peruvians, or any other Latin American nation);

In 1941 Peru got involved in a war with Ecuador. I think I read somewhere that Peru was the first (And Only) nation to have used "lightning warfare" in the Americas.

The war between the 2 nations had become quite a danger to the American continent (The Axis might try to gain a foothold there, which they did when several letters where intercepted by Venezuela in which the Axis were trying to make Peru join them; but nevertheless the US played a quick role and helped stop the war).

Unlike Brazil though, Peru kept its troops at home. This was also part of the Allied plan in the extreme case that the Axis might try to invade S.America there would be some troops that would offer some resistance (This was mainly due to the Japanese, whom were expanding quite rapidly).

Chile and Argentina were being a little too friendly with the Axis (Chile because of trade, and Argentina because of the militaristic government). Argentina played almost no role in the war.

Out of S.America the most active nations in WW2 were Brazil, Peru, and Chile.

IMO, Peru played the 2nd most important role for S.America in the war after Brazil.


Serbians/Ioguslav (well, it could be both);

Yugoslavia should be the nation (Covers a wider range, and if there was a choice between the 2 I'd go with Yugoslavia).


Serbians/Ioguslav (well, it could be both);

Turks (as Ottomans in the beginning, than as Turkey)

Arabs (well, all of them; more specifically egyptians);

Angolans (for the African part);

India (for the asian part);

China (Imperial, RoC and PRC);


Cubans (or Peruvians, or any other Latin American nation);


These are what I think are the most likely (In order) to appear:

1. United States.
2. United Kingdom (And Commonwealth, such as Canada and India; but there's no need for such civs. since the UK civ. itself could contain them within it).
3. Germany.
4. Russia.
5. Japan.
6. Italy.
7. France.--From below here, I'm really not sure.
*8. Turkey (I'm a little not sure about this one).
*9. Spain.
10. China.
+11. Yugoslavia.
+12. Brazil (Played larger role for L.America in WW2).
13. Peru (Played 2nd most important role in S.America, and most likely also in L.America).
14. Chile (Strong economy, strong military. Importance in modern times).
15. Romania.
16. Vietnam.
17. Saudi Arabia (Maybe not, but it might add some variety).
18. Mexico (ES might want to go Mexico, but I think Brazil, Chile and Peru had more impact in the timeline you're setting).

Considering ES, they might just add 10 (I hope for the least 14, but this X-pack just added 3).

IMO, if Spain and Turkey don't make it, Brazil and Yugoslavia should go in.

Also take in mind that Africa didn't pay much role either. Fighting occurred there, but it were basically the same powers fighting over territories. Maybe Ethiopia could make it, but they were taken over by Italy.

These are just my simple opinions in trying to help your idea here Smertios.

posted 08-25-06 06:43 AM EDT (US)     14 / 22  
Several germans fought in Spain before the WW2, during the civil war they had.
As Franco became the spanish dictator, it was supposed he would help Axis during the war, but it doesn't happened at all.
But because this, I think Spain have to be in.

Turkey had a large territory they controlled over the WW1 and 2 periods, they also joined the Germans and Austrians in WW1 against the other countries, in a very surprising act.
That's why Turkey have to be in too.

I think Mexico isn't necessary at all, and maybe even Romania or Saudi Arabia.
Add Israel instead, since 1948 they fought a lot of wars and won them all, usually alone against a couple of enemies.

My "wishlist": Hehe.

1. United States.
2. United Kingdom (Great Britain).
3. Germany.
4. Russia (and URSS).
5. Japan.
6. Italy.
7. France.
8. Turkey.
9. Austria-Hungry (maybe only Austria later)
10. China.
------------ ^^^ Necessary.
------------ Under here, don't know. Maybe a x-pack?
11. Israel.
12. Yugoslavia.
13. Vietnam.
14. Brazil.
15. Spain.
16. Peru (just because the post of Novoa).
17. Chile (also, because Novoa's post).

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posted 08-25-06 06:15 PM EDT (US)     15 / 22  
Well, in WW1 Austria-Hungary did pay an important role.

But in WW2...

- Austria-Hungary didn't exist.
- Austria had become part of Hitler's greater Germany.
- Hungary was under Hitler's spear of influence.

That's the only reason why I question them. Playing Germany would much basically be like playing them (Even in WW1, Germany was backing them up greatly)...

Now if the game just stayed in WW1, then Austria-Hungary should appear. But if it's going to be a "modern times" type game then something else could go in their place.


I think Mexico isn't necessary at all

Me neither, but ES has done ackward things before. :/


Would the United Nations, League of Nations, or alliances (NATO, Warsaw, Axis, Allies, Central Powers, Arab League) come into play?

That would be awesome.

posted 08-26-06 06:48 AM EDT (US)     16 / 22  
Cool idea, will the units be like in the aoe games when they are singular or are you making them as large battalions?

once again cool.

I'm actually from N.Ireland
posted 10-04-06 04:23 PM EDT (US)     17 / 22  
I say: Bravo!!!!

Great idea and great organization, I can help with whatever you want, i only say this because its a great idea. I agree with the rest of these guys, don't take it into the 20th century.

Just reply here and i'll do what you want(all that i can anyway)

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posted 10-04-06 05:02 PM EDT (US)     18 / 22  
If you're including Spain and Romania, Portugal should be included too. Portugal was one of the first countries to participate in World War I.

Long live early music.
posted 10-12-06 07:57 AM EDT (US)     19 / 22  

agreed and also if you ar going to put angola you need portugal cause the war was between the two.....

You arent going to put angola fighting the US or any other civ in a historical map cause it didnt happen...

I think portugal should be a great asset in the game

In the early 20th century and mid until 1974 portugal had a more important military presence than spain in global mean
Portugal is even a Nato founder and spain is not

so it should be portugal first and then spain

And the 50 thousand Janissarys came upon the byzantine walls Constantinople and the byzantine empire were about to end..
posted 11-23-06 10:32 AM EDT (US)     20 / 22  
Is there a problem to bump this??

I thought it was dead...

Please give your opinion about my new idea for an Age game:

Age of Empires X: The Age of Wars

posted 11-24-06 12:49 PM EDT (US)     21 / 22  

If an AoE game that takes place in the 20th century is ever made, i think it should only happen in the time span of about late 19th century - 1918, because in that period there were still events that changed the world (The first world war for example) but it wouldn`t have some too "modern" things that would cause it to feel no more like AoE. Villagers(citizens) would still collect res, soldiers would fight in large regiments, cavalry would be used, and other things that wouldn`t be a part of a WW2 game, but that are important part of the ages series.

Also many toops and ideas from AoE3 could be transported to a WW1 AoE, e.g.

Uhlans (the mainstay of Austro-Hungarian cavalry in WW1)

Gatling guns (just a little more modern version in WW1)

Home cities

Revolution (1914 call to arms)

M3 15 ur l0rd 4and m45t3r. Y0us4 g0tt4 d0 wh4t 1 t3ll y3r.

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posted 11-24-06 01:29 PM EDT (US)     22 / 22  
Oh wow, what is up with you people hoping for a WW2 AoE game? AoE will go down the crapper with such a setting, it'll just be another WW2 game, with base building and empire building that feels totally irrelevant of the time.
What is up with you people?
If you want a game with spanking gameplay thats in WW2, go play Company of Heroes.
Leave this franchise alone.
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